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O Messias By Marek Halter,

  • Title: O Messias
  • Author: Marek Halter
  • ISBN: 9789725300008
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • Halter returns with a remarkable tale, based on truth, of the little known crusade by a 16C Jew to marshal support for a Jewish state, 4 centuries before the creation of modern day Israel.
    O Messias Halter returns with a remarkable tale based on truth of the little known crusade by a C Jew to marshal support for a Jewish state centuries before the creation of modern day Israel

    One thought on “O Messias”

    1. Um livro de leitura dif cil, que obriga a alguma reflex o e at mesmo a alguma pesquisa, j que grande parte das personagens s o reais Um ptimo romance hist rico, sobre a negra poca da inquisi o, mas tamb m sobre a luta de um homem judeu vindo do deserto para a Europa, pedir apoio na luta contra os turcos que ent o ocupavam Israel com o objectivo de criar um Estado judaico em Israel in O Messias Nota do autor e conseguir levar os Judeus de volta Terra Prometida, Israel Muito bom mesmo Gostei muito [...]

    2. O autor cativou me com a qualidade de um relato hist rico sobre uma das pocas mais ricas e mais negras da europa a inquisi o , espero poder ter o prazer de ler mais livros do Marek Halter.

    3. Throughout history the Jews have been downtrodden and persecuted At times someone would arise offering the hope of salvation and a return of the Jews to their ancient land.One such figure was David Reubeni This account is a novelized account of his travels to Europe Starting with His landing In Venice where he is welcomed by the Jewish community, yet the Jewish leadership is rather weary of him and rather distrustful One particular opponent is Giacobo Mantino, who fears David Reubeni will spark [...]

    4. This very Jewish novel like Halter s others tells an interesting story, based on real characters and real historical events, though only the broad outlines of the story are known A Jewish prince from the Jewish kingdom of Chabor visits the highest authorities in the Roman Empire in the early 16th century to solicit their support for an attempt to establish a Jewish homeland to relieve European Jews of their oppression The story, as told here in a stilted voice and with much repetition of the mai [...]

    5. This book is very informative and interesting from the viewpoint of a Christian reading about a purported Jewish Messiah not Christ in the era of the Inquisition in Europe I read the book assuming that it was totally fiction, only to discover that it was based on a real person I also enjoyed reading of the different treatment of Jews in various parts of Europe in this time period, as it varied quite a lot.

    6. Its a different approach and different goal of writing.The first books were almost written for the Jews and those interested in this history But this book did not find the same public, and was not written with the same strength.I feel the difference of power of information presentation between this book and the previous ones.

    7. An interesting historical fiction The story revolving around the mission of David Ruebeni was well done The author spent time researching this forgotten man of the Renaissance period.

    8. This is an excellent novel based on the life of a man who attempted to make it possible for the Jews to return to their homeland I never had even heard of this man and found his life fascinating

    9. Ein nicht un bler Roman, gew rzt mit einigen historischen Einblicken.Hatte mir allerdings etwas anderes drunter vorgestellt, daher Einmal reicht.

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