[☆ The Joy of Hobby Farming: Grow Food, Raise Animals, and Enjoy a Sustainable Life || ☆ PDF Download by ☆ Michael Levatino Audrey Levatino]

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  • Title: The Joy of Hobby Farming: Grow Food, Raise Animals, and Enjoy a Sustainable Life
  • Author: Michael Levatino Audrey Levatino
  • ISBN: 9781616082284
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the farm is a lifestyle, not just a way to earn a living, that s hobby farming Most of us want to live a sustainable life in which we protect the land and keep it safe from development and overproduction But we can take this a step further by learning how to grow and savor what we can produce ourselves while still maintaining an alternative career to fund this passiWhen the farm is a lifestyle, not just a way to earn a living, that s hobby farming Most of us want to live a sustainable life in which we protect the land and keep it safe from development and overproduction But we can take this a step further by learning how to grow and savor what we can produce ourselves while still maintaining an alternative career to fund this passion Michael and Audrey Levatino here share how to Grow your own food Raise chickens, horses, llamas, bees, and Practice being a little off the grid Sell the bounty in your local community Balance a professional career with a rural lifestyle.The Joy of Hobby Farming is a book that will excite armchair farmers and inspire any do it yourselfer.
    The Joy of Hobby Farming Grow Food Raise Animals and Enjoy a Sustainable Life When the farm is a lifestyle not just a way to earn a living that s hobby farming Most of us want to live a sustainable life in which we protect the land and keep it safe from development and overpr

    One thought on “The Joy of Hobby Farming: Grow Food, Raise Animals, and Enjoy a Sustainable Life”

    1. This book is really for people just starting out exploring moving to the country not for people who are planning to move.It covers in depth about gardening flowers, mushrooms and about keeping llamas, while it just skims over the rest It does NOT talk about keeping goats, sheep or water fowl The authors have been hobby farming for 10 years now , and I ve been hobby farming since 2005 and I disagree with several things in this book They claim that, unless you plan on breeding your hens don t get [...]

    2. This was a pretty good book overall Michael and his wife Audrey have written a book that is very informative with their own personal experience with hobby farming.The information that they offer is very practical and personal they ve gone through several different experiences, good and bad, and can offer their two cents on multiple areas of hobby farming.I learned quite a bit about the acquisition of land itself and all that it entails that I hadn t known prior to reading this book, and it s gre [...]

    3. A nice entry level book for the aspiring hobby farmer There was fantastic information about soils and crop rotation, that I had not been able to find in any other books I also really enjoyed how they provided tips on how to make money at it That is not really something that I had given thought to before, but now a little display at the local farmers market sounds inviting However I found the animal section enraging There were several pieces of information that were vastly incorrect, that would c [...]

    4. This book is a lot of fun to read, these people really love what they do and make me want a farm of my own Each topic is thoroughly covered with explanations and experiences, giving an enjoyable fresh perspective The only hiccup is the fact they seem to be a bit extreme about some topics than I might be, which cause me to roll my eyes To each his own, but it was a joy to read.

    5. Lot s of good info, but not the best book on the subject A bit preachy for my taste I m going to raise and eat meat and love it.

    6. I have some experience on a farm, but since I decided to start my own homestead in the near future I knew I needed to educate myself This book was valuable in that I have a better idea of what to expect and it served as a good reality check This book has amazing full color photography and it covers a lot of topics However, they preached a lot and though I agree on some points, I got tired of it Overall, a well done book.

    7. Excellent overview of hobby farming as a whole Starting with buying or renting the land itself to cultivating a vegetable or flower garden, caring for easy animals like llamas, donkeys, and chickens as well as turning a profit this book covers a broad overview of it all.If you have done much research in hobby farming, it is likely you already know or have differing opinions to those expressed in this book Everyone has their own way of farming and this book represents just one of them The authors [...]

    8. This is a good all around look at hobby farming They really do cover just about everything, from raising cut flowers, to vegetable gardening, to animals, mushrooms, etc I appreciate their hobby farming approach they re in it for lifestyle reasons and don t expect to make a living, so farming in an economical way, both in terms of cash and time, is important for them They re a bit shy about dealing with animals, and I m not sure I totally agree with their take on CSAs versus farmer s markets ther [...]

    9. A great book for those looking at the idea of hobby farming.It provides a realistic outlook on the good and the bad things that people can expect from when they first start on this journey There are plenty of ideas on different avenues you can explore, sound advice on safety and some good pictures.Some people may find this book to be written in an instructional format but if you look beyond how it is written an account of personal experience and personal recommendations and take from it what you [...]

    10. This book is a good book if you are interested in gardening or if you want to start your own hobby farm It takes a lot about how you can start up your own hobby farm and what you may need financially It also has a lot of tips and tricks for growing food It even talks a lot about raising livestock and selling it too it also tells you how to be successful at the farmer s market and make a little extra money there.

    11. This book is about a little of everything and a lot of nothing If you do not garden or have any animals and you think it would be really fun to start then this will be a great book for you If on the other hand you have a couple of chikens, you garden and are already on the path to hobby farming you can skip this book Read the section on the mushrooms and write down the websites listed in the back of the book.The pictures are beautiful

    12. This is a good overview of things you can do with a hobby farm, replete with pearls of wisdom like don t rush farm work lest you get hurt or botch it up which sounds like common sense unless you ve previously tried to rush your farm chores and regretted it personal experience here Learn from other farmers advice

    13. This book gave some good insight into things that other books don t always cover I especially liked the sections on legal matters and growing mushrooms I felt the sections on animals was rather vague and it seemed obvious that the authors didn t know a whole lot about livestock I did like some of the personal anecdotes about the trials of farming.

    14. Well written and interesting except the sections on keeping raising animals The author admits that he s not really into keeping animals on a farm, and urges everyone to consider following his example Then he goes ahead and gives some basic info on animal keeping, and in several cases, he gives incorrect info Find a different book if you re wanting animal info.

    15. A good intro, but a little too much focus on flowers for my taste would have liked a little info on composting methods and coldframes hoop houses greenhouses As well as a sort of general timeline of when to plant what when what ripens for fruits and veggies to give a beginner ideas

    16. It would be a great intro to farming book for someone just starting the thought process of starting a hobby farm that doesn t have a clue as to what is involved The whole not raising animals for meat preachy vegan thing got annoying real fast.

    17. This book had some interesting info on how to use the land to advantage while supporting yourself with a full time job There were some good tips on how to get started and on keeping things simple and scaled to a reasonable workload, but it was just a little bit boring.

    18. Certainly far from inclusive, but an easy read that covered minimal basics I was looking for on barn cats, bees honey, etc.But, I enjoyed the basic premise and it got me daydreaming about owning land and what I could do with it

    19. I would give it four, but I felt that some of the information was uneven While they would lay out costs for some animals, in the same chapter they would not give any estimates related to cost.

    20. Don t ask me why I read this book I just tried reading this and I found it a really interesting and it s a rather interesting book for farming

    21. Not too much about animal care Good for a quick read or tips without overwhelming detail I was seeking a larger animal care and benefit section.

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