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  • Title: The Mystery of the Singing Ghost
  • Author: Gertrude Chandler Warner
  • ISBN: 9780807553985
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Aldens don t believe the rumors that their cousin s new house is haunted, but they can t explain the mysterious singing they hear Could there really be a ghost
    The Mystery of the Singing Ghost The Aldens don t believe the rumors that their cousin s new house is haunted but they can t explain the mysterious singing they hear Could there really be a ghost

    One thought on “The Mystery of the Singing Ghost”

    1. The boxcar children are going to see Joe and Alice new house.It was a dusty and old looking house and one day the children heard singing in the house is someone their our is it hunted.Can they solve the Mystery

    2. I read this one as part of a Halloween special set of three Boxcar Children books It s a pretty good book I would give it 3.7 stars.

    3. They solved the mystery by hiding behind the fence of their neighbors and it is just a tape of a girl singing a sweet song and the dress is owned by Celia Roth The Alden children thinks that Celia died because someone was saying to them that the house is haunted but he just want to buy the house and the Aldens was the first one who want to buy this house.

    4. This book reminds me of why I fell in love with The Boxcar Children as a child They were my first introduction to mysteries, which remain my favorites as an adult This book is short, sweet, and classic Gertrude Chandler Warner gold.

    5. This one scared me a little I would be just as worried as Benny and Violet if I heard the house was haunted But, it was still good I actually thought that the lady did dissaper until they found the note It was just too good for me to turn down.

    6. The Alden s cousins are buying a house close to where they live with their grandfather The place has been abandoned for years and there is a mystery The kids clean up the house and solve the mysteries.

    7. The kids get to solve 2 mysteries while adults try to scare the kids have you not heard of the kids, I mean seriously, they say every time that the are good at solving mysteries and you what, like want to test them morons.

    8. One of my favorite childhood series I read over a hundred of them The first 50 or so were in order after that I read whatever book I could get my hands on

    9. We have read a few of the Boxcar Children mysteries, and this is one of the better ones The suspense is just right for a little kid A tiny bit scary, but not too scary.

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