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Kaminishi By Jan Suzukawa,

  • Title: Kaminishi
  • Author: Jan Suzukawa
  • ISBN: 9781615818501
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • College student Michael Holden wakes up in an impossible reality mid nineteenth century Japan, face to face with Shinjaro Kaminishi, a living, breathing samurai warlord Michael has seen in a dream Imprisoned by the warlord and interrogated about the future, Michael has no idea if what he s experiencing is real and then he finds himself back in present day America ShiCollege student Michael Holden wakes up in an impossible reality mid nineteenth century Japan, face to face with Shinjaro Kaminishi, a living, breathing samurai warlord Michael has seen in a dream Imprisoned by the warlord and interrogated about the future, Michael has no idea if what he s experiencing is real and then he finds himself back in present day America Shinjaro s commanding presence and smoldering sexuality draw Michael again and again to the past, where dangerous information is revealed and Shinjaro s life is threatened Through the mists of time and in the reality of modern Japan, Michael searches for the truth and for the man who now owns his heart Shinjaro Kaminishi.
    Kaminishi College student Michael Holden wakes up in an impossible reality mid nineteenth century Japan face to face with Shinjaro Kaminishi a living breathing samurai warlord Michael has seen in a dream Imp

    One thought on “Kaminishi”

    1. Extremely disappointing So many cultural, historical and language inaccuracies that I gave up without finishing, plus a plodding style and reliance on telling rather than showing It s rare I feel cheated by a book but this one really disappointed me.

    2. I was quite captivated by this atmospheric historical fantasy that reveals the story of a modern Californian s mysterious time travels to late Edo Period Japan, where he meets and falls in love with a samurai lord The author s compelling slice of life writing style drew me right into the story and lush descriptions of the two gorgeous men and Tokugawa Era Japan kept me reading well into the night Steeped in a delicate, poignant fragility that is reminiscent of the airiness of tarashikomi paintin [...]

    3. I can t decide how I feel about this book There were many things I liked especially the way the plot was peppered with Japanese words and expressions and the way the main characters were always true to themselves in their behavior and their way of acting However, the story left me with a feeling of.mswift sluggishness From one hand, the plot plodded along like an old crippled man that couldn t move any faster, but at the same time some scenes especially the sex scenes were sooo swift, that it wa [...]

    4. Nicely done and well researched, in terms of the time period I had some minor quibbles with some Japanese phrases, but I m not fluent in Japanese, so I could be wrong about them I would also have preferred of an explanation of the time travel it appeared to be some kind of cosmic destiny, but wasn t really explained, so it felt a bit like it was dangling at the end.But the romance between our two main characters was nice, and I enjoyed the story quite a bit The ending was sweet.

    5. This was a well written story with interesting characters and a plausible historical setting Not having lived in mid 19th century Japan, I can t say whether everything in it is accurate, but what was presented not contradict my previous knowledge of Japanese history The characters understanding of sexuality was definitely in line with things I ve read about Japan of that period, with homosexuality not understood as a distinct identity, but most people assumed to be bisexual or fluid Some readers [...]

    6. I enjoyed the read I have been a fan of Japanese culture for a long time and can definitely tell the author is highly influenced from reading copious manga and watching anime There is always a particular something in the cadence of authors who are influenced in such a manner It was very nostalgic for me As for the story, it is an interesting concept but I don t feel it was needed to be flipping from a variety of points of view One of the best pieces of advice I ve gotten was to choose your hero [...]

    7. This book deals with time travel as well as distance travel If you are a Korean drama fan, this book will remind you of Rooftop Prince , Queen In Hyun s Man , Faith , or any other Korean time travel dramas that were so popular a few years ago The only difference is that this story takes place mostly in Edo period Japan instead of Korea, and the travelling is not only across time, but also across continents Michael was a college student, from Berkeley, California He had previously studied Japanes [...]

    8. Insight of 19th century Japan with smexy times and a tad bit of fantasy.3.5 Stars for this piece of romance through time and space with so many beautiful historical details.This review is also featured on my blog Drop by if you have time so we can have a nice cup of tea strawberrygeek reads I received a free ARC in exchange for a honest review.The expectations I had for this book weren t high though I hoped that it wouldn t totally disappoint Glad to say it didn t disappoint Quite the opposite w [...]

    9. Here s a book with some great surrounding, hot sex scenes, but unfortunately not very interesting plot.I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I know what you might think, I wrote I won t be reviewing romances, etc But it s JAPAN It s kind of my weakness D If some random person walked through my door right now and told me you and I are going to Japan right now I m in Imagine all the manga D the lovely places you could see, the food But, let s go bac [...]

    10. I would have given this 3 stars because I like the premise, but there were too many things wrong with it Nothing was explained The author assumes their readers know Japanese history and culture And I don t The author only translated about half of the phrases, and didn t bother to explain common words they kept using Ex gaijin means foreigner, but it was never said Same with oni demon And just phrases you would have to guess the meaning Another thing is parts of the plot were completely left out [...]

    11. I was deeply disappointed by this book I came across it accidentally, so I didn t have any expectations beforehand, it s just that it s a very poorly written book It had all the cliches inherent in bad fanfiction and as someone who s been reading fanfiction for many, many years, I can tell you that there are hundreds of fanfics far original and intriguing than this book It reminded me of Twilight in many ways, with the exception that you have a daimyou instead of a vampire And, possibly the wor [...]

    12. I like that this story set in japan historical background and i like the time traveling idea, but i don t know why i feel like the story is so long like it would never end when in fact it just less than 300 pages long it kinda feel a bit frustrating And in the last chapter, there s this part when the old obaachan feel something wet pooling down there when staring at shintaro that make me feel juste Not that sexual feeling is wrong for elderly people, but for 80 something woman to lust after a 30 [...]

    13. Well, I gave it a go but had to stop about half way through The writing just wasn t strong enough to engage or intrigue and I couldn t suspend disbelief at all Characters were flat, overidealized, and very unrealistic Situations were overwritten to the point of egregious tell and not show The story wasn t allowed to unwind at an organic pace and so the flow was choppy, both hurried and excrutiatingly slow, and distracting.This does feel very much like a fan fiction there s not a lot of originali [...]

    14. This story didn t really appeal to me I got most of the way through but didn t finish it I liked the two levels of conflict Kaminishi s local border skirmishes and the question of Japan s future if he tells the Shogun about Perry But the rest of the story revolved around the sex, and I wanted plot I also thought that switching between translated dialogue and phrases in Japanese felt awkward and a little amateurish.On a positive note, the setting was very well done I liked the detail about food, [...]

    15. This book was time jump, but it was not hard to keep up with like some I have read, and the story line I thought was cool the sex secne could have been better, but they wasn t to bad what I didn t like was not really knowing why Michael was taken back in the past to begin with other than that the story was good, but it could have been better I feel in love with the charaters in this book easy.

    16. That was really interesting story plot which I read a long time ago in some m f story plot where a female main character goes into the past and actually changes the history, but I don t remember who the Author was and what was the title of that book.But back to Jan Suzukawa book Those kind of story plots are always pulling even for me so I had really great time reading that book.

    17. I ve read nearly 150 books since joining and I ve only given 5 stars to a handful of books This was wonderful The Japanese society of mid 1800s is very believable and richly presented I have no idea if it is accurate, but it makes for a great read I hope Suzukawa writes and often.

    18. Not bad, but it had trouble holding my attention I simply wasn t gripped by the characters or the Japanese setting.

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