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Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins: The Autobiography By Rupert Everett,

  • Title: Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins: The Autobiography
  • Author: Rupert Everett
  • ISBN: 9780446579636
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Revealing himself to be a consummate storyteller, stage and screen star Everett My Best Friend s Wedding pens a delightfully witty memoir in which he reveals his life experiences as an up and coming actor, detailing everything from the eccentricities of the British upper class to the madness of Hollywood.
    Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins The Autobiography Revealing himself to be a consummate storyteller stage and screen star Everett My Best Friend s Wedding pens a delightfully witty memoir in which he reveals his life experiences as an up and coming a

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    1. I wouldn t have pegged myself to read an autobiography by Rupert Everett, but I had heard that this was an unexpectedly great read Everett has really been through a lot in life, from a surprisingly posh upbringing to the awakening of London s gay culture in the 70s, to the south of France in the 80s and Miami chez Versace to be exact and Hollywood in the 90s He s had run ins with Warhol and other illustrious names, and although some of friendship mentions come close to eye roll inducing name dro [...]

    2. An honestish account of an out gay man s lot in Hollywood with odd juicy tidbits about the likes of Julia Roberts, Madonna, and Catherine Deneuve and some fading Hollywood stars and locations Although patchily written both in style and narrative it is pretty entertaining both in language and stories revealed.Some of the stories smack of Chinese whispered Hollywood fables, but most are revealing of real Hollywood I imagine and his honesty about his talent and at times, lack thereof , love life an [...]

    3. The surprising thing about this book is that it inverts one s expectations.The traditionally boring bit the pre fame bit is wonderfully enjoyable and witty all things Poppins especially.The fame bit, dusted in coke, and trailing on the coat tails of Madonna, is suprisingly unengaging Perhaps that s as it should be Vainity, in a mad self indulgent dance with itself, has never truly been a satisfying spectator sport.Not even the cruel sythe of aids, nor the horror of the Twin Towers, succeed in le [...]

    4. I loved this I really did Met the man too and he s a lovely bloke But before I end up sucking Rupert s dick too much, I should add that my grasp and initial impression of this book is not without its foibles and issues I still have my fair share of points to raise.One thing in particular strikes me about Red Carpets and Banana Skins and it seems like a vital point that many of the platitudes from the press that cover the inside, outside and even sub cover of this paperback The point is that, whe [...]

    5. Rupert Everett s international film career was launched with Another Country, back in 1984, when he was both young and beautiful Although never able to make the grade as a romantic lead Hollywood was notoriously conservative back then and couldn t risk the wrath of a potential right wing backlash if they cast an openly gay actor Nevertheless he went on to have his fifteen minutes of fame in Hollywood, where he briefly held court in Camelot Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins describes in detail, [...]

    6. Three a half stars.I read this book while away on holiday, so unfortunately I don t have it right next to me while I review.Excellent opening chapters with very evocative writing about life as upper class school boy.Rupert appears to be really honest about his own character failings he doesn t seem quite so self aware that some of these foibles light fingered, bitchy may have cost him as many roles as his homosexuality.Celebrities movies pictured heaps of great photos often are only mentioned in [...]

    7. I ve always enjoyed Rupert Everett s comic style in movies like An Ideal Husband and The Importance of Being Earnest so I thought his biography would be an amusing venture into the world of a dashing British sex symbol It wasn t This heavy handed and abysmal tale attempted to put a humorous twist on vulgarity and perversion but I just couldn t bring myself to laugh The first chapter and I didn t bother reading any further but opted to selectively skim pretty much destroyed my image of him as a s [...]

    8. I had been meaning to read this book when it first came out but somehow I never got around to it and then recently my husband announced he was planning to read it so we have a copy at home so finally I have read it I remember it receiving good reviews about the Hollywood lifestyle and all the people Rupert Everett has encountered My feeling after finishing it is that Rupert Everett has been in plays and films than perhaps I would have given him credit for and he has mixed with a very diverse se [...]

    9. I never really considered Rupert Everett or Rupi , as I now insist on calling him as much than a floppy haired C list Hollywood layabout, but I was wrong So WRONG I found this book absolutley fascinating, charmingly written, genuinely funny, honest and, at times, really quite touching I never realised that Everett had been around for quite such a long time, and that he d really been a witness to the celebrity twilight zone that was the 80 s and 90 s It s the range of his human experience that k [...]

    10. I expected Rupert Everett s autobiography to simply be about being a gay and fabulous movie star Of course, there s a lot of that but also lots of sex, drugs and drama After over twenty years on the silver screen and a good number of years on the stage, he has worked with almost everyone worth mentioning in America and Europe There s a metric ton of name dropping in this book and I enjoyed all of it especially after his arrival in Hollywood Three things I liked in particular 1 His characterizati [...]

    11. Very enjoyable A recommend from my mum For a man with such keen self awareness you d think Rupert would display rather self analysis He s a bit light on there I m as in the dark about some of his dumber career decisions as he is Rupe s great analysing others though Best writing I ve ever encountered on Paula Yates Never heard her described in quite the same heartbreaking way that Rupert describes her Brought a tear to my eye and stayed with me afterwards His take on Madonna left me rather dry [...]

    12. Rupert Everett is the Zelig of actors It s truly unbelievable what he s experienced London theatre and an affair with Ian McKellen, Parisian disco dance floors with Saint Laurent, Miami decadence with Versace, the frozen Russian tundra when Yeltsin took power, New York and the Warhol satellites, LA and Orson Welles and Roddy MacDowell and Liz Taylor and Tony Richardson and on and on, watching the Twin Towers fall on 9 11 What a life Witty and observant, snarky and poignant And very well written. [...]

    13. The best word to describe Rupert Everett s biography is.whiny, but that s part of why this autobiography is entertaining s so very dramatic It s not wonderful and I wouldn t run out to buy it I got mine for 3 off the Bargain Books shelf and I would recommend paying than that but it was a not terrible way to pass the day The story of Rupert Everett s mostly posh life Sort of funny, sort of sad, sort of.

    14. Agree with previous reviews that compare this to David Niven Loved Rupert s writing, anecdotes, bitchy asides and total honesty.

    15. Rupert Everett strolls down to the beach as Hurricane Wilma approaches The best thing about Miami has always been the wind It blows at you from across a vast expanse of sea It diffuses the light on the beach with dust and salt It smells of all the scented flowers of the Caribbean It wakes you up and empties your head I walked over the dunes and onto the beach and battled my way towards the sea, and stayed there until about half past three when I was nearly killed by a flying coconut During the w [...]

    16. Rupert Everett is such a brilliant actor Adorable, funny and very charming, I was desperate for his biography to be the same Those three it certainly was but it was slightly than that At times it was sad, shocking and but above all incredibly honest.Everett s life could almost have been made up the places he s lived in and the things he s seen Collapse of Communism, 9 11, Hollywood in the 90s It makes for such an exciting read, particularly as he often puts himself down and seems surprised by t [...]

    17. Exhausting pace, haphazard time line and name dropping But, an engaging writer, especially describing scenes and background eg looking up at the Twin Towers on 9 11 Eerily reminiscent of a real movie His memory is amazing, and he has crammed his life with travels and people being the same age, I felt completely unworldly by comparison Also, he opens the lid completely on the Hollywood merry go round which is fascinatingly horrific But i found the name dropping tiring, as so many unknown to me eg [...]

    18. Getting your hands on an autobiography that is honest, warts and all, is not common in fact, it is almost non existent Therefore, when a well written and rather scathing bio comes out it counts as a must read This is certainly the case for Rupert Everett s Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins This is a guide to the life of an actor who admits never quite making it to the heights he wished and he is not afraid to tell you that he thinks he is better than most.The arrogance of Everett may put off so [...]

    19. Not a particular fan of Everett, but saw that this was one of the better autobios out there so decided to give it a read and most glad that I did A somewhat disjointed account of his life against the backdrop of Hollywood, international travel, name dropping and AIDS It is a little hard to follow at times and although chronological, doesn t always flow.But it is funny Funny, poignant and well observed, sometimes even sad One is never annoyed by the catalogue of celebrities with whom RE has rubbe [...]

    20. Rupert is a fantastic writer, really descriptive and he carries you into the scene perfectly His way with words is stunning and it reads like a novel than an autobiography This chap has really lived sometimes you do wonder if some of the occurrences are second hand rather than actual accounts really only because you think can he really have had such an eventful life He seems to be there at all the most extreme and shocking occasions Well it makes for good reading anyway Red Carpets and Other Ba [...]

    21. I know very little about Rupert Everett and have not seen anything he has acted in although had he accepted the role opposite Roddy McDowell in Fright Night I definitely would have known who he was earlier on but this was given to me as a gift by a friend who recommended it It is well written capturing my attention from the start reading about his upbringing in Essex and progression through his career in the early years, Rupert certainly met some interesting characters and visited some amazing p [...]

    22. Rup is a talented writer, telling a story with all the descriptive beauty of a seasoned writer and throwing in lots of humor Rupert writes with amazing honesty about the seedier side of gay culture in a very matter of fact could care less and non judgmental way This is the second autobiography I have recently read written by an actor actress with brutal honesty about the cut throat life, stealing money from friends while living for a year or between jobs, but somehow making it through to the ne [...]

    23. This was entertaining and quite light for an Autobiography, I m not disappointed I read it It is however highly anecdotal and doesn t flow very well it jumps around alot in great leaps he ll be talking about 1987 on one page and 1998 on the next , gets a bit confusing here and there and some parts are a great deal interesting than others It was disappointing that he doesn t mention Dellamorte Della or A Midsummer Nights Dream two of my favourite Rupert Everett films, but perhaps his time on tho [...]

    24. I enjoyed reading this book, but I had expected somehow Whilst providing some juicy insights into Hollywood and theatre life, and also managing to give some eye witness accounts of important historical events, Everett s autobiography still manages to stay pretty superficial in than one sense of the word Not only do the tales of hedonistic pursuits become a little wearing, but also there s a lack of depth to the storytelling that left me feeling unsatisfied as a reader There are a couple of cha [...]

    25. Melodramatic and funny throughout, if a bit turgid.I m suspicious of this book as a work of nonfiction Unless he has a phenomenal memory or was an rabid journal keeper, there s no way he could ve remembered events with the amount of detail that he does There are even stretches of dialogue Particularly bothersome in the early chapters about his childhood.Not as much celebrity gossip as I would have liked although the following were wonderful the chapter on the filming of My Best Friend s Wedding [...]

    26. Surprisingly perspicacious not sure if that s a word or what it means, but I think it s perfect for Rupi Nice mixture of titillating sleaze, bitchy one liners and extremely sharp and sensitive observation of certain female stars I never knew he had an affair with Beatrice Dalle One of my favourite bits is from his little prologue, apologising to those who have complained about inaccuracies in the book One of the complainees apparently protested that he would never have licked his fingers before [...]

    27. Outrageous The openly gay Hollywood star has written a completely frank and honest biography about his wild youth in England in the vicious world of gay sex and drugs during which he admits he was a male prostitute or gigolo How this lead on to fame and fortune on the silver screen Before too many chapters have been read you start asking yourself who he hasn t slept with from the film, pop music, fashion and noble ranks of the aristocracy For most of the book he seems to have thoroughly enjoyed [...]

    28. Celebrity bios are a guilty pleasure for me and Everett s is full of interesting stories about many vanished worlds This book may have anecdotes about famous names than any other I can think of The famous names dropped therein, if placed ended to end, could take up a chapter all on their own without any other words Everett always has something worth reading to say about these celebrities, although I do have to fault the copy editor for not looking up the correct spelling of Milton Berle s last [...]

    29. I loved this book, even though it jumps around a bit If you don t finish it in one take you may forget who he met where But you cannot forget what they got up to Rupert Everett is a delightful character and his descriptions of people and places are beautiful I especially love that he loved his dog so much I wept when he described Mo dying He is, as one critic put it, a superb raconteur and a keen observer of human folly If he doesn t make another film, he ll make a mint with his writing I read i [...]

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