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Cerimónia Mortal By J.D. Robb,

  • Title: Cerimónia Mortal
  • Author: J.D. Robb
  • ISBN: 9789898032683
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eve Dallas, tenente da pol cia de Nova Iorque, encarregue de uma miss o secreta investigar a morte de um colega Nunca hesitando em cumprir o dever e coloc lo acima das lealdades pessoais, ela est pronta para o que der e vier Mas quando um cad ver deixado porta de sua casa, Eve sabe que s com toda a sua for a e intelig ncia poder sobreviver Estar ela preparadEve Dallas, tenente da pol cia de Nova Iorque, encarregue de uma miss o secreta investigar a morte de um colega Nunca hesitando em cumprir o dever e coloc lo acima das lealdades pessoais, ela est pronta para o que der e vier Mas quando um cad ver deixado porta de sua casa, Eve sabe que s com toda a sua for a e intelig ncia poder sobreviver Estar ela preparada para o caso mais complicado e perigoso da sua carreira Poder o seu marido, Roarke, ajud la quando a jovem come ar a questionar as suas cren as sobre o que est certo e errado que confrontar a forma mais sedutora de maldade n o ser f cil nem mesmo para Eve Dallas.
    Cerim nia Mortal Eve Dallas tenente da pol cia de Nova Iorque encarregue de uma miss o secreta investigar a morte de um colega Nunca hesitando em cumprir o dever e coloc lo acima das lealdades pessoais ela est pron

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    1. 3.5 StarsThis was my least favorite of the series thus far, although I still enjoyed it Something was missing for me as far as the plot suspense went It just didn t draw me in, keep me on the edge of my seat, as much as previous books Regardless, I of course enjoyed every moment between Roarke and Eve And I appreciated the situation between Feeney and Eve too Their father daughter dynamic in the face of all the things Eve went through with her real father is sweet and I loved how Roarke stepped [...]

    2. This one was fun, but I think I might have done a little bit of laughing for the wrong reasons You see, Eve is supposed to be the very best cop in homicide and yet she ALWAYS in every book arrests or detains the wrong person at some point And, she OFTEN gets rescued by her billionaire husband, Roarke not a cop But, I love the series anyway Usually because of Roarke He is the Irish Cream in my coffeeybeeeee okay, if my husband sees this, I am denying everything I will say I wrote it at gunpoint T [...]

    3. ROARKE 3 Ladies, don t you ever forget his name For once, he slept first She lay in the dark, listening to him breathe, stealing a little of his warmth as her own body cooled Since he was asleep, she stroked his hair I love you, she murmured I love you so much, I m stupid about it With a sigh, she settled down, closed her eyes, and willed her mind to empty.Beside her, Roarke smiled into the dark.He never slept first Ahhhh don t you see He s so perfect Ugh I m crazy about him, I m crazy about Eve [...]

    4. She hasn t let me down yet Another great addition to this series I will say the murder theme was intriguing but it was a tad bit gruesome While I would LOVE time where Roarke and Eve are together I am finding that it doesn t much matter any JD Robb can write some pretty intense, hot and sexy scenes when they are and I get my fill In the midst of all the crazy shit that goes on in Eve s life as she tracks down the murderers, Roarke places himself in the middle as her silent well sort of protecto [...]

    5. The viewing was traditional the grief insurmountable But it was when Lieutenant Eve Dallas was called in to her commander s office and ordered to do an investigation completely off the radar that had Eve conflicted Her loyalties were torn she could only use Peabody and Roarke, while reporting directly to Commander Whitney When Eve was confronted with Wiccans and Satanists, her disbelief and cynicism stood out But there was danger involved and when the body she found was at the fence of her home [...]

    6. I think that this is my favorite of the series so far I mean, there wasn t anything wholly new other than the fact that Roarke played than a token lover husband role in this onee man gets to show his protective side in a major way You know how he s always toning Eve down, bringing her back down to earth with his sexy little Irish yumminess Welp, he loses control here There s NOTHING hotter than when Mr Control loses said control in the bedroom Nothing.And after giving Eve something to think abo [...]

    7. Another solid read I love these two, Roarke and Eve although maybe their together time is few and far between Would like some sexy times for the two of themI dip in every so often I reckon if I read one a year I might be finished the series by the time I am 95 The abused child from the mean streets of Dublin had done what he d needed to do to survive.

    8. I completly agree with My friend Jilly s review review showI ll just add that here the villain was really sick

    9. As far as I am concerned J.D Robb can do no wrong and this particular book is one of my special favourites Peabody and Eve are developing their beautiful relationship and their dialogue is brilliant Roarke and Eve continue to be very much in love and also have some delightful interchanges The police work is good, the element of mystery is always present and the ending is exciting and a bit scary Oh and of course the author makes us reach for the tissue box with some tear jerking moments Did I sa [...]

    10. I love this series so much Sometimes the plots get so ridiculous that I laugh out loud, and yet the characters are so great, the rapport so wonderful, I can t help but want to take the ride with them, wherever it goes.

    11. Ceremony in Death4 StarsHomicide Lieutenant Eve Dallas is forced to put aside her personal loyalties when she investigates the suspicious death of a fellow officer When several other victims die in horrific circumstances, Eve finds herself embroiled in a conflict between opposing forces of good and evil that eventually leads her to a confrontation that may force her to play the ultimate price The best installment so far both in terms of the investigation and the character development.The dichoto [...]

    12. I m really enjoying this series now and getting to know the main characters Eve, Peabody, Roarke, Mavis and Feeney and how they will behave and react This might sound as if the books could become a bit predictable but they re not at all Robb manages to keep the stories fresh and introduces enough new elements to keep us interested and wanting to keep dipping into Eve s life In this episode Eve is investigating what looks like the natural death of a fellow police colleague when his granddaughter, [...]

    13. I love the emotional ups and downs is this book Roarke and Eve are a great couple but also love how they protect each with even thinking of it It s what comes natural to each of them As much as Eve tries to believe that she doesn t have a family, she actually does with Roarke, Mavis, Feeney, Peabody, Mira and Nadine Meeting Roarke the sweet talking Irish love who by the way still keeps the button in his pocket and now has added the IOU is the best thing that s ever happen to Eve and I believe he [...]

    14. This series just keeps getting better Susan Ericksen is an excellent narrator and has developed the tone in the characters voices to perfection She is so talented she can do Officer Delia Peabody with a cold, LOL This one is about witches both good and evil And Captain Ryan Feeney and Homicide Detective Eve Dallas get into a doozey of a falling out Can the relationship be mended By the way, this one is Halloween Perfect, as they attend a Halloween Party in costume.

    15. I ve jumped back into this series after taking a little break I didn t want to accidentally exhaust the series for myself It was great getting back into Eve s world I m listening to this series in audiobook, because I ve found that this narrator makes this world come alive for me If you are interested in giving audiobooks a try or you re looking for a new audiobook, I recommend this series The narrator rocks Especially when she does Roarke s voice Am I supposed to find a female imitating a man s [...]

    16. Well this one was remarkably easy, you know right from the start who the villain is It was still an entertaining book considering it dabbled in spirituals.

    17. 3.5 starsThis is the 5th installment in the In Death series This picks up where the last one left off, Eve and Roarke are married and still hot and heavy When a cop dies, it is up to Eve to investigate if there was anything untoward about his death of course there is , and what follows is a fun romp through the world of satanism and the occult, while Eve sees out her investigation I m pretty sure that cops are not meant to bring their spouses into their work lives as much as Roarke is involved i [...]

    18. Bu arada, Dallas Ne oldu, Peabody Bu ok g zel bir d vme Yeni mi Eve di lerini tekrar s kt , kap ya do ru olabildi ince asil bir ekilde y r d G rd n m Eve koridorda y r rken bir parma n Roarke n g s ne vurdu Sana u aptal g l goncas y z nde k k d ece imi s ylemi tim Uyu turuldun, tokatland n, r l plak ba land n ve neredeyse ld r l yordun ve popondaki bir g l seni k k d r yor yle mi tekilerin hepsi i in bir gere i G l goncas ki isel Roarke g lerek kolunu Eve in omzuna at p ona s k ca sar ld Te men, [...]

    19. underthecoversbookblogspoRobb can weave such great stories and CEREMONY IN DEATH is another great installment to this series It seems that anything she writes is gold What s great about this series is that she is able to keep things fresh but still familiar.Lieutenant Dallas has a case involving the death of a fellow police officer More and clues point the finger at Selina Cross, a crazy Satanic worshiper who participates in dark rituals While the whole Wicca and Satanic thing didn t hold my at [...]

    20. Questo il quinto volume di una serie che ne comprende non so quanti, sicuramente troppi.Arrivata a cinque, comunque, ormai ho iniziato a farmi un idea, per cui non posso che mettere in evidenza una cosa la scrittrice usa una scaletta per la trama fissa La storia, infatti, sempre quella, in tutti i dettagli il colpo di scena sempre lo stesso, il cattivo lo si capisce sempre praticamente subito e sin da subito si capisce com collegato alle indagini, cos come praticamente ogni volta che uno vede a [...]

    21. The last month was busy and it takes forever to finish the book But it doesn t matter how much time it takes to finish the appeal of the IN Death series was same as always Now I know why this book is so addictive.I enjoyed it like I enjoyed the other four I didn t read anything related to Satanism before, but I knew about this concept a bit I Knew who was the killer from the very first part of the book, but the way J D Robb carried the whole thing out was great.I was really hurt when both Eve an [...]

    22. I hated this book Hated it For several reasons I hated Eve s disrespect, even open distaste towards the Wiccans and also towards the consensual BDSM practitioners at the club I get that Eve is an atheist rape and abuse victim, but the amount of revulsion she showed to both groups simply turned me off There s a big difference between I don t get it but I respect your choices and I don t get it and therefor you re wrong And Eve s attitude was all about the latter The way she sneered at Peabody and [...]

    23. As much as I appreciate a good paranormal book, this book left me suffering.Surrounded by witches, good and evil, Eve betrays a dear friend and puts the job first.This book really hits home with Eve A suspect is the son of a serious psycho serial killer and rapist who worshipped satan The father raped and beat his own son Blinded by her emotions, Eve wishes and hopes that the man is innocent, even if all of the evidence points his way.Ritual killings, orgies and the mysterious unknown witchcraft [...]

    24. Suspense 4.9 stars Romance 4 starsVery interesting mystery and crime But the ending was too abrupt and a bit anticlimactic.Romance was ok I guess Still not a fan of Roarke No ex of him was involved, but one very beautiful woman, he used to sleep with, was mentioned.Eve is the best Love her

    25. Earlier I remarked that in the previous book Kuoleman hurmio or Rapture in Death Doctor Mira seemed out of character Well, in this one, it s Eve Dallas herself that steps out of character Or that s how I felt From the start of the In Death series Eve has always trusted her instincts and her dark, painful past has been a source of compassion that s allowed her to do her job effectively than others Not here Here, she utterly wrecks a suspect in the interrogation room and others compliment her for [...]

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