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Maigret Bides His Time By Georges Simenon Clifford Norgate,

  • Title: Maigret Bides His Time
  • Author: Georges Simenon Clifford Norgate
  • ISBN: 9781572702417
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Audio Cassette
  • Maigret s longest running case involves two decades of jewelry heists, a generation of conspiracy, and the revelation of a long buried secret from World War II.
    Maigret Bides His Time Maigret s longest running case involves two decades of jewelry heists a generation of conspiracy and the revelation of a long buried secret from World War II

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    1. che si fa dopo un paio di libri pallosi si legge Simenon Meglio ancora, si legge Maigret Si gira con lui per Parigi, si mangiano ossibuchi con le lenticchie, si ingolla una bella birra fresca, si passa una serata al Clou Dor E pazienza se questa volta i personaggi sono un po stereotipati, se la cattiva fetente e un po puttana, la buona dolce ingenua e disarmata, e il cattivo avido stronzo e traditore E se la storia nella storia un po tirata per i capelli Arrotondo a 4 stelle per gratitudine

    2. MAIGRET BIDES HIS TIME 1965 Georges Simenon .I always look forward with pleasure to reading a novel featuring Inspector Maigret This one did not disappoint Following a series of smash and grab burglaries at Paris jewelry stores, Maigret visits with a former gang boss, now retired, Manuel Palmari Palmari was known in the past as an efficient organizer of thugs who would do his dirty work for him, while he was in charge of organizing the jobs He had been retired for several years, and now lived in [...]

    3. Paziente, il caso di dirlo, indagine di Maigret per risolvere l omicidio di un anziano informatore della polizia, costretto a vivere su una sedia a rotelle dopo un agguato, in compagnia di una giovane donna tolta dalla strada.Paziente anche la ricerca della difficile soluzione di una serie di furti di gioielli, iniziata moltissimi anni prima e continuata nonostante l arresto dei semplici esecutori, senza recuperare la refurtiva.Pazienza, tenacia, intuito e tanta abilit investigativa portano alla [...]

    4. Maigret has had a grudging respect for Manuel Palmari, an old time jewel thief who is now in wheel chair He is attended by a young lover with the usual past and when the old man is murdered in his wheel chair, M has to wonder about her role M suspects that even in his chair, the old man headed a smash and grab jewel robbery spree, suspecting he somehow controlled a diamond cutter who could modify the stolen stones and allow them to be sold But who is he Maigret patiently puts the heat on a numbe [...]

    5. Even late in his career, Georges Simenon could write great Maigret novels in his sleep, if necessary Maigret Bides His Time in French Patience de Maigret is about a series of grab and run jewelry robberies that has bedeviled the French police for some twenty years The curious thing is that Superintendent Maigret knew who planned the robberies all along A wheelchair bound Corsican cripple named Manuel Palmari It s just that he didn t know the entire cast of characters and how they interacted, mos [...]

    6. The Patience of Maigret was first published as La Patience de Maigret in 1965 It was translated into English by Alastair Hamilton The story is about a 20 year series of jewel thefts which have baffled the police At the centre of things is an ex slum boy, Palmari, who has become an underworld king pin, with whom Maigret nevertheless feels a certain affinity Now someone has shot Palmeri, confined to a wheelchair after surviving a previous attack, someone close to him, and Maigret is on the case Th [...]

    7. Maigret has been watching the daylight jewel robberies for over twenty years There is a pattern to them A pattern, and, Maigret is convinced, a connection Oh, sure, the petty robbers are caught from time to time But Maigret is convinced that there is a central brain behind the heists He knows Manuel Palmari knows far too much about the crime world to be considered an innocent And when Palmari is found dead shot Maigret wonders if maybe Palmari wasn t the main player behind the game Can Maigret p [...]

    8. Manuel, the murdered man, was a big boss in the French underworld, and his live in girlfriend Aline is determined to be hostile to Maigret as he begins to investigate the crime Maigret had known Manuel at different stages of his career, and although they were on different sides of the fence, subtle, almost indefinable bonds had formed between the two men Could it be said that the Superintendent respected the former proprietor of the Clou Dor Judging the man impartially, the experienced inspector [...]

    9. Once in a while I just need to read a new Maigret mystery in French, altrhough I notice on my Shelfari list that quite a few people have read this one in English Maigret it not far from retirement rather like myself and beginning to look forward to it But for the past twenty years, he has been unable to unravel what is behind a long string of jewelry store robberies, in spite of some reluctant help from a marginal criminal named Manuel Palmari, un wheelchair bound invalid seriously injured in an [...]

    10. Another winner is Simenon s Maigret serieshis stories are a joy to read because there are no frills or excess Just straight to the point narrative which is still descriptive enough for you to smell the spring air in Paris and enjoy a wine with Maigret at the local brasserie In this tale, Maigret takes on the murder of an old adversary who he had been investigating for years but with whom he had a grudgingly friendly relationship.In Simenon s books, there usually is no mystery as to who committed [...]

    11. La casa del giudice uno dei gialli di Maigret che preferisco L intensit della narrazione e la complessit della trama ci riportano ai grandi romanzi di Simenon Di questo libro, ho amato soprattutto l atmosfera piovosa e ovattata della Vandea Le usanze della gente nata e cresciuta nei villaggi costieri, le tradizioni secolari, la saggezza e l armonia con la natura Il rispetto per il mare, tanto amato e fonte di sopravvivenza quanto temuto Villaggi in cui la vita sembra scorrere seguendo i ritmi di [...]

    12. This novel, published in 1965, is one of 75 novels featuring the Parisian detective Jules Maigret that Georges Simenon wrote between 1931 and 1972 From information about the series, see the article at enpedia wiki Jules_Ma I particularly enjoyed the dialogue among the characters This story, at least, is not for a reader seeking action, gore, or sex.

    13. Considering the speed at which Simenon knocked out books, it is amazing that they are so good I really enjoyed this one.It s not just the plot but the psychology of Maigret and his perception of human nature that is so brilliant.I found an old omnibus of 6 Maigret novels for a quid in a charity shop, three of which I hadn t read, so I ve been having a bit of a Maigret fest.

    14. J aime tellement lire Simenon C est livre a des l ments de c est qui a pass apr s la deuxi me guerre La vue de Maigret sur l humanit n est pas trouv dans les romans policiers en anglais Je m excuse comme vous voyez j ai des difficult s en crivant en fran ais Je viens de Schenectady New York.

    15. From Maigret s sneaking affection for a paralyzed criminal Manuel Palmari propels him to pursue his murderer despite the mastermind s involvement in a current jewel robbery.A TV series was made based on this book and it s available at YouTube.

    16. Maigret s methods are clearly demonstrated in this late entry in the series His use of unrelenting logic and analysis, overlain and guided by his experience, gives even the most professional of criminals no chance of long term success.

    17. I tracked down and read every single one of these novels by Georges Simenon, some in French Not an easy task, but these books are delightful musings on French culture with some mystery added to the mix Loved them.

    18. I like the Maigret mysteriest in Paris, characters stories feel authentic to me Sometimes Maigret s wife is a part of the story otherwise, he is always talking about her and the good food she cooks Watched the pbs series some years ago Jim I both enjoyed that.

    19. Wel in het Nederlands gelezen met als te verwachten titel Het geduld van Maigret Een hele goede Interessant plot.

    20. Esperaba algo mucho m s emocionante y pues no, la verdad no me gust nada, ni el detective, ni el caso ni nada.

    21. Every few years I try another Maigret story only to be reminded that I much prefer Simenon s non Maigret stories.

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