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Millie's Faithful Heart By Martha Finley,

  • Title: Millie's Faithful Heart
  • Author: Martha Finley
  • ISBN: 9781928749127
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Falling in love in 1837 was no different than falling in love today The standards that Christians must live up to have not changed, either In Millie s Faithful Heart, sixteen year old Millie K
    Millie s Faithful Heart Falling in love in was no different than falling in love today The standards that Christians must live up to have not changed either In Millie s Faithful Heart sixteen year old Millie K

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    1. starts to slap Isabelle Then realizes that wouldn t be very nice Glares at her instead cries for Millie oh you poor sweet girl cries and sighs for Charles Oh, Charles shakes head sadly

    2. Millie s Faithful HeartBy Martha FinleyRating 3.5 starsAges Best for girls 11 and 12 through 13 or 14Millie s Faithful Heart is delightful and incredibly fun Millie learns some very good lessons in this book, and she also accomplishes some brave deeds, all while trying not to fall for Charles Landreth, whom she just met in book 3 Charles is fun Honest, he is The way he acts around Millie or just in general is so charming and smile worthy I loved him as a character Millie must brave the world alo [...]

    3. Millie s adventures at Roselands are truly enchanting and heart wrenching at the same time I love all the cool believers she meets in the South, and the historical touches as she travels through young America in the 1800s It s such a realistic picture of what it looks like when you leave home for the first time Millie doesn t have her parents or Aunt Wealthy to talk to, she must put her trust and dependance completely in the Lord.

    4. wowI just love these books they are filled with wonder, excitement, laughter, sorrow, and joy Martha Finley did a fantastic job in writing the Elsie Dins and Millie Keith books when I read this book, I was amazed at how I grew in my faith as Millie grew I hers this was the first series in which I felt as if I was there, a part of the Keith family.I highly recommend this book for 10 d when you re done with them, you can put them in your hope chest for your future daughters to enjoy this is 4 out [...]

    5. I loved every single one of the Millie Books I read them when I m sick of reading or if I can t sleep or if I m having a bad day She grows up through the books so I m always her age.

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