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Encontro Inesperado By Jill Mansell Isabel Penteado,

  • Title: Encontro Inesperado
  • Author: Jill Mansell Isabel Penteado
  • ISBN: 9789897100024
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
  • Na v spera do seu casamento, Poppy Dunbar conhece Tom Ele alto, atraente, dono de um sorriso irresist vel, e Poppy n o consegue livrar se da sensa o de o ter conhecido toda a vida Combinam um encontro mas a jovem n o tem coragem para aparecer O problema que tamb m j n o consegue avan ar com o casamento Ganhando subitamente fama de destruidora de cora es, Poppy dNa v spera do seu casamento, Poppy Dunbar conhece Tom Ele alto, atraente, dono de um sorriso irresist vel, e Poppy n o consegue livrar se da sensa o de o ter conhecido toda a vida Combinam um encontro mas a jovem n o tem coragem para aparecer O problema que tamb m j n o consegue avan ar com o casamento Ganhando subitamente fama de destruidora de cora es, Poppy decide partir para Londres e come ar tudo de novo Instala se na casa bo mia de Caspar French, um bel ssimo jovem artista com reputa o de sedutor, mas nem assim consegue esquecer Tom E enquanto n o o voltar a ver, nunca saber se o encontro deles estava destinado, ou se foi apenas uma quest o de timing
    Encontro Inesperado Na v spera do seu casamento Poppy Dunbar conhece Tom Ele alto atraente dono de um sorriso irresist vel e Poppy n o consegue livrar se da sensa o de o ter conhecido toda a vida Combinam um encontro

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    1. This is the 2nd Mansell book I have read and I enjoyed this one as much as the first This is light reading drama Great beach read I call this Brit Chick Lit It is light and funny and full of surprises A bit far fetched at times but nothing to take away from the fun This one is about Poppy While out on her hen night , Poppy bumps into a stranger named Tom and she hit with love at first sight So much so, she calls off her wedding and moves to London She moves in to an apartment owned by Caspar the [...]

    2. For a long time, I ve been confused I thought Jill Mansell was another pseudonym for the woman that writes as Sophie Kinsella, and I could not understand why I liked the Mansell books so much and wanted to throw the Shopaholic book across the room.Turns out I was wrong They are not the same person.That s good to know All I can say about this one is that it was sweetly romantic and fun The characters, for all their absurd behavior at times, were frightfully real They struggled with the inability [...]

    3. Mais um magn fico romance da Jill Mansell Posso vos dizer que andei atr s deste livro muito tempo, porque saiu numa promo o de uma revista e n o consegui arranjar Mas l resolvi fazer uma troca de livros e l o arranjei e daqui j n o sai de certeza absoluta Na v spera do seu casamento Poppy muda de opin o e n o pretende casa e decide mudar de ares, mas ser que vai come ar um romance com Tom ou ser que ir se apaixonar por outro S mesmo lendoaviciadadoslivros

    4. 3.5 starsThe night before her wedding during her bachelorette party or Hen night as the Brits call it , Poppy meets a man to whom she is incredibly attracted Tom, a dark haired, dark eyed handsome doctor implores her to meet him after the party is over and not to go through with the wedding.While Poppy chooses not to meet Tom, she does indeed call off the wedding She realizes that if she goes through with it, it would be a big mistake Her groom and his large family do not let her off easily and [...]

    5. Weer een leuk boek van Jill Mansell Hier en daar vond ik het boek wel wat langdradig maar toch bleef ik lezen Ook miste ik een beetje het sociale thema in het boek, normaal gesproken gebruikt Jill Mansell een actueel thema in haar boeken Wellicht omdat dit boek al iets ouders is, heb ik het niet herkent of deed Jill Mansell dit nog niet Desondanks wel een leuk boek om te lezen en een aanrader voor chicklit fans

    6. Tenho tanta coisa para dizer que neste momento nem sei por onde come ar N o, n o se assustem, s o tudo coisas boas Vamos come ar ent o pelo inicio, este foi um dos pontos altos do livro Cheio de ac o e tens o, Jill Mansell atira nos logo para um trio meio confuso que nos vai fazer roer unhas para saber como se vai resolver O que eu n o estava espera era do que vinha a seguir, que, por seu lado, n o tem muita rela o com este inicio O Tom e o coitado do ex noivo v o desaparecer e s aparecer novame [...]

    7. Unputdownable Glued to my hands Jill Mansell is my absolute favourite author She weaves this amazing tale that funny, serious and lovable You come to love all the characters in her books, even the ones who in the end aren t the most perfect.Poppy meets her soul mate on her hen night, and the next day its her wedding She finds out her father isn t her father and that love can be found in the strangest of situations So, she goes to London Moves in with complete strangers, who in a years time, beco [...]

    8. I really enjoyed the breezy story of a young woman re inventing her life On the eve of her wedding, Poppy meets a man who could have been THE ONE Thinking about this, she reevaluates her feelings for Rob and realizes that she cannot marry him In the ensuing bru ha ha, it is revealed to Poppy that the man who has raised her is not her biological father This suddenly puts a new perspective on their relationship, as Mervyn has always been distant with Poppy.Armed with this information, Poppy is off [...]

    9. Een boek van Jill Mansell, daar kan ik heel kort over zijn ze zijn, in mijn ogen, geweldig Romantiek, komische situaties, misverstanden, onzekerheden, verlangens en, met als kers op de taart, steeds een happy ending Het zijn feel good verhalen maar toch is niet alles altijd rozengeur en maneschijn Vaak komt er ook een heel triest maar re l aspect in voor.De cover is leuk en doet je al onmiddellijk glimlachen, de titel is dubbel Waar eerst niet echt van een perfect timing kan gesproken worden, bl [...]

    10. Come o a ficar sem palavras para comentar os livros desta autora Quando me perguntam como s o os seus livros, as suas hist rias, as suas personagens, s me lembro de adjectivos como fant sticas, hilariantes, fenomenais, magn ficas, estupendas, geniais Afinal, para mim, isso mesmo que s o.A verdade que Jill Mansell nunca me desilude Por mais e mais que leia da sua autoria, as expectactivas s o sempre superadas Folheio as p ginas dos seus livros com um sorriso nos l bios ou uma gargalhada ainda a e [...]

    11. Perfect Timing SPOILER ALERT Poppy Dunbar, red head, slim and full of life is at her bachelorette party when she bumps into Tom Kennedy She instantly feels like she has known him all her life She gets mixed feelings about how her life will be when she marries Ron McBride Her life would be so plain and simple and she loved Rob, but realizes she is not IN LOVE with him Tom Kennedy helps Poppy with her foot when she fell outside the club When her friend comes outside to look for her, she finds Popp [...]

    12. This book was too long for my liking I HATED how Poppy thought she was in love with Tom at first only by meeting him once then breaking off her wedding with Rob and searching for Tom for like a year and then when they were finally together ditch him and go back to Caspar I didn t like Caspar at all because he was a man whore and I don t know he just didn t click for me I would have liked it if Poppy was with Tom because he loved her and they just seemed good together I hated Poppy because she br [...]

    13. Acerca do Encontro Inesperado, adorei como j era de prever Do in cio ao fim, foi delicioso.Ainda tenho dois livros dela por ler e mais um para comprar, mas ela diverte me sempre.Adoro a escrita dela, as personagens que ela cria e os enredos Adoro a forma como ela brinca com os acontecimentos e tem sempre alguma surpresa.Estou muito contente.Os livros da Jill deixam me sempre super bem disposta Este n o foi excep o.Gostei muito da ideia dela e de brincar com o destino Todas as reviravoltas foram [...]

    14. I m now a Jill Mansell junkie Perfect Timing is an ironic title for this British chicklit novel because nothing is perfectly timed in this novel, from Poppy s last minute decision to jilt her fiance hours before their wedding to finding her biological father after years of not knowing she wasn t living with him The thing is, Poppy prevaricated, my room s only tiny And who am I, two ton Tess All I m asking for is a bit of floor space Dina was wheedling now I ll sleep under the bed if it makes you [...]

    15. It kept my interest but I can t recommend it It s chick lit with a romantic happy ending.I was frustrated and angry with stupid actions I did not like Poppy s best friend Dina who was so obnoxious and unlikeable that she reflected poorly on Poppy But I don t want to fault this too much because bad characters do make stories better Several parts of the story were good And I loved the happy ending It was a surprise.Stupidity 1 Poppy works for Jake an antiques dealer She and Jake are at an auction [...]

    16. I feel like even one star is being generous but as the book came to a close I realized that it was not the worst book I ever read No, than anything this book was like an outline for a decent story The characters were barely fleshed out and the dialogue was weak, but the plot itself was interesting enough What s worse is that I spent the majority of this book not caring about the fate of the characters If I d had another book handy I d no doubt give up on this and not think twice about it The au [...]

    17. I wasn t quite sure what to expect, having never read a Jill Mansell novel before But a friend lent me this book and recommended it, so I started it a few days ago It begins with Poppy, on the night before her wedding, meeting a rather attractive stranger after falling down some steps I thought the characterisation was great Caricatured in places, to be sure but Poppy was a believable, untidy, disorganised romantic who I warmed to almost immediately There was a large cast of characters, but they [...]

    18. I must admit that at times I can not control the fact that I love an author and lose her only to find her once again Ms Mansell will not disappoint I have read multiple books by her and with life catching up and moving, I found I lost her only to be reunited with Perfect Timing.Poppy Dunbar has met someone the one she believes is the one the night before her wedding, when she calls off the wedding, finds out her father is not her real father she is a result of an affair her mother had , and jump [...]

    19. The clever and witty way Mansell weaved multitude of characters life into the flow of the story with each one interesting in their own way, is marvellous.I think the reason I like it so much is she doesn t harp on an event or a character s mental emotional state for too long, so the story keeps moving and every chapter feels fresh That saying, nothing was brisk over but slowly explored through her exceptional writing skills and Brit humours oh boy do I love them.Her knack to turn the most mundan [...]

    20. This is a 3.5 out of 5 stars.This was your typical fun chick lit book Poppy is so oblivious and kind hearted that you can t help but like her even as you shake your head over her bumbling The rest of the crew was just as interesting with Dina, the girl you have to hate for the way she treats her husband and neglects her baby and Claudia who you want to hate and yet still feel sympathy for The story definitely keeps you guessing as to who Poppy will ultimately end up with Will it be Tom, the man [...]

    21. Perfect Timing was my first Jill Mansell novel and I liked it so far as it contained all that nice blend of chick lit humor and slang However, I was disappointed as the characters were not framed out well and I was thoroughly disgusted at the behaviour of Poppy s abhorrible friend Dina But the ending was a nice surprise and I was pleased that Dina learned her lesson well, even though she was a side character and I did not like the fact that she was given so many roles to play in this book.

    22. I read this book a while ago It is absolutely adorable It is unpredictable,witty,charming and romantic Poppy is bubbly and downright loveable All in all , an adorable chick lit book with the most incredible storyline characters And as for the ending, I will just leave you with this

    23. It s been ages since I ve read one of Jill Mansell s books I enjoyed this one perfect for my week off I know it was first published in the 1990s but it was a bit disconcerting to read the odd reference to how awesome Gary Glitter was

    24. This was a good book Classic chick lit Fast read that was fun, lighthearted, engaging See my full review at everyfreechancebookreviews.blo

    25. Jill Mansell is usually good for a light, entertaining read full of interesting characters, but this was not up to her usual standard I spent most of the book aching for some sort of confrontation literally between almost any of the characters and was never satisfied The conflicts just sort of dissipated rather than being resolved in any meaningful way.Most of the characters were not particularly compelling or likeable I had high hopes for Poppy s fresh start, but as a character, Poppy was mainl [...]

    26. The only character in the whole book I loved was Jake and he was not even the main hero I hated the other characters Jill Mansell is one of my favorite authors I love the way she writes including the humor But this book was a disappointment especially because I hated almost all characters SPOILER ALERT and my outburst I felt most of the characters in the book didn t know how to behave properly Dina was a terrible person I don t know how her husband and family accepted her back Not only she aband [...]

    27. I m sorry I usually love Jill Mansell books but this one was very bad I managed to finish it so it wasn t terrible but I didn t enjoy it It was cliched, ridiculous and I hated all of the characters There was much emphasis on how people looked and what they were wearing And snobbiness over being a geek Maybe my literary tastes have changed since I bought this book about five years or ago but I thought it was shallow and so far from the Jill Mansell I love fantastical but down to earth and believ [...]

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