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Push By Sean Michael,

  • Title: Push
  • Author: Sean Michael
  • ISBN: 9781610401555
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gordon s a retired Drill Sergeant who s enjoying his life He has his garden, his friends and access to the subs at the Hammer Club whenever he wants to indulge his Toppy side When Billy and Marcus insist on introducing him to Frank, he has to admit, he s intrigued Frank is a cop turned private investigator who often helps out the men of the Hammer Club He thinks they rGordon s a retired Drill Sergeant who s enjoying his life He has his garden, his friends and access to the subs at the Hammer Club whenever he wants to indulge his Toppy side When Billy and Marcus insist on introducing him to Frank, he has to admit, he s intrigued Frank is a cop turned private investigator who often helps out the men of the Hammer Club He thinks they re all just a little bit off, but they re good guys for the most part, and he s happy to take their business When he s introduced to Gordon at a party at the Hammer to welcome Oliver home after the events in Owned, his world is turned on its head Very much a loner, and self contained, Frank must deal with having a partner who cares about him as than just a good fuck Frank also doesn t believe he s like all those little subs at the club, so he s not sure that a man like Gordon, a Top , is going to want him for than the occasional make out session Can Gordon convince him he s wrong Push is the latest in the popular Hammer Club series that includes Found, Snared, Owned, Baked, and Bent.
    Push Gordon s a retired Drill Sergeant who s enjoying his life He has his garden his friends and access to the subs at the Hammer Club whenever he wants to indulge his Toppy side When Billy and Marcus ins

    One thought on “Push”

    1. More meat.Okay, the extended length of this story surely allows for development and it shows here There s hesitation on Frank s part, the capitulation takes longer and he has unresolved issues that need addressing which Gordon does Gordon s the patient, super Dom daddy to a boy who is a boy whether he acknowledges it or not More time means less steamrolling and a realistic pace Plus no teasing about the sounds in this one Yippee Still cockfull and filled with needs, wants, and mine

    2. I m a fan of the Hammer series but some how let this book sit in my TBR since its release I m glad I finally got around to reading it because I really enjoyed it.Unlike most of the other Hammer books, we clearly see the struggles of a couple as they slowly get to know and trust each other as they advance into a commited relationship We see the getting to know each other s personalities, likes, don t likes and quirks We see the misunderstandings when you don t know or trust the other completely [...]

    3. Like the other Hammer novels, Push looks at a slightly unusual D s relationship One that doesn t start out as D s, at least not from Frank s point of view.Frank is proudly independent, an ex cop who works as a PI, but he s very closed off and doesn t deal well with stress He also clearly has some baggage from the past that he hasn t gotten over, but he s too headstrong to accept help from anyone He s so afraid to appear weak that he s shut himself off from any and all support that might be avail [...]

    4. This series for me is hit or miss, some of the books just seemed so melodramatic that I did not even try it But this book interested me, the former cop who is friends with the Doms and subs but feels that he s not part of that world.Enter our hot Dom who begins to show him the world of BDSM Hot sex, interesting story, but here are two things that bothered me 1 This author seems to have that, we need conflict, so I am going to invent some mid book horrific accident that makes one of heroes depend [...]

    5. Retired soldier and dom Gordon is at the club when he sees retired cop now PI Frank visiting with Oliver and Jack Everyone tells him Frank s not into the lifestyle but Gordon is intrigued and asks him out They start dating and eventually Gordon pushes Frank closer and closer to the D s BDSM life This was interesting in that Frank gets meningitis and loses most of his hearing and a lot of heavy issues are dealt with Frank nearly died on the job before he retired and his partner was killed by a se [...]

    6. 3.5 Stars I ve always wondered about Frank so I liked reading his story I didn t rate this with four stars because while I m well aware there are many common phrases and D s scenes across the Hammer series, Push was just too much like Burn word for word I look forward to and Jack and Oliver book.

    7. One of the better Hammer stories Gordon is a good, patient Dom, with a quirky humour Frank is a strong, likeable character, who doesn t realise what he is ie a sub.The story unfolds at a leisurely pace, not too much sex and heavy breathing, and not as hard as some previous Hammer novels have been It was great to read about Frank s gradual submission into realising how submissive he is, and I was really impressed with how Gordon handled everything A lovely story.

    8. I really enjoyed this one The stubborn bottom and gruff, down to earth, strong characters pleased me Still had a confused, broken sub, like all the rest of Michael s books I ve read, but not a very subby one.

    9. While not as good as some of the previous books, I feel like Gordon and Frank s story needed to be told There was just something about it that didn t appeal to me as much I didn t really warm up to either character even though the story itself was quite good.

    10. Lighter on the BDSM than other Hammer titles, but it s one of my favoritesWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 9 10PROS Although there are noticeable similarities in the actions of Michael s Dom characters, not all of the Hammer characters and relationships are exactly the same They present a varied view of the BDSM lifestyle, from light to hardcore, casual to lifestyle, intensely private to public I liked reading about a Dom who falls for another macho, ma [...]

    11. Oh wow, that was incredible Best SM I ve read in a long time actually totally not conceived with very genuine characters and a well paced story.

    12. This is a nice addition to the Hammer series One of the most refreshing aspects of this book is that it feels like the relationship actually develops over time between Gordon and Frank both older and basically retired , and they really get to know and trust each other before the D s starts to get introduced Frank is by no means a typical sub and pushes back at every turn before admitting he doesn t have to be quite so independent and may actually enjoy the things Gordon eventually tries out with [...]

    13. This addition to the Hammer story is a bit different than the others I ve read so far There seems to be much development of the relationship first with a very gentle pushing into a D s relationship between Gordon and his Frankie after the relationship is well establish I think that the fact both men were retired and had similar backgrounds probably helped the relationship growth earlier than in most of the stories I ve read in this series so far Also, while Frank had problems and was needed he [...]

    14. I have not read all the books in the Hammer Club series but based on this one, I may have to Push is a favourite because of the way the relationship between the MCs unfolds Frank Sub Who me Dream on Gordon I didn t say you were As BDSM plots go, not unusual, right But then the author throws in that one extra detail which sets this book apart view spoiler Gordon never does say He never uses the word sub, not to Frank, not about Frank hide spoiler My problem with some BDSM authors is that the book [...]

    15. I love the characters at the Hammer, and Frank and Gordon are a great pair Good friends, good lovers and good for each other The interplay between the characters was great, Frank is SUCH a hard case, always saying he s fine even when he isn t And Gordon is Not going to let him get away with that any not after their first vacation together.Sorry to say, too many sex scenes or they are too long, whatever, but found myself skimming again because I was interested in the people than the sex.But as a [...]

    16. I liked this one with Gordon and Frank They had a very sweet relationship and I loved how stubborn Frank was without it being overdone His unwillingness to admit, even to himself, how much he loved getting spanked and the other freaky things Gordon was doing was great They were mature and fun, sexy and sweet I loved them as a couple and loved the side story of Frank s illness and past trauma It added to the story a lot.

    17. Frank and Gordon are my favorite Hammer couple and this is my favorite of the Hammer books It has story than a lot of the others, and I like that the D s stuff is there, but discreet and private between the two of them, rather than the overt master sub stuff which I find kind of alien.

    18. This book had a lot of things I like push and pull relationship a romance between adults men with weaknesses disability caring and loving, but the execution needed a lot of smoothing over, this book should have had half of the word count it had Despite the weak editing, it was a nice addition to the Hammer series 2.5 stars

    19. A stubborn sub in denial needs than one push Intense Frank is struggling with discovering new things about himself that are in contradiction with his self image Visit my blog for a full length review of Push by Sean Michael with quotes and bullets Miranda

    20. I love this author When reading Sean Michael I always know that things will turn out good You always have a strong character that know just what he wants and gets it A wonderful book that leaves you feeling warm inside.

    21. I loved the characters in this one Could have done without some of the gruesome tidbitsbut thats just a matter of taste A typical Michael read.got a little long in places but a solid, enjoyable read.

    22. Another great story in the Hammer series I ve loved Frank since his first appearance and it was great to read his and Gordon s story I loved the emphasis on their relationship and especially resolving Frank s issues rather than constantly focusing on the BDSM aspects of their relationship

    23. Too much like the others, not deep enough of a story The top most layer of story is all you get, and it just stays boring Some parts were good, so it was okay Still, I skimmed too much.

    24. I liked the content of the book It wasn t the typical Dom Sub story line The major drawback for this book was the typos.

    25. one of the best story of the Hammer I read along with the first book.I liked a lot the main characters and the dynamic of the couplee size queen and the sounds play was a big bonus for me

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