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Shadowland By Peter Straub,

  • Title: Shadowland
  • Author: Peter Straub
  • ISBN: 9780425050569
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • The 1 New York Times bestselling author s all time horror classic Now with a new introduction by Peter Straub Few modern horror novels have been able to stand the test of time like Shadowland, Now, with a new introduction from Peter Straub, this classic becomes a collectible for his insatiable fans and for new readers who have just discovered Straub through the bestselThe 1 New York Times bestselling author s all time horror classic Now with a new introduction by Peter Straub Few modern horror novels have been able to stand the test of time like Shadowland, Now, with a new introduction from Peter Straub, this classic becomes a collectible for his insatiable fans and for new readers who have just discovered Straub through the bestselling Black House, co written with Stephen King.
    Shadowland The New York Times bestselling author s all time horror classic Now with a new introduction by Peter Straub Few modern horror novels have been able to stand the test of time like Shadowland Now wi

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    1. This book I read when I was a teenager It is a fantastic book by a literary great.Finished reading it again recently while I was away I enjoyed it again Five stars.

    2. Peter Straub came to prominence in 1979 with Ghost Story, an old fashioned spooky ghost tale which I wasn t really a fan of though I appreciate it A year later, in 1980, he published Shadowland, a coming of age novel which can be classified as dark fantasy with horror elements This time, I say, he penned a winner.Shadowland is concerned with the friendship of two boys Tom Flanagan and Del Nightingale which began at the private all male school they both attended As both try to fight the horrors a [...]

    3. I could only make it through half this book before I just had to quit Another Straub novel that did not work for me.

    4. Revisited ReviewI really enjoy this kind of horror Shadowland has an elaborate build up, and the reader invests quite a bit in the story before things start going awry This means that you actually do care about what happens next There s also a very real world feel to the events, however bizarre things eventually turn out You almost, almost feel that this could actually happen That being said, I wasn t using the term bizarre loosely just now This is one sinister story, and if the body count isn t [...]

    5. Not sure what happened here, although I suspect it was the case of success bloat Straub s first ventures into supernatural If You Could See Me Now and Julia were lean, mean thriller thrilling machines Shadowland must be where he veered off into the prolixity of later years I had such high expectations for this book based not only on how much I liked the Straub s aforementioned works, but also on the love I have for the subject Magic, how can you go wrong with magic It s innately fun And yetShado [...]

    6. Some of the surreal moments, as well as the occasional switches in narratives, made this book a little hard to follow at times, but there IS a reason I gave this book five stars it was terrific It s not the all out horror fest that the cover of the 1980 s paperback promised, but there were some truly gruesome scenes towards the climax, as well as a general tone of mounting tension throughout.Tom Flanagan is a very memorably three dimensional young protagonist, and all the conflicts of childhood [...]

    7. During the extremely unsatisfying experience of reading Lev Grossman s The Magicians , I kept thinking of how much better Straub s treatment of similar themes was, so literally the minute I finished The Magicians I went to my bookshelf and picked out this book to re read With it s nods to everything from Grimm s Fairy Tales to Hans Christian Andersen to John Fowles The Magus, this is both a literate homage to the art of storytelling and a gripping story in its own right The tale of two boarding [...]

    8. I really a fish walks by eating a taco want to like this tiiiiin rooof book but rusted I just get sidetracked once there was a mouse and a squirrel, but that was a long time ago just kept getting distracted a taco walks by eating a fish by the trippy dream sequences the sound of a thousand mute voices saying nothing and random interjections did I have a point and I m pretty sure am I me that in the end nothing nothing really yes nothing, remember the moral of the fish taco happened.

    9. This book was my January 2016 buddy read with super reading buddy Edward Lorn For a number of reasons, we abandoned it that time, at close to half the book read Edward suggested it was time to give it another chance and I m grateful for that At the same time, I can understand the way we struggled with it the first time around the read is not like much else, even if I m having a quite hard time pinning down what sets it apart The story, which is quite well known I guess, I won t go into it all th [...]

    10. I can t even review this I hated it Finishing it was like Chinese water torture I just Hated it I have no idea what the point was It was just Ridiculous and bad and ridiculously bad.I don t want to waste another moment thinking about it, so that s my review Not recommended.

    11. As you can see, it took me forever to read this book Some parts were beautifully written, but it really felt like 2 books in one The latter being a struggle that literally took me years to finish I just hated the ending It was weird and strange and took too much imagination to even make sense I can t say how much I didn t enjoy this book It wasn t for me I m struggling to finish Koko as well which is making me apprehensive to start Ghost Story I really want to like Straub, but his writing style [...]

    12. What I m about to say is extremely unfair, but I have SO blown my teenage sorcerer emotional wad on Harry Potter, I had absolutely ZERO interest in these characters It s as clear as day to me that J.K Rowling had read SHADOWLAND before writing Potter, but it s such a longer, broader and immersive project than Peter Straub novel, I kind of shook my head and denied Tom Flanagan and Del Nightingale any emotional connection on my end I laughed these guys out of the room No way whatever they were fa [...]

    13. The first part of this book really wraps you up in the young characters lives makes you feel as if you know them a little, the rest gets wilder by the page, as the boys make a trip to the magicians houseevil magicd a magician looking for THE ONE to cary on in his place when the time comes he doesn t care a bit that one is his nephew There s friendship heartbreak, a girl who the two wonderfully written young boys both want Then things get trippy, and then trippier the bugs bunny scene was just a [...]

    14. Often times, the less fashionable is subjugated to the lower shelves of desirability, than the in thing In this way Peter Straub s tour de force Shadowland , has been relegated to the untalked about, the lesser known realms of fantasy and magic Making it a work that, sadly, few of the younger generation have read If the now people, readers of Erin Morgenstern, Casandra Clare and Suzanne Collins, opened their minds, they would discover MAGIC comparable to any flights of fantasy the aforementioned [...]

    15. Read this book again, some 30 years plus, after I first stole it out of my school library Same edition, yellowed by time I ve always said this was one of my favourite horror novels, and this re read, all these years later did nothing to dissuade me from this opinion It s a classic horror tale, which upon second reading I see similarities in minor ways to Stephen King s The Shining.In this book two boys spend a summer at a magician s house, the magician being the uncle of one of the boy s, Del De [...]

    16. Despite the fact that Peter Straub is my second favorite author, I always go into his books with a slight sense of trepidation and doubt Straub is an excellent writer, no doubt about that his books just require a certain frame of mind because well, they aren t always as they seem Straub is the king of hidden meaning and messages, and he enjoys confusing errr challenging let s go with challenging his readers I enjoy that about him his books always make me really think, which is nice But the densi [...]

    17. I m not going to lie I found this book a struggle by the time I got to the middle of it, I had totally forgotten what the start was So this review is going to be a struggle.A person meets the now adult Tom Flanagan in a bar on the sunset strip From there Tom gives the guy what as the reader finds out involves a strange surreal tale of Adolescent reminiscence That starts in a private posh school for boy s were he meet s a boy called Del nightingale From there we find out that Del has a knack for [...]

    18. This was really a good book except for one scene involving Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny Come on, someone should have told Mr Straub to cut this scene It added nothing and detracted from the overall mood of the book.

    19. To me this story is a grand experiment that doesn t quite accomplish what it sets out to do.Peter Straub proved to me in his excellent Ghost Story that he can take a clasic theme and warp it into something unique, something that is uniquely his He does the same in this novel, and I am in awe of this talent But where I can find no flaw whatsoever in Ghost Story there were some oddities the wrong kind of oddities, heh in this book that grated on me, for various reasons.The basic plot is simple eno [...]

    20. Shadowland was one of the first horror books I read growing up I think I may have been twelve at the time that I read it Along with some of the early works of Stephen King, it was one of the big reasons I became addicted to the genre and later became a writer Shadowland is a richly written, complex books that I quickly became engrossed in Shadowland follows two friends Del and Tom in boarding school Both boys are into magic and dabble at it while they are in school After the school year is over, [...]

    21. This is one of my favorite of Peter Straub s novels It s a creepy take on the idea of the Sorcerer s Apprentice only in this case, the sorcerer may be dangerous than anything his apprentice can cook up There are loads of references to fairy tales here, which are fun to try to place, and I love the way that Straub makes it difficult to figure out what s real magic and what s just sleight of hand.

    22. Such a joy to re read One of those tales that alternatively leaves you gasping in awe, and feeling just the tiniest bit of despair, because you know it s impossible ever to match this as an author But even so, loved it, and I m still also amazed how much of my early reading of Straub played such a huge influence on me when I was first finding my sea legs

    23. Excellent, but I can t give it five stars many passages dragged, the ending was a loose bundle of WTF, and a lot of stuff really heavily set up in the beginning just kind of fell by the wayside Where Dark Matter did the same kind of thing, but in a way that wouldn t let me go.

    24. I finally finished this train wreck of a novel Another one that I read when it first came out, but I definitely had better memories of this than what I just experienced I kept waiting for it to get good I kept waiting for something to happen I kept waiting for old men to stop pontificating about their life historiese, didn t I just read that in Ghost Story I must say, the first, non Shadowland third wasn t horrible Mostly pointless, and could have been done in like fifty pages, but it wasn t ho [...]

    25. I wanted to like this book It had many elements that appealed to me a dark and creepy private school, a fatherless boy who wanted to learn real magic, an eccentric uncle with a luxurious private estate, mystery, horror, fairy talesBut unfortunately, it didn t live up to my hopes The story plodded along endlessly It didn t even get to the main premise of the book until about 150 pages in, and then it turned out to be mostly a surreal echo of the events that had gone before The structure was a jum [...]

    26. I loved this book from start to finish I read it a while ago and am just due to meet someone who s actually modelling their house around this book and its rooms, so I thought I d better refresh my memory I m a real fan of this sort of maniacal magic story telling, where nothing is it as seems The story of Tom and Del and Rose is so interwoven with treachery and teenage angst I found the one sexy scene in the book, where Rosa reaches into Tom s trousers and gives him relief from the sexual urges [...]

    27. This is one of my favorite books There are just so many layers to it, some which are explained, and some that aren t, but in the end you just don t care because there so many visual images that get buried into your head that the entire experience of the book is just overwhelming Uncle Coleman s tales just get under your skin And whatever that thing is in Skeleton s room makes me shudder And what the Grimm brothers are doing just popping up in the middle of thing, I ll never understand But in the [...]

    28. I read this book when I was a kid in high school It is truely a horror about a boy who went to a school and finds an underlying secret club that practices real magic It is done in subtle details and is why I constantly believe Peter Straub is a true magician with words himself The story is told with such realism and the writing itself is lively, most particular the scene in which the boy is nailed to the wall Perhaps, in the author s own study, I would go as far to believe there is a Number two [...]

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