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Zen and Xander Undone By Amy Kathleen Ryan,

  • Title: Zen and Xander Undone
  • Author: Amy Kathleen Ryan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zen Dependable Responsible The good girl Has a black belt in karate and maybe a crush on the boy next door Xander Wild Self destructive Math genius Spiraling out of control and deliberately ignoring the boy next door This summer they areLearning to survive without their mother Dealing with a father who s retreated to the basement Solving a mystery from their mother sZen Dependable Responsible The good girl Has a black belt in karate and maybe a crush on the boy next door Xander Wild Self destructive Math genius Spiraling out of control and deliberately ignoring the boy next door This summer they areLearning to survive without their mother Dealing with a father who s retreated to the basement Solving a mystery from their mother s past And meeting some boys that include the good the bad and the ugly By summer s end, Zen and Xander will never be the same.
    Zen and Xander Undone Zen Dependable Responsible The good girl Has a black belt in karate and maybe a crush on the boy next door Xander Wild Self destructive Math genius Spiraling out of control and deliberately ignoring t

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    1. I ve been looking forward to reading Zen and Xander Undone for quite a while, so when I finally did receive a copy I was jumping up and down ecstatic, which never is exactly a pretty picture Sadly, while there are good parts to Zen and Xander Undone, it left me feeling utterly disappointed at the end Zen and Xander Undone tells the tale of two sisters who are best friends Xander is the wild and wickedly smart one, though ever since the death of their mother, she s been on a downward spiral to th [...]

    2. After reading and enjoying Amy s debut Vibes, I was really excited to dive into Zen and Xander Undone This was an overall really enjoyable and well written sopho novel that will definitely appeal to a variety of readers While Zen and Xander were not necessarily likable characters, they are definitely realistic and well developed The plot was also very original and kept me reading, enough that I finished this book in about 2 hours.To elaborate, Zen and Xander are two sisters dealing with their mo [...]

    3. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved Zen Xander Undone Amy Kathleen Ryan has written an amazing story about sisters and the things they share, from boys to grief If her first book, Vibes, is anywhere near as good as this one it will be added to my list of favorites too.Zen and Xander are sisters with very little in common After the death of their mother Zen throws herself into her martial arts and Xander throws herself at every guy she meets When Zen is forced to put [...]

    4. Ok, so this isn t like the world s greatest novel or anything It is, however, very good a fully fleshed story complete w interesting characters a dash of mystery A satisfying read that hit the spot.

    5. Zen and Xander lost their mother almost a year ago, and for that past year, they ve been getting messages from her, sent by a mystery person on significant days The girls are handling their grief in their own ways Zen, who tells the story, buries herself in karate and trying to keep the family together Xander goes out for drinking, wild parties, drugs, and dangerous men When one follows her home, Zen kicks butt but throws out her back in the process Can the Vogel sisters get it together before Z [...]

    6. Ryan s May release Zen and Xander undone is one novel that packes one hell of an emotion punch From the book description I anticipated a heart wrenching story of loss for these two girls that becomes their undoing What I did not anticipate was that the true under lieing storyline of a young girl that is struggling with the loss of everything in her life Because of the lifestyle and choices of poison it is an immediate concern for the future of Xander the older out of control eighteen year old, b [...]

    7. Well I really enjoyed reading Zen and Xander Undone by Amy Kathleen her book has really moved me she has written a very impressive story about love and about sisters and about how they both cope with the loss of there mother at such young ages The main reason why I choose to read this book was because of the other book that she wrote called Vibes I have to say that Zen and Xander has much depth it and I truly loved it It has such a powerful message and I believe it s one of the best books I ve [...]

    8. Zen and Xander are sisters who lost their mother a year ago In his grief, their father removed himself from their lives, living in the basement and rarely talking to them Each sister coped with the loss differently Zen, narrator of the book, immersed herself even in martial arts Xander started and risky behaviors, coming home drunk or high with questionable guys Zen found great pleasure in kicking one of those guys in the head, though it injured her back It certainly did feel good though As t [...]

    9. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooTwo sisters who are totally different join together to solve a mystery After the death of their mother less than a year ago, Zen Athena and Xander Alexandra are looking for ways to carry on Their father is hiding out in his new basement bedroom and pretty much ignoring the girls.Xander is and has always been the wild one, but since their mother s death her behavior has become completely defiant and even dangerous Zen is worried.Zen is all [...]

    10. Two teenaged sisters try to come to terms with the death of their mother in very different ways Xander is a brilliant student, but drawn to acting out to cope with her mother s death Zen is laid back and relies upon martial arts to keep her emotions in check Their father is immersed in grief and unable to provide much in the way of support, but as the novel progresses, he does find his footing to some extent.The narrator of the novel is Zen appropriate as she is of an observer The interaction [...]

    11. but the epitaph I wanted wasn t by a poet or a rock band It was something Mom whispered to us herself on her last day alive Every moment with you has been wonderful That s the kind of thing that should be carved in stone This is a coming of age style story that deals with the idea of losing a loved one, and the loss of identity that can come with that Zen and Xander are teens and the book opens on their mothers funeral In the style of P.S I love you by Cecelia Ahern the mother has arranged to s [...]

    12. Ever since their mom past away, Zen and Xander have dealt with their grief in different ways Zen turned to martial arts as a physical outlet while Xander turned to late night parties and drugs despite her exceedingly intelligence having been accepted to both CalTech and MIT Zen although being the younger sister is watching out for Xander for her fighting skills comes in handy against unwanted men Adam, however, Zen and Xander s next door neighbor, is wanted But ever so often a letter from their [...]

    13. Rating 2.5I won a copy of this book for an honest review This will never effect how I like or rate a book.Well this has certainly been a Amy Kathleen Ryan month Having finished Glow and Spark I immediately went into this one since with how short it was I knew it d be a fast read and in that it did deliver Still even for a really short book in a way it felt too long Or really to be honest I was just pretty bored when reading it It wasn t horrible The story had it s interesting moments and the plo [...]

    14. I received this book for free via a giveaway I read this book in one sitting It isn t long, but it s engaging and heartfelt, and I plowed through it very quickly It is told from the point of view of Zen, who is the tamer of the two sisters Having just lost their mother to cancer, this book is basically about how the sisters each deal with their grief, and how it affects their relationship with each other as well I really loved the Vogel family dynamic they are hilarious and complex They all obvi [...]

    15. I really liked this book When I recieved it for review I wasn t really sure how interesting it was going to be The names of the characters were nice and unique how many Zens or Xanders can you think of The two sisters fought as any sisters would, and loved each other underneath the outward tension exactly like siblings do They were portrayed perfectly.Xander s volatile nature drags the plot along, and if it weren t for her, there would not be much of a story It is she that wants to find out abou [...]

    16. Mature eighth grade spring and up Mom, Dad, Zen Athena and Xander are a close knit family All brilliant Grandma is bitter crazy Auntie, wonderful crazy Friends loving crazy Mom fades away with cancer, Dad removes to the basement has been given a sabbatical not always a good idea note to employers just can t stay in the room he shared with mom Zen retreats from school and into teaching martial arts to kids, Xander uses her nubile looks to tease men for temporary distraction At the edge of this sw [...]

    17. Zen and Xander are two teenage sisters who are growing up to find themselves slowly growing different and apart With their mother gone from the world of the living, their father is distant This is their last summer apart, as soon, they will depart for college Zen is the responsible, selfless girl who has a black belt in karate and a crush on the boy next door, Adam, who has been their best friend since childhood Quick side note while Adam loves being Zen s friend, the one he truly loves is Xande [...]

    18. I got this book in a giveawayThis book I have never seen before Which is a surprise because I ve been to a lot of libraries, have 8000 TBR books in my shelf, and have gone through stores in and online to find out that you are only to be given a copy of this book in a giveaway, or receive a copy from the author herselfWhich is why I feel so special right now 3Anyway this was the perfect example of a book hat demonstrates what real sisterhood really is And that was one of the things i liked about [...]

    19. Surprisingly compelling book packed full of sisterhood, family, cute harmless boys on the fringes, and a family secret I couldn t decide if I wanted to know or not The title characters, while each annoying in their own way Xander obviously being infinitely worse , really stood out to me as incredible examples of how you can be be friends with and hate your sibling at the same time I ached at Zen s imagined conversations with her mother s spirit, enjoyed the aspect of the letters being mailed out [...]

    20. I think this book is really good it s about two sisters who live with their dad and Xander is the oldest one and she goes out with all of different boys and she s goes to this bar and gets drunk Zen is the younger one and she stays at home and tries to look after Xander because she gets into trouble a lot Then their neighbor Adam takes Zen to prom and Xander gets mad at her for going with Adam because she is in love with him Their mother is not with them because she died I would recommend readin [...]

    21. Zen and Xander are falling apart after their mother s death Xander has spiraled into bad relationships, drugs and drinking to forget about the pain of losing her Zen has been pushing herself harder and harder in her martial arts until an injury forces her to take time off This extra time leads the sisters to spend their summer investigating a mystery surrounding their mother s past that will change the way they see her.

    22. Uh, wow I picked this book up at the library because I liked the names Zen Athena and Xander Alexandra like me , and I m pretty glad I did Do you ever have one of those books that you just kind of pick up on a whim and don t think you ll like it that much and you end up loving it This is one of those books It s very well written At every moment I could see what was happening clearly, and feel what the characters were feeling It was good Woo

    23. After their mother dies from breast cancer, two sisters cope in very different ways Xander drinks and takes risks, and Zen throws herself into martial arts When they find evidence that their mother may have had an affair years before, they unite to find out the truth about what happened Local author.

    24. I am certainly biased by the fact that I have a sister bond much like the one cataloged here though it is that way now, it was NOTHING like this when we were teenagers only separated by a year , but I adored this book It s sad that it took me so long to find this book, because it will be with me for a very long time.

    25. This is a book that keeps one guessing Zen is the narrator, so events happen from her point of view She doesn t know what she does know why is happening to her sister, Xander, but Xander is coming unhinged The story goes unexpected places and resolves after almost total communication breakdown A good story, well told.

    26. This book was a freebie from a friend and I picked it up because I needed a light read Meant for teenS i enjoyed the storyline and the characters especially the portrayal of how teens and adults deal with loss But I felt it was missing something to make it a truly awesome read but cant quite put my finger on it.

    27. I had my doubts when picking up the book, but I must say I am amazed Zen and Xander, two sisters trying to cope with the death of their mother and the mystery she left behind, each grieve in their own way One sister through martial arts, the other through sex and drugs In order to get answers, the two embark on a sisterly conspiracy and learn an awful lot about each other.

    28. The close relationship between sisters Zen and Xander is complicated by their very different ways of grieving for their dead mother I liked the believable characters and the mystery the sisters try to solve when they learn about a man who was important to their mom.

    29. This was not especially well written It was not especially well thought out, and it was not an especially enjoyable book I had a very hard time finishing it, as it bored me to death the entire way through There was no noticeable rising action or climax, so this one really fell short for me.

    30. see this is why I don t usually read realistic fiction, too freaking sad and even though I don t have sister and my mother is still living it still hits way to close to home in some bizarre way and make me even sadder

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