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Amulet By S. Wolf,

  • Title: Amulet
  • Author: S. Wolf
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An erotic love story Jason saves a stranger from certain death, and is rewarded with a gift that grants him an incredible ability Can he use this power to get the girl of his dreams, or does fate have something else in store
    Amulet An erotic love story Jason saves a stranger from certain death and is rewarded with a gift that grants him an incredible ability Can he use this power to get the girl of his dreams or does fate have

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    1. Adult Book Adult reviewNot sure how to rate this one, while some of the scenes where sexy I guess I am just not comfortable with an erotic book where the characters in high school They were adults 18 but stillGot this one for free on BN but yeah the whole thing was just weird for me.

    2. To be fair, I downloaded this off without reading the description or even checking out the reviews While purchasing a paranormal novel, this popped up under People who purchased ____ whatever it was I was buying at the time ___ also purchased Amulet I assumed, incorrectly, that it was another paranormal story.It s not It s really, really not.Okay, sure, maybe in the sense that there s a supernatural object that renders the wearer invisible In this case, a high school aged boy named Jason And lik [...]

    3. This was a very cool story I read it in a matter of hours because it was hard to put down However I need to clear one thing up before anyone starts thinking I m a pervy old lady Once I got to the first erotic scene I almost put it down The whole book was very erotic, but that is not what bothered me It was the fact that the main character was an 18 year old boy and most of the supporting characters went to high school with him I ve read and enjoyed plenty of Y A novels, but those ones weren t er [...]

    4. Starts out light and turns dark.Warning Contains graphic sex and language, and the threat of violence without consent.Eighteen year old Jason Ramsey is a geek He s cute but invisible, especially to the girl he s been crushing on for years beautiful, popular, cheerleader Becky Johnson Then one day he saves an old man from nearly getting run over by a truck The strange old man is an oddball and decides that Jason should be rewarded for his act of courage and gives him an amulet but warns him to on [...]

    5. In the name of research and in an effort to expand my reading repertoire I asked for suggestions that met two requirements fulfilled the criteria of the genre, and be well written AMULET by S Wolf was a decent selection partially meeting those requirementsULET is written in the third person narrative with a specific focus on protagonist Jason Ramsey The book begins with Jason saving an older man from getting hit by a truck and in return Jason is rewarded with an amulet necklace that has the powe [...]

    6. I m not going to star this book because I have really mixed feelings on it and I frankly don t know how to rate it I thought the pace of the story was good, and the initial concept was cute, and the erotic scenes were exactly as expected for the genre I never got over the narrator being a creep I m sure this book assumes you ll forgive them for doing things they clearly think typical for teen age boys, but gross Seriously If you can get past that then the erotic part of this erotic novel may act [...]

    7. The book was really bad It was like being in a porno movie I hated it You can tell just by reading the book that this book was written by a male author NO OFFENCE TO MEN I am not the type of person to read the description on the back of the book which was my biggest mistake I like to say something to guys men who wonder upon reading this book 1 Girls never wonder AROUND NAKED in a girls locker room I ve been to several girls locker rooms Why BECAUSE I m a girl And when I was younger, I used to m [...]

    8. Jason Ramsay is a super smart teenager with college level grades Who has a not so secret crush on Becky from his history class for the past two years Samatha is Jason s next door neighbor for as long as he could remember, who is often called Sam instead of Samatha While waiting at the crosswalk, Jason rescues an elderly gentleman from being hit by a truck The gentleman gives Jason an unique necklace or amulet to have as a thank you The gentleman tells Jason to try the amulet while he s alone per [...]

    9. Tumben untuk Genre ini gw kasih 3 bintang muahahaha kaget sendiri Bermula dari tidur sore dan bangun tengah malam tanpa bisa lanjut tidur, jadinya baca sampe kelar 21 Bab dan memutuskan, wah lumayan juga ni jalan ceritanya hehehe D Terlepas dari banyaknya bagian itu iye lah jelas namanya jg novel ero, tp jalan ceritanya lumayan Tentang pencarian Jatidiri seorang Jason, remaja SMA yang mendapatkan Amulet sehingga ketika dia memakainya, orang lain tidak akan melihat keberadaannya jyah , pokoknya j [...]

    10. My Opinion I liked the book This book is about Jason finding himself He is given an amulet after saving a mans life He is given some advice when he first receives it Then we are taken on a journey of a 18 year old boys life as he finds his way to the one person he has loved all along I think this book is filled with young adult fantasies on being able to be a fly on the wall Jason is that fly on the wall watching all kinds of sexual acts between other people.Within the first couple of chapters o [...]

    11. I was pleasantly surprised by this book The author starts the book by saying they began it as a no holds barred sexual romp with very little plot but while writing, the story took matters into its own hands and turned it into of a self discovery book about an 18 year old young man I have to agree with the author, at first you start to think that this book is just random acts of sex while the perv, Jason, watches while using his amulet of invisibility As the story progresses though you start to [...]

    12. This was not what like anything I had ever read before This was a book that I picked up through Pixel of Ink and didn t know anything about it other than the quick blurb that was written To my recollection, nothing was said that this book was meant for those over 18 I really need to start reading into what I pick up This book is an erotic story it s not for those who would be offended and for anyone under the age of 18.First, this book is laced with graphic sexual accounts Jason, who is 18 find [...]

    13. I read this because it was free on and sounded like it might be better than it turned out to be It wasn t bad but it didn t really engage me much either.Basically, its about an 18 year old guy who gets an amulet that lets him become invisible, and promptly takes it upon himself to spy on neighbors, girls at school, and his friend, while they were all having sex masterbating The amulet allows him to spy on people, mostly for his own enjoyment but also to find the truth at times and also shows him [...]

    14. I just finished reading it this morning and it was much interesting than the description led me to believe I was impressed by the the characters in the story, but I did feel that it could have been better had the author taken time to develop the story The last part through the ending felt forced liek he had to finish the book and knew where he wanted it to end so he just finished it.There were some interesting scenes and scenerios, but I felt a couple of them were really unrealistic But, sin [...]

    15. Read December 23, 2011 one day read ebook 344 pagesPublished March 4th 2011Warning Adult Content LanguageJason is the narrator of this book and this is his story of Courage.Jason saves a life, receives a gift that allows him to see the truth in his life I loved this book and rated it a 5 star because the story was so cute and I can t remember ever reading nor watching another like it.Jason s gift helped him see the truth in his life and learn the difference between _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ _ love.A b [...]

    16. I wasn t expecting much when I got this as a freebie on the Kindle But, I began to find that it was so much than just an erotica novel Strictly, I tend to stay away from high school things like this, as it touches on a border that few are willing to cross But, this book sucked me in Not only were there detailed, and decent, erotic moments, the storyline was very sweet, and it was genuine I can see a continuation of this series happening based on the influence of the amulet, and raucous adventu [...]

    17. Very quick read, but fun story line Who hasn t thought about what it would be like to acquire invisibility at least once in their life Wolf takes us on a small trip into the life of a young adult who gets exactly that and he does what any young 18 yr old male virgin would do explore what he might need to know future reference LOL I only wish it was a full novel as opposed to a novelette because of all the fun directions I know S Wolf would have taken us to Although its about seniors in high scho [...]

    18. The book cover doesn t give a clue of what to expect, but given that I never judge a book by its cover, I dug into this one And I must admit, I was surprised at how the mystery and suspense were beautifully interwoven with the erotica, all in almost equal doses A lover of mystery and suspense myself, I knew the minute Jason opened the door at the hotel room that he wasn t alone in there Yup, I saw that one coming I would have asked for the same thing as Sam did I also liked the ending My heart s [...]

    19. I have to say Amulet was a pleasant surprise I got it for free on and I didn t expect much of a plot, but I was wrong It is an entertaining story The characters are in high school which is usually a turn off for me, but they seemed fairly mature they were 18.Jason is the lead character and he has acquired an amulet that makes him invisible when he wears it He wears it to spy on people, of course, he is an 18 year old virgin He also uses it for some good.This is a good short story and looks like [...]

    20. Erotica has never been so good The main character Jason has been unnoticed at school and only daydreams of the head cheerleader to be his Until one day his life was sent spiraling into the world of magic His one good deed saving a man from being hit by a truck turns into a saving grace An amulet given to him for saving the gentleman s life and with this special jewel he can becomes invisible He sees into the erotic lives of people around him and into the heart of those he never noticed This was [...]

    21. Almost gave it a 3 but decided to stay with my original rating of 4, why Because the book was so much than what I expected First, I ll say that it was a free download, so what the heck, right It was free and with good reviews so maybe it was the low expectation but boy I couldn t put it down and the characters and their struggles kept me wanting to know what was coming next I won t go into the book description, there s plenty of those already, but before you decide to get the book I suggest you [...]

    22. ok so this is erotic book in which the characters are young adults and some of us cannot take the thought of minors being pervert and some of us might say part of growing up at first i really give it as a nonsense book of a boy having this kind of powers which he used for his own satisfaction but after knowing the whole story well i got a second thought that maybe it is not all about that, maybe it can offer and there is really about it not just being erotic, i don t care what others might say [...]

    23. An erotic love story This was a quick read and although there are many scenes of a sexual nature and usually not my cup of tea.I must admit this book was written very well, has a great plot and some great twists.Parts of this book are graphic it may not be for everyonebut the story is amazingg invisible.who wouldnt want to bed if you were.what would you do with this new found gift Well Jason uses it in an unusual wayis a wonderful journey of young lovefull of surprising twistsworth the read.

    24. I m actually really surprised at how much I enjoyed this book I got it on my kindle for free, expecting it to be like the other freebies, but wow, I was so into this book I felt happy, sad, betrayed, and giddy at all the right times, rather than flying through it with mild interest What a lovely read, I hope to read this second one, that s for sure Did anyone else get completely surprised at the whole Gary Danny switch I ve never been fooled like that in a book, nor so angry at a character that [...]

    25. Wow, this was a free book I absolutely loved it It was a great story Basically, Samantha is in love with Jason but to Jason she is the girl next door grade school friend Jason is in love with Becky has been for 2 years Becky wants Danny, Jason s best friend most wanted guy in school The twist is really all in the Amulet I don t want to give anything away but if you like to read things a little on the magic side erotic side than read this I am going to keep an eye out for this writer from now on. [...]

    26. Quando abri isto pensei que fosse uma coisa qualquer sobre um amuleto m gico n o li a sinopse Depressa me apercebi de que n o tinha falhado muito nunca pensei que tivesse a quantidade de sexo que acabei por encontrar.Basicamente um puto de liceu recebe um amuleto que consegue realizar o sonho de qualquer voyeur.Se uma obra liter ria que merece um pr mio Est bem longe disso a n o ser que o pr mio seja por fazer o leitor rir grande livrosportodoladospo.p

    27. It s a surprisingly good read I thought it started a little juvenile with all the highschool locker room sex romps well, I m a 37yr old woman, for crying out loud P But as the storyline goes on, it became touching and romantic I was pleasantly surprised how it made me laugh out loud and cried in tears I couldn t put the book down after I started it, and I finished it in one go, reading till 3am in the morning some funny dialogues Jason the nerd s words are still in my head and still puts a smil [...]

    28. This was a wonderfully surprising read I especially enjoyed how the plot thickened as I read through about 75% of the book This was definitely a page turner I fell asleep one night trying too figure out what was going to happen with the girl next door Wolf did an awesome job writing this book The intimate scenes were not grotesque or over the top, but perfect for the manuscript This was definitely a good read

    29. It was a good book The only thing that got me was the scenes where Jason was watching unsuspecting people was kinda perverted I teach high school and reading about the officer and the high school kid made me pause, and not in a good way The story itself was good, and I like the twist it takes towards the end.

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