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Secrets By Adrienne Wilder,

  • Title: Secrets
  • Author: Adrienne Wilder
  • ISBN: 9781595788221
  • Page: 298
  • Format: ebook
  • After years of watching and never touching, Darwin Degroi finally has the love of his life And Darwin would do anything for Peter Forbes, including sitting by while Georgia Tech s metaphysical review board strips him of his scholarship But it doesn t take the genius of a metaphysical scientist to figure out that something else is going on when Peter is handed his pink slAfter years of watching and never touching, Darwin Degroi finally has the love of his life And Darwin would do anything for Peter Forbes, including sitting by while Georgia Tech s metaphysical review board strips him of his scholarship But it doesn t take the genius of a metaphysical scientist to figure out that something else is going on when Peter is handed his pink slip and kicked out of the program.What Darwin discovers is that Peter has a secret Sweet Peter, gentle Peter, the love of his life Peter isn t going to be Human any.And if that doesn t take the cake, the Lesser Bred who knows Peter s secret and put himself in charge of helping him Become has decided that in order to keep people safe, to keep Darwin safe, he needs to lock Peter away.In the words of Darwin, Over my mutilated, maggot ridden body.
    Secrets After years of watching and never touching Darwin Degroi finally has the love of his life And Darwin would do anything for Peter Forbes including sitting by while Georgia Tech s metaphysical review

    One thought on “Secrets”

    1. So, after the first book I was so in Darwin s world that start this book right away why Simple because of him Darwin, the only narrator.Some new aspect of the paranormal world will be explained There are humans, and there are Kin or Lesser Breds, the Inhumans I can t tell or will spoil your fun Darwin being the crazy and strange narrator will tell you, in his weird way, what you must know.My only warning is if you don t like romance don t read this story Why Because Darwin is in love crazy in l [...]

    2. Holy Shitakes Yes yes, YES OMG That was a roller coaster ride and it s only going to get wild Things are changing Some major movement in D and Peter s world Everything that was is gone and a new, dangerous future lies ahead Needless to say, like an addict I m itching to start the next installment Attempting restraint, but the curiosity about the Shift is killing me Oh and the action between these two is thermonuclear hot There is some crazy closet action and wickedly postured pounding for a voy [...]

    3. Who cannot love Darwin He s liberated, in your face opinionated and totally devoted to Peter, the love of his life Life gets turned upside down in this installment Darwin is clean and will do anything to help and support Peter except lose him His steadfast love for Peter may cost him his life but from Darwin s POV Peter is Darwin s life There s just something about these two characters that keep me wanting .

    4. I started reading Secrets at 1 am and I could not put it down until I turned the very last virtual page Extremely intense story with amazing sex scenes and that s saying a lot, because usually I am not into them at all Incredible writing style and even some typos here and there could not spoil it for me.One of the best books I ve recently read 10 ten stars.

    5. I just love this couple This episode is where the thriller aspect really comes in I loved it before when it was about these two and how they re dealing with everything Now it s really getting interesting with the action and suspense My favorite quote from the whole series is in this one Another sigh You aren t mad at me for not telling you I held him tighter Never Why not No room Pete s head turned and he looked at me This close our eyelashes brushed and we exchanged each other s exhale No room [...]

    6. It s okay ish, I guess Once if you get over profuse use of the word metaphysical and its related derivations and the fact Wilder pretty much redefines the English languageLike this image error the one for Assembly Lots of window switching between my ereader and this _ It s in an annoying to read color, though.It s also annoying because there are a couple things I don t quite get aren t really well explained.This feeding thing it an energy thing or a literal eating of body parts thing Cuz I feel [...]

    7. I wonder if I ll ever get to see Darwin get revenge on that jock guy that posted that fake video of Peter on the internet Doesn t look like we ll get much from Darwin s college friends either This second book was longer than the first but I wasn t as captivated I guessed the secret fairly early on and I predict the same thing or something similar will happen to Darwin as well I m also getting tired of hearing about how perfect Peter is Jesus

    8. I am loving Darwin and Peter and with each page and Darwin s voice is fantastic I am so curious of where they re going nextReading 3 Right Now

    9. I like so much were this is going It was a very short story It s the second part of the series and I recommend to read it in the correct order to understand it better.I didn t liked Darwin in the first part, and the feeling is the same here He seemed to me like he is way too immature I could understand his attitude on a teenager, but he isn t, so he has no redeeming elements What I did liked about him was how truly he love Peter and how much he is willing to sacrifice for him They were great tog [...]

    10. What a great story, well written and flowed along great I have to say I loved the style of this author which pulled me into the story right from page one.Darwin is a regular guy living in what seems like a normal world but his life is anything but normal There are 5 books to this series that I read within a couple of days I was so hooked And I m happy to see there is now a novel to follow these 5 books, which I intend to start reading right away.Great job Keep up the great story

    11. Second books in series are often hard for me to read Things are just getting started, frequently I m just getting to know the characters and there are still questions being raised than answered That was the same here too It was good to get to spend time with Darwin and Peter again, but not only do I still not feel like I understand Peter, I feel like I understand Darwin less than I did at the end of book 1 I do still totally adore the two of them together, though, and can t wait to get to know [...]

    12. Secrets picks up where Pain left off I would not read this without having read it predecessor, too many things would just not make sense Also just my opinion, but it s a great book that you should read if you like a dark fantasy with a great love story between two guys Mark Tolbert kept his promise and sent the video of the non Peter everywhere he possibly could The repercussions are applauding, but the readers learn that there is a lot going on than unbecoming behavior Peter is keeping secrets [...]

    13. This second book of the series turned out to be just as engaging as the first book Darwin takes center stage once again and doesn t miss a beat with his witticisms I love listening to his internal dialogue it s just so easy to appreciate his character And Darwin is so completely head over heels for Peter that he would go to any lengths to help protect him even disregard his own safety Peter has become as essential to Darwin as the air he breathes As a bit of the paranormal world in which Peter [...]

    14. My review on The Romance Reviews.What do you do when the person you love shifts into a monster Although, you don t know for sure he will turn into a monster You thought you knew everything about this guy, only to find out he s been keeping a big secret from you.Darwin, a spoiled brat, is still in love with Peter Darwin followed Peter to college because he wanted to be near Peter Due to a nasty prank from a jerk of a football player, Peter s scholarship is called in question Peter is kicked out o [...]

    15. 3.5 starsThings are starting to pick up Darwin and peter s life has clearly changed dramatically.Perfect guy dedicated metaphysical student Peter lost his scholarship and is actually a lesser bred on the verge of shifting Lesser breds have really huge, inhuman physical needs food and sex They both know Darwin won t be able to meet Peter s needs, and he even risks being eaten by his gentle Peter Although Darwin let go of his self destructive lifestyle since he started having sex with Peter, he is [...]

    16. Things are getting serious And hotter view spoiler I knew there was something off with Peter Unlike D, I wasn t blinded by love to find Peter s sudden change of heart about sex natural And going by what D knew of him, he too should have found it odd that Peter gave up school and sexual intercourse so easily.I wanted to cast Whitcomb as the bad guy and granted, he has some hidden agenda of his won but I was mellowed out by his sincere concern over D and Peter s fate and their chances of surviving [...]

    17. As in the first book I really liked Darwins way to describe incidents in his life view spoiler In this plot the supernatural plays a bigger role and I m really looking forward to how the realationship of Darwin and Peter will develop How they both will handle Peters tranformation and if there is a future for their love hide spoiler Like in the former story Darwins raw language pleased my expectations The athmosphere wasn t that thrilling than in the first book for me and therefor I m giving 4 st [...]

    18. I really loved this book I don t read a lot of male male because to me a lot of it doesn t ring true and lacks intensity Adrienne wilder does both things well in spades Her heroes are hot and voracious, her City of Dragons world is cool complex and yetwhen you come down to itry simple And intense I also love her style of writing, very easy to read and very entertaining A for the Darwin s series Waiting for the next book

    19. This is the second book in the series and they must be read in order.In this installment, Peter and Darwin s love continues to bloom, but what we really begin to learn about is the paranormal world they live in This book is really just a teaser of what is to come I am excited to learn about the Kin and the Lesser Breds Hopefully book 3 will go into much detail about this crazy world that Pete and Darwin live in And what is up with Pete

    20. The first book was of an intro to the world of the story and the characters, but this second one got into the plot of the story The secrets Peter carried and what was really going on earlier really were eye openers What an ominous ending too I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next installment.

    21. I just love this m m romance and I can t quite put my finger on why I think it s Darwin s utter devotion to Peter It is sweet and rare because one doesn t usually see that years long, singular focus of adoration depicted in other m m fare It s so nice to read about something that doesn t immediately bring to mind another book I ve read before.

    22. This second part of Darwin s Theory was a bit better but that s due to being continued after first part ended The plot became a bit complicated, but it was enjoyable I have to admit, that Darwin thinks to much.

    23. A brilliant and moving follow up to Darwin s Theory Pain As things take a turn for the worse, things get hotter for the boys in ways than one I highly recommend this for readers of adult urban fantasy.

    24. Very good short paranormal m m romance in which Peter reveals a shocking secret Hey, cut me a break these are going to be almost impossible not to spoiler, even in a single sentence reviewette.

    25. Dude, Adrienne is a helluva an author I love these characters and I can t wait to get into this world Bring on the Dragons

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