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That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown By Cressida Cowell Neal Layton,

  • Title: That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown
  • Author: Cressida Cowell Neal Layton
  • ISBN: 9781843624530
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the Queen steals Emily Brown s favourite toy and erstwhile companion a toy rabbit called Stanley Emily sets out to get him back and teach the naughty monarch a valuable lesson.
    That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown When the Queen steals Emily Brown s favourite toy and erstwhile companion a toy rabbit called Stanley Emily sets out to get him back and teach the naughty monarch a valuable lesson

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    1. A great read aloud, but please note melodramatic English accent required Otherwise, you simply do this book an unmeritorious injustice.

    2. A delightful, humorous and touching story about the tender and sometimes fierce love and devotion children feel for their favorite toy For Emily s rabbit is indeed a most marvelous toy so marvelous, in fact, that The Queen wants him and is willing to trade Emily with all manner of splendid NEW toys But, Emily, ever loyal, says no deal Will The Queen leave it at that I love the portrayal of imagination and friendship with Emily and her rabbit and the illustrations by Neal Layton are quirky and ad [...]

    3. Helen for Big Book Little BookWe borrowed this book and it was so worth a read Although it can be enjoyed by younger ones I think this is definitely a picture book best suited to an older pre schooler, or those in their first year or so at school There is a fair bit of text for a picture book and some of the ideas and groups of people mentioned are well over the heads of younger readers or should I say listeners.Emily has a much loved rabbit called Stanley, a great starting point for a story as [...]

    4. As soon as we told the clerk at the local book store that our daughter loves Iggy Peck Architect, she went straight for this book and told us our daughter would love it, too True, she loves it, and like Iggy Peck, her parents love it, too.We ve had this book only two weeks, but I ve read it every night before bed since we got it and I enjoy reading it each time Emily Brown and her stuffed animal rabbit, Stanley, are always having adventures, but getting interrupted by representatives of the quee [...]

    5. A wonderful book about what makes a toy special to a child, and imagination and love and fun, and familiarity, have a lot to do with it.Of course, when the Queen offers Emily a plethora of toys in exchange for Emily s toy rabbit, a rabbit she covets, and misnames, naturally no replacements wil satisfy Emily.I love all the adventures that Emily and Stanley the rabbit have, and the illustrations showing these adventures are marvelous.I love how Emily shows the Queen how to create a beloved toy of [...]

    6. Genre Picture BookAudience K 3Curricular Uses Read Aloud, Independent ReadingTheme Keeping good friends close, the importance of friendship, standing up for yourself Topic Stuffed animals as friends Literary Elements Repetition rat a tat tat, This rabbit is not for sale And his name isn t Bunnywunny It s Stanley , predictability, humor Illustrations Bright, colorful illustrations that support the text Very imaginative images Additional Comments Children will love this story because of the imagin [...]

    7. This is my favourite of all the story books I read with my son when he was about 5 It is a wickedly funny and imaginative story about a determined little girl called Emily Brown who sees off the army, navy, air force and a queen in order to keep her best loved rabbit Stanley, in spite of some very tempting offers What a delightful book we can t recommend it highly enough for anyone who has, or ever had, a cuddly toy they really love and especially for the ones who have a rabbit the author, Cress [...]

    8. I came upon this title in a blog post on Picture Book Den about teaching very young children about consent Through that lens, the book is even than marvellous Freema Agyeman reads it beautifully on Cbeebies youtube watch v YmhTW

    9. Summary a young Miss Emily Brown must get her bunnywunny back from someone desperate to have her own bunnywunny Emily is forced to teach the Queen that she can have a stuffed animal of her own to love Personal Response This book is fun and creative In my opinion, it teaches the lesser of lessons from the series.

    10. Overall, not impressed This book is way too repetitive just has no message Girl has a stuffed rabbit, another girl wants it The second girl steals the rabbit, but then messes him up The first girl steals back her rabbit and gives the second girl a teddy bear The end Really, that s it Wow A little bit of a waste of our time reading it Don t bother.

    11. How far will Emily go to get her rabbit back Sometimes old has meaning and is worth to someone than far new toys or belongings This teaches that lesson I would use this as a read aloud in a classroom for younger ages And I give it a 5 out of 5.

    12. From the creator of the How to Train Your Dragon series comes an adorable tale of love Emily Brown rivals Trixie of Knuffle Bunny A Cautionary Tale fame in devotion to a stuffed toy Spunky Emily all attempts by naughty Queen Gloriana the Third to steal Stanely the bunny What poor manners by a royal Emily teaches the Queen a thing or two about loving one s special toy, that s for certain This book is too precious for words I love the illustrations, with many resembling a child s crayon drawings, [...]

    13. Capital letter and bold font Rat at at at onomatopoeia Speech marks and speech bubbles different voices in a story Love and devotion children feel for their favourite toy imagination and friendship, standing up for yourselfQuite a lot of text

    14. The Story Emily Brown is an adventurer, a dreamer, a thrill seeker She enjoys sharing her Odysseys with her faithful companion, Stanley The ruler of the kingdom in which she lives, Queen Gloriana, has a thing for Emily s best friend, so she goes to great lengths to pry Stanley away from Emily.The Rhythm I love the cadence of this story It is so much fun to read out loud The word choice helps the audience to hear the sound effects, and the refrain helps to build Emily s understandable frustration [...]

    15. Emily Brown and her old gray rabbit live an exciting, fun life together They ve been having adventures everywhere from outer space to the Great Barrier Reef for as long as Emily Brown can remember, and Stanley is her greatest friend and confidante But someone wants Stanley for herself Her Most Royal Highness, Queen Gloriana the Third She sends her chief footman, army, navy, and air force to offer Emily Brown all sorts of shiny new toys in exchange for Bunnywunny Emily Brown declares that her rab [...]

    16. This is a lovely tale about the little girl of the title and her toy rabbit, Stanley They enjoy all sorts of adventures together landing on the moon, crossing deserts but the Queen decides she would like to have Stanley for herself To this end, she sends royal guards, soldiers and the secret service with increasingly enticing offers in exchange for Stanley, but Emily stands firm.The illustrations are a lovely mix of collage and drawings, not disimilar to Lauren Child s work, but with a subtlety [...]

    17. Emily has a rabbit named Stanley, and they have awesome adventures together They are such good friends that the Queen decides she wants Stanley or Bunnywunny, as she calls him Everyday the Queen has a new bribe for Emily, and everyday Emily asserts that Stanley is her rabbit Finally the Queen gets her own friend to make adventures with and Stanley and Emily can continue on theirs.I love the story and hate the illustrations The story is clever and funny The illustrations look like an eight year o [...]

    18. That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown is a delightful story about Emily and her old gray rabbit toy named Stanley They go on many adventures using their imaginations, but keep getting interrupted by people sent by Queen Gloriana who wants Stanley for herself This story contains repetition and predictability Each time a child hears the, rat a tat tat at the Kitchen door, they will expect another person to arrive and ask for Bunnywunny Each time Emily tells them His name isn t Bunnywunny It s STANLEY [...]

    19. That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown was selected as one of School Library Journal s best books of 2007 This charming picture book is about Emily Brown and her perfectly worn in stuffed rabbit named Stanley Emily and Stanley goes on amazing adventures together but every time they are interrupted by a messenger from the Queen The Queen wants Stanley She offers Emily Brown many wonderful toys in exchange for the old gray rabbit but Emily refuses to trade After repeatedly being denied, the Queen orde [...]

    20. Stanley was Emily Brown s favorite bunny toy and the two went on various imaginative adventure together But the Queen wanted the bunny too, and resorted to bribery, military coercion, and finally thieving to snatch Stanley away Emily confronted the Queen and recouped Stanley who, due to the Queen mishandling, was now in a injured but amendable state Meanwhile, Emily taught the Queen how to treat her toy properly, and in the end, the Queen appreciated Emily s advice Emily s strong and righteous c [...]

    21. THAT RABBIT BELONGS TO EMILY BROWN has a stuffed rabbit named Stanley He is, without question, her best stuffed friend They go on ALL kinds of imaginative adventures together.Well, it turns out that Queen Gloriana got wind of what a wonderful pal Stanley is and she wants him for her very own Attempt after royal attempt, she and her forces try to persuade Emily to GIVE HIM UP But, of course NO DICE You simply MUST read this perfectly executed picture book to find out what happens Thank you, Tara [...]

    22. I got this out of the discount bin at Shaws, but it was still a very cute book It reminded me a lot of Knuffle Bunny in that it dealt with a special stuffed bunny and it used drawings along with photographs for the illustrations The story had repetition like I would expect in a children s story, complete with a repeated structure and sound I liked this story mostly because it is about having a special toy that is important than any new toy The fact that Stanley is old and beaten up is probably [...]

    23. Emily Brown refuses to give away her favorite toy Not even Her Majesty the Queen or her people can convince her to give it up Great story to teach about favorite possessions invaluable things.Good to use to inspire creative writing.S S connection the adventures take place in different parts of the world sahara, great barrier reef, , etc Also can be used to teach about greed having a lot but still wanting .Art can have students draw their favorite toy and write a story about it.

    24. Emily Brown and her rabbit, Stanley, go on adventures together every day sometimes they go to the moon, sometimes they explore the desert, sometimes they re in the jungle But lately, every time they re exploring, they are interrupted by a messenger from the Queen, who wants Stanley for her very own Emily Brown is going to have to get tough with this Queen if things are going to work out.This is one of my favorite read alouds for first grade There are several different voices you get to do, and t [...]

    25. Read for a pajama storytime in Feb March.This was kind of a risky choice for this group, as it s a mixed age group and this is a fairly long story I d done it a couple of times at my previous branch with mixed results But the 4 to 7 year olds were enthralled, and the one not quite 2 year old followed their lead Even some of our older kid peanut gallery at the computers were pretty tuned in.I love the imaginative text and illustrations, as well as the repetition, and it gave me a chance to do sou [...]

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