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Fledgling By Octavia E. Butler, Fledgling Definition of Fledgling by Merriam Webster Fledgling definition is a young bird just fledged How to use fledgling in a sentence. Fledgling definition of fledgling by The Free Dictionary Over such feeble fledglings the directress spread a wing of kindliest protection it was to their bedside she came at night to tuck them warmly in it was after them she looked in winter to see that they always had a comfortable seat by the stove it was they who by turns were summoned to the salon to receive some little dole of cake or fruit to sit on a footstool at the fireside to enjoy Fledgling Definition of Fledgling at Dictionary Fledgling definition, a young bird just fledged See . FLEDGLING meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary fledgling definition a young bird that has grown feathers and is learning to fly new and without experience Learn . Fledgling Synonyms, Fledgling Antonyms Thesaurus Synonyms for fledgling at Thesaurus with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions Find descriptive alternatives for fledgling. Fledgling novel Fledgling is a science fiction vampire novel by American writer Octavia E Butler, published in .

  • Title: Fledgling
  • Author: Octavia E. Butler
  • ISBN: 9780759516342
  • Page: 291
  • Format: ebook
  • Fledgling, Octavia Butler s first new novel in seven years, is the story of an apparently young, amnesiac girl whose alarmingly un human needs and abilities lead her to a startling conclusion she is in fact a genetically modified, 53 year old vampire Forced to discover what she can about her stolen former life, she must at the same time learn who wanted and still wants tFledgling, Octavia Butler s first new novel in seven years, is the story of an apparently young, amnesiac girl whose alarmingly un human needs and abilities lead her to a startling conclusion she is in fact a genetically modified, 53 year old vampire Forced to discover what she can about her stolen former life, she must at the same time learn who wanted and still wants to destroy her and those she cares for, and how she can save herself Fledgling is a captivating novel that tests the limits of otherness and questions what it means to be truly human.
    Fledgling Fledgling Octavia Butler s first new novel in seven years is the story of an apparently young amnesiac girl whose alarmingly un human needs and abilities lead her to a startling conclusion she is i

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    1. I admit that I wanted to like this than I did simply because I am a big fan of Kindred I was slightly ambivalent about another book on vampires, however, and while I tried not to take that into serious account when reading Butler, it still crept in.Mostly, however, I liked the book fine Any major issues I have can be neatly summed up in my opinion on quasi pedophile literature in general It s designed to make us squirm If it doesn t make you squirm then maybe you re reading just a tad too much [...]

    2. 3.5 4 stars Another vampire book review from the guy who says he s not a fan of vampires Yeah, well I m trying to find the good ones, not the dreck that s jumped onto the Twilight bandwagon And quite frankly I didn t pick this one up because it was a vampire book per se, but because it was one by Octavia Butler, whose work I ve been meaning to look into , and this is the only stand alone that I m aware of It turned out to be a good book, though there are some possibly problematic issues with it. [...]

    3. Vampires Sci fi vampires Octavia Butler While I love Octavia Butler, I have been avoiding Fledgling for a while because Twilight and the paranormal romance genre that followed in its wake are anathema to me I knew of course that Ms Butler would never slum it with Stephenie Meyer, but the subject matter is kind of spoiled for me Still, I am running out of Octavias to read so I did not want to skip one of her all too few novels just because of my disillusion with vampire fiction in general.Octavia [...]

    4. this review has spoilers that will do irreversible damage to those who have not read the book, is long, and is, i m afraid, rather academic in tone, because i just think that way be warned Fledgling opens with a birth scene of sorts a little girl we don t yet know that she s a little girl, but find out soon enough wakes up in a cave in tremendous physical pain her body is badly injured, , we gather from the description, than a human being would be able to survive she s covered head to toe in sev [...]

    5. This was so disappointing I m actually bothered by this I m such a big fan of Octavia Butler s novel Kindred and this one her last before her unfortunate passing almost felt like it was written by someone else The book actually sports a really great concept that s ripe for tons of conflict and exploration of ideas and themes The story is about an amnesiac 11 year old looking girl and her rediscovery that she is in fact an experimental member of the Ina, a vampiric species that live in a mutually [...]

    6. One of the best books I ve read is Kindred, Octavia Butler s 1979 time travel novel Had it been published twenty years earlier, I m sure it would ve put her on Rod Serling s radar as he scouted writers for The Twilight Zone Butler s use of dark fantasy to dramatize issues of social injustice and racism, and explore our reaction to genocide, wrapped me up in a spell I hesitated to read of Butler s work, fearing it wouldn t measure up.Fledgling doesn t measure up I scanned the second half of the [...]

    7. Imagine that you are driving home one day and come across an interesting looking person by the side of the road You invite this person into your car and are immediately drawn to him or her in extreme ways after only a few hours together, you want to sleep with this person, do everything that he or she says, and give up everything in your life to devote yourself to this person s needs.You are attracted to this person above all others, and he she can give you the greatest pleasure of your entire l [...]

    8. Firstly, I wish there was a way to give this novel TEN STARS because like every single book she s ever written, it is a masterpiece of surperb writing, compelling characters and thought provoking themes like sex, race and class issues seldom dealt with in even the finest speculative fiction Only in the hands of a skilled author could new life be breathed into the quickly becoming stale vampire genre, and Ms Butler succeeds where so many others fail Anyone looking for Anne Rice will be sadly disa [...]

    9. Time to give Butler another chance Will she manage to avoid the Manichaean Male Bad Female Good dynamic of Wild Seed Only time will tell But this stand alone novel is about vampires and fits in perfectly with my goal for October Well, a remarkable dearth of misandry In its place was a really, really, really creepy story about how healthy and natural pedophilia can be In context it makes sense, and technically the pre pubescent girl was a 50 year old member of an entirely different species But ev [...]

    10. Octavia Butler is dead in 2006, actually , long live Octavia Butler There are few authors who have taught me about what it means to be human.Her stories don t teach with luxurious literary language or complex psychological portraits The earlier novels are a little bit wooden, with characters that sometimes seem like cardboard cut outs But rarely have I found stories so LOADED down with ideas that there s barely time to explore one before the next one bursts upon me Her stories teach through the [...]

    11. The sad thing about this book is that it is very clearly supposed to be one in a series unfortunately, Butler died after writing this book That makes it hard to read because you immediately become attached to Shori, much like the people in the book become attached to her This book is AMAZING It introduces the Ina and by doing so, Butler created a new branch of vampire lore vampires who are not evil, do not kill to feed, who live with families of several humans they feed on and who they love I sw [...]

    12. Ah vampiresSexy sexy vampiresOctavia Butler used the last of her considerable writing talents to leave us with the Ina, an interesting new culture and species of vampire.The author decided to make the MC sexy vampire female.Yes, good choice.And black.Great, love diversity in stories.And ten years old.You ve lost me.By the third sex scene where this little girl is joyfully plowed by an enormous hairy white twenty year old man, I decided the author had lost her mind If this is where Octavia Butler [...]

    13. Octavia Butler was a genius who died far too young In her too short oeuvre are many classics of science fiction, Hugo and Nebula winners, all of them dealing with race and power and oppression in some way Fledgling was I think her last book, or one of the last, and it s a fairly straightforward vampire story, except that as Butler handles it, the narrative is as deep and complicated as the story is simple.Butler was not one of those writers who spent a lot of time crafting words, or if she did, [...]

    14. I just barely made myself finish this I thought the writing style was fairly dull, the social observations not nearly as interesting or original as the reviews I read had suggested, and at least the edition I read was really poorly edited for typos and punctuation I did a lot of eye rolling at this one.

    15. perhaps one of the best books I ve EVER read a stunning and haunting examination of race, gender, mental disability, and identity, it entirely re invents vampire lore in a way that makes everything pale in comparison there are a number of scenes that are downright terrifying but what i loved about Fledgling the most was Butler s insistence on forcing our gaze onto many uncomfortable aspects of traditional vampire mythology the sexualization of underage bodies, the paleness of all vampires ever, [...]

    16. THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS For a long time I have been wanting to read a novel by Octavia E Butler Her last book, Fledgling, somehow seemed to be the right first choice for me, as I ve always had a thing for vampire stories I ordered the book from a local book store and waited for days in eager anticipation for it s arrival The book arrived and I read it The first few pages seemed promising, for its premise was different than most other vampire books that I have read The book quickly bec [...]

    17. It depresses me that this book won t have a sequel and I won t get to see what happens to Shori and her people It s a lot like the Xenogenesis series in terms of people going on about how good people smell and how alluring their scent is and the Ina depend on their symbiots the way the aliens in Xenogenesis depend on humans and find them fascinating and they are bonded chemically.I wish I could write a sequel or something I want More

    18. A young girl awakens in a cave, blind, aware only of pain and the need for fresh meat, fresh blood As her sight returns and she begins to heal, she also begins to discover her own nature, that beneath the exterior of a prepubescent child lies a 53 year old predator In the absence of any memories of who she is, how her kind function, or what damaged her so badly and caused her amnesia, she has to begin to piece together a new identity and find her way back to her own kind.I don t usually enjoy am [...]

    19. Karanl a uyand m A t m a l ktan l yordum ve ac i indeydim Ne ba ka insanlar, ne ba ka zamanlar, ne de ba ka duygular d nyamda a l k ve ac dan ba ka bir ey yoktu Bir kitab n ilk c mleleridir sizi eken, s z n ne zaman duysam ka lar m kald rmaktan kendimi alam yorum Zira her ne kadar ortal kta ilk c mle nemlidir gibi bir s ylem dolan p dursa da, bana g re bu her zaman ge erli bir de il Gene de lk C mle B y c s bir eserle kar la t mda zevkten d rt k e oldu umu ink r edemeyece im nk b yle eserler, g [...]

    20. Although this book really kept me turning the pages, I was ultimately disappointed The books I ve read by Octavia Butler have be so astounding, so creative and so unique that I expected from this It was a page turner the pacing was excellent However, the story just wasn t as creative as I expected I was also frustrated by the over explanation of some things and the under explanation of others I was a bit creeped out that a vampire child with the appearance of a 9 10 year old human child was so [...]

    21. So good, even the second time through It feels fresh in a world full of vampire books, and is plainly but wonderfully written I love her writing style and have loved all of her books This book challenges me and causes me to reflect on social norms, stigmas, and sexual orientations I find this book to be unique and special even after reading many other books in this genre.

    22. Fledgling is a disappointingly plodding book Our heroine wakes up with horrific injuries and no memory She soon discovers that she is a vampire and her vampire family have all been murdered in a terrible arson attack She sets out to discover who did it and why.This could be the beginning of a great whodunnit or a thriller But with no memory of her life before the attack, Shori does not have a long list of any suspects She swiftly gathers together the clues which all point in one direction.SPOILE [...]

    23. I don t read many vampire books, but thought I d branch out given that I quite liked Butler s Parable of the Sower I enjoyed both the book and the film of Let the Right One In so thought perhaps this would offer an insight into a rather different kind of vampire American instead of Scandinavian black instead of white genetically engineered and modern instead of ancient and vaguely fairy tale esque Unfortunately the premise rapidly degenerated into one of the blandest, least interesting plots I h [...]

    24. The most interesting thing about this book is its conception of vampires as a second intelligent species that lives in symbiosis with humans unable to turn them, naturally, since it s a species thing as one character remarks, if a dog bites a man, no one expects the man to turn into a dog The bite includes venom which has a strongly pleasurable and addictive effect on the person bitten.The story revolves around Shori, a vampire who wakes up near death from burns and physical damage, with absolut [...]

    25. revised a day later because I can t stop thinking about this book In Fledgling our main character is a lost girl woman who finds out she s not entirely human She can t remember anything before a certain point in the story, and although I ve never had amnesia, it seems like a realistic presentation of the condition I ve read many books with otherness plot lines, and this one heads up to the top of the favorites list.Fledgling is spare prose that tells a story of loss, grief, prejudice, and facing [...]

    26. Every time I read a Butler book, I m reminded of just how big a loss her death was in 2006 I m eager to read her entire oeuvre, but reluctant to reach that point where I ll have to accept there s nothing to come Fledgling was the last book she wrote and it just seems to fire on all cylinders she takes the familiar myth of the vampire and puts her own stamp on the genre by redefining mutually beneficial relationships and creating a civil war among the Ina vampires based on the same fear of misce [...]

    27. I could not get over the 1 Child sex with adults, and 2 Beneficial enslavement despite lack of free will or any impartiality being possible once enslaved I finished this because I respect the author so much She could not have written this to be her effort at writing pornography for deviants It left a disgusting impression on me, though, and I won t read it ever again I read it a couple of years ago, and I keep wavering between giving it one star because of my repugnance and five stars because I [...]

    28. Read to fill the Diverse Authors square of the Halloween Book Bingo that I am participating in.Octavia Butler is such an interesting author I have come to expect good things from her work This one is slightly less wonderful Maybe call it a 3.5 star book This is Butler s take on the vampire myth and she moves it in her own unique direction As usual in her writing, there is an exploration of power dynamics and also as usual some animals are equal than others The Ina, as these vampires call themse [...]

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