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Giants By David Larkin Julek Heller Sarah Teale,

  • Title: Giants
  • Author: David Larkin Julek Heller Sarah Teale
  • ISBN: 9780810909557
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Long ago the world was full of extraordinary creatures who have come to be called giants 171 illustrations, including 141 in full color.
    Giants Long ago the world was full of extraordinary creatures who have come to be called giants illustrations including in full color

    One thought on “Giants”

    1. Read a Dutch edition Five stars for the illustrations, three for the writing A haphazard collection of story snippets, fictional history and bits and pieces of literature It s never coherent or anywhere near the quality of Poortvliet s Gnomes The illustrations make this book worthwhile.

    2. Decent entry into the copycat Gnomes books It s a bit scattershot writing wise, but cool illustrations and some decent chunks of history.Edition 0 8109 0955 316NOTE Og, King of Bashan waded next to the Ark during flood 17The distance between the brain and the heart is a crucial factor and the lowering of the head below heart level could lead to blackouts and burst blood vessels Poor circulation of the blood, particularly in the extremities, was also a general malaise of the species.34NOTE story [...]

    3. Eh Not what I expected It has nothing to do really with the lifestyle of giants It s of a bunch of short stories about giants If you are looking for that, then it would be a perfect book But considering I was looking for facts and info about the mythical creature Disappointing

    4. In the spirit of Poortvliet s Gnomes, this book is genre busting and super fun Beautifully imagined and illustrated.

    5. I m not sure how to rate this one Story ies 2 stars because they were shorts taken from novels like Gulliver s Travels and fables like Jack the giant killer Stuff I d heard before Illustrations 5 stars Made reading the words easier.

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