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Demon Lord By T.C. Southwell,

  • Title: Demon Lord
  • Author: T.C. Southwell
  • ISBN: 9780958476645
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seven blue wards have imprisoned the Black Lord in the Underworld for aeons Now he has stolen a human child and made him a mortal god After eighteen years of torturous training, Bane sets forth to break the wards with aid of a dark army The Demon Lord will release Arkonen and destroy the Overworld unless an innocent young girl can turn him from his savage path
    Demon Lord Seven blue wards have imprisoned the Black Lord in the Underworld for aeons Now he has stolen a human child and made him a mortal god After eighteen years of torturous training Bane sets forth to bre

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    1. The terrible Black Lord of the Underworld is locked out of the green and living Overworld by seven wards set by ancient mages This evil fallen God cannot rise to break these wards so he must twist and trick a human to do it for him A woman is taken to the Underworld and her son cut from her womb Raised by cruel demons and other creatures, this boy is named Bane Vicious tortures and wicked tests make him strong as he grows He looks to the Black Lord as his father, who imbues Bane with dark powers [...]

    2. This wast good.I cant belive this has so good ratings.An evil fallen god wants to take over the world.But he cant go there because of spells and whatnot So he gets a human woman pregnant,cuts her baby out of her when shes in labor and hes got a son Hes named Bane and raised and tortured to be well the worst he can be so he can one day take over the world for his dear father im joking he hates his father and everything else Some group of magical women,learns of evil gods plan and decideds to come [...]

    3. Well, I really want to read the second book in the series I guess that means that this was a rather good book.The beginning was very clumsy It was a rather typical way to give some background into the plot so that it appears to not be so sudden, but it just seemed cheesy to me It took me a while to get into the story, as I was mostly unconvinced by this beginning something about how it was just a lot of clich s without really giving all too much background, and trying to make us feel concerned a [...]

    4. Demon Lord, worth a read just I have an interest in reading the work of some of those relatively unknown authors on kindle you know, the ones whose books are very cheap or free I m interested because I will probably be listed as one of them eventually when I get around to finishing one of my novels So, recently I scanned the wide range of such ebooks and I came across Demon Lord by TC Southwell.Demon Lord is the first book of a fantasy series that follows the quest of son of the underworld Bane [...]

    5. I love fantasy stories about humans fighting against demons This one is the reverse with the Demon Lord Bane fighting to take over the Human race What is really great is the that the protagonist is not only a perfect villain, but he is what he hates, a human The story is very exciting and there is a lot of fighting and adventure I think young people will enjoy it because it gives the reader a prospective of the enemy s POV I think dark fantasies are in a league of their own.

    6. Underworld and Overworld A demon able to bind the two Bane is pure evil and he is powerful, he is the Demon Lord, and only one person stands in the way a young girl, a healer.I thoroughly enjoyed this and have no hesitation in giving it 5 stars As with all T.C Southwell s books, this is well written and imaginative I will be reading of her work

    7. Disclaimer Okay, so I m a big fan of the whole Big Bad Guy falls in love with Innocent, Beautiful Maiden, and gets Reformed plotline I m talking really big fan No matter what you do with it bring it to the future, stand it on its head, slather whipped cream and jalapenos all over it I m still there.I was prepared to love this book with all my heart I was willing to forgive the fact that I could predict the ending from the first couple of pages I was ready to overlook the moments when the main na [...]

    8. I am not really sure how I feel about this horror fantasy It is really an extensive intro into a series of books, and I have interest in finding out what happens Mirra is a healer who can heal and stop pain in herself and others, so long as she is able to renew her energy in sunlight She is captured by the Bane, the Demon Lord, reputed to be the son of the Dark Lord who is held in the Underworld by magic wards throughout the Overworld the human world In truth, Bane was a human baby torn from his [...]

    9. I read this book a few months ago, and I still remember how much I enjoyed it definitely a good thing The thing I loved most about this book was that the characters were actually realistic Usually when you read a book, and you get the son of a demon hell bent on destroying the world , and he meets an innocent girl, he immediately starts caring about her, second guessing himself, doing nice things, etc Not so in this book Bane actually acts like the son of a demon lord should act he s cruel, he s [...]

    10. I just flew through this book It was great I loved how T.C Southwell writes and makes my imagination go wild It really made a great cliff hanger and I can t wait to read the second book I am hoping for MirraxBane moments I ship them so hard it s not even funny This book is great for people who love fantasy, demons, religion, action, and a little bit of romance It was really funny at some points but other than that it was great Great introduction I just hope to see Mirra and Bane moments since [...]

    11. oh my god What a gruesome, frustrating, disgusting, annoying, loooong book.I couldn t stand how the violence was almost non stop and extremely graphic.The only reason why I gave Demon Lord 2 stars was because despite how graphic it was, I really wanted to find out what eventually happened to Mirrad I was sadly disappointed It ended with an annoying cliff hanger prompting you to read the next books UGH I will definitely not be reading the next book I feel like I just wasted my time reading almost [...]

    12. wooow wooow wooow after I read this book I knew I had to get the next one Bane was so ruthless and powerful that I fell in love almost immediately and Mirra was also patient and compassionate, she wasn t like any heroine I have ever read about she was not annoying but very likeableter reading this book I new, I just new deep down in my heart of hearts that I had to get the next one truly a masterpiece I highly recommend it to anyone who can read.

    13. I thought this book was a lot shallower than Southwell s other stories The characters are very generic the good girl with healing powers and lots of love and innocence, the bad guy from Hell, and the guy who tries to be bad but will be good in the end Come on It was also very predictable I assume that this is one of the author s first books I haven t looked at the publishing dates but it is certainly not up to par with what Southwell can produce.

    14. Free on Kindle I finished this book because I needed to know how the story ended Disappointed because you have to buy the next book, this one just ended I story was drawn out, the author spared no words in telling this tale Author captured my attention, enjoyed the book, just not my favorite.

    15. Really liked this book This author has a habit of a pattern for the first book of a series non sexual guy, a healer of some sort someone who can t be injured , and tons of sexual frustration.I still very much enjoyed this book I loved the whole world we were brought into.The end is very much a cliffhanger that pulls you into the next installment.

    16. Plays off mythology in a good versus evil battle for the fate of the world It is violent for violence sake in several areas and narrative The challenges faced by the characters are entertaining, but nothing new The main characters are too one faceted for my taste which is understandable in the this context, but so much so that I had a hard time suspending belief in certain instances.

    17. It s good to see local fantasy talent blooming, and, although I m not a lover of the black and white version of good versus evil , I loved Demon Lord Anyone who enjoys fantasy filled with deceit, betrayal and a little romance thrown in on the side will enjoy Demon Lord.

    18. For some reason the characters and the setting just didn t catch me The characters came off as flat and two dimentional The setting was run of the mill The situation was standard evil has been kept in check by an artifact which is destroyed over the course of the story.

    19. While I did enjoy the read it was very slow I started reading this because I have read most of TC s books I will read the next and decide if I would like to read all 6 or so books I am hoping that this takes a turn for the better.

    20. I don t expect much from free books, but this one was a gem Lots of fighting, great twist on demons, and I loved the main characters Definitely need to get the sequel to finish the story, though.

    21. 3.5 Stars.This is a very good epic fantasy ebook, considering the fact that the author is indie and has written over 20 books while working a real job That s quite impressive.

    22. A bit slow for my taste but interesting enough to keep me reading the series I am sure that what follows will be better

    23. This book was terrible, I ll admit it had a couple of interesting parts butDo Not read this book, not worth it.

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