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  • Title: The Mistress of Murder Hill: The Serial Killings of Belle Gunness
  • Author: Sylvia Elizabeth Shepherd
  • ISBN: 9780759606654
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Mistress of Murder Hill The Serial Killings of Belle Gunness None

    One thought on “The Mistress of Murder Hill: The Serial Killings of Belle Gunness”

    1. Oh, Belle What a scary piece of work The only disappointment here was reading that the author claimed to have unraveled the mystery of the fire, and I don t see that I m not sure if I was convinced that Belle wasn t in the fire If someone concocted that whole scenario up though, she could pull it off.

    2. In terms of writing, this was just ok There were multiple errors, the story lines were laid out in a confusing fashion at times, and it was hard to tell the difference between the author s narrations and quoted dialogue and events I wish there had been some type of citation, because the author pulls a lot of direct quotes from a hundred plus old case You basically have to take the author s word that the events transpired the way they claimed In spite of that, this was a buck wild case I did enjo [...]

    3. This book was not enjoyable reading The information was quite interesting but the way it was written seemed to draw every detail presented out as far as possible to fill the book I got bored with it several times and considered giving up on it I only finished it because it happened in my home state and I wanted to know all the details I will find another book about Belle and read it for the enjoyment of it.

    4. Ms Shepherd covers the life and times of Belle Gunness Gunness is often considered the first major female serial killer in US history Her motive money.Anyone who wants to learn about Belle Gunness can easily find material about her using the Internet, so there is a bit of expectation that the author of this book would add to the story than already has been told In that respect, I was terribly disappointed in Shepherd s book The vast majority of her book seems to be a rehash of Janet Langlois ex [...]

    5. Who would have thought that a farm girl from a tiny village in Norway would become a well known serial killer This is the fascinating story of how dozens of love sick men went missing, and how some of them were found buried on Belles ranch in Indiana Shepherds research shows how the case became not only a murder mystery, but also how it divided a small town into opposite political fragments in the hands of bureaucrats trying to climb the political ladder Also an intriguing read is the coroners d [...]

    6. I think this is the first self published book I ve read that I actually thought was of publishable quality Shepherd presents a good outline of the horrific Gunness case with all its twists and turns and complexities, and provides some social analysis as well the fact that the trial happened during an election year was highly significant, and your opinion on Ray Lamphere s guilt tended to hinge on whether you were Democrat or Republican Although there were a few too many misspelled words for my l [...]

    7. Though the content is intriguing, this is the WORST written book I ve ever read I ll look for something else written about Belle Gunness in order to understand what I read in this book.Maybe I m being too picky in my mind editing, proofreading, cogent thought, PARAGRAPHS and proper sentences they all mean something I was flabbergasted when I got to the very last page about the author and found out Ms Shepherd used to work at the Chicago Tribune as an editor and reporter Enough complaining from m [...]

    8. I was interested in this book because I grew up near where the murders happened and knew of the Belle Gunness legend The book started out interesting, but by the end, I was beginning to loose interest, due to the repetative writing.

    9. Decent historical record of the death of Belle Gunness and the trial of Lamphere Good read for those interested in the story I am a local from LaPorte county and found the book well researched and written, even if I don t agree with the author s conclusions.

    10. Honestly, I live in the town this took place in and I could hardly stand to read it It was very boring at times and it jumped around alot The subject of Belle has recently emerged in the media They are reopening the case.

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