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  • Title: Linked
  • Author: Hope Welsh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Evil is watching and time is running out Lana Summers wants an ordinary life and nothing to do with anything paranormal She shuns her own paranormal abilities When her home is broken into, Cole Thomas comes to the rescue and he s much than he seems Will they be able to stop the evil or is their joining going to be the cause of evil taking control
    Linked Evil is watching and time is running out Lana Summers wants an ordinary life and nothing to do with anything paranormal She shuns her own paranormal abilities When her home is broken into Cole Thomas

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    1. R2R for honest opinion LoP Updated on 28th June.I decided to change my review due to being informed by the author, that the wrong copy of the book was sent out for the R2R The original older copy had me confused and distracted as to view spoiler why Cole shapeshifter was walking around having conversations naked after he shifted, like it was a natural thing to do I originally had jumped to this conclusion because earlier in the book Cole stripped his clothes to shift and during another scene his [...]

    2. I have this little quirk when it comes to reading I love evil Evil bad boys, evil masterminds and in the case of LINKED, the all seeing evil presence When I was approached to read Hope Welsh s recent release, I took one look at the blurb and smiled and when I then saw the cover with the evil eyes staring back at me, I almost cackled with delight I m new to the author s writing so I wondered if she d provided me a story to appease my quirk and boy did she ever Evil comes in all forms and as I beg [...]

    3. This book started out very strong I was hooked from the first scene where the heroine jumps out of the second story window to escape an intruder and runs straight into the arms of the hero The mystery of it all was good What was after them What did it want Why were they so linked But, I thought the last half was a little rushed The questions were answered a little too simply I came away feeling that it would have been better suited for youth, except it had a couple sex scenes It wasn t complex e [...]

    4. Evil is watching and time is running out Lana Summers wants an ordinary life and nothing to do with anything paranormal She shuns her own paranormal abilities When her home is broken into, Cole Williams comes to the rescue and he s much than he seems Will they be able to stop the evil or is their joining going to be the cause of the ultimate destruction of humanity Of course, I wrote the book so I must give it five stars Let me know what YOU think of it, too

    5. I received this book for free in return of an honest review I immediately fell in love with this book, and was hooked from the first sentence The main characters were easily related to, and their relationship was the things fairytales are made of In this story we meet a girl who has yet to embrace her psychic abilities and who lost her mother to a suicide Then meeting a shape shifter after the evil one comes into the picture trying to find the pieces of two A whirlwind of a romance, with evil tr [...]

    6. I LOVED this book It was a classic written in the stars romance with a little paranormal shape shifting thrown in The book started off with a bang and kept my interest though out Though my mind kept telling me it was too soon for the couple to fall in love, I couldn t maintain the skepticism because the story just felt right I have always been a huge fan of romantic mystery Its only recently that I have become interested in paranormal and urban fantasy This book managed to have it all for me All [...]

    7. Lana Summers wants an ordinary life She doesn t want to do anything with paranormal Lana house gets broken into she jumps out of a window Cole Thomas sees her running in her pajams and helps Lana Overall a great book I highly recommend this book

    8. Books like Linked are difficult for me to review It s not a matter of length or even quality, it s a matter of genre Paranormal erotica and I use the term erotica loosely with Linked it only skirted the edge is a big seller these days Where women used to bury their heads in Harlequins they now turn to books like Blood Lust by Zoe Winters or the Riley Jensen series by Keri Arthur Ladies like juicy bits and there are than enough authors willing to provide it for them.I m not saying I dislike thi [...]

    9. I am always a little cautious about paranormal romances, probably because of the Twilight effect namely, that after the success of Twilight the market was flooded with teen paranormal romance titles, often of dubious quality As a result, anything with vampires, especially, usually has me running for the hills On that note, Linked was a pleasant surprise, with not a vampire to be seen Evil spirits and shapeshifters, yes, but not vampires The book is short, and this is both a curse and a blessing [...]

    10. My reviews can also be found at escapingwithfiction Linked proved to be a short, but entertaining, read This story has a great deal of romance, suspense and supernatural elements that hold your attention the whole way through One thing I really appreciated about this book was that the story and characters flowed well, and nothing felt too forced although things did progress rather quickly between the characters romantically, but there is a valid reason for it Lana and Cole are the main character [...]

    11. I was given a free copy in exchange of an honest review I don t know how to put into words my thoughts and feelings about this book.It could have been a much better reading if the story were longer and the author had given us time and many details about everything The characters, the evil lurking out there, anything useful to make us understand better the evil one s intentions and motivations It wasn t very clear why he went after Lana in the frst place It was like I started reading the book b [...]

    12. Fated For Each Other This series must her read in order This is the first book I can t wait to read Holding The Link I was disappointed when this book was finished I wanted The characters were real and totally likable The action was fast paced and had good flow The sex scenes were so well integrated into the plot the story could not have done without them I can t see this book as erotica but that is not a bad thing I guess if you wanted to it could be classed as tame erotica but personally I do [...]

    13. What would it be like to discover you re being hunted, your love interest is a shifter And your unwanted psychic powers are growing An apartment break in turns into something much darker for Lana Summers Fortunately, she s got help a good Samaritan who s also a shifter Whether that will be enough to defeat the evil that pursues her Well, heck, this is a romance so you can probably guess the ending.Nicely handled sensuality erotic but not a blow by blow account The author found a good middle grou [...]

    14. I m going back and forth in my mind debating between 2 and 3 stars, maybe 2.5 stars is accurate I thought this book had a lot of potential, I liked Lana and Cole s characters I thought the plot was interesting and I m all about a were insta love soul mate type relationship The Evil One was creepy and I could almost hear that classic creepy stocker evil villain voice in my mind Mostly the low stars is I felt the book wasn t long enough It seemed rushed I would have liked to get to know the chara [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this this book and was sad when it was over.I can t wait to read the next one I wouldn t classify it as erotica but paranormal romance There is no gratuitous sex, it was definitely integral to the story line Its fast paced and the story draws you in so that you don t want to put it down I can t wait to see what else Hope has in store for these characters

    16. Lana wakes up to hear someone in her apartment She runs into Cole trying to get away from her attacker Cole sees the attacker but he disappears There is something strange happening and he is determined to keep Lana safe Legends, psychics, shape shifters abound in this book I really enjoyed this book It is a relatively quick read that paranormal lovers are sure to enjoy.

    17. I enjoyed this supernatural romance Without giving too much away, you do need to suspend some disbelief regarding how quickly the romance comes together, but that s part of the premise The plot moves quickly, and the main action is exciting Looking forward to from this author

    18. Linked is a well written book The story line was awesome It diffiently kept your attention Can twait for the next one

    19. The storyline had promise, but the execution and resolution were much too simplistic Add in myriad errors, and it s not one I particularly enjoyed.

    20. very monotonous While not a horrible plot, the story lacked any emotion The monotony of the pages simply bored me to no end In fact, I think it s one of the only times I ve ever read about sex as if we re the ingredient list on the cereal box Neither of the main characters interested me Whatshername was whiney, childish, boring I m still having a hard time believing she was supposedly near 25 years old As I m a year younger, I can honestly say that if I suddenly found myself the main interest of [...]

    21. I received this book in exchange for an honest review LoP.I really liked the beginning of Linked There was action, mystery, and intrigue I was thrown right into the story, and I loved that I was excited to read a shifter story because I haven t read one in a while, but sadly after the great opening, things started to go downhill for me.There were a few things that bothered me I ll list the main ones below.1 I m a huge fan of insta love, but in this case it was way too insta The entire story happ [...]

    22. REVIEWED FOR SWOON WORTHY BOOKSThere is such a fine line between critiquing and reviewing and since I am an author I tend to lean towards critiquing, so I ll try to stick to the things a reader would want to know.This author is fabulous with her words She knows how to write dialogue that makes her characters come alive and the flow of her scenes is flawless At times the wording can be too obvious and over stated, but that s my only complaint with the writing because I really think she is a natu [...]

    23. Linked had such great potential As an avid fan of the fantasy paranormal genre, a book about a psychic, a shapeshifter and an epic evil being sounded right up my alley And with only 130 pages, I was also anticipating a fast paced story with some good action Unfortunately, I was disappointed on all fronts.Linked is the story of Lana, a reluctant psychic who is being pursued by an evil being intent on her destruction due to a prophecy that foretells she is one key to ending his immortality While b [...]

    24. Linked by Hope WelshPaperback 222 pagesPublisher Rom On Line February 13, 2012 18 Adult readersI was given this book as a gift from a friend through .Cover I love the cover It is quite interesting You have the evil one at the top in his wolf form and red eyes Then at the bottom you have Lana and Cole and on the right you have a clock which is representing a race against time to find out about the murder and the prophecy.My Review I can t wait to read the next book in this series This book was an [...]

    25. Read the previewally good so far.Okayter finally downloading the bookI read this is pretty much one sitting b c is was so SHORT Hello the bad guy talks a big game, but get s it in the end really fast This book started off really good, I was really looking forward to reading it, and it was a HUGE disappointment Things that went wrong 1 In less than 3 days they have fallen in love and are basically living together 2 In less than 3 days they pronounce their undying love for each other.3 In less tha [...]

    26. Linked was a fantastically written book, full of adventure and a hearty helping of hot, steamy romance Truth be told, I don t usually care for your run of the mill romance, but this book was one heck of an exception The love scenes were hot, without being corny or cliche, and they blended in exquisitely with the main story itself Hope Welsh is a very talented and skilled writer, who portrays her characters in a very realistic, very vivid light, and who spins a story like a spider does a web mean [...]

    27. I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange for an honest review from my side.Firstly I would like to thank Hope Welsh, author of Linked for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this fabulous book.I really enjoyed the fresh concept of this book Though this book is a Werewolf Genre book but the way the author twisted the known and used plot and story line really gave this book a totally new taste and new outlook.The characters are great and well developed and I liked [...]

    28. I really loved and enjoyed reading Linked and cant wait to read the sequel The characters and plot was well written The thought process involved in writing Linked could be seen from a readers point I was instantly captivated by this story This is the first book Ive read by Hope Welsh and Im excited to read There was so much excitement and suspense, oh and the connection, fiery passion between Cole and Lana was all so thrilling I loved Cole he was my fave character he had a sense of humor but wa [...]

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