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Space Junque By L.K. Rigel,

  • Title: Space Junque
  • Author: L.K. Rigel
  • ISBN: 2940011821103
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Nook
  • Heat level PG 13, door cracked open almost shutSpace Junque is a paranormal space opera romance The DOGs want to destroy the world The gods want to make a new one The trick is to survive both.Warned by her friend Mike Augustine, Char Meadowlark tries to get off planet before a pending eco terrorist attack, but the Defenders of Gaia strike while she s at the airport JaHeat level PG 13, door cracked open almost shutSpace Junque is a paranormal space opera romance The DOGs want to destroy the world The gods want to make a new one The trick is to survive both.Warned by her friend Mike Augustine, Char Meadowlark tries to get off planet before a pending eco terrorist attack, but the Defenders of Gaia strike while she s at the airport Jake Ardri, pilot of the shuttle Space Junque, rescues her and delivers her to the Imperial Space Station where Mike awaits.When the DOGs final onslaught goes global and the material world threatens to implode, the ancient gods reemerge to take control over humanity Through the ensuing chaos, Char must juggle two men, orbiting eco terrorists, and a goddess with her own agenda for a new world order Will there be any room for love in flagrante apocalypto
    Space Junque Heat level PG door cracked open almost shutSpace Junque is a paranormal space opera romance The DOGs want to destroy the world The gods want to make a new one The trick is to survive both Warned b

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    1. I usually do not read novellas because I run into the problem I did with Space Junquee story was GREAT and I didn t want it to end This adventure romance story and it s characters pull you in quickly and won t let go I will be recommending this book and and all of L.K.Rigel works to my Book Worms group.I can t wait to pick up Spiderwork

    2. this is gonna be pretty short, because I just don t really know what to sayThis was the weirdest story I ve read in ages starts up as a pretty decent SFR with the majority 90% of the story coming from the heroine s perspective , with imperial forces, nuclear weapons, mysteries, space ships yay an alright heroine, a better hero, and a pretty decent if a bit vague storyen some god like character gets introduced and everything goes to hella really weird hell I m not even sure where the god like cha [...]

    3. This book was weird There were tons of characters, lots of acronyms to learn, and a plot that went by at almost whiplash speed.And yet, somehow, I still really, really enjoyed it.I picked this up awhile ago I don t read a lot of sci fi, but the cover art on its sequel, Spiderwork, drew me in Yeah, sad, I know But it s the truth Today I was looking for a shorter read this is a novella , so I decided to finally give it a try.And yeah Wow It s actually difficult for me to express in words how I fel [...]

    4. Original and gripping sci fi read although it was pretty short, novella length, and I found myself gasping in shock when it ended because it was SO GOOD and I didn t want it to stop The latter half of the story did take a turn I was NOT expecting, although I won t spoil anyone with what that turn was.

    5. Sci fi is still a new genre to me so I try to easy myself gently into it Space Junque is a short sci fi romance novella, which despite its length constrictions managed to excel on several levels.I found the science fiction aspect of the story engaging, the unique world created by L.K Rigel is exciting and original, without being overwhelming even for sci fi newbies like me L.K Rigel created a different society, another species and a specific hierarchy but despite all the new and extraordinary el [...]

    6. I gave this book 3 stars when I first read it a couple years ago After rereading it just now, I have to say it only deserves 2 stars And I m not even sure about going that far.Space Junque is the first part of the Apocalypto series And I use the word part because it s not really a complete story You re obviously supposed to read the next 2 books if you want to understand what the hell is going on The only thing you can really take away from it is not everyone dies And that s about it.Too many th [...]

    7. Char Meadowlark is being rushed up to the Imperial Space Station by her friend Mike to avoid a pending eco terrorist attack Unfortunately, her timing is a bit off, and the attack occurs while she is at the airport Saved by Jake, the pilot of the Space Junque, he flies her to her destination Amidst the terrorist attacks, ancient gods appear to take control Will Char survive the attacks, an encounter with the newly emerged goddess and the two men suddenly competing for her attention This is a fast [...]

    8. Loved this novelette The writing is pretty tight, and it s an interesting story of near future eco disaster, eco terrorism, and space adventure Woven through the story is a small romance There s a lot of good story here, and I wish it had been developed slowly, fleshing out some of the background, such as the Defenders of Gaia, the Talibanos Unidos, and the various orbiting stations It s almost as if this story is written as an interlude one can hope Clearly, the other unexplained elements, suc [...]

    9. Just read Space Junque for the second third time I loved it the second time around just as much as the first There was a lot of politics, back story, and plot in a relatively short amount of space, but L.K Rigel kept it interesting and flowing There were a few paragraphs I had to read twice, wondering if I d missed something, but with all the info contained in those pages I feel that is to be expected I thought the characters had depth, and were utterly believable Overall, a great story, and one [...]

    10. A fun adventure story, a little space opera, a little post apocalyptic earth, a little romance, and lots of action It s a novella so not a long read, but offers a good introduction to the author s work I look forward to seeing

    11. Wow Just WOW That s about all I can say about Space Junque The end.You know how I rail against how badly Indies are regarded by the publishing industry Well, I m going to tell you a secret I do a little of it too I have read so many Indie books that I don t put up here which are unedited and un thought through Someone s mom told them it was good so they hit publish on smashwords Uggh This one though This one was everything I could have ever wanted a sci fi novel to be and then you add the romanc [...]

    12. Space JunqueAuthor L.K RigelGenre Science Fiction novella with Fantasy elementsRating 4 StarsSpace Junque is a swiftly paced and engaging adventure starring both a world and a character in transition.Summary The world is dying Ecological destruction and mutation run rampant Many of the wealthy have fled the planet and live in orbital stations, aloof from the concerns of the suffering people below them All the while, the genocidal Defenders of Gaia continue their plan to save the planet by elimin [...]

    13. The DOGs want to destroy the world The gods want to make a new one The trick is to survive both.The world is on the brink of ecological cataclysm set off by the Oil Spill of 2010 and the Great Sea Level Rise of 2070 I love sci fi books, so I was prepared to love this story, and I wasn t disappointed It is a novella, and the pacing was very good, so it was a really quick read for me There are 3 main characters Char, Jake and Mike And then a fourth kind of mini MC is Jake s sister, Rani I really l [...]

    14. This is probably going to be one of the most disjointed reviews I ve ever written because I honestly can t figure out whether I liked this book or not So, yeah Be warned.One of the things that really pulled me out of the story was that there was a TON a literal ton I was crushed by it of worldbuilding within the first part of the book It wasn t like when I go A ton of worldbuilding Yay It was like, Oh, holy pancakes I don t know what s happening here There are ghosts mutant humans , mentions of [...]

    15. 1.5 So where to start Well, it was interesting, but confusing at first Futuristic society with major pollution issues The haves live in space with the other peons stuck on earth Crazy environmentalists are blowing shit up and setting off nuclear bombs in order to save the earth The tech was intriguing Interesting, yes Just as I was liking what I was reading it went to shit Go figure Char s body flung itself to the floor, prostrate and trembling like some novice waiting for god.God then a page la [...]

    16. I m not normally into Sci Fi type books Or movies Or anything really or books that just happen to take place in space Ok, Star Wars and Star Trek The Next Generation are exceptions to that rule But can you really pass up either of those Yeah, me neither.So, when LK Rigel contacted me to review her book, my first thought was Nuh uh But then I read the blurb and thought Hmm, this sounds interesting And maybe it s time to expand my horizons a bit Hero Material pulled me in from the get go and held [...]

    17. I lost some sleep reading this book I loved the SF and the Romance I liked all of the characters and the way the relationships, even the non romantic, developed I loved the humor and the way the romance felt so right This story rocked The only part that threw me was the paranormal threads I didn t read the full description before I started so it s my own fault I was only vaguely familiar with the ancient gods chosen and still don t really understand how they fit in other than a little popping in [...]

    18. Very good ebook about the end of civilization as we know it starting with the Gulf Oil Spill of 2010 I thought it was a nice touch to bring the use of dispersants used there into the mix of the story.By 2095 there is one world government, the Imperium, ruled by a corrupt emperor Space stations offer vacations to the rich or well connected Hydroponic stations grow food But corporations really rule the world The biggest is Garrick the only one still allowed to drill for oilGs, the world wide envir [...]

    19. This one was a rough start, as you immediately jump into a situation where you don t understand any of the lingo being used and it is slowly fed to you as you get further into the book Just give it a little bit and you ll like it and the further you get into the book By the end, I was so spellbound that I was incredibly grateful that I had already downloaded the second book in the series to my Kindle so that I could jump straight into it It s a little far out in some senses, but I enjoyed it.

    20. I normally do not like short stories novellas because just when I m really getting into it it s over However, this a great introduction to the Apocalypto series It s very well written It s definitely not a slush pile indie book I love indie ebooks, but there is a lot of crap out there It can be hard to find a gem in all the crap But this is a gem for sure The pacing was excellent and the plot intriguing I ve already started Spiderwork.

    21. Not very good character development, story line advanced too fast SPOILER within 20 minutes of reading Char went up to the space station, had sex on the way with a guy she knew for 5 minutes, became a vessel for a god and then back to earth I am debating paying for the 2nd of the trilogy just because the teaser chapters at the end of this book on the Kindle were a little promising, but it just may not be worth 3.99 Maybe the price will drop, I would buy at 1.99 or less.

    22. I started off thinking this is an apocalyptic sci fi book, then there s a goddess thrown in which kind of threw the whole story into another direction for me and not in a good way I could maybe come to terms with the goddess but the male fairies with erections on her shoulders holding her dress up Not so much Without them I d probably rate this book higher.

    23. Sometimes I felt the writing was scattered in parts, but in the end, the story came together beautifully.I thought it would be a little hotter in the romance department, but ws also fascinated by the sci fi aspect of the book too.Can t wait to read book 2

    24. I loved the worldbuilding but felt some of the key elements were a bit rushed and the emotions were glossed over some I m hoping that s just because of the length and that the rest of series will really let me sink my teeth into the characters and world.

    25. So this was a very short read.It has its interesting points, but I guess the super quick romances contained here isn t quite my thing And the lame jokes Ha ha shrug

    26. Got this free for my kindle and loved it The next morning I had to buy the sequel A little romance , a little sci fi Funny and fast paced The only fault , I wish it had been longer Try it out.

    27. Expect my review Friday, January 14 2011 on my blog reenajacobs blog 2011 01 nThere was so much happening in a short period of time, I feel the need to break this review up in categories.Plot This was a wild ride I have to be honest I started this book not knowing what it was I didn t even read the blurb The cover looked all sci fi like, so I was expecting straight sci fi, which isn t a genre I read However, the first few pages caught my interest with the ghosts and all They kind of reminded me [...]

    28. I won this e book in a contest I was really torn between giving this novella 3 stars or 4 If I could give half stars, this would definitely be a 3.5 I liked it, but it had the same problem that a lot of romance novellas have the relationship development was rushed I like Char, and I like Jake, but them feeling strongly about each other seemed rushed, and I would have liked to have seen it actually develop rather than just suddenly have them want to be with each other In fact the first time they [...]

    29. Original post and full review available at 100starsorless 20I saw this posted up on the Kindle group over at GoodReads Science fiction isn t normally something I am excited about and therefore is not something I am normally curious about when I come across suggestions or postings on little known books within the genre So it was a different experience for me to have this catch my eye First, it s title was something I was very curious about What exactly is a Space Junque What does it mean And a pa [...]

    30. In her debut indie paranormal genre, LK Rigel takes on a fast, fun and sexy journey through space.Char, need to leave earth NOW Things have changed dramatically in the past years, with mutations to the human race and the animals Earth is no longer safe for anyone to live, especially if they are using technology, as there is a Rebel group call DOGs who want to see technology purged from Earth Her last hope is to reach the shuttle leading to the universal space station, but any technology could be [...]

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