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An Old Man's Love By Anthony Trollope,

  • Title: An Old Man's Love
  • Author: Anthony Trollope
  • ISBN: 9780192826466
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • When William Whittlestaff becomes guardian to the penniless daughter of an old friend, he finds himself gradually falling in love with her But Mary is herself in love with John Gordon, who has gone to seek his fortune in the Kimberley diamond fields The Oxford edition of An Old Man s Love, Trollope s last completed work is the only annotated edition in print and is accomWhen William Whittlestaff becomes guardian to the penniless daughter of an old friend, he finds himself gradually falling in love with her But Mary is herself in love with John Gordon, who has gone to seek his fortune in the Kimberley diamond fields The Oxford edition of An Old Man s Love, Trollope s last completed work is the only annotated edition in print and is accompanied by two appendices detailing its fascinating composition.
    An Old Man s Love When William Whittlestaff becomes guardian to the penniless daughter of an old friend he finds himself gradually falling in love with her But Mary is herself in love with John Gordon who has gone to

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    1. Soppy and unlikely love story of a rich old man of 50 and an indigent but nicely brought up young woman of 25 whose long lost suitor comes back into her life the day of her engagement to the old man Shall she choose money over love Shall she justify her choice because she doesn t want to hurt the feelings of this one or that one Shall one or other of these men relinquish her to the suitable other These weren t really the sort of existential questions that kept me eagerly turning the page and ig [...]

    2. Trollope is one of my favorite writers, so it s hard to give one of his books only three stars, but I can go no higher, and even considered two stars An Old Man s Love is Trollope s last novel, published posthumously It has a thin plot, little action, and a very limited cast of characters The interest in the novel comes from the internal struggle of the Old Man of the title, William Whittlestaff, a single man of 50, disappointed in love earlier in his life, who gives a home to Mary Lawrie, whose [...]

    3. This was Trollope s final novel and published posthumously I think he had lost none of his power as an author This story involves two men who both love one woman The men love with all their heart it is not simple desire nor is it male ego She loves one of them, but has promised to marry the other With very few exceptions that I have seen, Trollope gives his readers happy endings I wondered all along if it were possible in this case Surely someone was going to be disappointed, and I sympathized w [...]

    4. Due largely to the Yahoo Trollope reading group over the last six years, I have by now read most of the 47 novels by Anthony Trollope Few writers of fiction are so consistently good Every time I think I have read enough of his work, and then start on a new one, I become newly enad of his work An Old Man s Love is a good example I did not think the author had any surprises in store for me, but I was wrong William Whittlestaff is an old bachelor who was once stood up by a young woman who married [...]

    5. Libro e storia leggermente clautrofobica.In alcuni momenti ho avuto la sensazione di assistere ad una rappresentazione teatrale fatta di pochi ed essenziali personaggi che alternandosi sul palco sviscerano al pubblico i loro pensieri pi intimi e scandagliano i loro timori esistenziali.Le location sono ridottissime e descritte in modo minimesimale, l ego dei tre o quattro personaggi, se proprio vogliamo essere generosi, a farla da padrone.Alla fine ci si sente quasi degli intrusi ad entrare cos d [...]

    6. Henry James said that Trollope s greatest and undeniable merit was his utter understanding of the ordinary He succeded in feeling any little thing in everyday life not only in seeing it He felt them simply and directly in their sadness and in their gaiety, in their appeal and in their comical aspects and in their most obvious but sensible meanings This introduction of an amazingly prolific writer made by another terrific author made me feel guilty and sorry for not knowing him and deeply I deci [...]

    7. This one is way too similar in theme to The Vicar of Bullhampton published first , which I read very recently It s still a good story, and I felt myself grow very attached to Mr Whittlestaff I was about ready to cry for him by the end probably owing to my having found myself in a situation with an undesirable number of congruities I wish John Gordon s character had been developed a little so that the reader could sympathize with him a bit This is not something I d recommend for a Valentine s r [...]

    8. William Whittlestaff takes in the orphaned Mary Lawrie and, after a year, decides he s in love with her and proposes She accepts Unfortunately, Mary s old sweetheart, John Gordon, arrives the next day from the Kimberley diamonds mines, having rectified his poverty So what s a girl to do What s the 50 year old, previously disappointed in love decades ago Whittlestaff to do I ve been away from the Victorian authors for a good long while, but I don t think this one is nearly as good as I recall Tro [...]

    9. AN OLD MAN S LOVE 1884 Anthony Trollope .The I read of this author s work, the I want to read Although Trollope has a Victorian prose style and a Victorian approach to the morals of his time, he manages to span the generations in the way that these morals affect the behavior of his characters Trollope was also a master of dialog His characters think before they speak a behavior that is uncharacteristic of much of today s writing This novel was Trollope s last to be published before his death I [...]

    10. this was my first try at reading the classics not including the required readings was being sold at a discounted price, the thickness wasn t intimidating.i deemed it a safe gamble of my precious time.i had no idea who Mr Trollope was instinct turned out to be right.i think i would like to re read again after 7 years.

    11. Not one of trollops best books dirty old man lusts after woman half her age and she lusts after a young poor man victorian style Not a great page turner and the housekeeper would have been sacked if she was my housekeeper I prefer the political church books i think.

    12. Trollope at the end of his career Perhaps based on a late in life relationship of his own, the story of an old 50 man who develops a love for a young woman he is providing for, only to have her earlier lost lover turn up immediately after he has persuaded the woman to marry him As usual, Trollope mines every thought and emotion to its deepest level, and in this case, much too repetitively The novel is short, unlike most of Trollope s work, but still too long by half because of this As for the pl [...]

    13. The Trollope Society introductionWILLIAM WHITTLESTAFF, HAVING lost the woman he loved to a richer, lively rival many years before, lives alone at Croker Hall in Hampshire, looked after by his loyal, vituperative housekeeper Mrs Baggett Mr Whittlestaff impulsively takes in as his ward the orphaned daughter of an old friend, nineteen year old Mary Lawrie, much to Mrs Baggett s disapproval She rightly suspects that Mary s arrival will eventually lead to her master falling in love with the girl, wh [...]

    14. I have read and loved many of Trollope s earlier works, but this one is just not that interesting There are two parallel struggles one between the men, older and younger, as to who will get their way with regard to marrying Mary and the second between the women the old housekeeper and the 25 year old Mary I have often chafed at the Victorian moralities pieties regarding women that are embodied in Trollope, and it can be an interesting sociological exercise, but I think here he really gives Mary [...]

    15. An Old Man s Love was written shortly before Anthony Trollope s death in 1882 and published shortly after It is a short novel, a mere tenth of the size of some of his thick mid career works And it is a bit unusual for Trollope in that the story focuses on an old man rather than on the young lovers who are being kept apart by the love of old Mr Whittlestaff The plot is reminiscent of Harriet Beecher Stowe s 1859 novel, The Minister s Wooing.William Whittlestaff, 50, is the old man of the story Wh [...]

    16. This was the last of Trollope s novels to be published.William Whittlestaff is the old man of the title He s 50 Whittlestaff takes in Mary Lawrie, 25, after his old friend, her father, has died leaving her penniless.A few years earlier, Mary had fallen in love with John Gordon, but he was too poor to take a wife and has now been gone from their town for three years.After a few months, Whittlestaff proposes to Mary, and she accepts, mainly out of a sense of gratitude for the kindness he has shown [...]

    17. En espa ol abajo.A well written book, but with a sad ending, at least for me It has been my first Trollope book and I loved his style I hope that the next time we meet, I have a nice end PS excellent views on marriages and woman and men of the period.______Un libro bien escrito, pero con un final triste, al menos para m Ha sido el primer libro de Trollope que he le do y me ha encantado su estilo Espero que la pr xima vez que nos encontremos, tenga un buen final DPD excelenes vistas sobre el matr [...]

    18. Love Trollope and his stories set during the Victorian era.This was his last book and he finished months before he died.This story definitely had a touch of sadness and the sorrow of an old man who tries to love again in his 50s We re certainly treated to a bit than typical perception of paths life can take and why.There exists in this story Trollope s introspective analyses of the characters and their feelings, emotion, their ways of life, their personalities, and their motives.

    19. Hmmm I like happy endings, and I m not sure that the fact that a man s life is essentially over because he has reached the age of 45 is a happy ending The young bloke gets the young woman because the old bloke behaves chivalrously, but the old bloke thinks that his world will end if he loses her but the young bloke only thinks he ll go and find diamonds if he loses her whilst it seems that she would be happy either way by the end Still, I enjoy Trollope s writing.

    20. I enjoyed this read, but I found the premise awkward A man who is the girl s father s age and has been acting as a guardian to her wants to marry her now that she s grown She is dutiful and agrees, it appears, for lack of a suitable husband After she has promised to marry, the right man a man her own age comes along Now what does she do This was one of my first Trollope reads and even the plot didn t keep me from wanting to read .

    21. En realidad la nota es de un 3.5, me ha gustado la historia pero el final me ha parecido un poco injusto, claro que la vida es injusta por lo tanto aun siendo injusto no es un mal final Eso s , quitando al protagonista, los personajes carec an de profundidad, nunca llegu a comprender por qu el se or Whittlestaff y John Gordon se disputaban el amor de Mary me faltan datos se or Trollope.

    22. Esto es lo primero que leo de Anthony Trollope y no me ha disgustado, aunque a veces el Se or Whittlestaff y Mary resulten un poco exasperantes sobretodo Mary El estilo me ha gustado, no se hace pesado y tiene buenos toques de humor.

    23. Listened to most of this on the drive to Wawrwick Very well read and quite entertaining Like all Trollope, very slow paced If I had not been captive in the car I probably would have put it down but I am glad I did not as it kept me sane between the M6 toll and the A38.

    24. Quintessential Trollope with all the ingredients one comes to expect I think the saddest of his novels, though, even so than He Knew He Was Right which is fairly depressing This is just plain sad, though.

    25. Old men have a diifferent way of loving there are other ways to reach into another s heart and life has many chances and changes

    26. While it is not quite to the standard of Barsetshire or the Pallisers, this is a lovely little novel I love Trollope for the realness of his characters, and this work is no exception.

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