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Texas Splendor By Lorraine Heath, Texas Splendor Texas Trilogy, by Lorraine Heath Texas Splendor was no exception It is an emotionally complex Reviewed for THC Reviews Rarely have I found an author who is able to write a complete series with every book in the series being consistently good enough to earn keeper status from me, but Lorraine Heath s Texas Trilogy did exactly that. Texas Splendor Lorraine Heath Aug , Texas Splendor Lorraine Heath on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Released from prison after serving five years for a crime he did not commit, Austin Leigh discovers that his beloved Becky is now married to another man and sets out to find the killer who had destroyed his life Splendora, Texas Texas Splendor Texas Trilogy Book Kindle edition by Aug , Texas Splendor is just one splendid example of that gift RT Book Reviews stars About the Author Lorraine Heath wrote her first story at seven, and it involved a fisherman who fell in love with a mermaid She has since moved on to writing about sexy cowboys and dashing English lords sometimes, cleverly, within the same book. Texas Splendor All About Romance Texas Splendor starts out like an A book The characters are terrific, the conflict is interesting, and the sexual tension abounds Toward the end, it loses its way a little It is still a good read, and a fitting end to a great trilogy Austin Leigh has just spent five years in prison for murdering Boyd McQueen a crime he didn t commit. Texas Splendor Zebra Historical Romance Bobbi Smith Dec , Texas Splendor Zebra Historical Romance Bobbi Smith on FREE shipping on qualifying offers From New York Times bestselling author Bobbi Smith comes the spellbinding story of a half white Comanche warrior whose quest for vengeance becomes the ultimate lesson in desire He Claimed Her Body Though an Easterner born and bred Texas Splendor Lorriane Heath Aug , texas destiny texas splendor lorraine heath texas glory best friend married his best real killer texas trilogy home to find austin and loree highly recommend dallas and houston clear his name felt like destiny and texas crime he did not commit murder commit book in the texas Splendora, TX Splendora, Texas Map Directions MapQuest Get directions, maps, and traffic for Splendora, TX Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. Texas Splendor His Savage Embrace Kindle edition by Dec , Texas Splendor His Savage Embrace Kindle edition by Bobbi Smith Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Texas Splendor His Savage Embrace.

  • Title: Texas Splendor
  • Author: Lorraine Heath
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A man on a mission After five grueling years in a Texas prison, Austin Leigh is finally a free man He can t wait to go home and be reunited with his sweetheart But when he discovers she didn t wait for him and is now married, he becomes determined to clear his name of the crime he never committed Meets the one woman who could offer him salvation and love.A man on a mission After five grueling years in a Texas prison, Austin Leigh is finally a free man He can t wait to go home and be reunited with his sweetheart But when he discovers she didn t wait for him and is now married, he becomes determined to clear his name of the crime he never committed.Meets the one woman who could offer him salvation and love En route to the state capital, he meets a young woman, Loree Grant, and her dog When he learns that they have survived a mysterious tragedy, he is moved and curious And as he spends time with the lovely, intriguing woman, he sees glimpses of a future he had thought was no longer possible as they both find a new lease on life and a love that can overcome any obstacle .
    Texas Splendor A man on a mission After five grueling years in a Texas prison Austin Leigh is finally a free man He can t wait to go home and be reunited with his sweetheart But when he discovers she didn t wait fo

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    1. Finally on Kindle I know people, including myself, who paid a small fortune on eBay for used copies of these books, but I just discovered they re FINALLY available on kindle These 3 books are seriously 3 of my favorite historical romances, and worth every penny And yes, I ll be buying them again Texas Destiny amzn 1HA0eD0 Texas Glory amzn 1Lmm1ifTexas Splendor amzn 1FExUQAMy reviewTexas Splendor, the final book to Lorraine Heath s Texas Trilogy, is Austin Leigh s story It picks up five years aft [...]

    2. Opening Line Moments stolen.r to be regained What a great ending to an absolutely fabulous trilogy I actually hunted down these books used because of the rave reviews and am I ever glad I did This series will definitely be getting a reread Lorraine Heath can tell a story, flawlessly capturing the emotions of her characters and never giving them an easy route to love I always enjoy how our couples fall in love slowly, almost like it s a surprise to them while they struggle through numerous hardsh [...]

    3. First published Jan 1999 A quote from Austin to Houston in Texas Destiny Well, I m not learned in these matters, but I d like to think if a woman ever loved me as much as that one loves you I d crawl through hell to be by her side Texas Splendor continues the family saga of the Leigh brothers This third book in L.Heath s Texas Trilogy gives us Austin s story He is the youngest of the three brothers and we were first introduced to this sweet talking teen in Texas Destiny Five years later, he is a [...]

    4. No I m sorry, but no He spends five years in prison for a crime he didn t commit in order to spare the reputation of a stupid little girl who not only couldn t be bothered to wait for him, but who was also a selfish coward who couldn t be bothered to try and set things right I fucking hated everyone in this book I even hated Loree When she flips out on Austin because he never told her he could play the violin Yeah, when she flipped out and accused him of lying by omission and saying they shouldn [...]

    5. Reviewed for THC ReviewsRarely have I found an author who is able to write a complete series with every book in the series being consistently good enough to earn keeper status from me, but Lorraine Heath s Texas Trilogy did exactly that It is also equally rare for an author to tug at my heartstrings in quite the way that Lorraine Heath does, but somehow her stories always manage to make me teary eyed than once along the way Texas Splendor was no exception It is an emotionally complex tale about [...]

    6. Why, why, why this series has to end Please, pretty please with cherry on top, Ms Heath, do write Austin poor, poor Austin I just knew at the end of the second book what will happend view spoiler My heart was crying for him when he found out that Becky married More so because she married Cameron Double betrayal hide spoiler I wanted to hug him, to console him I wanted to smack Becky and Cameron, evend if all worked wonderfully at the end Austin is sexy, sweet and completely different from his b [...]

    7. My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookHmm, I can t decide what to REALLY write about this book I liked it, liked a lot of things about it but I was sorely disappointed as well Maybe I expected a bit too much because I so liked Austin in the first two books, was really looking forward to his book But, sigh Austin is really easy to love I didn t doubt it for one moment And, he stayed that way all through the book When he was released from the prison, he [...]

    8. This book is skippable Not a good story Not good relationship development.The author s goal was to write three books about three brothers But when she sat down to write this book the third one she couldn t think of a good story She should have waited until she had one Was she pressured by the publisher to get it done Here s the relationship Austin just got out of a five year prison sentence He was innocent He meets Loree He feels he has nothing to offer her because of the stigma of being a murde [...]

    9. 3 5 A pesar de lo que la nota pueda aparentar, me ha gustado y adoro a estos tres hermanos En la rese a os contar

    10. This whole series has been top notch American Western historical This one is even intense than the first two for me The whole books started on a sad note, with Austin being in jail for murder And though the beginning of the book is his release, tho overall tone of the books is still very sad The woman who s memory sustained him while in prison has married his best friend Austin s only thought now is to clear his name, so he heads out to find the real murderer On the way, he comes upon a lone ru [...]

    11. 4.5 stars Texas Splendor was absolutely fantastic A very moving story with wonderful leading characters who both have very sad histories, are somewhat broken, and in great need of healing It s also great to get to see the rest of the Leigh family I guessed the mystery somewhat early on, but I still thought that part of the book was very well crafted and well planned The only criticism I have is a small thing about the epilogue, but even that was overall a great addition Like everyone else, I m a [...]

    12. The whole premise of this book was way far fetched a huge lie for NO REASON is super irritating as a plot device Austin lied about killing Boyd to avoid ruining Becky s reputation after their roll in the hay He wouldn t use her as an alibi when he was accused of murder to protect Becky because going to prison and being labeled a murderer is so much desirable than being label a trampwhatever Then we find out that Becky didn t wait five years for him and married his best friend OUCH but in the af [...]

    13. Another reread this final book in Heath s Texas trilogy and another A read However this one had a few things I didn t like.The trilogy of the Leigh family about three Texas born brothers continues After spending five long years in a Texas penitentiary, Austin Leigh is free to return home, only to find his sweetheart is now married Despondent and alone, Austin sets out to clear his name of the crime he didn t commit En route to the state capitol, he meets a young girl and her dog, the survivors o [...]

    14. Austin grows up from a boy to a man in the previous books Released from prison, he finds repercussions still await him after that fateful decision Loree is so perfect for him Austin is sweet, sensitive and different from his roughshod brothers he deserves to be with someone who can heal him they way she does No spoilers here, Austin and Becky s past plays a large role in their story I was glad they were able to look past the betrayal and put their past to sleep Interconnected through marriage, t [...]

    15. Austin s story is sweet I had expected grit for a story about a man sent to jail for a crime he did not commit But Austin s story somehow was like a fairy tale with his music and becoming a world class musician I wasn t very interested in the relationship but somehow I wanted to read on Their romantic feelings for each other somehow didn t really catch my attention I avoided the intimate scenes because somehow they just seemed out of place in the story.But the book has a very nice flow I sailed [...]

    16. The third book in Lorraine Heath s Texas Trilogy This is Austin s story After spending time in prison for a crime he did not commit, he returns home to find the love of his life, Becky, has moved on and married another So he leaves and seeks the man who can clear his name In his travels he meets Loree Grant A woman with a tortured past herself.Almost a 5 star but it got a little slow towards the end for me But still an excellent read.

    17. I m going for 3.5 Stars My main issue had to do with believing the H really truly loved the h He just seemed SO heartbroken about his first love whom by the way marries his best friend and they have a kid I mean if the h wouldn t have gotten pregnant, I wonder if he would had returned for her Amazing Epilogue though but I just couldn t help but doubt their love.

    18. It was nica but not what I expected Unfertunatelly I didn t feel the love between hero and heroine It was well written story but not a sweet or good romance for me.But again, I m in the sour mood in these days.

    19. Perfect conclusion to the trilogy In this last book we get Austin s story, and the mystery surrounding the murderer is finally resolved Loved catching up on Houston and Dallas, and their families

    20. I want a series with the kids I mean between the 3 men, we ended up with 12 kids altogether Would have loved to have at least Maggie s and Rowdy s story.

    21. Akhirnya sampai juga di buku terakhir dari Texas Trilogy, kali ini tentang Austin, si anak bungsu Lorraine Heath LHe kali ini mematahkan hatiku berkali kali bersama Austin Rasanya pengen ngomel ngomel karena si Austin nih sial banget kehidupan cintanya.Lima tahun dipenjara demi menjaga kehormatan wanita yang dicintainya dan atas tuduhan karena telah membunuh pria yang emang pantas untuk dibunuh Udah dipenjara, pas Austin bebas, wanita yang dicintainya malah menikah Dengan sahabat baiknya Gila, i [...]

    22. 3 starsOk honestly I loved the first and second book and I m just disappointed This is the third and final book in the Texas trilogy, and in my opinion, the weakest of the three i couldnt digest the fact that Austin changed so much after 5 years of jail I hated all the characters and weak attempt to bring dallas and houston into the book left me cringing also this book had so many characters and no character development at all ahhhh what I liked about the book 1 Austin s character development ev [...]

    23. An excellent book to end the Trilogy I just loved Austin as a young boy in Texas Destiny and Texas Glory In Texas Splendor he is all grown up, no longer the innocent little boy who never knew when to keep his mouth shut He was imprisoned for 5 years for a murder he did not commit In the name of love, he kept his innocence quiet because he didn t want to ruin the name of his childhood love, Becky, even though she could clear his name and vouch for his whereabouts during the time of the murder Now [...]

    24. Texas Splendor4 StarsSynopsis Convicted of a crime he did not commit, Austin Leigh returns home only to discover that the girl he went to prison to protect has married his best friend Hurt and confused, Austin sets out to clear his name and encounters a courageous young girl with a mysterious tragedy in her past As the two grow closer, secrets are revealed that may endanger the precious yet fragile love that has brought them together Review Such a sweet ending to the series Loree is an amazing a [...]

    25. In book one, you meet Austin as a boy who did not know how to talk around women He played the violin so beautifully and Lorraine Heath captured that well I was heartbroken to read in this book that prison had been rough on Austin which caused him to no longer play Austin surely isn t a little boy any He has grown into a man with many scars on the outside as well as the inside This also can be said about Loree who witnessed the murder of her parents and brother Because of these tragic events, Aus [...]

    26. I didn t care for this one as much as the other two in the series.My biggest peeve with this one was the whole Becky matter Because of the way the author went about having Austin still allow her to have a place in his heart, and that he still loves her, albeit not as much as the h, and the fact he takes his wife to the same place he made love to Becky near a romantic private place near a waterfall totally ruined this story for me.It made me feel like Austin and the h s love was second place, che [...]

    27. i liked this book and i think that it was one wonderful world which lorraine heath let us discoverbut i still cant stop myself thinking that first 2 book were better not much better but still better while reading first book i was smiling and laughing like an idioten while reading second book i was crying and sniffing like an idiotd while reading this one book i wasnt acting like an idiot at all Dbut still i can whole heartedly say that i loved this story it was really sad and full of emotions i [...]

    28. I m so confused.On one hand, I loved this story Both H h were very sweet and I loved catching up with the Leigh family.But on the other hand, I didn t like how Austin handled the whole Becky thing I especially didn t find him to be very sensitive to Loree when it came to the whole Becky thing.I also found Loree to be ridiculously understanding when it came to the whole Becky thing.The entire book I had this little irritation wearing on me.Still, Lorraine Heath s one of my favorite authors and th [...]

    29. 4.5 starsI really loved this book but it didn t get a 5 stars because of the cruelty of the story I don t want to spoiler anyone but the crime described in this book was so horrible it marred the whole story for me.But hero and heroine were great and as usual ready to sacrifice themselves for each other.All in all I loved that series and I can recommend it to everyone I didn t read so many stories about the west history of USA, it was really interesting to see how those men and women built their [...]

    30. I have to say out of all three books, Texas Glory was the best book out if this series Not that Texas Splendid isn t worthy of a 5 star rating I m amazed at the wonderful job Heath did for these three books and the different directions she takes her stories in I find alot of authors tend to go in the same direction with character changes and slight twists between stories But this last story about Austin was different from the first two and very refreshing.I definitely have w new fave author to r [...]

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