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Under Summer Skies By Nora Roberts,

  • Title: Under Summer Skies
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780263889727
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • Features From This Day and Her Mother s Keeper Nora Roberts is a publishing phenomenon this New York Times bestselling author of over 200 novels has than 450 million of her books in print worldwide.Praise for Nora Roberts The most successful novelist on Planet Earth Washington Post A storyteller of immeasurable diversity and talent Publisher s Weekly
    Under Summer Skies Features From This Day and Her Mother s Keeper Nora Roberts is a publishing phenomenon this New York Times bestselling author of over novels has than million of her books in print worldwide Pr

    One thought on “Under Summer Skies”

    1. BOOK TUBE THON Day 2 Read a book in one day Finished the 1 2 novels in this book and yeaph it still counts because well this is a bind up And i really dont wanna read the other one because hated so much about the mc and hero ugh This have never happened to me before with Nora Roberts books sigh

    2. I enjoyed the second book Her Mother s Keeper in this collection than the first From This Day There is a subtle theme which i didn t realize until the end of intentions which is different from some of the other themes Nora Roberts writes with The quality and clarity of the actual writing is stunning and inspiring The storyline and characters are good as always There is an element of suspense and imagination and the perfect amount of questions answered and unanswered and room for open minded cre [...]

    3. This was so dated it was almost unreadable The stories were just plain boring, the men went beyond overbearing to arrogant jerks and the women needed to develop a spine In the first section the hero actually tells the heroine You re sweet if kind of slow He also continuously humiliates her in public The guy in the 2nd section wasn t quite as bad but still wasn t a winner Will not read early Roberts again This was just painful.

    4. It is always a pleasure to go back and re read an older Nora Roberts book with chauvanistic, masterful heroes, and spunky virgins, but I prefer her recent novels.

    5. Two for the price of one Book 1 was about the stunning Lakeside Inn run by a young female manager The Inn is purchased by a large corporate body who want to modernise the establishment much to the dismay of locals.Book 2 is a come home to mamma storyline however mum has gone quite mad and has a hot boarder who draws in the returning daughter.

    6. I love Nora Roberts, but this book was a big disappointment Don t waste your time The women in these stories are appalling to me In the first, for example, the woman falls in love with a man who is absolutely horrible to her, demeaning, and takes her whenever he wants her She wants nothing to do with him and tells him no over and over, yet every time he touches her, she changes her mind and wants him It s just wrong on so many levels and if a man did what he does in real life, he d be arrested

    7. The first story is about bj clark and taylor reynolds taylor is the new inn owner and bj is the manager and she is torn between her hotel and her attraction to taylore other story is about gwen and luke when she misinterprets the relationship between her mother and luke but it is funny and to not always judge a book by its cover

    8. Did not like either of these books Her mother s keeper was creepy on so many levels because the main was in love with a guy she is convinced her mother is having an affair with but can t help herself So creepy From this day was such a forgettable story that I couldn t even tell you what it was about Don t bother.

    9. This has two short stories in it Some of it is intriguing, but it pushed the bounds of believability for me These stories make falling in love with the handsome hero sound so easy I just didn t buy it.

    10. It was fine I normally love Nora Roberts books but these were just ok It was a shame that these two stories were put together as the plots were almost identical just with different characters locations This won t be a keeper for me.

    11. 2 novels from this day her mother s keeper girl meets frog frog turns into prince live happily ever after after 200 pages ok if u like this kind of thing, with no other story involved, but not for me would be nice if the roles were reversed for once bev

    12. 2 older stories repackaged in one book Young innocent women and experienced worldly men Quick, short, summer reads.

    13. Two slightly dated Nora Roberts stories from the early 90 s You can see where she has improved from the early years but still worth the read.

    14. 2 books in one The first was excellent, jolly good read The second was a let down Very gushy Not at all Like the quality I have come to expect from Nora Roberts Great shame.

    15. This book has 2 stories in one book Both stories were rather disappointing as they both had helpless and needy feamale characters who bow down to men who take what they want Not my cup of tea.

    16. Wow Bad I love Nora Roberts and was searching for books by her I hadn t read Over the years, Roberts has obviously improved and come into her own as a novelist.

    17. Terrible I usually enjoy Nora Roberts for a fun, light , well written, escapist read The first story in this book was insulting drivel, the second, tedious.

    18. Both the stories could have been better written No depth in characters or the stories I couldn t wait for the book to be over so that I could pick something else

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