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The Other Brother By Jessica Steele,

  • Title: The Other Brother
  • Author: Jessica Steele
  • ISBN: 9780373105335
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • Could love exist without trust Kathryn had been joyously anticipating her wedding to Rex Kingersby until she found him, one week before their wedding, in bed with his secretary Horrified, she returned his ring Kathryn couldn t have known then that Rex s injuries in an accident would prevent the truth from coming out that she d be accused of callously jilting Rex NateCould love exist without trust Kathryn had been joyously anticipating her wedding to Rex Kingersby until she found him, one week before their wedding, in bed with his secretary Horrified, she returned his ring Kathryn couldn t have known then that Rex s injuries in an accident would prevent the truth from coming out that she d be accused of callously jilting Rex Nate Kingersby, Rex s older brother, was another surprise He regarded her action as an insult to his brother and family for which Kathryn must suffer.
    The Other Brother Could love exist without trust Kathryn had been joyously anticipating her wedding to Rex Kingersby until she found him one week before their wedding in bed with his secretary Horrified she returned

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    1. This is one of Jessica Steele s better books It was so filled with WTF angst, I thought I was reading a Charlotte Lamb Kathryn is engaged to be married to Rex first brother when she happens to walk in and find him in bed with his secretary She is devastated, breaks the engagement and runs off to be with her sister for the weekend Rex on the other hand, recognizing the error of his ways, gets drunk and crashes the car seriously injuring himself.In comes brother number 2, The Other Brother Of cour [...]

    2. Spoilers, yes Formulaic JS with a cheating fianc , an angry vengeful H and a poor misunderstood h, bravely trying to get on with life Only I dint like her completely forgetting not going to see the seriously injured om He might have been a jerk but a JS h is supposed to be a better person Also, her complete idiocy in keeping the truth to herself and suffering the om s family s wrath was baffling and impractical Adding to her idiocy was her turning a blind eye to the H s real motives in befriend [...]

    3. Kathryn is engaged to be married to Rex and is happy but 1 week before she drops in to surprise Rex and she gets the shock of her life,Rex is in bed with his secretary Maxine and she catches them,Kathryn then n there breaks off the engagement,Rex says no he loves her and Maxine is nothing to him but Kathryn takes no excuse she gives back the ring and goes awayImmediately after this Rex is in an accident and is injured seriously,Rex s older brother Nick thinks Kathryn is responsible for Rex s con [...]

    4. Good old school revenge HP What I liked most about it was that the reveal of the H s revenge plot and h s innocence came toward the middle than in the last 2 pages So, the H had to work hard for a few chapters to get the h to forgive him and take him back And, she held on to her pride like a vice instead of falling right back into his arms.

    5. Kathryn is getting ready to marry Rex She ll be moving into a much higher socio economic bracket, but she s determined not to be a moocher, so she s paying for and organising a whole lot of wedding things Her sweet old boss, Mr Kingersby, gives her the afternoon off to do wedding stuff Rex is also a Kingersby There are seven Kingersby men owning and running the company where Kathryn works I don t know what the business does, but it s been doing it for a jubilee worthy number of years From what I [...]

    6. Just read again because I was thinking of the jilting trope The other brother in this one did redeem himself by placing himself in a position of humiliation if the heroine rejected him That was nicely done as a symbolic weighing of the karmic scales But it seemed too quick of a turnaround from a very upset heroine I m not sure if trust is regained that quickly The sister s philandering husband sub thread really underscored the notion of trust in a relationship It was ominous than reassuring.

    7. I love how Jessica Steele creates conflict in her heroes, who end up loving the very one they despise and distrust And threaten and bully They realize they misjudged the girl Then they must grovel and in this case, the other brother has to really grovel Her heroes can be so ruthless Others by Steele with ruthless gamma heroes who see the light grovel scenes Devil In DisguiseIntimate EnemiesInnocent Abroad Tethered LibertyPride s MasterJessica Steele writes Harlequin Romances and some Hqn Present [...]

    8. 3 1 2 Stars Growing up Kathryn knew her father had had affairs, and when her mother became ill and suddenly died, he had been off with one of his women To further her resentment, only three months after her mother died, he remarried Kathryn s sister Sandra has two young daughters and a husband who also has a roving eye Time and again, Kathryn is consoling her sister over his affairs Engaged to a wonderful young man, Kathryn is eagerly planning her wedding It s a week before the day, and while mo [...]

    9. I didn t enjoy this book much to be honest I found the heroine naive and I never felt the hero grovelled sufficiently instead he felt she had a right to listen to his explanations even when all along he pretended to be nice to her, sometimes attacked her and then planned to jilt her at the altar not to forget took her virginity, not doing.The only reason he realized that his beloved brother was lying was because she turned out to be a virgin Not that the heroine was blameless, when she discovere [...]

    10. Story goes she is engaged to the Hero s brother and she breaks it off with him after he is caught with his pants down and then he has an accident The hero want to go down and make up with him and she is not going to do that so he set out to get even with her He seduces her coldly her first time and he is tell her what he really thinks of her and she keeps going in to work for that asshole after he tell her off and she tell him the truth He is a total judgmental asshole If it was him would that b [...]

    11. Nice tidy revenge story Tidy in the sense that the hero s remorse and groveling is nicely calibrated to make up for his revenges against the heroine.

    12. The Other Brother is the story of Nate and Kathryn.Basically Kathryn is a happy bride to be, marrying Rex into the Kingersby family, when a pre wedding apartment trip leads her to Rex with another woman in bed Angry and hurt, she breaks off the engagement, and goes off to visit her sister.When she returns, she realizes Rex has had an accident and his family thinks she jilted him not knowing the real reason behind calling off the wedding Nate his older brother now heads the company she is secreta [...]

    13. Kathryn is planning her wedding to Rex Kingersby She is planning on moving into his place when she comes across a woman s worst nightmare Rex in bed w OW Kathryn calmly returns his ring and questions what her feelings for him truly were She goes to seek solace from family and returns later to find Rex s brother, Nate, at her door Nate is accusing her of all sorts of heartlessness and even endeavoring to inflict some violence on her Kathryn must finish up her work with the Kingersby family and is [...]

    14. Some good angst in this one The heroine was definitely a total idiot for not guessing at the hero s motives based on the evil looks he shot her all the time Of course, to be fair, the heroine could hardly know that she was living in HP land, where heroes concoct elaborate revenges at the drop of a hat A nice long grovel fest at the end, which was fun Overall, very readable if you like angsty revenge stories.

    15. I enjoyed this book A lot of the plot was obvious as it was developing but I found it interesting I thought the heroine was totally an airhead at times, falling so quick after her recent experience Not to mention all the fleeting looks of hatred which were ignored by her I can t help thinking she was on the rebound.

    16. Most of the book was like watching a horror movie where the dumb heroine decides she wants to investigate the strange noise in the dark basement and you know she shouldn t go there but she does anyway Not that this book was horror but I didn t understand the heroine at all An okay story, but nothing remarkable.

    17. I honestly don t even want to waste my time writing this review so I ll try to keep it short Kathryn is incredibly naive but because her character is written so well I am understand why she is the way she is It s just in her nature and she got burned for it Nate is one of the most despicable men I ve ever seen in a book and there was no redeeming him after the way he treated her The whole book he was a jerk playing her though she didn t know it You figure she d catch on with the subtle glares an [...]

    18. Another reread from last night.Heroine walks in on her fiance in bed with his secretary, one week before they were supposed to get married She broke things off Not long after that, her ex was involved in an accident and while the heroine asked about him, she didn t go to see him His older brother came looking for her Didn t know the full story and blamed her vowed revenge His plan was to make her fall in love with him and then do to her what she did to his brother.n, he didn t know the full stor [...]

    19. Now I am die hard Jessica Steele fan because I love reading about her urbane, bossy British alpha males in conservative Savile Row suits, but I gotta say that the cover of this novel is ugly That hero on the cover sucks Wtf was wrong with the graphic department at Mills and Boon during this era Did none of their artistic employees attend art school or have meaningful conversations with the marketing and advertising departments Seriously if I did not love Jessica s old fashioned storylines, I wo [...]

    20. 2010 Review love it because SPOILERS the heroine made the hero suffer because he did a dastardly thing But don t worry, she made him suffer just enough for love to still prevail in the end Well the back cover kind of tells you the whole story already I already knew that the hero was going to be cruel to her so I didn t hate him too much I liked the story because it was not boring and the story just flowed Even though the heroine was a virgin and later was callously used and devirginized by the h [...]

    21. bu kitap hakk nda duygular m yle ifade edebilirim herhalde Kad n karakter d ne 1 hafta kala ni anl s n sekreteriyle yatakta bas nca image error Sonra ni anl s Rex in kaza ge irip de k z m z Kathrine ula lamay nca sinirli abinin gelip de k za a z na geleni s yleyinceKathrinin o abiye aldat l n ve can n z cehenneme demesi yerine ni anl s n n aile bireyleri kar s nda erefinin iki paral k olaca n d nd i in hi bir s ylemedi inde you re stupid diyesim geldi nki aldat lan sensin be kad n kendine gel Ab [...]

    22. reading the synopsis i thought it looked like an interesting plot but while reading i felt it quite lacked in terms of the heroines love she suddenly felt for the hero, after the heros blatant hatred for her, and the abusive way he treated her the first time they met nearly strangling her out of anger i somehow felt that the heroine had to admit to herself that she loved the hero so quickly in order for her to give her body so freely to him in all honesty i didnt like either character i thought [...]

    23. A book from 1982.Kathryn is so naive but would never explain herself fully Nate was so hateful and made so many assumptions about the woman who jilted his brother and may have caused him to have a car accident.I really can t see how a person could fall in love with someone when the initially showed themselves to be so hateful and wanting revenge She even stated that she would occasionally catch him looking at her with so much anger, yet he was being nice to her He was hot then cold with her, but [...]

    24. So dated it s almost quaint Hero goes beyond dominant into Ahole territory but is of course redeemed in the end Several times I wanted to Bslap the heroine because seriously are you kidding me But all in all a journey into our less enlightened past.

    25. I didn t enjoy this novel too much I found it to be really silly at most parts and Nate to be absolutely rude, arrogant and revengeful It hurt that the heroine could be hurt so much and then just blindly accepting his proposal the next She is no better than her sister in my books.

    26. Found the h really fickle for falling in and out of love soo quickly Did not feel the H s love There should have been time span between the broken engagement and the next relation.

    27. ntikam alaca m diye k za a k oldun ya Nate D HAHA ok acayipsin D Surpriz Nikah haz rlamas ,balay haz rlamas ok ho tu, ok romantikti daha ok D

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