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Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey By Chuck Wendig,

  • Title: Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey
  • Author: Chuck Wendig
  • ISBN: 2940012417572
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Nook
  • No seriously, he s not f king around, you really don t want to be a writer But if you re mad enough to decide that you do, Wendig will be your gonzo esque guide, from the technical advice about structure, query letters and submissions, to dealing with agents and editors and how to make your characters do as they re damn well told, he s full of good advice Like a cursin No seriously, he s not f king around, you really don t want to be a writer But if you re mad enough to decide that you do, Wendig will be your gonzo esque guide, from the technical advice about structure, query letters and submissions, to dealing with agents and editors and how to make your characters do as they re damn well told, he s full of good advice Like a cursing, booze soaked Virgil to your Dante, let him show you around.Buy this book, your editor will thank you Jenni Hill, Editor, Solaris BooksWant to become a novelist A screenwriter An all around freelance penmonkey Don t know the difference between beats, scenes, sequences and acts Not sure where to begin your edit, or how to query an agent, or what liquor goes best with the madness of being a writer Then CONFESSIONS OF A FREELANCE PENMONKEY is all yoursNFESSIONS is a collection of 50 essays on the subject of writing and the writing life It covers a wide array of subjects, from technical advice to discussions of publishing versus self publishing to what to do if you wake up pantsless and ink stained in the basement of a Tijuana bookstore Equal parts hilarious, insane, profane, and profound, CONFESSIONS will take you through the many trials and tribulations of the penmonkey s moonbat existence, offering advice every step of the way.Features popular TERRIBLEMINDS essays Beware of Writer Drop That Pen, Grab A Hammer Building The Writer s Platform Exposing Yourself Do You Write For Free No, Seriously, I m Not F king Around, You Really Don t Want To Be A Writer The Penmonkey s Paean Why Your Novel Won t Get Published Why You Won t Finish That Novel And TERRIBLEMINDS has been named one of the top 101 websites for writers by WRITER S DIGEST magazine What others have said Chuck Wendig has done what so many authors desperately need and will never admit offered a phenomenal book about the real world of writing, and made it reachable and readable by anyone An absolute must read for anyone even thinking of dabbling with words for a living Karina Cooper, Author of Blood of the Wicked Chuck Wendig s Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey is full of the kind of writing advice I wish I d gotten in school Practical, brutally honest, and done with the kind of humor that will make it stick in your brain Whether you re a veteran writer or new to the craft, you ll find something useful in here Plus he says f k a lot, so, you know, there s that Stephen Blackmoore, author of City of the Lost In Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey, Chuck Wendig hammers out writing and career advice that s always brave, profane, creative, clever, and honest And don t forget hilarious You ll never laugh so hard learning so much Matt Forbeck, game designer and author of Vegas Knights When a writer hits cynical, drunken, mother hugging rock bottom, that s when they need Chuck Wendig s raw, no holds barred advice This is not for the faint of heart But then again, neither is writing Mur Lafferty, host of ISBW I Should Be Writing podcast, editor of Escape Pod, author of Playing For Keeps Despite being irreverent, vulgar, and funny, Chuck Wendig is also surprisingly profound From one wordslinger about another, Chuck is the real deal and every prospective or working writer should read Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey Hell, the Writer s Prayer alone is worth the price of admission Jennifer Brozek, Author of The Little Finance Book That Could If you want to be a better writer, or just want to be inspired by one of the best takes on writing I ve ever read, do yourself a favor and buy Confessions Daniel Ames, author of Feasting at the Table of the Damned
    Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey No seriously he s not f king around you really don t want to be a writer But if you re mad enough to decide that you do Wendig will be your gonzo esque guide from the technical advice about struct

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    1. A friend gave me this book and it has been my lunchtime reading for the last week Hilarious, scatological, and dead accurate in its musings on the necessity of editing, plotting, and the willingness to stick your pants to your chair if you want to accomplish something as freelance writer Pretty much the advice as I would give it to aspiring writers if I knew as many swearwords as Mr Wendig.

    2. From what I understand, much of the material in Chuck Wendig s writing books is pulled from his blog, terribleminds, organized, and revised and or commented on at the end of each section So yeah, you can probably get most of the information for free by reading his blog But his Penmonkey books are cheap, and fun, and good, foulmouthed kick in the pants for writers So I can t really take issue with the recycled material If you want a taste of his style, however, his website is a good place to star [...]

    3. Hilarious book filled with tons of good writing advice on writing and being a writer Not for the easily offended as Mr Wendig is highly creative in the use of profanity.

    4. I ll admit it I m a writing craft book junkie If it can help me become a better writer I m going to snag it and devour it This book doesn t disappoint made up of blog entries and than a little profanity, it lays it out as it is for the budding writer and for the old fogies as well Writing tips, psychology and a bit of humor to keep you going for the gold ring makes this book a must have for the writer

    5. Let me start this by issuing a warning if you are of the faint of heart with regards to profanity and crudeness, then this might not be the book for you.Let me also say that, as a general rule, I actively avoid excessive amounts of profanity and crudeness I have little use for them, don t use it myself, and in general would prefer not to carry on a conversation with someone who does But But.But the advice and information presented in this book totally trumped all of that Wendig s voice and advic [...]

    6. Note From the review on my blog.Jocularity, jocularity profanity and a modicum of suggestions ensue should one deign to read Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey by Chuck Wendig Released independently by Wendig himself the book is a collection of his essays about working as a writer, freelancing and simply putting pen to paper that he had on his blog terribleminds which forms an insightful and motivating not to mention metaphor laced book about writing.By metaphor laced I mean that Wendig has go [...]

    7. Just finished reading Confessions of A Freelance Penmonkey, by prolific author Chuck Wendig chuckwendig A book of writing advice, it is easily one of the best I have read on the subject in a long time A compilation his blog posts available at Terrible Minds, the book covers manyfacet of writing, from getting started to writing query letters, and even the pros and cons of why you want to be a writer.The book is written in an informal style in a completely NSFW way This isn t a book you want to re [...]

    8. An entertaining, metaphor twisting, profanity laden exploration of how to be a freelance writer or penmonkey.I love the word penmonkey.Dance for me penmonkey, dance Ultimately this is a guide book on how to be a writer, the things one must think of, the issues you encounter when writing, an exploration of editing, and a discussion of the publishing industry as it is right now, all screamed into your face with the aggression of an orang utan rubbing faeces in your hair for touching up its wife at [...]

    9. I m not wearing pants for this review American definition of pants that is.This book is about how to be a writer, specifically a novelist If you haven t read anything by this author you may be surprised by both the amount, and the creativity of the profanities used Personally I find lots of them bloody hilarious, and others have me rapidly searching the Urban Dictionary.The basis of this book can be found at the terribleminds blog However additional reflective passages after each essay provide a [...]

    10. I have a confession of my own to make I love Chuck Wendig s terribleminds blog terribleminds Yes, I m a respectable, 40 something mom, but I find Wendig s writing hilarious Sometimes I ll be reading a blog post and laughing out loud, and my 17 y o daughter will ask what I m laughing at, and I have to just say, oh, nothing, because well, it s not a link I ll be sending her anytime soon Wendig admits to an obsession with creative profanity and it s something he does extremely well, and which I gen [...]

    11. Rating writer s guides is always a bit tricky, since as Wendig himself notes, what works for the writer may not necessarily work for you It s a craft, but there s also an art to it, and the process of creation is very personal and different for everyone Stephen King, for instance, doesn t do outlines, just starts writing by the seat of his pants, which is how The Mist, ordered originally as a short story, ended up novella length Lord Dunsany, famously, never edited after the first draft though w [...]

    12. This is a collection of blog posts by Chuck Wendig, who s something of a household name in foulmouthed writing bloggers He puts his money where his mouth is, though he s published freelance, through self publishing, and traditional venues He knows what he s talking about.For him I must emphasize that I didn t find everything he said useful in my own writing Mostly, the utility came from thinking about things I took for granted about how to craft a good story Some of the entries seemed random Som [...]

    13. Packed with useful advice for writers, Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey is a collection of articles taken from the author s blog, terrible minds Wendig s off the wall, foul mouthed ranting style is, as always, highly entertaining He doesn t pull punches, and is the literary equivalent of Gordon Ramsay In the instant book, each article is backed up by a calmer, saner, commentary, which I found good, as Wendig s blog style, while lovable in the extreme when one s reading a short article, becam [...]

    14. Author says this I see a lot of touchy feely writing advice Nice, sweet advice from very helpful people Nothing wrong with that Not knocking it But it s also not my style I figure hey, you don t have to look hard to find comforting advice Why not go the other way Why not act like R Lee Ermey from Full Metal Jacket tough love works Discipline gets across I m speaking to writers who find this entertaining and or enlightening.And that s the short of it Here s the long In college I had one of those [...]

    15. This isn t your typical How to be an Awesome Writer and Break into the Business book You re not going to come out of it with a magical ability to outline your story, hunt down and kill to be verbs, or build a unique world Instead, what you get is a lot of insight into what it is like to be a freelance writer Confessions is a collection of Chuck s blogs from his website, each one giving the reader a glimpse into the highs and lows of writing as a career No punches are pulled Chuck makes it clear [...]

    16. 4 stars just because I m name dropped about half way through the book Extra star for his hilarious send up of the acknowledgments page.I kid I kid.This is, in essence, TerribleMinds the remix Consider this the greatest hits collection of Chuck s writing advice throughout the years, with bonus content and post scripts on many of the articles You ll see Chuck change his mind about NaNoWriMo, completely reverse his stance on ebooks, and expand on a lot of ideas he only glossed over the first time a [...]

    17. 5 StarsConsidering how long I ve followed him on twitter and read his blog, I m surprised it took me this long to read one of his books.Either way, this was an enjoyable read a collection of essays from his website, complete with postscript commentary and note son how the posts link together I took my time with it, reading a couple of sections every few days and trying to bear the thoughts in mind when it came to my own writing.Very motivational if you like being yelled at continually, and very [...]

    18. This is a collection of Chuck Wendig s blog posts on writing , and, as I believe this is the first collection, must be some of his earlier stuff It s worthy buying it like this as opposed to reading it online because every single post has a post script of varying lengthy where he talks about his views on the post now, sometimes disagreeing with his initial view.And that s fine because even when I don t personally agree with his views on writing I still like to know his He writes in an interestin [...]

    19. This book didn t make me a writer, but it certainly gave me some good ideas about how to go about becoming one should I ever choose that path A collection of posts from the author s blog, the advice is largely of the obvious sort The kind of obvious advice that is only obvious after someone points it out to you.Stuff like if you want to be a writer then you need to finish what you start, because starting is the fun and easy part, it s finishing things that takes work.He also talks a lot about th [...]

    20. I ve read the lion share of this book as posts on Chuck s blog, but picked up the nook version anyway as those posts are just that good Chuck has added some additional notes and comments at the end of each section, updating them and or adding anecdotes If you have any interest in writing for a portion of your living or want to see in to the worm ridden mind of someone who does already, you REALLY want to drop an Abe on this You are warned, here there be profanity I am sure you are strong enough [...]

    21. While most writing books coddle the aspiring author, Chuck Wendig drags them screaming into an alley and clubs them over the head with a doorknob crammed into a gym sock The advice is similar to other things I ve read, but the bluntness in his delivery sinks it deep into my brain.Honestly, I had never heard of him before randomly stumbling onto his website while shirking my own work After a few minutes reading his blog, I snagged his ebook from Barnes and Noble on a random impulse One of my bett [...]

    22. There s a line from the movie Christmas Story where Ralphy says his old man works in profanity the way other artists work in oil or clay That it was his true medium So it is with Chuck Wendig.If you re interested in writing advice from a guy in the trenches, a bearded penmonkey with a unique voice that is often funny and often profanely funny, this is the book for you It s a fast read, a fun read, and at times a frantic madhouse of I don t know I want to say ninjas or maybe crazed ginsu chefs v [...]

    23. If you re in need of a little tough love with your writing career, this is the book for you Brutally honest, while being laugh out loud funny, Chuck Wendig offers good advice for anyone interested in writing professionally, be it fiction or non Note this book is not for the faint of heart for it contains vulgar language, gratuitous sexual references and hilarious scatology that you will never be able to unsee once you have imagined them For everyone else, this book is perfect.

    24. Chuck Wendig has done a splendiferous job of combining two of my favorite things writing and profuse swearing Where similar instruction books might be content holding your hand and guiding you through the often over hyped joys of writing, Wendig instead smacks you upside the head with a newspaper until he can reliably count on you to not shit the bed For me, at least, that makes this book infinitely enjoyable than the run of the mill writing books.

    25. I don t give out 5 stars very often and even rarely is there a non fiction book that gets this accolade If you are in any way inclined to write then give this a read It has good pace and will hold your interest Takes you through the pains and delights of writing and does it very well.Thank you Mr Wendig few books these days make me sad as I get towards the end and you managed it with a manual on writing.

    26. This book had great advice and I have scores of highlights to prove it I ll refer back to it when I m stuck on some topics I d give it four stars but I think a couple of the last essays could have been trimmed or just left out Either I got tired of Chuck s voice or there just wasn t much enlightening there.

    27. This certainly isn t a novel There s no singular theme threaded throughout, as it s composed of a series of blog posts from the past few years with Wendig s updated commentary at the end of each chapter.Wendig covers just about every writing subject, though the material does get repetitive at the end He does say he s writing for himself, so it s easy to look past.

    28. Chuck Wendig is an excellent essayist and an almost brutal yet hilarious giver of writing advice I have laughed myself sick over his metaphors, and taken quite a bit of his advice it has helped my writing immensely I would definitely recommend any of his writerly advice books to anyone who wants to write His blog is excellent too terribleminds

    29. This is a great and rather irreverent ish collection of essays about writing I highly recommend it for writers, aspiring writers, struggling writers, and anyone who wishes to expand their profanity vocabulary It s a good read.

    30. Chuck Wendig does go on And on He is amusing, though, and one can glean some good writing tips among the persiflage I was happy when I finished the book, though, because I tired of his style long before the book was ended.

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