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Tartine By Elisabeth Prueitt Alice Waters Chad Robertson France Ruffenach,

  • Title: Tartine
  • Author: Elisabeth Prueitt Alice Waters Chad Robertson France Ruffenach
  • ISBN: 9780811851503
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Every once in a while, a cookbook comes along that instantly says classic This is one of them Acclaimed pastry chef Elisabeth Prueitt and master baker Chad Robertson share not only their fabulous recipes, but also the secrets and expertise that transform a delicious homemade treat into a great one It s no wonder there are lines out the door of Elisabeth and Chad s accEvery once in a while, a cookbook comes along that instantly says classic This is one of them Acclaimed pastry chef Elisabeth Prueitt and master baker Chad Robertson share not only their fabulous recipes, but also the secrets and expertise that transform a delicious homemade treat into a great one It s no wonder there are lines out the door of Elisabeth and Chad s acclaimed Tartine Bakery It s been written up in every magazine worth its sugar and spice Here their bakers art is transformed into easy to follow recipes for the home kitchen The only thing hard about this cookbook is deciding which recipe to try first moist Brioche Bread Pudding luscious Banana Cream Pie the sweet tart perfection of Apple Crisp And the cakes Billowing chiffon cakes Creamy Bavarians bursting with seasonal fruits A luxe Devil s Food Cake Lemon Pound Cake, Pumpkin Tea Cake Along with the sweets, cakes, and confections come savory treats, such as terrifically simple Wild Mushroom Tart and Cheddar Cheese Crackers There s a little something here for breakfast, lunch, tea, supper, hors d oeuvresand, of course, a whole lot for dessert Practical advice comes in the form of handy Kitchen Notes These hows and whys convey the authors know how, whether it s the key to the creamiest quiche you ll be surprised , the most efficient way to core an apple, or tips for ensuring a flaky crust Top it off with gorgeous photographs throughout and you have an utterly fresh, inspiring, and invaluable cookbook.
    Tartine Every once in a while a cookbook comes along that instantly says classic This is one of them Acclaimed pastry chef Elisabeth Prueitt and master baker Chad Robertson share not only their fabulous reci

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    1. Lots of yummy looking recipes to try The best part is the VERY detailed explanations they talk about, such as how the dough should look, and recommended techniques eg instead of beating egg whites at high speed to get stiff peaks quickly, beat them at a lower speed for a longer period of time to get a finer texture.

    2. The blurb for this book says Every once in a while, a cookbook comes along that instantly says classic This is one of them Never have truer words been written This cookbook has everything to stretch the ability of an amateur baker to keeping a professional pastry chef interested Herein are basics such as croissant danish dough, puff pastry, different kinds of tarts, sweet breads, cookies, cakes, etc You want baking, you got it There are explanations on the techniques and the choice of product co [...]

    3. I ve been baking out of this book for exactly one year, creating exceptional desserts My friends and family praise my baking, but the reality is, all I m doing is following directions I can only humbly attribute my baking successes to the ability of this book to communicate effectively, the results of which I ve chronicled into a personal blog called thetartineproject.

    4. Uh oh It seems I m one of those rare folks who isn t raving about this cookbook My review comes from the reading aspect of this only not the results from any recipes, because I haven t made any of them yet Don t throw rotten tomatoes at me, because I know it s annoying to have someone rate a cookbook who hasn t actually made anything from it So, here s the problem I wasn t inspired to WANT to make anything from the cookbook Yeah I do love to bake, and I m not afraid to try new things I read reci [...]

    5. My current favorite cookbook I reviewed it here yasmine tartine book review And I made a recipe from it, Almond Lemon Tea Cake which was crazy delicious and quite possibly the best citrusy cake I have ever had You can see the process recipe here yasmine almond lemon tea cake

    6. Beautiful book I often buy Kindle cookbooks to save space, however, I m glad I have a physical copy of this book It s just so pretty and the recipes are surprisingly simple Or I should say, there are many that are simple The author also gives great hints about what to make For example She mentions that people hardly make pudding cakes, they are unusual and delicious, but easy to make My grandmother s recipe for lemon pudding cake is actually very similar to the recipe in this book I found that s [...]

    7. Everything looks delicious and surprisingly deceptively simple I can t wait to try some recipes and then add in my stars review.

    8. I bought this in Kindle edition when it popped up as a cheap price in one of those ebooks on sale now emails I get I haven t had the pleasure of eating there, but I recognized the name and figured why not.The recipes in this book are very detailed, and I appreciate each one having accompanying context for how and why the recipe was developed, as well as some notes about how the chemical reactions produce this or that effect, so if you substitute X, make sure you Y, and so forth Awesome It s thor [...]

    9. I just made the banana cream pie recipe in the book, and though it was quite labor intensive, it was well worth the effort I have a newfound respect for pastry chefs.There were multiple recipes that went into the pie which made it difficult to make all at once since I had to keep flipping back and forth between the recipes for the pie shell, pastry cream, caramel, and the banana cream pie recipe that brought it all together But it s nice to know that the same recipes can be re used in other reci [...]

    10. Brilliant Superbly written and carefully constructed for the non pastry person such as myself, though, I have to say I have fruit pies down cold Tartine has an excellent array of recipes taken from the Tartine Bakery in San Francisco My wife was recently up there and came away with an assortment of pastries lemon, raspberry frangipane, banana cream Deceptively simple, with an emphasis on deceptive Anyway, I baked all three of those, plus an apple tart, from the recipes in Tartine First go, I thi [...]

    11. This is a fantastic book and I have promised myself that the next time I go to San Francisco I am going to line up if I have to in order to taste the delicious food and baking at Tartine What a treat I also need to get this book and bake many of these amazing recipes I am inspired to do and I loved all the stories behind the recipes and the straight forward instructions For anyone who loves to bake or even ever thought of baking this is a must have volume I plan to read Tartine Bread by Elizabe [...]

    12. Can t read this book without creating something wonderfulThis could well be the cookbook you need to elevate your cooking to a whole new level From something as simple as spiced nuts and shortbread to chiffon cakes and beyond It is step by step, hold your hand instructions for every recipe you try So, here s your chance to make someone think you re a chef today Follow the instructions to the letter for best results.

    13. Put simply, Tartine is Mecca, and this book is their gospel.Thanks to this book, you shall no longer need to stand in line in hopes of receive your sacrament and you needn t worry that the person in front of you in line will get the last Frangipane croissant Except, of course, if you want a morning bun you ll have to get out of bed and get your ass down to 18th Guererro if you want one of those they forgot to include that recipe

    14. PerfectI want to make everything in this cookbook The authors are great at explaining a bit of the chemistry that goes on in baking, which I think is helpful but rarely included in baking recipes Why things work is just as important as how they work But this book is far from stuffy It is a great read, informative, entertaining and most importantly inspiring Now if you will excuse me, I m going to go make some croissants.

    15. Again, this is four stars from me because of my not knowing enough to give it five stars Katya lent me her copy several times I have just copied the brioche recipe because I have 8 brioche tins from I believe either my great aunt or my grandmother I am dying to use them Kayta has never had a recipe fail and it is a beauiful book.

    16. I received this cookbook for my birthday a few years ago, and I still can t get over how pretty it is I made another recipe from it last week and was reminded how delicious all the treats in this book are These are not easy baking projects they will sometimes require several days But they are well worth it

    17. Beautiful pics and mouth watering recipes I borrowed this book from our library but never got to bake anything from it as most of the recipes were really involved and I just didn t have the time this month I ll probably borrow it again when looking for some baking inspiration but I don t think I ll be buying it.

    18. i was expecting A LOT pictures but this cook book is like for some one who is already an accomplished baker and REALLY knows their way around a kitchen this would be a place that i would go and eat and buy things but as far as making these things for myself i would have to say no i will admit i would be over my head

    19. I love this cafe bakery in SF However, some of the recipes are a little off You ll need to play around with measurements For example, the gougeres need a lot cheese and spice than the book calls for

    20. Tartine, my favorite french bakery in the Mission, put out this cookbook My scones taste just like their scones which, in my mind, makes them perfect Many fancy desserts and bakery standbys Excellent baking book.

    21. I love bakery cookbooks they serve as inspiration for me for when I get to open my own.Devils food cake is good in this one and I m dying to try the lemon meringue cake because I love all things lemon meringue.

    22. This cookbook is beautiful and inspiring, but the recipes are all day affairs, and sometimes the finished product isn t divine enough to justify all the work it took to make Once Patrick spent something like 6 hours on a single chocolate cake

    23. Oh, Tartine This cookbook is like having a little shrine to the finest bakery I ve ever visited in the Mission in San Francisco Beautiful photographs, mouth watering recipes, and clear, helpful directions.

    24. A beautiful book with recipes that are delicious and work The recipes are pretty exact in method, but the outcomes are well worth the pickiness And I also highly recommend you check out the shop next time you re in San Francisco.

    25. Makes the flawless goods of Tartine accessible in the home kitchen Clear recipes that don t sacrifice the quality of the final product for simplicity s sake Beautiful photographs and overall design.

    26. If you live in SF, or have ever had brunch at Tartine, you ve GOT to check this book out if only to get the recipe for the fabulous fruit topped brioche pudding like a souffle And the lemon pound cake And for anything else you want to bake.

    27. I really liked the look of this cookbook and the recipes were mouth wateringly to die for But the average recipe had three to four pages of instructions making it too intimidating for me to do than salivate over the pictures and then go eat an Oreo.

    28. who thought a famous bakery in sf would be willing to share their recipes with you but it s true now you can make your own quiche best i ve ever tasted , gougeres, banana cream pies, etc etc in the comfort of your own home just make sure you stock plenty of butter.

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