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Jennie's Hat By Ezra Jack Keats,

  • Title: Jennie's Hat
  • Author: Ezra Jack Keats
  • ISBN: 9780142500354
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jennie s favorite aunt is sending her a new hat, and Jennie is sure it will be beautiful But when the box arrives, the hat inside is very plain She had imagined a wonderful hat with big colorful flowers and even tries to make her own hat from a straw basket Jennie is almost ready to give up on her dream when she receives a fanciful surprise from some very special friendJennie s favorite aunt is sending her a new hat, and Jennie is sure it will be beautiful But when the box arrives, the hat inside is very plain She had imagined a wonderful hat with big colorful flowers and even tries to make her own hat from a straw basket Jennie is almost ready to give up on her dream when she receives a fanciful surprise from some very special friends Ezra Jack Keats s timelessly charming illustrations will leave readers wishing for a dream hat of their own.
    Jennie s Hat Jennie s favorite aunt is sending her a new hat and Jennie is sure it will be beautiful But when the box arrives the hat inside is very plain She had imagined a wonderful hat with big colorful flowe

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    1. A picture book classic about a young girl who wishes her plain hat was fancier She tries not to be disappointed, but it s clear she longs for the kind of hat she sees women wear at church Then Jennie s kindness is sweetly repaid A great story to use with a hat making craft.

    2. 1 Jennie s Hat by Ezra Jack Keats has not won any awards.2 I would recommend this book for K 2 3 In this book, Jennie is so excited to see the hat her favorite aunt has sent her, but when she sees the lackluster hat, she is very disappointed So, around the house she looks for things that could make a fun and lovely hat With the help of some birds, Jennie s dull hat becomes the most beautiful hat of all piled high with flowers, photos, leaves, and colored eggs.4 I like this book because of Jennie [...]

    3. The magical element comes into play too abruptly for me I re read several times and couldn t make this story gel in my mind While the illustrations are stellar, I found the text lacking.

    4. Slightly dated story from the time when people wore fancy hats and a small girl who wishes hers might be fancy too.

    5. Birds Yep It s because of the birds that I read this book And it s the only book by Keats that we ve read that features a girl Beware after reading this to a young girl, she just might start creating inventive hats.

    6. Breaking from his typical African American male protagonist, beloved author, Ezra Jack Keats, creates a playful story with a female protagonist who dreams of a fancy hat with colorful flowers and ribbons Using collage and composite illustrations, Keats timelessly brings this fanciful story to life.Jennie has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new hat from her favorite aunt However, when it arrives, she is very disappointed in how plain the hat is Wishing it were a little fancier, Jennie se [...]

    7. Clever story with gentle action and ups and downs Lots of language opportunities about waiting, expectations, disappointments, plain and fancy, word play, caring for others and receiving care in return Jennie imagines her new hat will be fancy but when it comes, it s plain She uses other household object to se if they will make a fancy hat She can t stop thinking about hats and uses rhyming words She is kind to the birds and they help decorate her hat.Vocabulary plain, fancy, addLEARNING EXPERIE [...]

    8. This book is a great one for me because it shows how Jennie used her imagination to find happiness and what she really wanted I feel like that is what the goal should be, whether it would be reading, boredom, or anything that they would need in order to find their escape from reality When reading, using your imagination is crucial because to understand a story on how the author intended the readers to understand it, you have to lose yourself in the book by using your imagination Since everyone i [...]

    9. In this story a little girl awaits and wonders what her new hat will look like She imagines all types of fancy ones but when it arrives it s just a plain little girl hat She is disappointed and a little angry She goes off and tries different things for a hat and as she is thinking about her new hat she goes out and feeds the birds and animals outside thinking of them She goes to church with her parents and see all the fancy pretty hats everyone is wearing and when church is over and she goes out [...]

    10. I would use this book as an addition to a weekly to monthly Ezra Keats themed lesson We will have chosen a book by Keats at story time each day, then continue to, discussing previous books before starting a new one The sole purpose of these readings would be to emphasize that Ezra Keats, the author, had written each one My goal would be to have children maintain their knowledge of what an author is, as I notice in classrooms that I currently teach that they often forget Having them focus on the [...]

    11. Jennie receives the gift of a hat from her aunt However, she is disappointed that it is very plain She stops sulking long enough to go feed the birds which is her Saturday ritual The next day, the birds return the favor by decorating her hat after church She is delighted by the decorations and will remember the day and her mood in the end.Although somewhat dated, this picture book still makes a good read aloud with discussion points about giving and receiving gifts There is a strong message of k [...]

    12. This is a fun story about hats We ve been reading the books in the series of books featuring Peter by Ezra Jack Keats We really enjoyed those, so now we are expanding to other books he wrote This was an interesting story with colorful illustrations and we had fun reading it together We loved looking at the hats this is a great book to read during Easter and Springtime in general.

    13. Ezra Jack Keats illustrations here are, as usual, excellent The story is simple and should delight young girls and boys as well, why not It certainly delighted me Jennie receives a hat as a gift, and is disappointed that it is not fancy, but plain She sulks and grumbles, as children will do but something amazing happens that brings Jennie her wish You must read it to believe Although Jennie is rewarded with her wish, I had hoped that she would have learned to appreciate the gift she was given, a [...]

    14. I will use this book to continue in our Ezra Keats themed weekly to monthly lesson We will read the story during a story time read aloud, and discuss who Ezra Keats is, what happened in the story and critically think to discover how it is similar to his other work This lesson is designed to promote memorization of what an author is by consistently emphasizing his name, his work, what an author is and the realization that the same author can write many books We would think about Jennie s ideas an [...]

    15. Age range 3 8Personal reaction I really enjoy reading this book because it show that the birds helped the girl who goes every Saturday to feed them, and those birds helped her to have a beautiful hat However, I do not like that Gennie did not appreciate what she has This book has good vocabulary like fancier, plain, and scatter.Purpose Read aloud for children in first and second grades Children should learn how to be thankful of what they have.Curriculum Children could learn to design creative a [...]

    16. A misstep by the other exceptional Ezra Jack Keats This is no The Snowy Day, but instead a lesson of selfishness and snobbery being ultimately rewarded through the service of those less fortunate view spoiler After trashing her aunt s gift and continuing to whine about hats, birds encourage this behavior They go so far as to uproot their young to enhance Jennie s headdress hide spoiler

    17. Read during a Pre K Class Visit on 10 17 12 storytimesecrets Read during a Pre K Class Visit on 10 18 12 storytimesecrets Read at elementary school story time celebrating Ezra Jack Keats on 9 18 13 storytimesecrets

    18. When Jenny receives a plain hat from her aunt, she tries on all sorts of interesting alternatives including a basket, a TV antenna, and a pot to no avail However, after befriending birds, Jennie receives flowers, old valentines and even a bird s nest with baby birds for her plain white hat, turning it into the most extravagant, beautiful hat of all The story is fun, though Jenny herself lacks the warmth and the visual simplicity beauty that Keats other characters exhibit.

    19. What do you do when you are expecting something to be one way and find yourself disappointed when it is completely opposite of what you expected You have to get creative to figure out a way to make it just the way you want Teachers will love this book, because it gives children a spring board to creative problem solving It will get children thinking about ways to do things differently and be satisfied with the end result.

    20. a little dated in the illustrations but a cute story of Jennie wanting a fancy hat and not being happy with the one she was given She is really good with animals and after church on Sunday they all add something to her hat unexpectedly Older kids for sure as it s long

    21. A book about a girl who wants to stand out from her peers, but is disappointed when her new hat arrives and is plain I was able to relate to the character and feel like everyone has probably felt similar to the main character.

    22. Jennie s favorite aunt sent her a hat, but she think the hat is very plain She is extremely disappointed She feeds bird every Saturday The Sunday after recieveing her new hat she wears it to church where teh birds decorate the hat.

    23. I think of problem solving for my students when I read this book It demonstrates how the main character is not content with a plain hat, however there is a solution to be creative with the hat and solves the problem.

    24. The story was fine, not great But the art Oh, the art I d like to use this book at Easter and challenge the students to an Easter Bonnet competition Wouldn t that be fun

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