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Return to Night By Mary Renault,

  • Title: Return to Night
  • Author: Mary Renault
  • ISBN: 9780515033373
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • Return To Night, by Renault, Mary
    Return to Night Return To Night by Renault Mary

    One thought on “Return to Night”

    1. Started a bit last night Mary Renault is a favorite of mine but this is the first non classical work I ve read am reading I ve only read a few pages but am already liking her style She uses plenty of words but doesn t waste any of them You have to pay attention Not always that easy for me to doThis is supposed to be as pre WWII book but the cover of my paperback has obviously of a 50 s 60 s look.Still making slow progress due to work obligations The set up seems a bit trite though I m sure Ms R [...]

    2. I have rated this book 3 as it tacles themes of sexuality, disfunctional family and relationships with a frankness that was ahead of its time This is one of several novels that Renault wrote before she embarked with her partner to South Africa and began her historical novels about Alexander for which she is greatly renowned.In this novel Renault at great length and in what is sometimes frustratingly meticulous detail dissects the relationship between Julian Flemming, a young aspiring actor recen [...]

    3. First reading 12 3 14 My GOD, this woman can write an ending The middle sections dragged a bit, but on the whole, this was another gorgeous and deeply disquieting book As with her other novels, I spent the last twenty pages clutching at my heart and whimpering slightly Wowowow.Second reading 1 19 18 Renault is to the romance what Tana French is to the detective novel She s working fully within the structures and tropes of the genre, but doing such fascinating, weird, often dark things with it, a [...]

    4. I first read this novel as a young adult and loved it I re read it many years later and still loved it A particular psychological flaw in one of the main characters is central to the plot this is a device Renault used in several of the books I ve read by her But all of the characters, whether their roles are primary or secondary, or they are glimpsed only once, are three dimensional and believable Her excellent characterization far outweighs anything in the book that is dated.

    5. Return to Night was published in 1947, and was awarded the annual Metro Goldwyn Mayer Prize for the outstanding novel of the year As in Purposes of Love, Return to Night features a hospital setting, and it also focuses upon the relationship between two individuals in this case, a doctor and a patient Dr Hilary Mansell loses out to her ex lover on a promotion, and decides to move to a rural hospital Here, she saves a patient named Julian Fleming, who has been seriously injured in a horseriding ac [...]

    6. I was really pleased to see this on the shelves of a local charity shop since I d not known that Mary Renault s books had been re issued, nor that she d written anything other than the historical ones I d read before I reached double figures.And this was fascinating and entertaining on many levels, not least for the depiction of social attitudes of the time For the most part, too, the writing eloquent, but every now and again I came across sentences that were over stuffed or did not make sense, [...]

    7. Read this for a discussion group, and had a lot fun discussing it than I did actually reading it, I m afraid.Woe I did not like this book I feel bad, but I found the central relationship too dysfunctional for it to work for me as an actual romance novel, and too bogged down in author imposed misogyny to be a subversion of a romance novel So we re left with this kind of meandering exploration of a doomed relationship that s characterisation relies on demon mothers and random cave womb metaphors. [...]

    8. this a good book and a good psychological romance , its a character study of a young man suffering from repression from a vindictive bitter mother and the older woman who he falls in love with who carries the blight of becoming his lover and in the same time his new mother , interesting take on the role of woman mothering the man in a romantic relationship.

    9. This is a very different work from Renault s usual fiction set in England before WW2 A number of her favorite themes lurk underneath, however, and it s a fascinating work, complex and elliptical.

    10. I was intrigued by this book as I have read everything else by her as well as her biographies This made the book meaningful for although I did have problems with word usage and sentence arrangement.

    11. Absolutely gorgeous writing and both characters are dears The protagonist especially is so full featured and real.

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