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Annie John By Jamaica Kincaid, SparkNotes Annie John Annie John is a novel by Jamaica Kincaid that was first published in . Annie John Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid Jun , Annie John is the coming of age story of a year old Antiguan girl It s a quick read the thoughts of a very curious young girl obsessed with death and slowly taking in all the nuances that surround her, who becomes a highly intelligent adolescent who is uninterested in Annie John A Novel by Jamaica Kincaid, Paperback Barnes Annie John was about a young girl Annie who had her own interest against her mothers wishes Her mother was a very uptight clasey women who played everything by the book and was against rule breaking Annie of course was the opposite of her mother, Annie was rebellious and broke the rules constantly. Annie John Jamaica Kincaid Macmillan Annie John is a haunting and provocative story of a young girl growing up on the island of Antigua A classic coming of age story in the tradition of The Catcher in the Rye and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Kincaid s novel focuses on a universal, tragic, and often comic theme the loss of childhood. Annie John Summary Shmoop Meet Annie John She is our eponymous SAT word alert this means title character protagonist and the first person narrator of this short yet creatively meaty coming of age story Even though Annie John is our title character, she goes unnamed until the third chapter and she doesn t utter her own name until the very last chapter. Annie John A Novel Jamaica Kincaid Nov , Annie John is a young girl in Antigua who, over the course of this series of stories, asserts her independence in a manner practiced since the beginning of time by battling it out with her mother It s surely not incidental or accidental that the closings of four early chapters end with the phrase When I got home, . Annie John Themes Course Hero As a bildungsroman the central theme in Annie John is the titular character s coming of age Over the course of the novel Annie matures emotionally from child to woman, and physically, as she undergoes puberty When the novel opens, Annie believes her life to be a perfect, idyllic paradise At age she has few responsibilities. SparkNotes Annie John Plot Overview Annie John chronicles the life of the main character, Annie John, from the age of ten until the age of seventeen Annie John lives with her mother and father in a city on the island of Antigua During her tenth year, Annie becomes obsessed with the idea of death after spending the summer outside the city near a cemetery and learning that children die. Annie John Quotes Shmoop Everything you ever wanted to know about quotes about Annie John, written by experts with you in mind.

  • Title: Annie John
  • Author: Jamaica Kincaid
  • ISBN: 9783596149629
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jamaica Kincaid beautifully delineates hatred and fear, because she knows they are often a step away from love and obsession At the start of Annie John, her 10 year old heroine is engulfed in family happiness and safety Though Annie loves her father, she is all eyes for her mother When she is almost 12, however, the idyll ends and she falls into deep disfavor This inexJamaica Kincaid beautifully delineates hatred and fear, because she knows they are often a step away from love and obsession At the start of Annie John, her 10 year old heroine is engulfed in family happiness and safety Though Annie loves her father, she is all eyes for her mother When she is almost 12, however, the idyll ends and she falls into deep disfavor This inexplicable loss mars both lives, as each grows adept at public falsity and silent betrayal The pattern is set, and extended And now I started a new series of betrayals of people and things I would have sworn only minutes before to die for In front of Annie s father and the world, We were politeness and kindness and love and laughter Alone they are linked in loathing Annie tries to imagine herself as someone in a book an orphan or a girl with a wicked stepmother The trouble is, she finds, those characters lives always end happily Luckily for us, though not perhaps for her alter ego, Kincaid is too truthful a writer to provide such a finale.
    Annie John Jamaica Kincaid beautifully delineates hatred and fear because she knows they are often a step away from love and obsession At the start of Annie John her year old heroine is engulfed in family h

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    1. Annie John is as succinct as a poem, saying only what is both necessary and beautiful, yet it has a dreamy atmosphere, the rhythm of a slow swimmer The opening chapter introduces the lyrical imagistic style and tightly focused first person viewpoint with a meditation on death, which appears as tiny figures in the distance and gradually stalks nearer, stripping illusions of safety and stability.I related to the early parts of the novel which describe, very beautifully, the love and closeness betw [...]

    2. Annie John is the coming of age story of a 10 year old Antiguan girl It s a quick read the thoughts of a very curious young girl obsessed with death and slowly taking in all the nuances that surround her, who becomes a highly intelligent adolescent who is uninterested in most things.Annie is very much attached to her mother but finds, with the onset of puberty, that things will never be the same again, and she becomes resentful Annie goes from idolizing her mother to almost hating her.This book [...]

    3. This is really 3.5 stars the book gets points for a polished, literary writing style, but it is just so short, and most of it summarized Its eight chapters could almost work as short stories, and Kincaid s style often involves paragraphs that go on for a page or , with few dramatized scenes.This book is a coming of age story of a girl in Antigua, beginning when she s 10 and ending when she s 17 More than anything else the book focuses on Annie s relationship with her mother they are extremely cl [...]

    4. This book is a complicated meditation on the intimate evolution of a young girl s relationship with her mother as she grows from being a sheltered child into becoming a young woman whose family sends her away to study in England, without assurances that she will ever return to them Annie John is growing up in the mid 20th century on the island of British Antigua, in a world handmade by her parents and neighbors Her bed, her linens, her clothes the foods that she eats, the baths and medicines she [...]

    5. 3 Jamaica Kincaid is a fine writer and I appreciated from a distance these vignettes about a young girl growing up in Antigua.

    6. i cried multiple times reading this book this is some heavy shit because it s so fucking real everyone wants to be real and shit but this shit here is the truth growing up is a horrible life experience but we all go through it the sadness of it is long forgotten to not be able to curl in your mother s arms and have the entire world be just fine is an unbearable pain but we all lost that ability we all fucking grew up and now there are problems that can t be solved by hugging amma how fucking sad [...]

    7. The ambivalence of a grown child s love for his parents.I have a nephew, well mannered and intelligent, now 20 years old All his life he has lived with his parents in California Except for the last six years his only sibling, a sister, was born six years ago , he was an only child He now wants to leave home, go to Texas by himself, away from his family, to work or study His parents could not understand it.Jamaica Kincaid wrote this book from the point of view of a child like that Except that Ann [...]

    8. i m just not really sure what i feel with this one kincaid s writing is great, but there is something going on with this book, which i can t quite put my finger on, that caused it to be less awesome than i had anticipated kincaid is clear and almost simple in her style, but there are so many undercurrents and things left unsaid, emotions left unexplored at the heart of the book, kincaid looks at the deep, complicated nature of a mother daughter relationship initially a paradise well, once all th [...]

    9. I wrote a whole review, but for some reason decided not to save it What a bummer Anyway, the gist of what I wrote unfortunately, you will never get the whole thing, and it was brilliant, I tell you was that this would ve been a much better book if the main character Annie was just a little likeable Sometimes I didn t like her Sometimes I was disgusted Remember that part where she meets a former teacher who had the audacity to tell the students that she liked all of them equally And Annie thinks [...]

    10. What a gorgeous book The chapters were originally published as stories in The New Yorker, so perhaps that is why the narrative jumps back and forth in spots But as a novel, the lack of a straight, linear plot line really works The is the story of a girl s painful transition from childhood to adolescence from age 10 to 16 , which is not a linear process and which is not often the subject of literature And that process is raw at times The real drama of the book is the way Annie John s intense love [...]

    11. Wow Kincaid remembers and depicts the conflicts of only childhood, both internal and external, with a vividness and absorption as powerful as youth itself These stories transported me back to my own childhood The security, the peace, the unconditional love, which leaves one bewildered when it is later marred by jealousy, anxiety, hormones and the compulsion to assert one s own will and test invisible boundaries Kincaid s voice drew me in gently, firmly and I swam in the poetry of her words, the [...]

    12. It s a short novel I burn through it in less than three hours but there s hardly a wasted word I find myself thinking the word proto Ferrantian at some points while the language evokes a less verbose GGM, which probably says about my reading habits than about Kincaid s writing, but there you have it A young girl s coming of age story that doesn t dip into clich s or gets sidetracked, but sticks to the shifting bonds between mother and daughter, between childhood friends, between what you thoug [...]

    13. I first read this book as a young adolescent, roughly the same age as eponymous protagonist Annie John is at the beginning of the narrative Now I am an adult, and every time I visit my parents house, I go up to the attic to find this book and reread parts of it Unassumingly slim and muted in color as the paperback is, it magnetizes me.As a preteen I consumed dozens and dozens of novels a year, but few engraved themselves as deeply in my memory as this postcolonial Caribbean coming of age tale, t [...]

    14. Annie John is, in a way, Jamaica Kincaid s amazing story Girl fleshed out as a full novel I d also call it the warmest of her books, which usually have a darker, cynical tone that I d compare with Philip Roth Here, though, we get a complex but sympathetic main character who is caught in the painful struggle of adolescence fighting for the independence to create her own identity while at the same time mourning the loss of her intense and loving relationship with her mother The novel also uses on [...]

    15. Follows Annie John as she journeys through childhood and works her way through adolescence Annie must learn about herself and her changing body while she must also deal with the complexities of interacting in her society She struggles constantly with her mother, and they move from having an extremely loving relationship to battling with one another constantly Anne resents that her mother does not retain the same level of familiarity with her once she reaches adolescence and her mother attempts t [...]

    16. The beautifully described atmosphere in this book reminded me of the writing style of Jean Rhys in Wide Sargasso Sea and, for a while, I was swept along I really identified with, or at least found very real and palpable, the emotions and thoughts of this young girl as she grew up and tried to form her own identity, especially separate from her mother Spoilers afoot Then, we took an evil turn in teenage angst land, with which I could still relate somewhat, but then our protagonist goes further in [...]

    17. Jamaica Kincaid is a good storyteller, her style of writing is simple, touching and full of life this s a story of Annie john, an intelligent young girl growing up in Antigua.her life from the age of ten until seventeen, a transition from childhood to adolescencethe misbehavior at the beginning of her teens and the changes in her relationship with her mother and her friendstill she finally decide to travel away from Antigua it s a growing up novel, showing moral, intellectual and emotional devel [...]

    18. Jamaica Kincaid has a very honest writing style at times to a painful extent This is another book I ve read for my Caribbean lit class This short novel evokes that sort of squirmy recognition of all of those adolescent feelings we ve long tried to forget, and succeeds in painting an truthful portrait of the mother daughter relationship almost all women can relate to I can t really tell you what s wrong with this book, but I can say that although it is a quick and enjoyable read, it s also easy t [...]

    19. This is probably the worst book I have analyzed during my freshman year in college as a literature student which gives no broader understanding about anything and lacks any kind of reason to take your time with it Totally hated it.

    20. How is it that I never read this whole thing before Surely I ve read excerpts Or, have I just read Girl so many times that I extrapolated all of Kincaid s voice from it

    21. Facing the Dark Side of Adlosence Despite the cover s implication that this book is about a little girl, this is Not reading suitable for young children True teenage girls may well identify with Annie s painful process of emotional disengagement with her lovely mother In eight sparse vignettes Kincaid bares her soul as she recounts her psychological journey from an adoring only daughter of ten into a resentful and rebellious teenager Raised on the island nation of Antigua in the West Indies Anni [...]

    22. I read this book because my class was doing a winter book read, where we all got our own assigned book I didn t pick this book thinking it was interesting, I actually thought It was kinda dumb, and just wanted to read it to get it over with so i could get back to my winter break When I first picked the book up and started reading I had no idea what it was even about As I read I was hoping the book would describe some parts that I didn t understand, like why there was so much detail about how she [...]

    23. This coming of age story follows a young girl, Annie, as she grows up on the island of Antigua There are eight episodes, each a picture of Annie s life as she tries to understand the world around her Annie wasn t a likeable character, though I suppose few young teenage girls are likeable in real life So in that way Kincaid s portrayal of the girl felt very real, but at the same time, it s hard to love such a selfish and often cruel character Annie has a tendency to become obsessed with her frien [...]

    24. This is an interesting and somewhat frustrating coming of age novel full of the inexplicable actions and impressions of a teenager Kincaid s main focus is the transformation of her protagonists relationship with her mother, dealing to some extent with her changing sense of her place in her island village and with her school friends I found myself wondering what kinds of betrayals can or do occur between parent and child in the process of transforming from child to adult The relation necessarily [...]

    25. This coming of age story results in you disliking the main character Annie John Her dislike for her mother is stemmed from her emotional greed, constantly craving love and affection from her mother Her thoughts become aggravating, you just want to shake her and say do you have any sense However, Jamaica Kincaid s portrayal of the relationship between a mother and daughter was relatable in some places, reminding me of certain times in my own teenage years It was a good book and easy read, I just [...]

    26. A character study of a young girl growing up on a small island Initially she s very close with her mother, but as she matures, she develops an irrational vicious resentment against her She explores proto lesbian friendships with other girls, in which she experiences again that cycle of passionate attachment and separation Eventually, her internal driving force leads her to leave behind her circumscribed life, and her island of Antigua, as she goes to study abroad.I was interested in this book fo [...]

    27. Kincaid is perhaps my most important teacher I started this book lying on rocks on a solo Maine retreat and every page is covered in multi color ink, depending on how often I read it and when Then I left it on a family vacation and never saw it again despite heroic efforts The sheer emotional intensity of this book has me hesitating before engaging a new copy and finishing I cried with recognition through the first half Kincaid has a searing perception and can damn and love in equal measure Not [...]

    28. I actually really liked this book The beginning caught my attention from the start I found Annie s character interesting.This book was focused on a mother daughter relationship that started of strong and ended weak, with both of them hating each other It also shows Annie s appearance and viewpoints of death and her mother from the age of ten to seventeen I was kind of disappointed in the end I was expecting a better ending, the ending was predictable since the start But overall I enjoyed the boo [...]

    29. This is a delightful coming of age story based during the late colonial period in Antigua Kincaid writes in a simple, yet vivid style that captures each scene and frames it in a box It is replete with all sorts of cultural references that educates and elucidates if the reader is unfamiliar with Caribbean culture he she will get a good education about it.As the main character is a girl, the reader receives a sharp perspective on girlhood the relationships formed by girls with other girls, and wit [...]

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