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The Wilt Alternative By Tom Sharpe,

  • Title: The Wilt Alternative
  • Author: Tom Sharpe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Henry Wilt is no longer the victim of his own uncontrolled fantasies As Head of a reconstituted Liberal Studies Department he has assumed power without authority at the Fenland College of Arts Technology and the fantasies he now confronts are those of political bigots and reactionary bureaucrats in addition to his wife s enthusiasm for every Organic Alternative unHenry Wilt is no longer the victim of his own uncontrolled fantasies As Head of a reconstituted Liberal Studies Department he has assumed power without authority at the Fenland College of Arts Technology and the fantasies he now confronts are those of political bigots and reactionary bureaucrats in addition to his wife s enthusiasm for every Organic Alternative under the compost heap and the insistence of his quadruplets on looking at every problem with an unflinching lack of sentimentality It is only when Wilt becomes the unintentional participant in a terrorist siege that he is forced to find an answer to the problems of power, which have corrupted greater men than he With a mental ingenuity born of his innate cowardice, Wilt fights for those liberal values which are threatened both by international terrorism and by the sophisticated methods of police anti terrorist agents In the confusion that follows, Wilt resumes his dialogue with the unflagging Inspector Flint and is himself subjected to the indignity of a psycho political profile Bitingly funny and brilliantly written, The Wilt Alternative exposes the farcical anomalies, which have become the social norms of our time.
    The Wilt Alternative Henry Wilt is no longer the victim of his own uncontrolled fantasies As Head of a reconstituted Liberal Studies Department he has assumed power without authority at the Fenland College of Arts Technol

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    1. Wilt especulava sobre o paradoxo do progresso material e da decad ncia espiritual e, como de costume, n o chegou a conclus o alguma A vida de Henry Wilt caminha sempre por linhas tortas Tem mais dores de cabe a como presidente dos Estudos de Forma o Geral do que quando era apenas um professor Agora tem de lidar com os professores, al m dos estudantes Em casa as coisas n o s o muito melhores Num novo bairro, numa nova casa, com um estatuto social mais elevado, Eva Wilt est mais entusiasmada que n [...]

    2. I think I may have outgrown Tom Sharpe Funny yes But wanted to finish so I could turn to something nutritious Perhaps I was in the wrong frame of mind.

    3. I think this has got to be man s humour, because it reminds me of that TV prog The Worst Week of My Life which my ex guffaws at, whilst I remain stony faced until my five minute cringe threshold is reached, and then I have to leave the room I rarely give up on a book, but only read a third of this before I was getting too wound up to continue Not a relaxing Sunday afternoon read I do not find other people s misfortunes funny I do not find lack of communication funny I do not find one incident in [...]

    4. Despu s del primer libro de la serie, que me pareci de lo m s divertido que he le do, supuse complicado llegar a ese nivel con la continuaci n, y as me lo ha parecido La historia es a n m s absurda que la primera, pero con menos gracia Como entretenimiento no est mal Se lee r pido, y se dispara contra todo religi n, modas, snobs, educaci n Se echan de menos las charlas de Wilt con el inspector de polic a o con sus alumnos, que eran una risa total No est mal, pero tampoco es imprescindible.

    5. Re reading after many years This follow on from the first book in the series, Wilt, is just as funny and delivers some genuine belly laughs from Tom Sharpe s usual high farce Having read it before several times I knew what was coming but Sharpe s style ensures it remains fresh, witty and humorous the joy is in the delivery, not just the content.

    6. While some may say it is in the same vein as Wilt, this has the quads playing a fantastic supporting role And why not if Sharpe hits gold every time I have yet to erase the image of Wilt impersonating the People s Alternative Army The joy of fucking with anti terrorist squads A tour de farce And all I can say is MORE.

    7. Hysterical, unbelievable unfolding of events Superb economy of prose in some spots Inspector Flint retreated behind the sofa That is most certainly Mrs Eva Wilt, he cried I m paraphrasing here.

    8. Not as good as the first in the series About halfway through it got slightly far fetched, and to be honest I just wanted to finish it to get it out of the way.

    9. Not as good as the first one but not terrible either The last chapters are the worst, but there s a laugh here and there I might read the next one in the series some day.

    10. 5 5 hilarious I ve yet to read another author who can convey the ridiculous, the satirical, and the downright hilariousness of fu ed up situations in such an enjoyable way Anything I say about the actual book will spoil it, so I can t comment much on that front, other than to say if you want to read something funny, something that will occassionally even make you quite literally laugh, or at the very least chuckle, out loud this is it.I would recommend this to ANYONE with a sense of humor, but c [...]

    11. Cam sl bu , cel mai probabil din cauza traducerii Prea multe trimiteri la chestii erudite nu to i suntem a a de documenta i cu privire la mi c rile teroriste din anii 80 din UK P

    12. Hilarious as always Some of his phrases are truly unforgettable Much of the book is laugh out loud humour.

    13. Very funny will certainley make you smile In my opinion in terms of humour I found Wilt alternative funny than Wilt, weather that is just down to the fact I get Tom sharpe humour now or fact it was just genrally funny to me I don t know In the story Wilt is same old mellacholic self, despite fact he lives in much bigger house and has quads The story starts off with Wilt self loathing himself in beer after discovering a teacher in his depatment had made a student make love to toy crocodile Thi [...]

    14. Tom Sharpe s Henry Wilt returns That should be enough to make any of his fans read on But that s not all Eva is back as well, and in this 2nd Wilt book, the couple have been blessed with issue Very blessed With quadruplets And to make Wilt s life even better, they re all girls Bewildered as ever, Henry grasps for some sanity in his upside down world, and the only solution the beleaguered Department Head can come up with is to fall madly in love with the coed renting the apartment upstairs Howeve [...]

    15. Henry Wilt s life never seems to go quite right Even though he s now head of liberal studies at his college, it gives him even headaches than when he was a teacher because now he not only has to deal with crude students, but raving revolutionary instructors as well His home life isn t much better At his wife Eva s insistence, they now life in a great pile of a house where Eva can give full vent to her current enthusiasm for alternative living while their quadruplet daughters only become horrif [...]

    16. Wilt n aime pas les femmes, ni son boulot, ni d ailleurs tout ce qui se met entre lui, sa bi re et son pub Mais voil , il n a pas encore r ussi se d barrasser d Eva, sa ch re pouse Le destin lui a m me jou un sacr tour Il est d sormais p re de quadriplettes Cinq la maison Trop pour ce misogyne ultra acide et peu port sur l art subtil de la n gociation Alors Wilt se jette corps perdu dans le travail Suite cette d saffection paternelle, Eva embauche Irmgard, une jeune fille au pair Wilt, d abord r [...]

    17. Wilt, the main character, is a somewhat listless academic He s the head of his department, but doesn t really have the authority to do anything He s riddled with anxieties and has all sorts of misadventures based on miscommunication and some poor decision making I imagine if Don DeLillo wrote a comedy it would turn out a lot like this.I read it because my dad had it kicking around the house It was funny, but not hilarious enjoyable, but not good enough for me to go searching for of his stuff.

    18. Tom Sharpe s first book about Henry Wilt, simply called Wilt, was so funny that I was disappointed in the second saga As usual nothing is easy in Wilt s world, especially once it gets out that the coed is also an international terrorist I don t enjoy novels where the protagonist an unlikeable jerk It s hard to like him, although his long suffering wife Eva has a force of character that steals the show For your own sake, read this only if you re a Sharpe fanatic.

    19. Ten a las expectativas muy altas con este libro, pero sab a que Wilt iba a ser muy dif cil de superar y as ha sido Sin embargo, he vuelto a disfrutar de las desventuras de esta familia tan peculiar, de la escritura de Sharpe, de los nuevos personajes, sobre todo de las cuatrillizas y espero que las pr ximas locuras de Henry y Eva se mantengan en este nivel, nimo, Wilt

    20. A very funny book that can be easily read in one stand.I found myself laughing out loud several times fortunately I was at home and not in a public library.Thanks to their weird behaviour and implausible circunstances, the characters will be immersed in ridiculous situations, very well described by Sharpe s satyrical feather.

    21. Wilt ha ascendido en la escala social, hecho que no hace que deje de ser un incomprendido, y que le da la oportunidad, tanto a Wilt como a Tom Sharpe, de seguir sacando lo peor de la sociedad y estereotipos brit nicos Igual de ir nico, sincero e hilarante que Wilt, con un argumento si cab a aun m s rocambolesco, garantiza la sonrisa constante del lector.

    22. O humor delirante de Sharpe regressa com Henry Wilt envolvido em nova aventura.Desta vez a estudante que aluga o s t o da nova casa, e uma impertinente roseira, que o remetem para o mundo do terrorismo.Como de esperar a boa disposi o impera, a paci ncia do inspector Flint desespera, Eva uma chaimite, e agora h tamb m as quadrig meas a atazanar o nosso her i.Um must.

    23. Humor absurdo con puntos realmente buenos Las obsesiones de Eva me fascinan guarder as progresistas, jardiner a alternativa Esta segunda parte me ha gustado m s que la primera, aunque se echan de menos los di logos de Wilt con sus alumnos del polit cnico.

    24. I m reading the WILT series because I ve finished my David Lodge stack, and people said they re similar They re not I d recommend Lodge to anyone who wants to have a fun time reading, anytime This particular volume.t so much Maybe the other 3 will change my option, I sure hope so

    25. Genial segundo libro de la saga Siguen las peripecias de Wilt con la polic a, y sus enredos As es la cruz de que no te crea nadie cuando, por muy incre ble que sea, dices la verdad Un poco m s de protagonismo para el inspector Flint no hubiera venido nada mal Recomendado.

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