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Mona Lisa Eclipsing By Sunny,

  • Title: Mona Lisa Eclipsing
  • Author: Sunny
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The national bestselling author returns with a new passionate, erotically charged paranormal novel Roberto, a jaguar shifter of mixed Mon re heritage, arrives in Cozumel to kill a rival But he finds a valuable prize in Mona Lisa, a Mon re who s lost her memory and can be manipulated into believing anything no matter how dark or dangerous.
    Mona Lisa Eclipsing The national bestselling author returns with a new passionate erotically charged paranormal novel Roberto a jaguar shifter of mixed Mon re heritage arrives in Cozumel to kill a rival But he finds a

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    1. Another delicious hit from author SUNNY Contains MINOR spoilers brief thoughts on past novels and ending, but NO major spoilers.First thing I want to say is how fantastic this series is From book one until the now fifth installment, it hasn t lost any of the appeal that it pulled you in with Mona Lisa has grown from a woman with an emptness she didn t know the reaseon for, into a strong, respected Monere Queen She s been through hard ship and disaster Her heart has been broken but has also been [...]

    2. Hey ladies, just wanted to let everyone know I will be interviewing Sunny and giving away signed books from both Mona Lisa and Lucinda series in a contest This next book will be named Mona Lisa Eclipsing not smiling and coming out around winter 2010 Take a look on my blog at abook loversreview It looks like I m not the only one waiting for the story to continue Can t wait to see what happens My biggest hope is that Dante returnsWhat s yours

    3. Hot damn, I ve missed this series I missed Mona Lisa and her band of hot, hot men Amber, Dante, Dontaine, Halcyon and Gryphon.I was pulled in right from the start and devoured it.There s plenty of action and hot, hot passion NO one does a love scene like Sunny.I can t help but wonder where she s going with this series When you read the book you ll understand my question.Please don t make us wait so long for the next installment, Sunny I need .I loved this book You ve got to get it you ll be so g [...]

    4. Mona Lisa is a queen of the Monere, a race of people who originally came from the moon Mona Lisa is 3 4 Monere but was raised in the human world with no knowlege of the Monere She eventually finds out who what she is by having wildly orgasmic sex with a hot Monere warrior my kind of book and is swept into the Monere world as the first mixed blood queen The first 4 books in this series detail the conflicts both external and internal that Mona Lisa faces as she learns to accept her role in the Mon [...]

    5. The book description is a little misleading It s not false but only 1 2 of the whole book is described I think this is one reason why Monere Children of the Moon series isn t as popular as it ought to be Each books are too complicated Too many plots like Mona Lisa Eclipsing It could have ended with the drug lord as a villain but Sunny can t be content with out writing multiple plots in one book.This style is cool like buying two books for a space and price of one but I think I d like it better i [...]

    6. Yep Still reading this series for reasons unknown.The blurb on the back cover for this one was a tad misleading The plot about drug lord Roberto devious scheme to keep the amnesiac Mona Lisa was brief, but I enjoyed the action scenes involving Mona Lisa and Dante s reunion and escape.It didn t take much for Mona Lisa to ultimately recover her memory and the second half of the book culminated in a surprising development view spoiler involving Mona Lisa leading the Monere s in revealing their pres [...]

    7. I loved this series and had e mailed the author to find out when the next book would be coming out She said there wouldn t be any I was hoping she would change her mind and she did but it took 3 years for the next book to come out This book was great and I m planning to someday do a re read Sunny said that her books do not have an audiobook version, which I would love So Mr Mrs Publisher, please do an audiobook of this series Mona Lisa loses her memory when she goes to try and rescue one of her [...]

    8. Finally I read this book All I can say isSeriously, the story is good but it felt like two stories jammed together As in, 1 2 way through the book, the author decided to go a totally different way The blurb does not do this book justice at all As in, it is only a sliver of the story My thoughts Sunny said this is the last book in the series and she s too busy So she writes this complicated mess only to realize half way, she doesn t have the time to continue the series So she does a 90 degree tur [...]

    9. When we last saw Mona Lisa she had just violently miscarried and banished her lover, Dante, from her Louisiana territory She had escaped the clutches of an evil Mon re queen, but suffered serious injury at the hands of her demon lover, Halycon, in the process of her escape When Eclipsing begins, Lisa s life is in turmoil Dante is banished and Halycon is in self imposed exile With two of her lovers missing or silent, Lisa is distraught and with a divided heart So when rumour spreads that Dante s [...]

    10. 5 stars, love this erotic series, can you tell and I can t believe I said it but feeling naughty just the same This is one of those love it hate it series, there s no room in between Either you gave it up and toss it out of your TBR or you can t wait for the next book I m with the latter The characters are so yummy and the plots, to me, is very original, and let s not even go there with the sex Monere race get their life source when from their queens Their queens get her energies from Moon light [...]

    11. This book really only deserves 2 stars but I gave it 3 because I do like the series overall This particular title is extremely fractured and reads incompletely In reading the description, you would assume Roberto plays a much larger role in the story than he actually does There s no explanation of how he became a rogue or how Mona Lisa doesn t know she s in another Queen s territory in Mexico to get her in to the situation that she finds herself in We re told that yes, Roberto is a drug lord, bu [...]

    12. After a 2 year wait for the next book in the series during which I almost died from anxiety and despair from thinking maybe Sunny had given up on Mona Lisa and intended on continuing only with Lucinda s books , Mona Lisa Eclipsing came to me like a blow in the head I was happy and apprehensive to know that Dante would return then I started reading At the beggining the book made me writhe with impatience over the difficulty of finding Dante and then having to go through Mona Lisa s very painful m [...]

    13. I found this on her website today sunnyauthor news From the time she was an orphan, Mona Lisa knew she was different As a Mixed Blood daughter of the Mon re, she rules her domain in the Louisiana Bayou But she s about to become the hunted as her mind begins playing tricks, and no one is who they seem.Roberto Carderas, a dangerous drug lord of mixed Mon re heritage, arrives in Cozumel to eliminate a rival But the jaguar shifter has encountered a much valuable prize on the island Mona Lisa, the f [...]

    14. Let me start off by saying that I ve all the books in the series and, I m a true fan What I loved about the series was the other world I was fairly disappointed with this book It s disjointed and almost seems to be two different books smashed into one I m not going to read this series any I didn t much care for Mona Lisa getting amnesia especially since the Monere are such a dynamic species and Mona Lisa possesses so many powers having lived other lives Anyway, the book was very unsatisfying.

    15. Love this series It s just too bad that the author has discontinued being a writer, so the series was left hanging I was rather upset that one of the male love interest got killed Good thing he didn t stay dead for long, though The last arch of the series was fantastic Note I read all 5 books in one go.

    16. Fifth in the Monere erotic urban fantasy series about a race of children of the Moon who have lived on earth for millennia GoodReads lists this as 7 they are including two short stories The StoryMona Lisa regrets kicking Dante out even if he did kill her and her family in another incarnation So she goes with a small contingent of guards to bring him back from Cozumel where people have sighted a sabre tooth tiger.Then a crisis occurs in Washington D.C when a partially shifted Monere man rescues a [...]

    17. This is the fifth book in the Monere series by Sunny This series has been very up and down for me, the fourth book Mona Lisa Darkening was my favorite in the series This book was okay, but there were a lot of things I didn t like about it It was like two novellas than one book.Mona Lisa has recovered from the events in Mona Lisa Darkening, but Dante is still missing She ends up getting a tip that he is in Cozumel and rushes to find him When she gets there she is attacked by a drug lord named Ro [...]

    18. Mona Lisa EclipsingbySunnySummaryFrom the time she was an orphan, Mona Lisa knew she was different As a Mixed Blood daughter of the Mon re, she rules her domain in the Louisiana Bayou But she s about to become the hunted as her mind begins playing tricks, and no one is who they seem.Roberto Carderas, a dangerous drug lord of mixed Mon re heritage, arrives in Cozumel to eliminate a rival But the jaguar shifter has encountered a much valuable prize on the island Mona Lisa, the first female Mon re [...]

    19. Published on my blog Welcome to Larissa s Bookish LifeRating 4.5 Stars Contains MINOR Spoilers for the previous books in the series.It had a been a long while since I read the last Monere book and even though I was really looking forward to Mona Lisa Eclipsing, I had no idea how much I missed this world until I finally got to read it When I did though, I got on such a wild ride with Mona Lisa and her men, that I didn t want it to end As with every book in the Monere series a LOT happens in Mona [...]

    20. Mona Lisa Eclipsing by SunnyParanormal Romance April 5th, 20114 starsMona Lisa Eclipsing, like all of Sunny s books are a non stop thrill ride This story is full of dark, lush fantasy and huge changes for the heroine As a child of the Moon Monere , Mona Lisa has finally begun to adjust to her life as one of the rare Monere Queens She shoulders a great responsibility to the other Monere that depend upon her Partially human, she never realized her Monere heritage until six months ago She is coming [...]

    21. What a way to inject new life into a storyline I was beginning to wonder how the Mona Lisa series could continue without going stale Mona Lisa has been kidnapped, attacked, and saved by her devoted men in each and every book and this one started out with exactly the same method There was an interesting twist however, she develops amnesia after a fall while trying to escape from pursuers When she awakens, she believes the bad guy is her hero and that her men are the bad guys She remembers nothing [...]

    22. I loved Sunny s first Monere book and fell absolutely head over heels for the Lucinda books While I certainly enjoyed Mona Lisa Eclipsing and a 2.5 hour commute certainly gave me ample time to read the book from start to finish , it wasn t as compelling for me as the first books in this series It was a fun, quick read with several steamy sex scenes and some lovely character building, but I ll take Lucinda any day.Part of my issue stemmed from having actually visited Cozumel Sunny s version isn t [...]

    23. I am back to REALLY enjoying this series, as opposed to just enjoying it as I had been Sunny brings it all back on track with a page turner that I read in 2 days I hated to have to break for real life RL.Mona Lisa and a few of her men travel to Mexico to rescue Dante, after reports of a panther I think being seen During this trip, while she is running away from some bad guys, she falls and strikes her head When she comes around, she is ensconsed in a luxury home with a sexy latino that she feels [...]

    24. I love this series and it has been awhile since we have had a book about Mona Lisa I must say that I liked it but I really didn t care for the beginning I just felt that it really wasn t needed or should have been longer and explored It was almost like two books short stories put together I liked the second half after she gets back to her men better than the beginning where she lost her memory I think that maybe Sunny was trying to give us another perspective on half bloods or setting up for so [...]

    25. I usually consider this series erotica, but this book was much less erotic than others in the series This is book 7 in an urban fantasy series featuring a magically powerful heroine Mona, or Queen, Lisa with lots of sexy men who are ok with her having lots of boyfriends Pretty much a Laurell Hamilton rip off series, with less violence It took me forever to finish this book The storyline was entirely schizophrenic The opening chapters feature Mona Lisa being captured in Mexico while trying to fin [...]

    26. Mona Lisa is one of my favorite heroines Probably because shes so different I loved that sunny was able to make a character who does everything she does out of compassion and love but still has a don t fuck with me vibe when she is threatened She can be stupid sometimes but that s true for everyone We can t expect a realistic character to be completely smart and strong 100% of the time it s boring I must say my favorite parts of this series is when Mona Lisa or one of her dearest have shown mome [...]

    27. SPOILER ALERT This series has been one of the best paranormal romance type series I ve read The ending of this particular book was both disappointing and exciting Disappointing I loved that for the other books in the series, the Monere people have remained secret from the rest of the world The living in secret added a wonderful dimension to the book I feel that, once the people came out to the public, that the romance and thrill was almost gone It is almost like the author is running out of thin [...]

    28. Mona Lisa is captured by a drug lord named roberto, he is a ruthless business man and also a mixed blood monere warrior Mona Lisa loses her memory the last thing she can remember was being a nurse She has awesome powers and people trying to save her and others attacking her nearly everyday all the while she doesn t remember who or what she is Very Interesting But the best part for me is right in the middle Will Mona Lisa be able to bring her race of people out of hiding or will she fail And exc [...]

    29. I have really enjoyed the Mona Lisa series by Sunny As each book in the series came out, I bought a copy right away to see what could happen next There was a long wait for this book to be release and I guess I got a bit sidetracked because it has been out for a year and I am just now getting around to reading it I did think that this book was a combination of 2 unrelated stories or 2 novellas I enjoyed each part of the book so the unconnected stories did not bother me in any way I do not usually [...]

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