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The Duluth Mongoose By Jack Denton Scott,

  • Title: The Duluth Mongoose
  • Author: Jack Denton Scott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Duluth Mongoose None

    One thought on “The Duluth Mongoose”

    1. I loved this book I loved Mr Magoo It was silly and wonderful Also inspiring The I read the I wanted to know about what happened to Mr Magoo It s amazing to learn things about places that I ve been to, allowing things to be seen in a new light When I saw this book I had no intention of reading it, I was just curious I read the back, then started paging through it Then flipped back and just started reading Then went online and did some searching about what happened to him after the story.

    2. The Duluth Mongoose, the heartfelt story of an Indian Mongoose arriving at the Duluth Zoo and the controversy that entails from it An example of how protesting and petitions can work in our government and our cities would be a great addition when studying those concepts in government, or simply studying the history of Duluth Include it in book bins, free time, or an additional reading in a thematic unit

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