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Seduce Me in Flames By Jacquelyn Frank,

  • Title: Seduce Me in Flames
  • Author: Jacquelyn Frank
  • ISBN: 9780345517715
  • Page: 415
  • Format: ebook
  • ICY RECEPTIONAmbrea Vas Allay is the rightful heir to the throne of Allay But when she is summoned home from exile, she discovers that her father, who had executed her mother, has died Her young half brother, controlled by their uncle, has taken power Ambrea is torn by an impossible choice renounce the crown or waste away in prison The last thing she expects is to beICY RECEPTIONAmbrea Vas Allay is the rightful heir to the throne of Allay But when she is summoned home from exile, she discovers that her father, who had executed her mother, has died Her young half brother, controlled by their uncle, has taken power Ambrea is torn by an impossible choice renounce the crown or waste away in prison The last thing she expects is to be liberated by a huge, tattooed Tarian or to feel a searing passion for her mysterious rescuer SMOLDERING DECEPTIONRush Ender Blakely loves being part of the elite force of the Interplanetary Militia and the mission to save the princess Allay But the tough Tarian hides a fiery secret a blazing power that makes him literally too hot to handle He must be crazy to carry a torch for this strong, beautiful princess when any intimacy between them is bound to be explosive BLAZING INSURRECTIONAs Ambrea steels herself to take back the throne, does she dare entrust this scorching stranger with the fate of an empire and, even so, with her heart From the Paperback edition.
    Seduce Me in Flames ICY RECEPTIONAmbrea Vas Allay is the rightful heir to the throne of Allay But when she is summoned home from exile she discovers that her father who had executed her mother has died Her young half

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    1. Sadly Jacqui Frank s writing has gone decidedly downhill over the past few years and Seduce Me in Flames is a clear example of this.This is a book that simply doesn t know what it s trying to say It s part Fantasy, part Science Fiction with a little dash of Space Opera thrown in It has a mythical middle eastern flavour with harems and would be pashas and yet the society is supposed to be technologically advanced However the most annoying parts are the larger than life alpha hero and the beautifu [...]

    2. I just finished Seduce Me in Dreams where I was introduced to the Three Worlds series and the Interplanetary Militia and Rush Ender Blakely s team.Ambrea Vas Allay is a daughter of the Emperor of Allay but has spent most of her life in prison She has a younger immature brother who is placed on the throne via political intrigue of an uncle, and she is summoned to be banished from Allay and renounce her claim on the throne She refuses and returns to prison.The Interplanetary Militia sends a crack [...]

    3. I d been thinking, after reading and reviewing the first book in this series, that while I like it all so far, I m not going to enjoy it as much as I do the Shadowdwellers series But this newest book is changing my mind about that It s the world of the Shadowdwellers, the use of dreams, along with the characters that make that series so fascinating to me In this series it s the characters and their abilities that keep me reading till the early hours of the morning.Ender is an Interplanetary Mili [...]

    4. OMG that book was HOTT no pun intended As a return to a strange world where anything can happen this was definitely another great book by Jackie Frank I have read all her series and i can already see myself hooked on this one for years Only downside is the time between stories that leaves you dying for Definitly worth every second of time to read

    5. This book was even better than the first Jacquelyn Frank is an extremely talented author This novel was full of suspense and an intricate story based around love, ambition, forbidden desires and secrets while in the midst of a political upheaval Brilliant Absolutely brilliant

    6. So, so annoyed and upset that this series doesn t look like it ll be continued I loved it and really want to see stories for Justice, Lasher and the others Why, oh why has this series been dumped

    7. I would have rated this book much higher had it not felt so rushed From the moment the characters are introduced information and action packed events are thrown at you, leaving you very little time to connect with the characters And even though i DID eventually connect and sympathize with said characters it took much longer and even then it was probably already because i was biased towards the book to begin with The premise was really good and the story was intriguing so i let a lot of things sl [...]

    8. This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date July 26, 2011 Available Now Publisher Random House PublishingImprint Ballantine BooksAuthor s Website jacquelynfrankMy Source for This Book Part of a Series Yes, Book 2, The Three Worlds seriesSeries Best Read In Order Worked well as a standaloneSteam Level HotOfficial Blurb ICY RECEPTIONAmbrea Vas Allay is the rightful heir to the throne of Allay But when she is summoned home from exile, she disco [...]

    9. Who doesn t like a tragic hero story This book has it in spades We have the hero, Rush, who is hiding a deep, dark secret from his team We met that team in Seduce Me in Dreams and they essentially his family Rush s secret is that he is pyrokinectic which means that he can burst things into flames and he can t control his power Like all tragic heroes, he tries to just not use this talent which is why when he gets very emotional POOF his talent surfaces and has a tendency to explode then he has to [...]

    10. This review was posted at Under The Covers3.5 StarsThis book took me by surprise First, it doesn t really follow in the storyline of book 1 that much yes it could pretty much be read as a standalone Second, we don t the see much of the Chosen, which were a big part of the first book.Rush Ender is HOT I mean, literally He s kept quiet about his mysterious power of burning this, his body overheats, he causes fires, he burns things and people He s lived his whole life isolated because of this Not e [...]

    11. Absolutely loved this book It s so different yet quintessentially Jacquelyn Frank I missed the Nightwalkers and Shadowdwellers but I quickly fell in love with the Tarians and Allayans Unfortunately I haven t picked up the first book of this series however that does nothing to stop the enjoyment and understanding of this book.Our heroine is Ambrea, the daughter of the Emperor of the Allayan empire Unfortunately for her, her father was a tyrant and had her mother killed and Ambrea exiled when she [...]

    12. Maybe 4 1 2 Ms Franks is usually a sold 5 for me , but, this book just didn t quite live up to her usual standard It was good, But I missed the camaraderie between the IM members that was a big part of the fisrt 3 worlds novel And the romance sex was not as steamy as expected.Ender, Tarian, Mutant, IM soldier Rush Ender is from the planet Tarie, A hard, brutal world with little in the way of resources and no luxuries His mutant ability is discovered when he is 21 and his clan tries to kill him, [...]

    13. This fantasy romance is a part of the Three Worlds novel series by Jacquelyn Frank This is the first I ve read in the series, but not sure whether it is actually book 1 However, I completely understood everything, so I do not think it matters which order they are read This particular book is the story of Ambrea Vas Allay heiress to the throne and Rush Ender Blakely warrior extraordinaire from another planet This heroine is noble not only by birth, but by right She repeatedly earns this title by [...]

    14. This was a really good story and in fact I came out of it liking it much than I thought I would I m a fan of Jacquelyn Frank and she s on my must buy list but this book shot up to one of my favorites by her I think it s because it covered a number of my secret book pleasures Ambrea Vas Alley is a member of the royal family and is in fact the direct heir to the throne but has lost favor with the king when her mother was accused of being a traitor When Ambrea s father dies and her younger brother [...]

    15. Rush Ender Blakely is a man with a fiery secret in his past from everyone he knows Ambrea Vas Allay is a princess in exile thanks to her father and uncle Ambrea is summoned to Blossom Palace but she isn t even sure why She gets some stunning news about her father, the Emperor of Allay from her half brother that their father is dead He wants her to sign away her right to the throne of Allay which she refuses to do Ambrea is jailed in the wet rooms with no hope of ever getting out Ender is taken t [...]

    16. I am always amazed at Franks imagination Over and over she creates new worlds for her series This is the second in the Three Worlds series, and not really my favorite I was not sucked into it like the first I did like it I love Rush and Ambrea But the back story of the Allay society dragged for me and I found myself skimming parts of the book with no dialogue towards the end At first, I was anxious to get to the action I knew was coming And Rush Ender was a character that intrigued me in the fir [...]

    17. Book 1 was a funny and entertaining read but this one OMG Completely took me by surprise and blew my mind away I never thought it would be this good A tiny summary Amazing characters and an excellent plot based on a highly appealing world building I loved how original this story was, how different from everything else I have been reading lately A guy who can fire up his body at will, who has powers even he doesn t completely understands himself a secret so well kept that not even his closer frie [...]

    18. This one takes place 2 years I think, after the previous, and no she didn t answer the question why someone was trying to kill Bronse in that one.While these were the first two of a promised series, it was dropped after this with the vague series on hold indefinitely thing.Virgin hero alert.The hero has the same problem the 7th brother in the Sons of Destiny has he burns things when he gets out of control The difference why this gets a 4 when that one almost got a DNF is this hero is a well roun [...]

    19. 3 3 4 stars A Three Worlds Novel, sequel to Seduce Me in Dreams Rush Ender Blakely is part of the elite team from the Interplanetary Militia that has been tasked to rescue princes Ambrea Vas Allay when she is imprisoned yet again during the upheaval over the throne of the empire of Allay The last true heir, Ambrea has been downtrodden over all of her life, partly because of the machinations of her ambitious uncle Rush is a Tarian and subject to the distrust and discrimination of the race but he [...]

    20. Since the age of 4, when she was ripped from her mother s arms and the pampered life of a royal princess, Ambrea Vas Allay was never sure whether her father the Emperor would pick today as the day to end her existence When she is called to the palace for a royal audience, she is unsure what to expect, but it was not to find out her father had died and that her adolescent half brother is now the Emperor Thrown in prison for her refusal to sign away her name and all claims to the thrown, her innat [...]

    21. I would like to preface this with I have been a dedicated fan of Jacquelyn Frank for the past 5 years That being said, I am having a hard time connecting with any of her recent books I find myself skimming and growing bored It feels like she doesn t have a clear path when writing new books and is just trying out new concepts It doesn t feel like she is dedicated to the characters or the stories She will write a couple books or just stand alone titles for a series and then move on This series was [...]

    22. Not a bad follow up to a book I thought was mediocre at best In fact, this sequel was good enough that I m looking forward to the next in the series Here s hoping that Frank only gets better with time and practice She still has problems with having too many narrative characters, but that didn t come into play as much this time around since there seemed to be fewer characters overall Ender was a better hero than any other of Frank s I ve read so far He balanced perfectly between understanding lov [...]

    23. This is an adventure from the first page It takes you along with Ambrea, Ender and the Interplanetary Militia while they are trying to restore Ambrea to her rightful place on the throne of Allay.Ambrea Vas Allay has been exiled by her father for many years, but upon his death and the ddeath of her brother the throne rightfully belongs to Ambrea Her fathers brother seems to have other ideas about who should rule.Rush Ender loves being part of the elite Interplanetary Militia and this time their m [...]

    24. Sick of Vampires and Demons How about taking a ride to a galaxy far far away where a disposed Princess attempts to reclaim her throne with the help of a hunk from the Interplanetary Military Special Ops There s the dastardly Uncle and his poisonous mistress using every trick in the book to ascend to the throne and the hero s secret powers that will eventually save the day.I really enjoyed Jacquelyn Frank s new Three Worlds series In this second book, the Three Worlds are further explored and qui [...]

    25. as a fan of Mrs Frank s Nightwalker series I had to read her other works I believe she has out did herself once again This was a great book Some of her work reminds me of fairy tales Like Stealing Kathryn reminded me of Beauty and the Beast This book reminded me of Rapunzel Long haired beauty trapped away in a dungeon Saved by the handsome hunter So she can claim the title that is rightfully hers Fairy tales are beautiful stories that can be told in every generation I love how she can take one a [...]

    26. Normally I don t really like when people offer to lend me books, but I really enjoyed this one An exiled princess finally has an opportunity to reclaim her rightful place on the throne of her kingdom, with the help of a seeming barbarian soldier and an international police force meant to keep peace and fairness amongst the various worlds I felt there was a healthy mix of suspense and romance, and the characters truly seemed to have Well rounded personalities However, the ending was a bit rushed, [...]

    27. This was quite a nice story, but it was quite slow to start off with a lot of explaining done about the background of the main female lead I also found it a little strange that some if the language and actions seemed quite old fashioned while some were very modern as if it was a mix of historical romance and futuristic I dont know if perhaps this was the intention but it made it feel a bit inconsistent and meant I didn t get into the story as much as I would have liked.It was quite entertaining [...]

    28. Ok readOdd, I could have sworn I read this before As in book one there seemed to be something missing, or maybe it was pages As in book one at the end your left wondering want happened to the villains Do the murderers live It seems they simply just got away their crimes.I do like this author and have read the night walkers series Maybe that is why I was hoping for Also less telling, showing If she ever decides to write another story I will read it Lasher,Justice and all the Chosen Ones need th [...]

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