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Ron Santo: A Perfect 10 By Rich Wolfe,

  • Title: Ron Santo: A Perfect 10
  • Author: Rich Wolfe
  • ISBN: 9780984627820
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A funny, emotional and true account of the incredible career of a baseball great and fan favorite, Ron Santo Never before told, behind the scenes stories mixed with humor and fascinating facts, plus a whopping 24 pages of great photos make this book a must read for Cubs fans The remembrances are all here, told by an all star team of people It is like sitting around WrigA funny, emotional and true account of the incredible career of a baseball great and fan favorite, Ron Santo Never before told, behind the scenes stories mixed with humor and fascinating facts, plus a whopping 24 pages of great photos make this book a must read for Cubs fans The remembrances are all here, told by an all star team of people It is like sitting around Wrigley Field listening to Ron s friends reminiscing about the man we all loved Ron Santo Jr contributed the Foreword.
    Ron Santo A Perfect A funny emotional and true account of the incredible career of a baseball great and fan favorite Ron Santo Never before told behind the scenes stories mixed with humor and fascinating facts plus a

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    1. Ron Santo a Perfect 10 by Pat Hughes and Rich Wolfe is a funny, emotional, and true story about the life of an incredible career of a baseball legend and fan favorite, Ron Santo Stories that most don t know, off the baseball field stories mixed with humor and fascinating facts stats, this is a must read for all cubs fans and even sports fans in general If you are looking for baseball action and not as much off the field drama, this isn t the book for you because this book does a poor job of expr [...]

    2. This book will you make you laugh and cry with the memories of one of the BIGGEST Cubs fan and player Ron Santo was not only a top rated third baseman, but also one of the most memorable WGN Radio broadcasters Having grown up listening to him on the radio, I grew up hearing some of the stories memorialized in the book played out on the radio or at least retold While reading I found my self crying, laughing and being inspired by a man who changed lives through his struggles and strengths.

    3. Bias is an understatement Ron Santo is one of my heroes and I listened to him faithfully on the Pat and Ron Show as part of the Chicago Cubs ball games He played with such heart and put his life on the line for the Cubs, whether playing the hot hand on the hot corner or walking for JDRF His antics and colorful dialogue in the booth with Pat are treasured memories Pat was a great straight man for him.I am a diabetic and I miss his words the and laughter This book allows us into the hearts of the [...]

    4. Summary This book is about the life of The Great Ron Santo The book is about people tell about Ron s life in perspective of other point of view This book just talks about how great his life was, and how he got where he did Some of his close friends like Len Kasper, and his family like his brother, sister, wife, son, and his grandchildren This book tells some of Ron s great stories.Stories 1 One of the stories was when Ray McKinney met Ron Santo in 2001 in Scottsdale, AZ Ray was some sort of phys [...]

    5. If I knew the number of actual hours that I spent listening to Ron Santo on WGN in the 90s and 00s, I probably would be concerned I listened to him, for many years, on almost every game each season This was a fun, and also sad, book to read I enjoyed it because of all of the wonderful stories about Ron, and how genuine personality and perseverance kept shining through despite the diabetes ravaging his body and causing him horrible and prolonged health problems I had the extreme pleasure of meeti [...]

    6. This book was an inspirational journey about a great man s life Ron Santo has been a very big icon to me since I was little This book was amazing, it told the many great stories of his past Ron cared a great deal about his beloved Chicago Cubbies He use to play for them and the moved to broadcasting on the radio for them His partner Pat Hughes writes, The main time he was upset, grouchy, and in a bad mood was simply when the Cubs were not playing good baseball That is fact Hughes 46 From this qu [...]

    7. This book was amazing Filled with personal stories of Santo I was laughing out loud I ver heard him on the radio, but this really captured his full personality and a behind the scene look at the real Ron Who knew he could be such a funny guy off the field.This book is hysterical The personal stories of Ron kept me laughing all the way through the book HOW COULD HE DO THAT I always asked myself that question Some of things that happened were unbelievable His wig caught on fire he cut across his l [...]

    8. I really wish that I could rate this book higher, but I was also really hoping for a book of stories that would be put together in a way that was interesting to read The stories in this book don t flow together in any way, and it s only the subject matter of this book, Ron Santo himself, that redeems this book at all I can t recommend this book for anyone but the biggest Cubs or Santo fan, and even then, it s a painful experience Sure, there were places where I laughed, and there were places whe [...]

    9. Both authors Pat Hughes Rich Wolfe do an excellent job of showing Ron Santos life in Ron Santo Perfect 10 They show through Ron Santos life that humor and jokes This behind the scenes look a well loved cubs player announcer will leave you laughing Overall this is a heartwarming book that will inspire its audience that being positive will change the world and that yogurt machines should not be messed with Jon

    10. This book was absolutely fantastic and every single cub fan that knows something about Ron Santo should read this book This book had me laughing, had me crying, and everywhere in between It is the kind of book that drains you of emotions and leaves you feeling almost raw and numb after a while, only to make it that much enjoyable when you pick it back up and continue reading the next day This book takes you on a series of journeys Not one in particular but a series of them that made the entire [...]

    11. Most of the books are put in this category because they were bad or I got bored with them That is not the reason this one is here I was really enjoying the book, it s basically people telling their favorite stories about Ron Santo But, the account from his children are hitting me a little too hard at this point after just losing my father a few months ago Maybe in the future I can pick it up again and really enjoy it.

    12. Ron Santo was one of my Dads favorites, so of course he became one of mine I liked reading about his life, but this book pulls in friends and family to tell about Ron Some of the stories are repeated in parts I d say borrow from a library, probably not a keeper, unless you want to re visit the pictures.

    13. Can t get this anywhere else but it is rather poorly written Where are the editors It seemed like the father s day holiday really pushed them Mostly it seemed like an unedited transcript of oral remembrances Even so, just like Pat Hughes promised I both laughed out loud and found a tear in my eye a couple times.

    14. Very much enjoyed this one The stories from his friend, family, people he worked with all told of what a great guy he was to be around Loved the stories of his youth from his family The whole book is told in eulogy type fashion The result is alot of repeated accolades, but fun to read Great player, great fan, broadcaster who let his feelings out.

    15. Of all of the books I have ever read, this was one of them.The first 5 pages had me in stitches then repetition ad nausea killed it Great guy, no doubt, but the same good guy story over and over just written by different people.A great read if you are a Ron Santo fan, great guy as I said, but I never reached the adoration stage.

    16. Some stories were really funny I really liked listening to Ron and Pat but this book did not grab me because I felt that a lot of the people in the book just kept repeating the same thing over and over

    17. The stories are great, and Ron comes through on every page, but the book s design is sloppy and distracting in places Ronnie deserves a classier book some day Jonathan Eig, are you reading this

    18. Being a Cub fan since the 1960s, this was an interesting book about a legendary Cub There were several things that I learned including that Ron Santo had a great on base average, which further supported that he was deserving on being a hall of famer.

    19. As a diehard Cubs fan and Santo fan, I laughed out loud as I read this book It brought back all the wonderful memories Ron helped create There will never be another on the radio who can create the same emotions for listeners Ron, rest in peace

    20. I haven t laughed or cried as hard as a book as I had at this one in a long time Makes me want to work harder at living life and being a Cubbie fan.

    21. Autobiography about cubes legend Ron Santo, accounts about his life from fans to family After, a while you really get to know this fallen legend.

    22. This was an enjoyable read but it really is a shame they didn t include the annecdotes from Ron s teammates like Ernie Banks and Billy Williams Otherwise I d reccomend it.

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