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Salt Bride By Lucinda Brant,

  • Title: Salt Bride
  • Author: Lucinda Brant
  • ISBN: 9780987073808
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When the Earl of Salt Hendon marries squire s daughter Jane Despard, Society is aghast Forced by circumstance into a marriage neither wants, the newlyweds must overcome a secret past of heartache and misery to fall in love all over again Meanwhile, a sinister family opposition will go to any lengths, even murder, to tear the marriage asunder.
    Salt Bride When the Earl of Salt Hendon marries squire s daughter Jane Despard Society is aghast Forced by circumstance into a marriage neither wants the newlyweds must overcome a secret past of heartache and

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    1. 3.5 stars I must have really been in a historical romance novel kind of mood the last couple of days, because I whipped through three of them, all Kindle freebies, in one day some skimming may or may not have been involved Don t judge I had a really rough week with work and I was looking for pure escapism This one was the best of the three by a fair amount the other two were self published freebies, Lord Grenville s Choice and Ruse Romance The funny thing is that all three involve marriage of co [...]

    2. OK,4.5 5.0, but it s teetering just the same Explanations are not really necessary with this book, adjectives are Rich, luscious, heart breaking, heart warming, addictive, sigh worthy, intelligent, the list could go on and on with nary a hesitation But, since most expect an actual review and not just emotional word praise, here goes When her guardian dies, Jane Despard is faced with marrying the Earl of Salt Hendon Salt, as he is known or her beloved step brother will be faced with selling every [...]

    3. Salt Bride is a thoroughly enjoyable story set in the Georgian era, in which the author s sense of style and her evocative descriptions of the clothing and various settings bring the period vividly to life.At the beginning of the story, Miss Jane Despard is obliged to marry the handsome and wealthy Earl of Salt Hendon or Salt , as he is known One might think being married to a man blessed with both wealth and good looks would be no hardship, but Salt and Jane have a history which neither of them [...]

    4. Looking over my shoulder as a miasma of malevolence permeates this story so far.This was a very well done love story suspense horror story.The opening is tragic No spoiler as it has to be read Jane is a victim of so many characters, but she never succumbs to poor pitiful me martyr syndrome The circumstances of being an unmarried female without money or a support system in Jacobean times have reduced her to a situation most modern women would have a hard time comprehending Through the machination [...]

    5. Let me start this review off by saying, many people will love this book Despite the lack of a nearly naked woman on the front cover in a brightly colored lush gown, this book reminded me of the types of books you will get from Loretta Chase, Sarah MacLean, and Elizabeth Hoyt just to name a few It appears this book was marketed differently from other historical romances for some reason, perhaps because it is a bit cleaner and less steamy than the others mentioned above, but I think the cover is a [...]

    6. 5 Reneged Betrothal Stars for the story and 5 narration stars for Alex Wyndham s narration Containing a romance based on the misunderstanding trope, along with a suspense twist that includes a scheming, jealous relative with plans to marry the hero herself, Lucinda Brant delivers a compelling and addictive listen in the Salt Bride A Georgian Historical Romance This intriguing listen left me with no choice but to binge listen to this 12 hour romance until the satisfying end even bypassing sleep t [...]

    7. Those looking just for a well researched, well detailed Georgian era historical romance will find this crimance a surprise, for some a pleasant one, for others, less so This reminds me of the sort of suspense stories of Amanda Quick The story features a sociopathic villainess given to poisoning her problems away Think Hannibal Lector in panniers and powdered wig oh, she doesn t eat anyone literally, only figuratively, while on rampage This evil wench seems to take center stage while the hero and [...]

    8. Got halfway through the book but dropped it because I hated the stupidity The villain was way so obvious in her viscous ness but not a single person could pick up on any of her evil ways not the child abuse, or the servant abuse, or the way she played with the lives of the hero and heroine The hero was so hot and cold I got whiplash from the back and forth of his actions The heroine was a doormat for the entire time I ve read it and that s what really annoyed me the most This novel had all the e [...]

    9. Very good story Fantastic Narration by Marian Hussey audible whispersync reveiw This was a really good story, I enjoyed it very much The hero and heroine had some great chemistry together I really liked both characters very much Jane was a great heroine Salt was fantastic There wasn t really any sex scenes in the story it was referred to in the past tense but the sexual tension is there and the relationship between the two felt genuine and real.The story line and plot was great There was a bat [...]

    10. Another Georgian era winner from Lucinda Brant I greatly enjoyed this sometimes heart wrenching story of thwarted lovers I admire Ms Brant s ability to vividly paint the world of the Georgian era nobility and to give her readers a very true yet human sense of aristocratic characters and her clear delineation of their public from their private personas I found the story and characters deeply engaging and look forward to reading from this author.

    11. I gave it two stars because it isn t your average bodice ripper, and I appreciated that It isn t as unbelievable and contrived as most books of the genre seem to be I read these types of books occasionally when I want something light and easy They all have the same plot structure, somehow The woman is good and pure, the man is noble underneath his rakish outer shell Someone or something tries to come between them but in the end, their true love prevails The only thing that set this apart from th [...]

    12. Audiobook Review What a wonderful cast of characters From the very purest of hearts, Jane Despard, soon to become Lady Salt, to Diane, Lady St John, whose mind machinations will have you anxiously follow her every move This woman is capable of horrendous deeds Beware New to me author Lucinda Brant, provided a fabulous listen and I won t be able to NOT read listen to the sequel She has me hanging from a precipice She draws her scenes in such detail I feel the swirl of emotion bouncing in the expa [...]

    13. 4 stars audio story Georgette Heyer has a worthy author following in her footsteps of strained relationships, gossip, fun, intrigue and a murderer to boot.

    14. If you love good Georgian historical romances, you can t miss this delightful novel by Lucinda Brant Witty prose and well researched context, skillfully depicted characters you ll be captivated by, are the main features in her style Salt Bride is my second read from Lucinda s work after Deadly Engagement and I must thank her for hours of pure literary pleasure The story start in medias res, and impressively so The first pages are really tense with drama and you can but sympathize with the heroin [...]

    15. Series Salt HendonPeriod GeorgianThe imagery painted by Brant is spectacular You just literally feel like you are right there with the characters in that time period and you feel what they are feeling right along with them There is some very intense emotion, a bit of wit and very, very high drama.There is a very unhappy history between the Earl of Salt Hendon and Jane Despard, the daughter of a neighboring squire And now, years later, they are being forced to marry Neither of them is happy about [...]

    16. I listened to this audio version of Salt Bride by Lucinda Brant as a direct result of an excellent review by a trusted friend and I was not disappointed I doubt that I could say much about the events than have already been said by Caz, as her review is entertaining and very thorough Her comments re the narrator, Marion Hussey are spot on Ms Hussey s voice range is extensive, never leaving the listener in any doubt about which character is speaking at any given time, even when there are many cha [...]

    17. I read the reviews here prior to purchasing the audiobook Good thing Audible has a return policy The hero s character changes from page to page At first the Earl of Salt is a hard man who is being forced to marry his once secret betrothed Lots of hatred towards wife to be who somehow HAS to marry him, can t find another man in the kingdom so that she can help her half brother OH my, how hard is it to develop a plot and stick to it It only takes him one look at his bride for him to turn into a cr [...]

    18. Reviewed by ShannonBook provided by author for reviewJane Despard hates that she is dictated by her Uncle s will to marry in order to save her step brother s inheritance For the past four years, she lived under the strict rules of her uncle in order to have some semblance of a life after everything fell apart What she didn t expect was a deathbed promise her father had made forcing her into a union with the last person she would ever expect The man who tossed her aside when he promised her forev [...]

    19. This review is from Salt Bride A Georgian Historical Romance Kindle Edition Lucinda captivated me from the beginning Salt Bride s Prologue was perfect, Lucinda was able to elaborate on the story s premise right away, intriguing me greatly, as it was emotionally engaging Mrs Brants writing elaborate s on her characters, the clothes, the scene, setting, story and the conflict all in the first few pages allowing me to become lost within Salt Brides world Lucinda writes in a way that I am able to vi [...]

    20. This is not your typical bodice ripper The author uses slang, details, and mannerisms that are both consistent and accurate of the time period, which is the reign of Britain s George III The novel begins with the heroine being fed a concoction by her rival the main villain which forces her to have a miscarriage Again something I would not have expected from a romance novel The heroine seems a bit too perfect but endearing The principal hero seems a bit controlling He reminded me of 19th century [...]

    21. I love Lucinda Brant s books, but Salt Bride isn t one of my favorites Unlike her other series, I didn t fall for her hero and the entire premise of the book is based on a big misunderstanding A real big one This kind of trope gets old fast So, because of it, the Earl of Salt Hendon takes forever to realize how much he has maligned Jane, the woman he first loved and then spurned It s complicated and I squirmed and felt so uncomfortable for her The villainess in the story, Diana was a caricature [...]

    22. Deception and romance This book was a roller coaster of a read I was frustrated knowing that there was such an evil person always lurking in the background The Earl of Salt was a good person He felt that he was trapped by circumstances that were beyond his control and he did not like that at all He however showed kindness and compassion with surprising frequency Jane was a sweet and loving yet hurt lady She had been through so much pain in her life and was totally misunderstood She did not cower [...]

    23. Another Georgian era winner from Lucinda Brant I greatly enjoyed this sometimes heart wrenching story of thwarted lovers I admire Ms Brant s ability to vividly paint the world of the Georgian era nobility and to give her readers a very true yet human sense of aristocratic characters and her clear delineation of their public from their private personas I found the story and characters deeply engaging and look forward to reading from this author.

    24. Entertaining historical romance melodrama Has a psycho ow wannabe, betrayals, miscommunications, a rakish hero with a string of ex mistresses, and a second chance between the two star crossed lovers I will read the sequel I have to find out how Diana plots and seeks her revenge 3.5 rounded stars.

    25. Parte che pensi wow, forse quello giusto e finisce che ti penti di non aver fatto altro durante tutte quelle ore di lettura L angst tra i due protagonisti era allettante i primi due capitoli, poi sono diventati pappa e ciccia senza motivo tutti risolini e poeti dell a eterno e CIAO BBELLI.

    26. another EXCELLENT book by brant she really captured the time period, as usual, and the characters are so vividly portrayed i wish i had all her books

    27. 4 24 17 3.5 stars Enjoyable and with a nice feel for period detail Quite suspenseful The heroine is a little too perfect i.e beautiful, tragic past, nice, loving and yet rather sweetly passive and bland Some spikes would have been realistic At least she wasn t dumb The villain was truly evil, and of a type that I haven t come across too frequently There were a lot of disparate elements introduced in this plot much than is usual In restropect, that could have been pared down, but in another way [...]

    28. 3.75 stars I liked this Georgian historical romance First book I ve read by this author Magnus, Earl of Salt Hendon, and his wife, the young and sweet Jane, are lovely together There are some painful and angsty moments in this story before they get their HEA, though This was hard for me as I m not a fan of angst Several times I stopped reading and took up a different book with a lighter mood before coming back to Salt Bride, as the angst and suspense were making me uncomfortable That s why I cou [...]

    29. Sometimes I feel like I m not reading the same book as everyone else is I see all the great reviews for this story and I wonder what other readers are getting out of this book that I didn t.This is a by the numbers story with all the romance novel cliches and tropes you ll find in a million other romance novels Brant brings nothing new to the table Jane Despard has goddess like beauty that stops traffic and is so good and pure inside and out that she farts butterflies and cures leprosy Magnus Sa [...]

    30. I received this book in the beginning of 2012 as a freebie on It took me a year to get to it and I was not dissapointed The story captivated me from the prologue to the last page The plot well executed and entertaining No dullness in the story line although there were times that the fast pace conversations left me wondering who was speaking and I had to go back and make sure which character was talking But it did not change the facts or the plot The villain was a cold blooded woman who cared onl [...]

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