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Visser By K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate,

  • Title: Visser
  • Author: K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate
  • ISBN: 9780439087643
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In an hour or so, once I was out of sight of land, I would lower my sails and wait for a Bug fighter to come lift me off the deck The engine backwash of the Bug fighter would capsize the boat Or I might put the Taxxon pilot to the test and see if he could ram the low slung boat That would puzzle the humans.Either way, my body would never be foundMy time of lying lowIn an hour or so, once I was out of sight of land, I would lower my sails and wait for a Bug fighter to come lift me off the deck The engine backwash of the Bug fighter would capsize the boat Or I might put the Taxxon pilot to the test and see if he could ram the low slung boat That would puzzle the humans.Either way, my body would never be foundMy time of lying low was overI would spearhead the invasion of Earth I would take charge of our greatest conquest I would stand alone atop the Yeerk military hierarchy.I was to become Visser One.From the Hardcover edition
    Visser In an hour or so once I was out of sight of land I would lower my sails and wait for a Bug fighter to come lift me off the deck The engine backwash of the Bug fighter would capsize the boat Or I mig

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    1. These Chronicles special volumes are always a delight Visser is the story of Visser One, aka Edriss 562, whose host body is also Marco s mom Visser One is on trial by the Council of Thirteen, the ultimate governing body of the Yeerks, subject only to the whims of the Yeerk Emperor, whose identity is known only to the council members Visser Three is prosecuting the trial, and his rivalry with Visser One is a major source of conflict in this book Visser One must tell the story of how she discovere [...]

    2. Brought to you by The Moonlight Library Visser chronicles the life of Edriss 562 before she becomes Visser One It focuses on the silent invasion of Earth and is told mostly through speaking narration and a memory dump which means that most of the novel happened way in the past The Yeerk Edriss 562 stole a ship and went off on an unauthorised mission to find the only rumoured Class Five species yet discovered the vulnerable, numerous, clever and dexterous humans of Earth.Visser is one of my favou [...]

    3. Like with the Ellimist Chronicles, the cover completely throws me, because the book is about Visser 1, not Visser 3 Visser 1 is not an AndaliteA dynamic and fast paced novel about one of the most interesting Villains I ve read about.Edriss five six two is a wonderful addition to Applegate s expansive, rich, and quite believable universe Her struggles give humanity to the enemy, and though her transformation is not complete, her story, and that of Essam, are indicative of Applegate s foray into a [...]

    4. I know I read this once before, but I didn t realize how completely I had forgotten what happens in it There is just so much Seeing Vissers One and Three go at each other in this very dangerous situation is also, to put it mildly, thrilling They turn the tables on each other so many times, and there are so many pitfalls and sudden inspirations, that I couldn t help but read it slowly and savor the subtleties along the way Especially when you also consider that Visser One is cherry picking the de [...]

    5. The cover is so misleading, y all This isn t about Visser Three, but about Visser One but I guess having the cover showcase a random Latina woman, or a slug, wouldn t be quite so thrillingEither way, I love this weird little book Like, a lot The narratorial techniques woven into each of the Chronicles are so interesting in Andalite, it s Elfangor s last memory dump before death In Hork Bajir, it s a generational memory passed on as oral history through Dak s descendants and Toby.Now, it s a fram [...]

    6. SOLID.I really appreciated this being told through the eyes mind memory of Visser One so that it has the same feel of the regular Animorphs books but all of the Animorphs themselves are seen from the outside Especially this far into the series, it was great to have the perspective of pulling back and seeing how much these are not kids any as well as how they ve become an incredible team with different strengths and understandings of things I loved trying to see which was which when they weren t [...]

    7. One of the best books of the Animorphs series I really like how Applegate gives multiple aspects to every character even the villains You really see things from the Yeerks point of view and can almost understand their feelings and thought processes The Yeerks can seem almost human, while they see humans as aliens that bewilder and mystify them.I also like how the two different villains with very different characters and strategies are presented, and it was interesting to see them facing off and [...]

    8. Animorphs Visser by K.A Applegate is about a trial of a Yeerk named Edriss five six two, or Visser one In it, she has been charged with 5 charges of treason, and has to win the trial or be executed The visser ends up having to call for help from the Yeerk s enemies, the Animorphs The author s purpose was to show that the bad guys in the story are also facing hard times I gave this book a 4 out of 5 because it s a good story, but it can get kind of boring at times Like during the scenes where Vis [...]

    9. I read this before as an avid fan back in jr high or high school when the Animorphs series was still running After completing college, I thought it d be nice to sort of return to my roots and reread the series that meant so much to me as a kid Even years later, the book still resonates, if not now that I can understand some of the nuances of the concept of forbidden love and friendships K.A Applegate is a masterful writer.

    10. I think this book was good but it was creepy It kept you interested and not wanting to stopr reading it At the end of the book i already knew what was going to happend It was a simple but very intersting book.

    11. Probably the best of all the Animorphs books I didn t read it when I was initially following the series, which I think caused it to pack even of a punch With some life experience to go along with it, the issues the book rises are mind blowing.

    12. One of the best of the series It is here that we really get to know Visser One It is here we realize that those who are considered evil are not very unlike ourselves.

    13. Perhaps I am missing something with this one, as Visser is one of the most highly regarded of the Animorphs books, but the story just seemed to be lacking something.First off was its structure The novel takes place over Visser One s trial, taking the form of numerous flashbacks over her time on Earth and showing how she committed a number of Yeerk crimes and became addicted to humanity during her early experiences on the planet Through the novel s use of motherhood, it is designed to make us fee [...]

    14. This book, despite the cover, is actually about Visser One, the Yeerk currently invading Marco s Mother s brain She is on trial with the Council of 13 after being captured by Visser Three and accused of treason The big dilemma ise s actually guilty While on trial through exposition and memory dumps we learn that with a previous host, she actually gave birth to human children It was an interesting parallel between her and Eva giving the evil Yeerks a humanizing quality There is a brief appearance [...]

    15. First it was funny.The way Visser One, Edriss, explained her observations about the human mind and humanity itself was hilarious I laughed at how she said that Jenny Lines, who claims to be an actress but had not done any acting , lacks organization in her brain I laughed at how she almost believed that humans were able to produce something that is twice as fast as the speed of light And then when she realized it was fictional she tried to wonder why humans would do it and concluded that maybe i [...]

    16. It s always cool to figure out where things begin, and see how events in the past have affected events in the standard 54 books of the Animorphs series It s also really important to see how events of the past correspond to the present.

    17. The Visser Chronicles focuses on the elusive Visser One, as she stands trial for high treason in the invasion of Earth Visser Three has convinced the Yeerk Council of Thirteen that Visser One committed treason when initially taking the planet, and that she s been a sympathizer with the humans all along We find out the truth behind the Visser s infestation of Marco s mother and her subsequent disappearance We learn that she initially came to Earth seeking a class 5 species to infest that is, a te [...]

    18. Visser One is brought to trial because Visser Three has accused her of treason She is questioned, subjected to memory dumps, and asked to justify her actions when she committed various crimes in the name of taking Earth for the Yeerks But Visser Three s behavior is also called into question during the trial as the Council of Thirteen cross examine them Visser One tells a story of her discovery of Earth, her first few hosts, and her relationship with a Yeerk who occupied another human host Togeth [...]

    19. I loved the inside look at the Yeerks Still do on my reread I gladly got caught up in the story I liked the retrospective information by itself, and the current action kept that from feeling like a history book.Edriss 562 and Marco are both ruthless I wonder how much Eva is.Aliens being confused by human society is funny here too.Visser Three s personality flaws are on full display Edriss POV would emphasize that, and it seems the Visser conflict brings out of his bad side All stick and no carr [...]

    20. An astonishing peek in to the mind of the head of the bad guys Wow.Notable moments and inconsistencies The Yeerk Empire identifies five classes of alien Those are the following Class One are unfit, physically, for infestation Class Two are infestable but have physical issues that are difficult for the Yeerk to manage Class Three are infestable but exist only in small quantities Class Four are perfect for infestation but cannot be challenged because of military excellence and Class Five are perfe [...]

    21. Since third grade, I have been an avid follower of the Animorphs series Visser was the only book I was never able to find, and now that I ve read it, I feel like I have some closure on my childhood Now, summary Visser One, the highest ranking Yeerk below the Council of 13, is on trial for treason about ten times over Her accuser is Visser Three, the only Controller of an Andalite host Visser One s host is the mother of Marco, one of the so called Andalite Bandits who plague Visser Three s effort [...]

    22. This was a strong one I m always fascinated by the stories where we look at the humans from alien s point of view And Visser one is an interesting character More nuances of her character are shown here Why is Visser three on the cover I loved the moment when Edriss first explored the human brain.It was interesting that both Vissers one and three were fascinated by the species they infested I wonder if Visser three got in some way corrupted by Alloran, like Visser one was by Allison who was an am [...]

    23. This was so good I couldn t put it down, honestly And despite what the cover makes it look like misrepresentation, much this is NOT a book about Visser Three He plays a role, of course, but we ve already been inside his head, pre Visser rank This book focuses almost exclusively on Visser One the Yeerk that Controls Marco s mother And the way it s written, with the first person narrative within the narrative, as Visser One recounts her experiences to the Council of Thirteen to defend herself on t [...]

    24. Visser is one of the best in the series, told entirely from the perspective of the Yeerk known as Visser One During a trial for multiple counts of treason against the Yeerk Empire with Visser Three as prosecutor , Visser One recounts the Yeerk discovery of Earth and her rogue mission to confirm humans as a Class Five species We are shown the origin of the Sharing and the hidden motive behind the slow and secret infiltration of Earth Along the visser s disturbing journey, Applegate draws out the [...]

    25. So, this is everyone s favourite book It was good, but not my favourite.I d have loved to see it from the Animorphs perspective instead of Visser One s, and in all honesty the whole view spoiler she was a mother and she was in love was kinda mushy I m a bit tired of motherhood used to explain everything, and I expected something badass from Visser One hide spoiler Also, I m getting pretty tired of near misses Things need to start actually happening soon.Still, a good book.

    26. Visser is everything The Host wasn t It s touching and sweet mainly because the reader already knows the characters and it genuinely brings something new to them So many sequences in The Host are ripped off from here, and I love this book because it s about motherhood and love, rather than romance and pacifism.

    27. Although this book gives the impression by its cover to be about Visser Three and ends up being narrated from the perspective of Visser One it s a dutiful nice piece of work both as a chronicle and as to follow the main plot We follow the early years of Visser One since its arrival to Earth until he becomes the Yeerk in Marco s mom I feel impressed by the subtleties and nuances to make everything fit into the general story.

    28. Awesome to know Visser One s background It s fascinating and disturbing at the same time.I found this particularly poignant Human to Yeerk Your race is sick Sick and twisted and evil Yeerk to human We are parasite, Mr Gervais You re a predator Go ask a cow or a pig what they think of humans.

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