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A Glimpse of Stocking By Elizabeth Gage,

  • Title: A Glimpse of Stocking
  • Author: Elizabeth Gage
  • ISBN: 9780593013748
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Annie Havilland is Hollywood s rising young superstar Christine is New York s highest paid call girl Without knowing it, the two astonishingly beautiful young women are sisters locked in a twisted web of deceit and ambition shaped by their cruel mother One of the summer s steamiest books USA Today HC Simon Schuster.
    A Glimpse of Stocking Annie Havilland is Hollywood s rising young superstar Christine is New York s highest paid call girl Without knowing it the two astonishingly beautiful young women are sisters locked in a twisted web

    One thought on “A Glimpse of Stocking”

    1. Oh yeah, I read all of this monster 700 pages Hollywood soap opera It took about a month because it s long and I let myself get sidelined by other books along the way While it s a soap opera of sorts, there are plenty of erotic kinky passages and violent events going on to ever let it get boring There is even a seedy detective who is something of a catalyst pulling all the characters together into a final climax The main character, Annie, is a little too nice boring to hold a novel of this size [...]

    2. I ve no clue why is convinced this is 592 pages when in actuality it s a whopping 708 And what a 708 pages it is This is another of those forbidden reads my mother kept on her bookshelf when I was too young to read it I can see why Elizabeth Gage is one helluva writer Admittedly, some scenes got bogged down in extensive detail, but at the same time it all felt necessary in order to understand the complexity of the characters Because of the cover I was expecting a flashy trashy read, but A Glimps [...]

    3. I must have read this book over 50 times It s one of my favorites and always will be Elizabeth Gage explores sexuality and human dynamics in a gritty way that leaves you breathless Like another reviewer I read this when I was very young but thankfully I was mature enough to handle it There is strong subject matter but it s handled masterfully If you love the movie business, psychological thrilling situations and riveting plot twists you will love this book It s a classic.

    4. I read this book during high school The material is probably a little too mature for someone that age there are scenes of rape, violence, prostitution and drug use Although parts of the book were a bit disturbing, it is a very good story and the characters are well written Most of the book takes place in two very iconic cities New York and Los Angeles The scenery is very descriptive enough to make me want to drive along Mulholland Drive when I was in L.A it was neat actually seeing the places th [...]

    5. This book has eluded me for several years, since our first encounter in the late 80 s I have never forgotten it and have searched for it often This is a classic 80 s Girl finds fame story If you like d Scruples, Chances, Lace or Gypsy,this is for YOU I cannot wait to revisits this

    6. I picked this book up when I was rained in during a holiday to Spain The cover certainly was noticeable.Surprisingly I enjoyed this book and it did keep me entertained from start to finish There were a few shocking moments and the subject matter was very gritty in places, but the characters were well developed and the book avoided being too 2 dimensional Not a book I d recommend to people but a good read when you want a break from your usual type of novel

    7. Had forgotten about this gem I m currently re reading it because I wasn t sure if I had in fact read this Once I read the first page, I was flooded by memories of this book, and as characters get introduced, dots are connected If I had to choose one word to describe this booklacious.

    8. Absolutely addictive read The characters, the plot, drama and romance Also a bit dark and unpleasant Great winter read or if you have a rainy day to spare, well worth a read

    9. I think this book is way better than the shady grey books Almost feel like some material may have been twisted to form This is one that I would read overover.

    10. amazing book was so unexpected twist and turns on ever page never a dull moment both sad and happy its got all it all a great read for most everyone

    11. A nice break from my usual type of book Some parts are definitely too wordy, but story is good Subject matter is not for everyone as descibed.

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