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Princess of the Wild Swans By Diane Zahler Yvonne Gilbert,

  • Title: Princess of the Wild Swans
  • Author: Diane Zahler Yvonne Gilbert
  • ISBN: 9780062004925
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Based on Hans Christian Andersen s The Wild Swans, this enchanting fantasy by Diane Zahler, author of The Thirteenth Princess and A True Princess, is a tale of family, bravery and a terrible spell.Princess Meriel s brothers have been cursed An evil enchantment cast by their conniving new stepmother has transformed the handsome princes into swans They now swim forBased on Hans Christian Andersen s The Wild Swans, this enchanting fantasy by Diane Zahler, author of The Thirteenth Princess and A True Princess, is a tale of family, bravery and a terrible spell.Princess Meriel s brothers have been cursed An evil enchantment cast by their conniving new stepmother has transformed the handsome princes into swans They now swim forlornly on a beautiful heart shaped lake that lies just beyond the castle walls.Meriel will do whatever it takes to rescue her beloved brothers But she must act quickly If Heart Lake freezes, her brothers will be forced to fly south or perish.With help from her newfound friends Riona and Liam a beautiful half witch and her clever brother Meriel vows to finish a seemingly impossible task If she completes it, her brothers may be saved But if she fails all will be lost.
    Princess of the Wild Swans Based on Hans Christian Andersen s The Wild Swans this enchanting fantasy by Diane Zahler author of The Thirteenth Princess and A True Princess is a tale of family bravery and a terrible spell Pri

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    1. Short and Sweet Powerful storytelling filled with adventure and heart A fairytale for all ages Full Review Originally Posted at There s A Book An adventurous princess trapped by the bounds placed upon her by her title is freed to become the person she d always dreamed about, but is the cost too high Princess Meriel s father, the King, returns from a recent trip with a new wife at his side With her brothers and father entranced by the new Queen it s up to Meriel to dispel the mystery surrounding [...]

    2. Twelve year old Princess Meriel is the only girl in a family with five older brothers Her mother died when she was very young, so it has just been Meriel, her brothers, and their father, the King, for as long as she can remember Then one day her father returns home with a new wife, Lady Orianna From the start, Meriel hates Lady Orianna She doesn t trust her, especially after overhearing her argue with her father over the fact that if she has a son, he will never be king with five older brothers [...]

    3. What an enchanting read I love a well written fairy tale re telling and Diane has done a wonderful job with her story of Meriel and her brothers whom are all turned into swans I really enjoyed being swept away with the classic fairytale aspect of this story There s magic, danger, a lovely, well written innocent romance, witches and fey lore Plus I love that it takes a Princess and good hearted towns people to bring down a wicked, evil witch.Princess Meriel is a fabulously written, strong young f [...]

    4. The Wild Swans is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, my favorite fairy tale I ve only read one other retelling, The Swan Kingdom Both books are alike in that they are loosely inspired by the tale.It s a sweet story with some good moral lessons i.e don t be lazy, ask for help, be nice to animals and is well suited for younger audiences.I was pretty disappointed that it missed the sticking point of the original tale the heroine spent 7 years without speaking, destroying her hands with stinging nettles, [...]

    5. 3.5 starsPrincess of the Wild Swans by Diane Zahler was a super cute, fast read I had so much fun reading and am excited to check out Diane Zahler s other books after this.The beginning was a bit disjointed for me, and I didn t really get into Princess of the Wild Swans until probably a third of the way in Then I was super invested in it, and didn t want to put it down I loved trying to figure out what would happen next I wish this one had been a bit longer, as I would have loved to know what ha [...]

    6. There s something magical about a fairytale Maybe it s the tradition behind it, or the shared heritage behind stories that get passed down Either way, I love reading fairytale retellings Diane Zahler is becoming one of my favorite middle grade authors as she continues to put a captivating spin on fairy tales with her latest, Princess Of The Wild Swans.Read the rest of my review here

    7. This is based on one of my least favorite versions The Wild Swans of one of my least favorite tale types The Brothers Who Were Turned Into Birds , but Zahler s a good enough author that I enjoyed it anyway.

    8. This novel is cute It has believable, flawed, likable characters and a dash of Celtic magic However, if given pages, the story, world building, and villain could have been developed.

    9. Another great princess story I really love Diane Zahler and her wonderful versions of fairy tales Even the ones I am familiar with are totally changed with her perspective.

    10. Princess of the Wild Swans is loosely based on the tale The Wild Swans by Hans Christen Anderson There were some nice original parts to this version, but it also had many problems Highlights the princess stays in her kingdom during quest to break the spell and save her brothers father people fun cast of characters not too long Good for an afternoon read and fun for kids Lowlights The princess is 12 yet some of her thoughts actions responses are in line with an older teenager It almost felt like [...]

    11. Probably my favorite Diane Zahler book Honestly, I think I have read this book seven or eight times It was so good and I love the romance, the jealousy, and the determination of this book and its characters Definitely one of my favorites.

    12. Read this Read this I look down at the beautiful renaissance type artwork on the cover of Diane Zahler s newest book that a 5th grader has shoved in my hands What makes the students love her books I know that one appeal is the cover, but I suspect that the stronger appeal is the inherent goodness of the teenage characters who are beginning to experience romantic feelings for each other The stories are fast paced and easy to read They are not multi layered but have plenty of action and innocent r [...]

    13. Not one of my favorite Fairy Tale re tellings, not enough character development and story telling for me But not terrible Made it to number 4 for my 10 year old avid reader s top ten books She is reading it aloud now to her younger sister who shares the name of the heroine.

    14. This was actually my least favorite of the seriesbut don t let my opinion scare you off I loved this book I think Diane Zhaler is an incredible author I enjoyed all her books in this series.

    15. A great re telling of the story I liked the way the witches were able to read her thoughts, it really helped things move along.

    16. Very good retelling I have always liked The Wild Swans A big plus from the original story is that the sister can at least communicate thru her mind with her friends and allies.

    17. This review was first posted at rubysreads Presenting Ruby and Small s First Ever Joint Review The CharactersRuby You re probably going to be sick and tired of me saying things like this, but Princess of the Wild Swans Meriel couldn t hold a candle to Daughter of the Forest s Sorcha She was spoiled and a bit thin on personality and character development I know that I should expect a princess to be a bit spoiled, but I do expect spoiled characters to move, gradually toward a place where they are [...]

    18. So I had mixed feelings going onto this one On the one hand, MY GOD THAT COVER Have you ever seen anything so BEAUTIFUL That is the PERFECT cover for a book based on inspired by the classic H.C Andersen tale of a lovely princess whose brothers are turned into swans It just captures so much of what I love about The Wild Swans in this one image On the other hand, little red flags of unsureness went up when I realized a the princess in this does not grow up as in the original tale and is I assume t [...]

    19. Princess Meriel gets the shock of her life when her father returns from a trip with a new wife It might not be a bad thing, but Lady Orianna gives Meriel the creeps Just days after her arrival, she announces that all five of Meriel s older brothers have been sent off to school, yes, even the ones too old for school Meriel is convinced she s done something terrible to them instead, and a walk by the pond confirms her worst fears For there are five new swans on the lake, each with human eyes the c [...]

    20. I loved it Though I kind of got confused at times but I catched up after reading it a few times Still it was good Cullan was the best brother,in opinion spoiler alert kind of

    21. This novel takes its theme from one of the lesser known European fairy tales, one dealing with a dangerous, jealous stepmother and the seven boys she curses The story wastes little time on the magical aspect of it one moment a girl has five brothers reduced from the original seven the next moment they re gone, changed into swans without so much as a warning to the reader What the book does is take us into the life of Princess Meriel as she struggles with the menial tasks of gathering nettles, pr [...]

    22. Princess of the Wild Swans by Diane Zahler is about hate and love in the land of fairy tales I have loved reading this book so much It took me aways from the world of stress and worry I have decided to read the rest of the series The tale begins with a queen cursing her stepsons She changes the boys to swans Their sister, the Princess, is heartbroken Finally, there is a way to turn the curse She must sew shirts of stinging nettles for each brother Her hands become ugly and sore.On my fairy tale [...]

    23. The Wild Swans was one of my all time favorite Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales, and I have always wished that someone would do a retelling of it I am pleased to say that Diane Zahler did an excellent job in reworking this magical tale Meriel is a strong heroine who is quick to understand what the Queen is trying to do, while the rest of her family is blind to it And when Meriel is ignored and the Queen changes her brothers into swans, Meriel doesn t waste any time in getting help She is a bi [...]

    24. This review was written by my eleven year old sister, Asma.When twelve year old Princess Meriel s father marries Lady Orianna strange things start happening in the castle When Meriel s five brothers are sent off to school by Lady Orianna, five new swans now swim in the heart shaped lake right outside of the walls of the castle Princess Meriel soon finds out that the swans are no ordinary swans but her brothers Finding out the truth about Lady Orianna, Meriel now must do an unthinkable task that [...]

    25. A very fun and well done Six Swans retelling It s a quick read that I really enjoyed.Sometimes, I find a medieval setting can be a drag, but the writing is smooth and never gets to historical Zahler keeps the tone and voice simple but developed which leads to great fairy tale tone throughout I really, really appreciate that.I enjoy Meriel as a character and her spunky but princess enough voice I especially loved how she hated sewing, that it was expected of her as a lady, and that she needed it [...]

    26. Princess of the Wild Swans by Diane Zahler is a retelling of the Six Swans The story follows Meriel the only daughter in the kings household She adores her brothers and when her father comes home with a new wife who seems to resent their existence Meriel becomes worried After the new Queen sends her brothers to school Meriel is suspicious When she finds a new group of swans on the lake that seem like her brothers she knows that something is wrong She soon finds out that they ve been enchanted an [...]

    27. Like the rest of Zahler s work that I ve read, Princess of the Wild Swans proves to be just as sweet and simple as her previous fairy tale retellings, The Thirteenth Princess and A True Princess Princess of the Wild Swans is a retelling of the fairy tale The Wild Swans Princess Meriel is our lead protangonist She must find a way to save her five brothers who have been enchanted into the form of swans by their wicked stepmother, Lady Orianna Much like her other works I ve read, Zahler is consiste [...]

    28. Good for Elementary age perhaps not for adults.I have always been fascinated with this fairy tale but this version was a disappointment After her brothers become enchanted as swans the princess must maintain total vocal silence as she completes a difficult and painful task to break the spell keeping them as swans This princess cannot talk aloud but she talks mind to mind with several characters Thus the vow of silence is not a trial at all The task which in most versions takes years is done in w [...]

    29. Great fantasy for younger readers I enjoyed her particular retelling with one exception view spoiler After the king loses his new wife she got eaten he was all set to get romantic with his daughter s governess Ummm Yeah No grieving period, nothing Enchanted or not, there needed to be a little time between romantic entanglements But perhaps I am just old fashioned hide spoiler Other than that, it was fine A nice coming of age I did like that at 12 the heroine was NOT crushing on any male leads H [...]

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