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Eternity in Their Hearts: Startling Evidence of Belief in the One True God in Hundreds of Cultures Throughout the World By Don Richardson,

  • Title: Eternity in Their Hearts: Startling Evidence of Belief in the One True God in Hundreds of Cultures Throughout the World
  • Author: Don Richardson
  • ISBN: 9780830738373
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • Startling Evidence of Belief in the One True God in Hundreds of Cultures Throughout the World Has the God who prepared the gospel for all people groups also prepared all people groups for the gospel
    Eternity in Their Hearts Startling Evidence of Belief in the One True God in Hundreds of Cultures Throughout the World Startling Evidence of Belief in the One True God in Hundreds of Cultures Throughout the World Has the God who prepared the gospel for all people groups also prepared all people groups for the gospel

    One thought on “Eternity in Their Hearts: Startling Evidence of Belief in the One True God in Hundreds of Cultures Throughout the World”

    1. Summing up in one word disappointing I was recommended, and really enjoyed, Peace Child and Lords of the Earth by this author I had thought that, of his other titles, this book would be most similar in style It was not.The author continues his attempts to prove his theory that God has left redemptive analogies in most, if not all, remote people groups The idea being that sharing the Gospel is part using Scripture and part connecting it with the existing cultural ideas In his previous books, I ap [...]

    2. Sintetizata foarte intelept in doua parti, Vesnicia din inimile lor atinge doua fete ale aceleiasi monede revelatia lui Dumnezeu, pe de o parte, generala, pe de alta parte, speciala Foarte bine documentat, Don Richardson prezinta in prima parte popoare incepind cu sec ale caror credinte si obiceiuri releva cunoasterea lor a existentei unui singur Dumnezeu adevarat, Creatorul tuturor lucrurilor De asemenea, au fost descoperite scrieri poetice adresate lui Dumnezeu, acestea fiind foarte asemanatoa [...]

    3. What a wonderful act of God This book explains the providential wisdom our Heavenly Father displayed by preparing the Gospel for certain tribes and peoples in extraordinary ways For example, a tribe in Asia had been waiting for a certain Holy book from their God that would show them the way to Heaven When missionaries came, with the Bible, these people readily and happily embraced the Salvation through Jesus Christ, and countless thousands were saved Every Christian ought to read this It is such [...]

    4. Very interesting book on the spread of the gospel from the old testament up to today Richardson listed different peoples, nations, that at one time were monotheistic and then went into polytheism at later times because of Satan s influence He mentions that many nations only worshipped one god at one time I have experienced this in Taiwan Republic of China The Chinese, before Buddha worshipped only one God They had a written language or characters When the Bible was translated into Chinese, there [...]

    5. This was an excellent counterpoint to Joseph Campbell s the Power of Myth As we are created in the image of God, each of us carries a divine spark and a memory of the eternal No matter how far one can wander, we recognize the essential truth, and it s carried from generation to generation, transcending cultures and societies, by way of myth.I find that absolutely thrilling

    6. Fascinating I am very much in favor of social sciences as apologetics I think there is a relatively untapped well of insight to be found by observing people and their ways, that points to the existence and need for a Supreme and Good God.

    7. I read this when I was much younger than now I remember tears flowing down my face as I caught a glimpse of God s big ness I have my students read this, it s mandatory.

    8. Don Richardson s Eternity in their Hearts plays an important role in my bookshelf it, along with a handful of CS Lewis works, the primary bridge between the Christian shelf and the Cultural Studies, Anthropology, and Anthropology shelf.Its premise is that, within the fabric of each of the world s cultures are embedded threads clues in the form of stories and traditions that point the way to the Gospel message If a missionary is senstive to such stories and traditions, it becomes easier for him o [...]

    9. Eternity in their Hearts is written by missionary Don Richardson who spent time in Papua New Guinea beginning in the early 60 s His research has shown many cultures throughout the world are prepped for the gospel message due to promises and entrenched prophecies that bear striking resemblance to biblical ones For instance, the ancient Greeks experienced a destructive plague in the 6th century B.C and after sacrificing to every god in the pantheon experienced no relief The men of Athens sent for [...]

    10. I read this book years ago, and I enjoyed it so much I shared it with my wife And I think it should be shared with all Christians, especially those pursuing foreign missions The author, a missionary and missiologist, shares his research of how God has left evidence of Himself throughout so many different cultures of the world often preparing these peoples for Christians to come to them and share with them the good news The evidence is startling For example, here s an excerpt I found online descr [...]

    11. Fascinating, faith building, and perspective challenging The first half is saturated with examples of how the Lord has revealed Himself to all people, and the second half effectively demonstrates how God s purpose throughout Scripture and throughout history has been to draw all people unto Himself It encouraged me in sharing the Gospel, to see how God has indeed places eternity in the hearts of men and it challenged me to share the Gospel to all people realizing afresh the importance that the Lo [...]

    12. This is one of the key formational books for my outlook to how other religions should be viewed by Christians I encourage everyone to read it.

    13. God is at work through the centuries, preparing peoples and nations to know him This book brings this out VERY clearly, a good read for anyone interested in God and history.

    14. Published in several languages since its first release in 1981, Eternity in Their Hearts was reprinted in 2005 I finally discovered this book in 2011 while reading Vishal Mangalwadi The Book That Made Your World The book that we call Bible is expected all over the world Remote people with impressing languages and customs testify of the general revelation God gave Acoording to Don Richardson 1935 former missionary and author of books like Peace Child 1975 and Lords of the Earth 2003 God s general [...]

    15. Few books that I read any require me to think deeply about whether or not I agree with their theses Eternity in Their Hearts certainly does that For starters, this book is both informative and hard to put down due to its fascinating subject material Richardson, a longtime missionary in Papua New Guinea, makes the case that many cultures display so called redemptive analogies, truths hidden within the myths and legends of their traditions and religions that point to the gospel of Christ It s a pe [...]

    16. Eternity in Their Hearts by Don Richardson is a good book but very different in places to what I expected Yes, this effort looks at startling evidence of belief in the one true God in cultures throughout the world , but certainly not in hundreds of cultures Maybe thirty of them, if you re lucky So, right off the bat the subtitle is misleading Herein, Richardson first looks at Epimenides and the Unknown God and how he laid the groundwork for what the apostle Paul did at Mars Hill, in Athens Then [...]

    17. Startling evidence of belief in the one true God in hundreds of cultures throughout the world, is what Don Richardson s book claims to be In fact it is not Which is a shame as I am really interested in this subject Unfortunately Don makes a very poor argument, and goes way off topic for the second half of the book The first part of the book is full of stories about animistic cultures that seem to have strangely similar beliefs to the Christian set of beliefs Too bad he doesn t expound on them, a [...]

    18. This book was an overall good read, but the author writes about some pretty heady stuff, making frequent references back to many different verses in the Bible that make it sometimes difficult to follow, and often bogs down under the weight of having so much of it crammed into certain sections of chapters His style is good, but not necessarily compelling, making it a little difficult to gather the gumption to finish the book.However, the subject matter is really important, and it is put in contex [...]

    19. One of the most unique books I ve ever read So neat to read how God has prepared several people groups all over the world to hear the gospel The author shows how several people groups had in their ancient folklore a knowledge of a one supreme creator who cannot be made an idol and is completely righteous The historic record shows a move away from monotheism, where many evolutionist now discredited still believe that monotheism was an upward progression away from animism, pantheism, polytheism et [...]

    20. This book, carefully documented, is the account of dozens of incredible cases of peoples untouched by the West and Christianity who, whether buried deep within their own religious myths and culture, or by some other way, knew about the God of Heaven as told in the Bible, and sometimes were even waiting for their own copy to arrive Thias is a living testament to Romans Chapter 1 Evidence exists that the Judeo Christian God reveals Himself to all mankindenough to surprise missionaries who arrived [...]

    21. Richardson, long time mis y in Irian Jaya author of Peace Child develops further his hypothesis that God left in ancient peoples a way of knowing God thru general revelation, the Melchizedek factor, or thru special revelation, the Abraham factor Some rejected what they knew, the Sodom factor, and were rightly judged He cites several examples including Epimenides in Athens, Pachuti king of the Incas, and the Santal of India, etc I ve wanted to read this for some time, and am glad to have found it [...]

    22. This is a fascinating book It raised new questions about how God has worked in history apart from Israel to save sinners Richardson doesn t really address that question but he does demonstrate how God has prepared many people groups to hear the good news about Jesus Christ Many peoples have anticipated the Christian gospel and received the news about Christ with joy, because God had left a witness with them over the centuries.I don t agree with some of his theology, and some of his arguments see [...]

    23. If a book ever needed an editor it was this one Some of the data is fascinating, but the hundreds no lie of exclamation points coupled with occasionally insulting phrasing when discussing other cultures has made this book almost impossible for me to get through.I m going to keep on plugging along because the data is worth keeping, but the overall writing quality is so poor I m almost afraid to recommend this book to anyone for fear they ll think I approve of this sort of thing.Good God I don t.

    24. A fascinating book Don Richardson is a veteran missionary with amazing stories in other books about what he has seen God do in unreached tribes This book brings together his expertise in the field of missions He points to patterns in the religions of people groups around the world and relates those patterns to Scripture Christians will gain a vital perspective on the purposes of God throughout history drawing the nations to Himself Anyone even unbelievers with the remotest interest in anthropolo [...]

    25. This has been on my to read shelf for far too long On chapter two and it is rocking my world view I need to completely revamp how I teach comparative mythology If you have thought about reading this and have not, get it immediately If you have never heard of it, GET IT No friend of Jesus should go another day without reminding it.

    26. I read this while studying with Wycliffe Bible Translators Richardson weaves together a string of amazing stories into a coherent whole that examines the common thread that runs through ancient cultures the belief in a Creator who reveals himself Especially interesting where the stories of the people of the lost book.

    27. MUST READ Amazing how God prepared the Gospel message in the hearts of people in far away places, and then prepared his servants to communicate the message.Interesting to read about different cultures and how they interact.

    28. So far this book has been rivetting In the past I started reading it a few times, or only read the chapter about the people groups of Northern Thailand, but this time I decided to give it a full read, and I am not disappointed I was even reading it to Mike in the car Very encouraging.

    29. Don Richardson makes the case that God has preserved remnant memories of Himself embedded in each culture, what he calls redemptive analogies He further maintains that missionaries would be much successful if they would discover these Fascinating.

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