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Sea Music: A Novel By Sara MacDonald,

  • Title: Sea Music: A Novel
  • Author: Sara MacDonald
  • ISBN: 9780743482127
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A beautifully written novel with great emotional appeal, of family secrets and wartime heritage, set in Cornwall, London and Warsaw The house and the cottage overlooking the sea, on the corner of the big estate, was home to three generations of the Tremain family Fred Tremain, the country doctor who with his wife, Martha, for whose sake he had become estranged from hisA beautifully written novel with great emotional appeal, of family secrets and wartime heritage, set in Cornwall, London and Warsaw The house and the cottage overlooking the sea, on the corner of the big estate, was home to three generations of the Tremain family Fred Tremain, the country doctor who with his wife, Martha, for whose sake he had become estranged from his family came first to this beloved corner of England Anna, the difficult, determined older child, now a highly successful solicitor and Barnaby, the easy going second child, now a vicar to the parish and the beloved granddaughter, Lucy It is she whose discoveries of family papers, hidden in the old cottage, brings to light the first of the wartime secrets and begins the process of questioning so many old fears and hatreds, and unlocking the way to new relationships and new loves Sara Macdonald has created a wonderful range of characters, depicted with great tenderness and understanding, against a background of the human price paid for the upheavals caused by prejudice, violence and wars today and yesterday A wonderful novel for all the fans of Anita Shreve, Niall Williams and Rosamund Pilcher.
    Sea Music A Novel A beautifully written novel with great emotional appeal of family secrets and wartime heritage set in Cornwall London and Warsaw The house and the cottage overlooking the sea on the corner of the

    One thought on “Sea Music: A Novel”

    1. Neither the title nor the cover do this book justice It should be re published with both changed I was drawn into their stories until I forgot everything around me At times I would take a break because the nature of the Holocaust part of the story was so difficult to sit with The writing is different but becomes a rhythm once you keep reading It will bring you to tears and make you appreciate every ordinary day.

    2. I found this book very difficult to get into until about halfway through Several times I almost gave up But, I m glad I perservered and finished it The story was amazing, but the way it was told made it unnecessarily complicated for meying to figure out what stories went with what characters Initially all was identified only by varying typefaces, and it was a well into the book before the reader could figure out what typeface belonged to what character and even the names of the characters I appr [...]

    3. I thought this book was mediocre The first half is slow and, although the second half is better, the author spends time telling the reader about what is happening than showing the reader through character actions and dialogue And speaking of dialogue, I found the dialogue very distracting Who, in 2017, calls people dear so and so and dearest so and so in conversation Everyone did this in the book it didn t matter if they were 90 or 20 Additionally, I found the relationship between Barnaby and K [...]

    4. You can t judge a book by its cover How many times do we hear this proverb And yet so often we do judge books by their covers We pick up books that look similar to those we have liked We rule out books that look similar to those we haven t liked.We believe the work of the marketing teams who pitch their books at us.A novel that proves the underlying truth of the proverb is Sea Music by Sara MacDonald It looks like a cheap holiday read I think the marketing team got it wrong in this case This nov [...]

    5. A story of two young children, both born into wealth their fathers were doctors one a Jew and one a German The fathers practice medicine together until the war, where things get very dicey for the Jewish family However, as the book goes on and times change, secrets are revealed about both families that will leave you reeling A well developed plot and characters with some very heart wrenching situations It is a very thoughtfully written story about the price humans pay for prejudice and violence [...]

    6. Mooi verhaal over de familie Tremain, waarbij steeds flashbacks waren naar de holocaust Het verhaal is heel goed geschreven, waardoor je echt van sommige familieleden houdt en voor sommige een antipathie voelt Naast het historische gedeelte wordt ook ruim aandacht besteed aan de tegenwoordige tijd , kortom een fijn boek Een dingmisschien super dom, maar ik snap de titel Zeemuziek niet zo, geen flauw idee waarom het noem deze titel draagt Niet anders dan dat de familie al jaren vlakbij het strand [...]

    7. Loved it Engaging story Characters and plot unfold gradually Personalized the affect of the Holocaust on individuals without being a depressing story.

    8. Meine MeinungWir befinden uns in Cornwall, in einem kleinen idyllischen Ort und in einem Haus nah an der K ste In diesem Haus begegnen wir Martha und Fred, die beide am Ende ihres Lebens stehen und von ihrem Sohn Barney und seiner Nichte gepflegt werden Martha leider unter Alzheimer und kann sich immer schwerer daran erinnern, wer die Menschen sind, die sie umgeben Fred seinerseits ist wie immer besorgt um Martha und selbst doch auch schwer krank Eines Tages findet Lucy Papiere auf dem Dachboden [...]

    9. This is a beautiful yet sad and touching story about the generational effects of WWII Jews and what they endured at the hands of the nazis But it s not all gruesome It is beautifully written and the characters come alive as if you know them if you could live in a small village and take life slower than most people.Again, the title means nothing to the story Yes, it takes place near the water, but that s about it I mean, there s no music associated with the sea or living near it There are images [...]

    10. Okay, not great Too much telling and not showing Too much inclusion of Holocaust information as if it were unknown and the reader should gasp and be surprised So, perhaps trite is the word Family drama about an older set of parents in failing health, their memories, and their gasp horrible secret that the mother had been in Auschwitz and the daughter conceived in rape by a childhood friend The mother had been cosseted all her years by husband who knew and children who didn t Set in Cornwall, Eng [...]

    11. quite an all encompassing story from holocaust experiences in poland to altzheimer s disease in cornwall, from abandoned children to sibling miscommunication and regret actually it was a good story raising some interesting questions but it was also a long book and i found myself saying to them than once just tell the secret they were too polite, or so frustratingtly isolated in their response to the family history that i was frustrated but maybe that s the point well written and a deep subject [...]

    12. Have you ever looked at the cover of a book and thought No it s not for me that s what I did when a friend gave me this book to read however after reading the blurb I m so glad I decided to give it a go It s been a while since I ve picked up a book and not wanted to put it down and work, eat or sleep This story spans over the life of 3 generations of 3 women, Martha the jewish grandmother with dementia, Anna her cold and somewhat bitter daughter and Lucy, Martha s granddaughter and the apple of [...]

    13. This was an AMAZING book I thought it started slowly, but the author was really just doing a masterful job of introducing and building the characters The story was one of modern times, with flashbacks to WWII, and the sad plight of the Jews As one former Nazi comes to realize the horror of what he did, the story spins into one of many twists It s all explained as we go along, and done beautifully Extremely good read.

    14. Good story, about 2 people and, later, their families husband, kids, etc , who were involved in the Holocaust They were neighbors, and their families parents, siblings were friends But she was Jewish and Polish, and he was German Years later, their paths cross again The story is told as flashbacks to that earlier time, contrasted with the present, where she is losing her memory to Alzheimer s The long repressed memories keep bubbling up.

    15. I really enjoyed this book it dealt with the complexities of families and the difficulties that secrets, lies and old age bring Chapters of the book took us to Poland and the harrowing times that the second world war brought to this country and the Jewish population We then were brought back to the present day and three generations of the Tremain family and their family battles with their lives I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it.

    16. This is a beautifully written novel that contains some horrific elements in dealing with the Holocaust era I had never read anything as detailed about the horrors suffered by the millions of Jews during WWII Other than that, the story centers around a family living with aging parents and secrets long buried The essential question is whether or not those secrets are best left buried or should they be brought out into the open

    17. I had a really hard time with rating this book The story was mysterious, and moving It could be a bit predictable and sometimes the voices of the characters were hard to distinguish or flipped so quickly it took a line or so to know who I was reading I liked the book in general, but I had to convince myself to keep going multiple times, especially at the beginning.

    18. This is the first book published in the US by this English author I hope it s not her last This is a beautifully written story of love and redemption I was truly touched by the great love between the main characters, Fred and Martha, and the secret that bound them together but nearly destroyed their family.

    19. I really liked this book I started reading it and couldn t put it down Has a little bit of everything Sadness, regret, forgiveness, perseverance, but most importantly love Every time I read a book about the holocaust, it just makes me mad and sad that people had to go through what they did No one should have to endure that I highly recommend this book as a good read.

    20. Lovely imagery in this book Took a long time for me to feel attached to the characters And a couple of them felt a little rushed or incomplete But the characters you do learn a lot about, you feel like you could reach out and touch them It was much better than you may think it will be from the cover.

    21. Meine Meinung Ein sch nes Buch, leider anfangs doch etwas z hfl ssig Man m chte endlich hinter die Geheimnisse kommen, aber es tut sich einfach nichts Der Roman h tte auf knapp 300 Seiten gek rzt werden k nnen Trotzdem eine Leseempfehlung

    22. Don t be fooled by the cutsey cover, this book is a wonderful read The characters are well developed and in fact this slows the start of the story but it is well worth perservering if you like historical, romantic fiction.

    23. Beautiful beautiful story It s all about three generations of a family who were touched and affected by prejudice and the violence of war Vivid and compelling, I was in tears for the last third of the book, but I loved it

    24. Abiding love and a families forgiveness The characters are well developed and take wings to soar through this incredible journey I really enjoyed the authors style, made the book difficult to put down from start to finish

    25. I am not a Romance book gal, but this is of Families Love and Forgiveness story I Have never cried so much I became emotionally attached to these characters The Strength that Martha has to Forgive is truly amazing and Gives you strength to do the same.I will read this book again.

    26. I had to skim some sections when it got pretty intensea little much for a postpartum mamma, but still good

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