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O Forte By Bernard Cornwell Jorge Colaço,

  • Title: O Forte
  • Author: Bernard Cornwell Jorge Colaço
  • ISBN: 9789896373474
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bernard Cornwell um milagre liter rio.Esta a hist ria de homens em guerra, das escolhas que s ofor ados a fazer e os dilemas que sofreram Uma das melhoresobras de Bernard Cornwell No ver o de 1779, no terceiro ano da Guerra da Independ ncia dos Estados Unidos, uma for a brit nica de 750 homens, liderada por Francis McLean, navega em dire o costa desolada e brumosaBernard Cornwell um milagre liter rio.Esta a hist ria de homens em guerra, das escolhas que s ofor ados a fazer e os dilemas que sofreram Uma das melhoresobras de Bernard Cornwell No ver o de 1779, no terceiro ano da Guerra da Independ ncia dos Estados Unidos, uma for a brit nica de 750 homens, liderada por Francis McLean, navega em dire o costa desolada e brumosa da Nova Inglaterra A sua miss o estabelecer uma base naval numa posi o crucial para dar abrigo a americanos lealistas Apoiado por tr s pequenos navios, Mclean inicia a constru o de um forte Em resposta, o estado de Massachusetts envia uma frota de 40 navios e mil soldados de infantaria para capturar, matar ou destruir os invasores O segundo em comando Peleg Wadsworth, um antigo combatente no regimento de George Washington e um homem que sabe o que tem de ser feito para expulsar os invasores E embora os brit nicos estejam em inferioridade num rica, a batalha que se seguiu um exemplo cl ssico de como planos bem elaborados podem ser arruinados por l deres incompetentes ou pol tica mesquinha, e de como a guerra destaca o melhor e o pior em todos os homens.
    O Forte Bernard Cornwell um milagre liter rio Esta a hist ria de homens em guerra das escolhas que s ofor ados a fazer e os dilemas que sofreram Uma das melhoresobras de Bernard Cornwell No ver o de no

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    1. I tired HA I meant to write I tried but I m going to leave that typo in, because it s suitable I tried reading The Fort and I tired of it Unless they re causing me to pull out my pubes or take a potato peeler to my eyeballs, I don t like to give up on books However, as I neared the halfway point of this American Revolution historical fiction by Bernard Cornwell, I realized I had no investment in the characters and little interest in the story The tweezers and spud peelers beckoned ominously.I wa [...]

    2. In Britain we had a brilliant cunning plan we shipped out convicts to Australia and our religious nutcases over to the newly discovered America In retrospect we are well aware that we should have left these two groups at home and shipped ourselves out to the paradise of Australia and the land of plenty that was America But I digress, let s roll forward to the point where America tired of British rule, British Kings and, importantly, British taxes Obviously an unreasonable attitude but the War o [...]

    3. When you read history or in this case, historical fiction , you often learn something unexpected, and in The Fort, something not very pleasant about our country s beginnings Cornwell unveils the virtually unknown military disaster of 1779, when a large force of American revolutionaries tries to dislodge a newly established British encampment on the coast of colonial Massachusetts future Maine It is not surprising that this battle has not been covered I can only shake my head and wonder how we be [...]

    4. MINI REVIEW This smoothly written book covers the mostly unknown Penobscot Expedition of the American Revolution According to some historians it was the worst naval war blunder since Pearl Harbor Paul Revere is shown to be an arrogant incompetent suffering court martial after the failed attempt against the British but he appealed it under peculiar circumstances later prickly Commodore Saltonsall is the fall guy in an attempt to have the other states cover the costs and General Peleg Wadsworth ma [...]

    5. This is not the usual Cornwell book in that there was no one central hero However, after battling through the quite slow but necessary first quarter of the book, I really started loving it Especially the introduction os Lt John Moore Growing up my great aunt would often read me my fav poem about the Scottish hero THE BURIAL OF SIR JOHN MOORE AFTER CORUNNAby Charles Wolfe 1791 1823 Not a drum was heard, not a funeral note,As his corse to the rampart we hurried Not a soldier discharged his farewel [...]

    6. Disappointing An OK read but expected better from Cornell especially given the time period First Cornell book that I ve not enjoyed.

    7. The Fort is the story of a very little known conflict during the Revolutionary War The battle took place in Upper New England at Penobscot Bay The battle took place on both land and sea, but is best known as the greatest naval disaster in American History prior to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.The English, in an attempt to establish a base of operation, sent a small expeditionary force of both men and ships to build a fort and naval base The force consisted of less than a thousand soldier [...]

    8. The Penobscot Expedition of 1779 is the worst US Naval disaster before Pearl Harbor It s a perfect lesson in how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory I found this book very difficult to read because of that fact It seemed as if every page delivered a new disaster and or stupid move by incompetent leaders of the Colonial forces I felt the frustration of better commanders and soldiers having to obey what they knew as utterly mindless orders and wanted to smack the stupid general A battle that [...]

    9. Bernard Cornwell is widely known as Britain s storyteller The Sharpe novels, the Grail Quest trilogy, Stonehenge, the Warlord Chronicles, and the Saxon Tales are all steeped in the legends and lore of Britain and western Europe True, with the Starbuck novels and Redcoat Cornwell has written a bit about America, but in general his prolific pen has focused on matters on the east side of the pond.With The Fort, his latest novel, Cornwell balances the score a bit The Fort focuses on the ill fated Pe [...]

    10. Not as thrilling as Cornwell s typical work, perhaps because he was constrained by historical record than are available for many of his novels Also, because reading The Fort is like watching a train wreck in slow motion The story details America s worst naval disaster prior to Peal Harbor in 1941 The debacle on the Penobscot in 1779 was failure of leadership just who the historians may still debate The British acquitted themselves honorably and professionally and survived when even they expecte [...]

    11. Bellissimo pezzo di storia, abbastanza misconosciuto Purtroppo, per , non all altezza del solito Cornwell.

    12. This is one of Bernard Cornwell s best books His Rebel series covered the American civil war this concerns the Independence period and a time when parts of the north, north America were dangerously poised between the old world and tea party officials.It s the latter we re concerned with here and the rather parsimonious number of stars garnered overall bear no relation to the book s quality.It is stellar I ve read quite a lot of Bernard Cornwell and there s usually a fair amount of boilerplate go [...]

    13. This book made Me MAD it s very well written, as are all of BCs books I won t get in to what angered Me, as it will ruin the story This is a GREAT book.

    14. Some might say that this book was boring or this book was not interesting enough but I found that this book was most helpful in understanding history through a enjoyable context than a textbook Considering it as a novel, it was one of the most interesting historical novels I have ever read In this novel by Bernard Cornwell was published in 2010 and is not the typical Bernard Cornwell book Bernard Cornwell is typically known to write historical fiction from the time periods such as the Napoleoni [...]

    15. The author is passionate about providing detailed information while showing the story The research is incredible and some information I had to look up and was anxious to do so to keep up Lots of detail on Majabigwaduce and the Penobscot River I needed to take a few breaks as I plowed through this book.Who were Paul Revere, Dudley Saltonstall and Solomon Lovell Paul Revere as artillery commander joined a force of 1,000 troops led by Brigadier General Lovell to board Commodore Saltonstall s fleet, [...]

    16. I got this thru s Vine program because I ve enjoyed Mr Cornwell s works in the past and was intrigued by this taking place in Maine I can honestly say that The Fort was unique for Mr Cornwell s work at least for what I ve read Rather than having one protagonist and an antagonist, Mr Cornwell gives us the perspective of three sides from a fairly neutral position that of the British, the American land, and the American maritime Interestingly the American land perspective is the major focus with th [...]

    17. I ve read 43 of Bernard Cornwell s books I doubt if I ever gave any of them a rating of less than 4 stars, most of them 5 This offering was excruciatingly boring and if the author had been anyone other than Cornwell, I would have abandoned the book half way through As it is, I skipped through the last 200 pages reading the first and last sentences of paragraphs or inferring where the story was going as I skimmed along the surface I did read the Historical Notes word for word and realized they ma [...]

    18. I really liked the audio recording of this book great Scots accents by the narrator helped keep all the characters straight during the disastrous Penobscot Expedition to rid the British from re establishing themselves in Massachusetts now Maine during the American Revolution The fort thrown up by the King s men could easily have been taken if the Americans had just pressed home their attack but the commanders dithered and the militia resisted most had experience tilling their fields than killin [...]

    19. Another excellent read from an author who can do no wrong in my eyes.Initially I heard negative publicity about this book at least one person whose opinion I highly value told me it was very dull and difficult to read, so I expected the worst.I never found it.Cornwell s job is to recreate a little known battle, The Penobscot Expedition, from the American War of Independence, bringing to life the characters on both sides Thus we get to learn about real life historical figures Lovell and McLean, t [...]

    20. I believe Bernard Cornwell is one of the best writers of historical fiction I ve read He doesn t disappoint here Near the end of the American Revolutionary War, the summer of 1779 to be exact, the British began trying to establish a fort and naval base on Penobscot Bay in far northeastern Massachusetts which would later become the state of Maine From there they could challenge patriot privateers and shelter Americans still loyal to the king Massachusetts sent a large fleet of warships and privat [...]

    21. I did not seek this book out I simply came upon it at the library That said, it was still somehow a huge disappointment I should have read the reviews here before dedicating time to reading it as they would have warned me that, The Fort is really a book about screw ups and cowards As an American, it embarrassing Perhaps the author is English, in which case this book is about an against the odds victory over rebel villains Either way the ending is so bad it doesn t matter which country you re fro [...]

    22. Ok, first, I do not give 5 stars to often The novel really has to do something for my mind to warrant the high praise This novel did just that The synopsis on the back leaf might not read like it would be the most interesting but if you are a fan of the American Revolutionary war then this little skirmish that developted in what is now Maine but back in 1779 was still a part of Massachusetts I will preface to say that Mr Cornwell is my favorite Historical Fiction writer and maybe I was in the mo [...]

    23. Who but Bernard Cornwell would make Paul Revere the American Revolution s most cowardly villain, even for just one battle In The Fort, redcoats are consummate professionals, the patriot force is its own worst enemy, and that midnight ride is just another overrated p.r stunt I see no reason to disbelieve a word of it I don t think you can write it off to author s pro British bias, since he has in other novels skewered icons like Sir Lancelot and Henry V Redcoat is definitely next on my list.

    24. I was surprised to find a major American Revolution battle that I d never heard of I was doubly surprised to learn of events that tarnish the reputation of Boston s most famous silversmith The Fort tells of a mission that slowly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and thus became so painful to remember that it disappeared from mainstream history You may end up rooting for the far competent Brits who fought this battle, but Cornwell s book presents a compelling and ironic tale well told.

    25. Found the book very upsetting and frustrating Not that Mr Cornwell did a poor job, on the contrary he made the events and mishaps of this battle come to life in grand style The problem was the ineptness and incompetense of the revolutionary expedition He totally shatters the ideal of Paul Revere It really makes you wonder how we ever won our freedom Its a good read and I would recommend it.

    26. The writing style wasn t Cornwell at his best but wow, what a story A battle like no other Well, I suspect many battles might be like this but we just don t hear the stories told It s the story of a battle lost, and it was a bold and interesting choice for Cornwell I won t say for fear of spoilers, but just read it.

    27. A very slow start, with too much time on characters that we never see again Ham handed development and stage setting gradually gave way into a fairly interesting book, with atypical action and a very unusual ending It was decent, but I feel no impulse to recommend it to anyone else.

    28. This book is a recount of a running battle during the Penobscot Expedition in the American Revolutionary war in 1779 Featuring real life historical characters, times, places etc, it is a knowledgeable and accurate telling of the events of that time and place Unfortunately, that is how it read as a recount There are one or two other characters added into the story to offer human interest if that is the right term to use, outside of the war, but I found them hard to warm to and did not much care w [...]

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