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Evernote for Dummies By David E.Y. Sarna,

  • Title: Evernote for Dummies
  • Author: David E.Y. Sarna
  • ISBN: 9781118107386
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Evernote for Dummies”

    1. I got my iPhone 3G the day they went on sale in Australia As soon as I discovered apps, one of the first I knew I d need was one for taking notes I quickly found Evernote and I ve been using it daily ever since I m hardly a power user, but I am a regular user and know how valuable and powerful the app can be.This book assumes a basic knowledge of how computers and devices work, but it assumes no prior knowledge of Evernote It guides you through all the basics, leads into some advanced uses of th [...]

    2. Very comprehensive book, but most for Dummies series are very detailed I, however, like pictures and color There is information in this book than My Evernote, but My Evernote has color pictures of the actual Evernote interface, which makes it appealing This is a better reference book though

    3. I discovered Evernote a couple of months ago after I got a Kindle I absolutely love Evernote for clipping recipes, saving web pages, saving receipts, saving knitting patterns, creating effective homeschooling lessons, uploading.pdf files even books , and getting organized in general There is probably no end to how Evernote can be utilized It quickly becomes your searchable digital brain, one that syncs across all your devices instantly The trick is knowing what you can use it for and how to go [...]

    4. Okay, the author states that because this is a reference book, it isn t meant to be read all the way through I confess that I did exactly that in order to have a better idea of what the book covers As it claims to be, it s an introductory guide to Evernote, starting at the very beginning, with instructions on how to choose the account level you need and how to register Sarna explains Evernote s functions on many platforms desktops, tablets and smartphones, web browsers, BlackBerrys, etc By the e [...]

    5. Truth be told, I didn t find this book as helpful as I d hoped But I think that s a reflection of me than the book, as it was very well written, easy to understand and had lots of information I m a long time Evernote user and I think maybe I ve just already discovered as much about it as is useful to me But for someone just getting started with it, this is a great resource It s also a good resource for anyone who is looking to use it in conjunction with social media, as it covers a good deal ab [...]

    6. The author covers many aspects of Evernote the writing style is detailed with many steps explicitly laid out, as expected at the dummy series The coverage is extensive, even including third party apps.

    7. It always amazes me how the For Dummies books are so good at introducing you to a topic This one doesn t disappoint.Would have liked better examples of practical applications of the ideas in the part of tens but their absence doesn t reduce the great value of this book.

    8. A very typical Dummies guide to a fantastic piece of software My purpose in reading it was for those tips in the way people might use Evernote And that s what i got from it Brilliant overview of Evernote

    9. This is the first Dummies book that I have not found helpful I was forced to migrate my SpringPad notebooks to Evernote not my favorite app because it lacks an aesthetic user interface I wanted a resource that would get me quickly up to speed using Evernote and this just didn t do the trick.

    10. A solid, if unremarkable, reference book Probably best for absolute beginners to Evernote, but I found a few useful nuggets e.g sending material from Google Reader, advanced search syntax that made it worth my while.

    11. Like some, I also read it from start to finish to ensure that I didn t miss anything I m happy that I did.

    12. Solid reference book If you ve used Evernote at all most of this will seem basic but there are a few things I was able to incorporate.

    13. Got me up and running in no time, plus learned a lot of tricks that may have taken me a long time to figure out on my own.

    14. Really useful Skipped the intro pages because I already have an Evernote account and know the basics Lots of little tips and tricks to make it functional.

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