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When Blue Met Egg By LindsayWard,

  • Title: When Blue Met Egg
  • Author: LindsayWard
  • ISBN: 9780803737181
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One cold winter day, Blue returns to her nest to find something wonderful Egg Or rather a snowball she mistakes for an egg Blue puts Egg in a pail and sets off to look for Egg s mother But as the winter winds down and the temperature goes up, Blue is in for a sad surprise Not to worry, though In this sweet story of friendship, even snowmelt grows into something beautOne cold winter day, Blue returns to her nest to find something wonderful Egg Or rather a snowball she mistakes for an egg Blue puts Egg in a pail and sets off to look for Egg s mother But as the winter winds down and the temperature goes up, Blue is in for a sad surprise Not to worry, though In this sweet story of friendship, even snowmelt grows into something beautiful With her intricate cut paper illustrations, Lindsay Ward perfectly captures her lovable characters and their world in this unforgettable, heartwarming tale.
    When Blue Met Egg One cold winter day Blue returns to her nest to find something wonderful Egg Or rather a snowball she mistakes for an egg Blue puts Egg in a pail and sets off to look for Egg s mother But as the wint

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    1. One wintry day an egg flies through the air and lands in Blue s nest high in a tree Blue is worried sick about Egg, so she sets out to find its mother They look all over New York City Central Park, Times Square, Battery Park, the Guggenheim, the Metropolitan Opera, the Brooklyn Bridge, the subway station, Columbus Circle, even the Empire State Building, but Egg s mother is nowhere to be found Blue devotes herself to caring for Egg until Egg s mother comes back After weeks and months, warmer weat [...]

    2. When a snowball lands in her nest, Blue is surprised but also somewhat delighted at the early arrival of an egg She tenderly cares for Egg despite its silence while searching for Egg s mother She searches high and low, but Egg s mother is not to be found Her journey, by the way, allows readers to take a wonderful visual tour of New York City s busy streets Over the next months, Blue becomes increasingly attached to Egg as they go on outings, including visits to art museums and the opera But when [...]

    3. Blue wakes up one winter s day when a mysterious egg lands in her nest Blue places egg in a bucket and looks all over New York City for Egg s mother, but she is unable to find the mother Blue takes Egg in for an afternoon of wonderful fun making snowbirds and taking trips down the hill on a sled Winter turns to spring and Egg grows smaller Blue tries to care for her sick friend and gets a big surprise.Lindsay Ward s picture book is filled with cheery artwork Blue s expressive little face adds vo [...]

    4. Wow This book is a real gem The illustrations are fantastic, and the storyline is both amusing and affecting This is exactly the sort of thing you look for in a picture book something that both children and adults can enjoy.

    5. This book is SO CUTE I love the little friendship story, and the illustrations are phenomenal I love the cut paper style, and this has it just right Haiku Review Blue meets a new friendAfter adventures round town,Egg loses his shape

    6. This is a heart warming tale that tells of an unlikely friendship that forms It is a great book to teach students about friendship and responsibility It is also great to show students the life of New York City, which is where the story takes place Blue is a bird that wakes up to a seemingly strange egg that lands in her nest It really is just a ball of snow Taking on the responsibility she sets out taking care of Egg and helping it find it s mother throughout the city Blue is optimistic and has [...]

    7. Blue is sitting in a nest while children are having a snowball fight below Suddenly, something white and roundish and cold is thrown into the nest Blue believes it is an egg and is determined to find the egg s mother Blue carries the egg in a basket to all the hotspots around New York No one is taking ownership of the egg, much to Blue s surprise Soon, Blue stops looking and takes care of the egg The egg stays with Blue for months, but seems to be getting sick As the days get warmer, the egg see [...]

    8. At once poignant and goofy, this book is a delight During a snowball fight, something round and white flies into this urban blue bird s nest When Blue is unable to find the presumed egg s mother, she adopts the egg, taking it with her through the city on a series of winter adventures When the weather begins to warm, Egg starts getting smaller At first Blue thought Egg was sick She tried everything to make Egg feel better Even soup, but that just seemed to make things worse One morning, Egg is go [...]

    9. One of my treasures from NCTE this weekend, I thought to myself that this sweet story reminded me of the classic beloved ARE YOU MY MOTHER That is, until the end The simple storyline and clean illustrations were a complete dichotomy to the unpredictable ending I am passing this gem along to my son s primary teacher, who I hope will love it as much as I did I also hope that she shares with the class how books come to sit on their shelves, since this particular copy s pages are still not even affi [...]

    10. I thought I might use this book when I did a Preschool DiscoveryTime on eggs, but it didn t quite work But I thought it was cute and so brought it home to read with my son He liked the story, though it was a bit long Blue is a bird who lives in New York City and one day she meets the lonely Egg, who she sort of adopts as she takes him around the city trying to find his mom They are together winter to spring when he hatches into something special I had to explain the ending to my son as he didn t [...]

    11. Super cute and heartwarming story about Blue the bird who found egg Similar to Are you my mother , Blue is going to help egg find it s mother The traverse all over the city looking for egg s mother but after having no luck they decide to have some fun They go sledding, ice skating and make snow birds Weeks and then months pass with each day as fun and entertaining as the first Egg starts to get smaller as time goes by and Blue is worried that egg is sick One day egg disappears and bird finds her [...]

    12. Very cute story of a bird who mistakes a snowball for an egg She takes care of it throught the winter while searching New York City for the mother While the story is cute enough, the illustrations are really what makes this book fun The background scenes of skyscrapers, snowy hills in the park, and the river are often created out of unlikely materials like crossword puzzles, a teacher s attendance book, street maps and what appears to be Scantron sheets Very unique.

    13. I loved the format and color palette for this book, but the story was a little weird When a snowball lands in Blue s nest, he carries it around NYC looking for Egg s mother The bird bonds with the snowball and takes care of it for the entire winter Spring brings along a natural conclusion to the story.I think this book is really a love letter to New York City and the many marvelous places you can visit.

    14. Blue the bird is relaxing in her nest on a snowy day when she spots something extraordinary flying through the air What is it A strange looking egg Blue searches far and wide for Egg s mother and when she cannot find a bird to claim it, she takes Egg in as her own Egg becomes Blue s best friend as the two go on adventures together This is a wonderful picture book with lovely illustrations and a good message about friendship.

    15. Blue finds an egg in winter tries to find its mother When mother can t be found she keeps it safe they are inseparable, enjoying New York City in winter One day when the weather turns warm Egg starts to look sick warm blankets soup makes it worse The first sunny day of the year Blue wakes up to find egg gone, by her bucket is a puddle something pink Egg, you ve bloomed

    16. This is a sweet, but strange little story about a bird who mistakes a snowball for an egg and nurtures it until it finally melts The story is entertaining, but the illustrations are wonderful We really liked looking at the mixed media pictures, especially the buildings made up of standardized forms Overall, it was a fun story to read aloud and we enjoyed reading it together.

    17. What a cute little story of a bird who thinks a snowball is a lost egg It is set in New York with lots of landmarks The pictures are especially charming as they are layers of cut paper It reads well and we enjoyed the story The bird, Blue, is a little clueless but has a loving heart.

    18. This is a fun story about a bird and an abandoned egg he finds Bird takes great care of the egg only to be surprised in the end They go to lots of great places and get the whole city experience Reviewer number 12

    19. I think this is an amazing little book Blue finds what she thinks is an egg It turns out the egg is ice In the spring when the egg melts, Blue believes that the flower that springs where the egg melts is the egg The writing is very good and this book will be a great read aloud.

    20. Funny, but sweet book about a bird name blue who finds an egg She takes care of it all through the winter, but one spring morning she wakes to find that Egg is no longer there Love the ending and kids will, too.

    21. This book is really cute The illustrations are very creative, lots of recycled homework papers in there which is cool Blue is likable and the way everything is resolved is nice It also touches on seasons and months of the year, so it can be reused for many different programs.

    22. Sweet little tale about a little blue bird that finds a snowball in his nest and thinks its an egg It was so cute to see a bird care for a lost egg Children will enjoy this story as well as parents.

    23. Silly and sweet, and kids will loving feeling smarter than blue and knowing what that egg really is and what happens to it in the Springtime A little far fetched that they could visit so many indoor spaces without egg um, changing but I think we can suspend our disbelief.

    24. Recommend for first grade or second with weather or seasons as well as kindergarten with their friendship unit.

    25. A perfect book for a one on one read The pictures offer just a details to entertain a small child without overloading the pages This book could also be used as a lead in to spring.

    26. Blue meets an egg during a snowball fight and spends time taking care of the egg until spring when it melts It s cute

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