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Clawback By Mike Cooper,

  • Title: Clawback
  • Author: Mike Cooper
  • ISBN: 9780670023295
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A tough, topical financial thriller that exposes the dark underbelly of Wall Street After a stint in the Middle East, black ops vet Silas Cade becomes an accountant the go to for financiers who need things done quickly, quietly, and by any means necessary Silas is hired by a major player to pay a visit to a hedge fund manager to demand clawback the mandatory retu A tough, topical financial thriller that exposes the dark underbelly of Wall Street After a stint in the Middle East, black ops vet Silas Cade becomes an accountant the go to for financiers who need things done quickly, quietly, and by any means necessary Silas is hired by a major player to pay a visit to a hedge fund manager to demand clawback the mandatory return of compensation paid on a deal that goes bad But before Cade can tell his client that he got his ten million back, the guy turns up dead And he s not the first Someone s killing investment bankers whose funds have gone south Silas s scrubbed identity, and his insider s perspective, makes him the ideal shadow man to track down whoever s murdering some of the most hated managers on Wall Street With the aid of a beautiful financial blogger looking to break her first big story, Silas tracks a violent security crew who may be the key to the executions But as paranoia and panic spread, he begins to wonder is the threat coming from inside the game or out With breakneck pacing, nonstop action, and cutting edge details of today s financial intelligence technology, Clawback hurtles to its final twist, a gripping contemporary tale of shady finance, venal corruption, and greed run rampant.
    Clawback A tough topical financial thriller that exposes the dark underbelly of Wall Street After a stint in the Middle East black ops vet Silas Cade becomes an accountant the go to for financiers who need t

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    1. YEAH That s what I m talking about Phew That was FUN Tons of action, suspense, and thrills bound together by awesome cover art It s simple and clean with great font choice Mike Cooper pen names are cool can write, ladies and gents Clawback is a fantastic debut novel from him, so I m going to keep my eye out for this guy.I am a HUGE fan of dialogue, and this book has plenty of it Witty banter, intelligent arguments, just all around fast paced conversations The main characters are incredibly badas [...]

    2. I adore this book Okay, okay, so my brother wrote it but I like to think that I m objective enough to know a thrilling read when I see one, and this is one fantastic story

    3. It might help to have your MBA in hand before reading this financial world killer thriller, but maybe not A good seatbelt would help as well since author Mike Cooper, once a financial executive, starts fast and keeps the pedal to the metal all the way to the end There is one stop well, at least a pause for a little sex along the way, but that will be anticipated by most readers on first meeting of the principals, so this is not a spoiler alert The plot involves the systematic murders of Wall St [...]

    4. I won this book from a contest on.This was an exciting, fast paced, action packed thriller that I could not put down from page 1.Silas Cade, with a military background just back from the Middle East is living as an Accountant who helps high end clients in the investment banking industry who need his help getting things done quickly, quietly and under the grid His first job with such a client needs him to track down a hedge fund manager who is going under for the return of compensation paid on a [...]

    5. Mike Cooper s debut novel Clawback is a frenetic, no holds barred thriller CPA Silas Cade is like Rambo in green eyeshades His clients are high powered execs, cut throat American businessmen who need the problem solved fast and permanent A Jack Reacher ish character, Silas lives off the grid, communicating with his clients via disposable cell phones He s also catnip to young women and impervious to the wiles of all but one, an ambitious blogger who knows the ins and outs of the Internet.Three ma [...]

    6. A witty, clever page turner with an original hero I could really cheer for While reading I really felt like I could see this book as a movie It would be lot of fun to cast the various parts If you re looking for a smart, exciting thriller, this is the book for you

    7. Found this in my to read folder, thought I d check it out I think I put it there when trying to win a give away, but glad I didn t discard it This book was great Definitely a hidden gem I really enjoyed it.

    8. Why do we love those bad boys Silas Cade is the protagonist Anti hero of Mike Cooper s debut novel, Clawback He s a forensic accountant, of sorts Early on, he describes his work like this If I had one, my logo might be a green eyeshade crossed by a 9 mil.It s a small niche, though a necessary one, especially in economic times as difficult as these Straightforward accountancy is all well and good But sometimes you need someone packing a P226, not an HP 12c if you know what I mean What he means is [...]

    9. Silas Cade works for hire, when someone wants things to be done quickly and quietly, by any means necessary He was hired by a Wall Street banker to recoup an investment, but the banker winds up dead before Silas can tell him it s been done He s not the first banker to be killed either someone s killing low performing bankers, and Silas is quickly hired by another banker to get to the bottom of it There were parts of this novel I really liked, but as a whole, it felt flat to me The writing was qu [...]

    10. When you need the problem solved fast and permanent, you call me Me is special forces veteran Silas Cade, whose muscle, know how, and knack for numbers ensure him business in the rarified circles of thems with money problems the rest of us only dream about the one percenters Cade is hired to find out who is behind the assassinations of the worst rated Wall Street money managers One theory is that the Beardstown Lady types can t take any losses and are going vigilante The likely scenario is tha [...]

    11. My girlfriend lent me her copy of Clawback by Mike Cooper, after winning this novel through the Giveaway, and being so impressed with this novel Now I understand what she meant.Clawback is a fast paced action thriller that is a quick read The characters are well developed Clawback delves into the details of financial trades with an ease of explanation that reminded me of Tom Clancy s work.The title of this engaging thriller is a financial term, the mandatory return of compensation paid on a deal [...]

    12. Less here than meets the eye Here s a short review I wroteThe title of this engaging but flawed thriller is a financial term, the mandatory return of compensation paid on a deal that later goes bad Silas Cade, a former black ops soldier now working as a consultant, seeks clawback from shady investment managers, and in the book s opening scene, he extracts 10 million on behalf of Tom Marlett, a hedge fund manager The plot really kicks into gear after Marlett is murdered, and another Wall Street t [...]

    13. I haven t received my copy yet, just received notice I had won 2 27 12Received my copy and can t wait to start Have 5 plus current read in front 3 8 12Started this yesterday 4 1 12finished last night, 4 5 12Silas is an ex armed forces soldier turned CPA Not the typical accountant, his work resembles private investigator body guard than financial planner, and that suits him just fine Someone is killing off Stock Brokers and he is hired to find out who and why Along the journey, he meets a girl t [...]

    14. woo hooexcited about this onewon it on looks excitinglove getting to read works from authors Ive never read beforeI will def let everyone know how this one is I found this one difficult to get into Not because it was poorly written, but the story line, dealing with wallstreet, the financial market, futures, investments, etc, didn t thrill me in the least.The overall plot was good It wouldn t surprise me to see this happen, considering how cutthroat you seem to have to be to survive in the highst [...]

    15. Financial thrillers aren t exactly my normal genre I actually needed to create a new shelf, because none of my existing ones were sufficient for cataloging this book I only read it because PB wanted to read something other than YA fantasy or adult romance, and was pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up enjoying it.I ll be completely honest, and admit that a lot of the financial stuff was way over my head I think it could have been explained better for the average reader or am I just less sa [...]

    16. Hedge Funds, Wall Street, bankers but this is not another story about the world of money Silas Cade is the man to go to when one want s something quickly and quietly any means necessary The banks use him to collect clawbacK money owed to them when a deal goes bad He lives on the edge, in secret and with various identities But then Silas client is murdered before he could get paid He is then hired by a woman blogger who wants to make a name for herself and thinks this murder is connected to other [...]

    17. Silas Cade, ex special ops soldier, does high end security jobs while staying off the grid In this case, Wall Street traders unsuccessful risk taking ones are being killed, a fact that becomes clear when the tally reaches four Cade is hired to intercept the killer s and remove him them on behalf of a big Wall Street type He has interesting semi legit friends, several of whom also have lethal or legally borderline skills documents, weapons, stock market manipulation He also is strongly attracted [...]

    18. first reads ARC Claw Back by Mike Cooper is a fast paced, action thriller that is a quick read Most of the characters were well developed The one thing I might have wanted to see was twists I found the story line to be quite straight forward In fact, by the time I was about 2 3rds of the way through, I could guess at the ending Sure the details were still a bit of a surprise, but I knew who it was and why they were doing all they did I also would have liked a bit explanation as to how the vill [...]

    19. I d rate this book 2 and a half stars to be exact I got this book through a First Reads giveaway.The plot summary and start of the book were very promising, but the story as a whole didn t quite deliver The business jargon got me a little bored after a while, and most of the plot and the characterizations of the characters and everything was just so predictable Everything about this book was on point and made sense logically, in terms of solving the case and whatnot , and the protagonist was lik [...]

    20. Loved it Thrillers are my favorite genre, so hard not to love it I m ready for number 2 in the Silas Cade series Really ready A very quick, easy read that I was eager to return to each time I had to put it down I thought of Reacher many times during the various escapades Not a dull moment that I recall.Silas Cade is EX military, and still ever ready for that next combat situation A clandestine, hired gun running in the underbelly of Wall Street, until he meets a little hottie named Clara She s h [...]

    21. Former black ops vet turned accountant, Silas Cade is hired by a hedge fund manager to recover money on a deal gone bad He is quickly caught up in a fast paced race to find the person who is killing investment bankers that are at the bottom of the money making game, costing their clients big money Someone, though, is making millions on their deaths.I can see Silas Cade making appearances in the future, whether in the financial world or perhaps another venue Although I had trouble following the [...]

    22. This is definitely an interesting book, but it took me what felt like forever to get into it I m going to be honest, I think financial intrigue is a little bit smarter than I am I m not sure if the problem is that Mike Cooper assumed the average reader is smarter than they actually are or if it s just that I m dumb about stuff like this Either way, the first part of this book left me so completely lost Once the book got going, however, WOW It got amazingly good and suspenseful It became worth th [...]

    23. i tend to steer away from financial thrillers because it is a bit foreign to me but the book sounded interesting enough to wade through wall street and i am so glad i did mike cooper has a uniquely dry sense of humour that was interjected in some of the most unexpected scenarios even with my lack of knowledge in this arena i found the writing easy to follow and the book hard to put down when one gets to the end of a book you kind of expect it to tie up the story and keep you wanting this one di [...]

    24. This book is just bad The plot moved along quickly enough, but if you ve ever picked up a mystery book you ll have no problem guessing what is going to happen within the first few chapters I kept reading, thinking surely it couldn t be that obvious, but unfortunately it was I also struggled with the writers style The fight scenes were overly descriptive and went on for too many pages, much like reading the stage directions for an action movie or something Then intriguing parts like Silas long l [...]

    25. I won a copy of this book on the giveaways This was a fun book to read, good action, interesting plot Starting with action right at the beginning caught my attention right away Then, filling in backstory, we find that the main character was an accountant hitman The financial background and terminology nearly made me quit reading I do not have any experience with finances or the stock market so this aspect held no appeal for me Perhaps readers who have experince with Wall Street and hedge funds w [...]

    26. Read as a first read s winner.Although the advance copy had several minute errors, overall the plot was spectacular Taking place in the must written about Wall Street world of intrigue, the plot quickly took off past my limited knowledge of economic matters, but the book explained well enough to keep me interested and informed.As a fast paced thriller, Clawback succeeds, with easily built characters and a masterly weaved feel of suspense There wasn t enough attraction to the characters and plot [...]

    27. A black ops vet with an accounting degree handles problems for ego inflated mega rich people Love what comes of this combination More action in this book than there are zeros in Gill Gates s bank account.Silas Cade, freelance fixer, has a cadre of amazing characters such as the martial arts master who pitches in when Cade s love interest is snatched who help him out Loved the tone of the book capable and casual.This book goes into the same place on the bookshelf with Peter Spiegelman s John Marc [...]

    28. This book was a fun read It was well written, fast paced and kept the story line moving throughout There were lots of plot twists to keep you entertained The book is mostly dialogue driven, which made for an easy read For readers that get bored with financial jargon, beware that there is lots of financial terminology throughout the book, but having been in the industry, I enjoyed it very much Clawback is a nice escape novel, although some of the plot twists may be a bit 007 Bondish and a little [...]

    29. Some one is killing all the least successful investment bankers.Silas Cade ex military is making his living as an accountant helping high end clients in the investment banking area, who need his help to get things done quickly, quietly and under the grid.When a deal goes bad to get there money back Silas lives on the edge, in secret and uses various identities But when his client is murdered before paying him and than a women blogger hires him because she feels all these murders are somehow conn [...]

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