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Angle of Investigation By Michael Connelly,

  • Title: Angle of Investigation
  • Author: Michael Connelly
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • LAPD Detective Harry Bosch tackles three tough cases that span a legendary career in this never before collected trio of stories.In Christmas Even, the case of a burglar killed in mid heist leads Bosch to retrace a link to his past In Father s Day, Bosch investigates a young boy s seemingly accidental death and confronts his own fears as a father In Angle of InvestiLAPD Detective Harry Bosch tackles three tough cases that span a legendary career in this never before collected trio of stories.In Christmas Even, the case of a burglar killed in mid heist leads Bosch to retrace a link to his past In Father s Day, Bosch investigates a young boy s seemingly accidental death and confronts his own fears as a father In Angle of Investigation, Bosch delves into one of the first homicides he ever worked back as a uniformed rookie patrolman, a case that was left unsolved for decades.Together, these gripping stories span Bosch s controversial career at the LAPD, and show the evolution of the haunted, legendary investigator he would become Utterly unputdownable, they are proof that Connelly never stops doling out the suspense.Once it grabs you in those first few pages, it won t let go of you Boston Globe.
    Angle of Investigation LAPD Detective Harry Bosch tackles three tough cases that span a legendary career in this never before collected trio of stories In Christmas Even the case of a burglar killed in mid heist leads Bosc

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    1. Several short stories about Harry Bosch I m reading them in the chronology of Connelly s universe which includes all his characters since they intertwine a lot.11.5 Christmas Even 2002 Wow 5 stars This story should be read before Lost Light.Stopping now until I catch up to the other 2 stories.15.5 Angle of Investigation 2005 was excellent, if short 4 stars because it was such a slam dunk Actually, maybe that was kind of nice for a change Sometimes the bad guy isn t that hard to find with new too [...]

    2. Three Harry Bosch short stories set at three different times in Harry s long career In Christmas Even a burglar is found dead in a jewelry store that he was in the process of robbing In Father s Day Harry Bosch looks into the death of a young child left in a hot car In Angle of Investigation Harry is working in the Open Unsolved Unit when he runs across a case from 1972 A young Harry and his partner were making a welfare check when they ran across a dead body The case was never solved Now Harry [...]

    3. Another collection of short stories about Harry Bosch consisting of three separate tales Christmas Even This is a case of a burglar who got killed during heist, and not just a heist but his third visit to a pawnshop during the the not so opening hours This does somehow alerts Bosch s suspicions And when he visits the appartement of the murder victim he finds a link to his past Father s Day Bosch investigates a young boy s seemingly accidental death and gets tangled up in his own feelings Angle o [...]

    4. These are all good Very short past Bosch tales One of them goes back 3 decades plus when he was a rookie discovering his first home call for missing person dead body The one about the little boy was too obvious To me it was All three had little deep sleuthing skills required Entertainment for the Bosch lover crowd 3.5 star but very short.

    5. Delightful shorts, very short A little about Harry Bosch when he was a rookie, very interesting He was a good police officer before he became a detective Insightful and thorough.

    6. This short story collection that came out only as an eBook is better than Suicide Run, which I reviewed recently, since not only the stories are interesting but also because it gives the reader a chance to get to know better Connelly s detective Bosch In Christmas Even Bosch and his partner Jerry Edgar are called to investigate a not so common death The scene of the crime, if ever there was one, is a pawnshop that belongs to a man of Russian origins According to him his shop has been victimized [...]

    7. In my eyes, Harry Bosch symbolizes the best of what a police detective can be Over the years, my admiration for this character has grown immensely and I hope Harry never ages.In these 3 short stories at various stages of his career we still get what Harry is about A clever and instinctive investigator A true fan is always happy to read new Bosch material, even if it comes in tiny morsels , like here.The first short story CHRISTMAS EVEN Harry s teamed up with his partner Jerry Edgar so that s sto [...]

    8. Always great to read a Harry Bosch story This is a collection of three short stories, each with a good plot and typical Bosch brilliance.

    9. .A MUST for Bosch fansThree short stories, of which Angle of Investigation is the best We get to see Harry on his second day in the police, as a patrolman, discovering his first murder Very nicely done.Father s Day was a bit too short, and cruel.Christmas Even was nicely done, a bit clever, but also too short.Quotes that show the true calibre of Mr Connolly s writing and insight into the human condition Angle of Investigation He knew that passion was a key element in any investigation Passion wa [...]

    10. Love anything Harry Bosch and these three cases, from various points in his long and storied career, didn t disappoint Christmas Even came about midway in Bosch s career and showed his loneliness, his vulnerability Father s Day was from later in his career and touched on his feelings as a father Angle of Investigation spanned the decades of his career and showed what made him Bosch.Highly recommended to all.

    11. I really liked these stories which seem almost like ideas that Michael Connelly realized weren t robust enough to turn into novels If each Harry Bosch novel is a big budget Hollywood movie, these stories are the serialized police procedural television show They also fill in little gaps in Harry s career that are alluded to in the novels.

    12. Two stars and a halfHitessh, thanks for the recommendation It wasn t really what I expected, it was too simple and too obvious I guess I got used to Agatha Christie and James Hadley Chase complicated kind of crimes that these three cases didn t impress me much, gonna read Connelly in the future and we ll see

    13. Three short stories with my favorite character, Bosch Long enough to give me a good, quick read, but left me wanting I heart Bosch If you haven t read any Bosch books, this may be a good start.

    14. These were really good stories, two of which showed us parts of Harry s life that were briefly mentioned in some of the books It was great to see these stories fleshed out a little Might be better once you ve read up to the 10th or 11th Bosch book, as I had done by the time I read this.

    15. A good appetizer while waiting for The Drop to welldrop These three short stories leave you wanting to one extent or another, but that s sort of the nature of the format.

    16. Very good for Michael Connelly fans Readers should understand that these are short stories and thata preview of THE BURNING ROOM comprises 1 3 of the e book.

    17. I love Connelly s Harry Bosch stories and the wait between new books gets long So I really enjoyed these three short stories.

    18. Drei kurze Erz hlungen, gewisserma en Missing Links, in denen der Leser erf hrt, wie HB zu dem Altsaxofon kommt, mit dem er sich im zwischenzeitlichen Ruhestand besch ftigt 9 In der mittleren Geschichte geht es um den Hitzetod eines behinderten Kindes, das bei hohen Temperaturen vom Vater im Auto sitzen gelassen wurde Die Geschichte ist auch eine nette Geste gegen ber HBs sonst immer als inkompetent dargestellten Partner Ignacio, der ein paar wertvolle Hinweise ins Vernehmungszimmer bringen darf [...]

    19. More connective Harry Bosch short stories or case files I believe Connelly published these in between novels to pacify voracious Bosch fans Good narratives.

    20. Angle d attaque et Intervention suicide sont tous deux sortis en 2011 sous format Electronique et audio books uniquement Chacune d elles contenant 3 nouvelles mettant en sc ne le personnage f tiche de Connelly, l inusable inspecteur Harry Bosch D pendamment de l ouvrage, un extrait de deux chapitres d un des livres de l auteur est pr sent la fin en plus d une petite bio Je suis un grand fan de Michael Connelly et un tr s tr s grand fan de la nouvelle en tout genre, mon premier livre tant lui aus [...]

    21. Michael Connelly s Harry Bosch has been one of my favourite literary characters since i picked up the first of his novels and has maintained the quality almost i wasn t as keen on 9 Dragons throughout the series With Connelly being taken up with other work, mainly the Micky Haller books and the very decent adaptation to film of the same character, pure Bosch not just appearances in his half brothers books books have become rare occurrences so a collection of short stories featuring Bosch, all of [...]

    22. This is a book with three short stories in the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly These stories contain information about Harry, filling in details of his life, and providing background that explains why he behaves as he does today The first story is about a death during a pawn shop burglary as Harry solves that crime, he discovers that the thief had a saxophone stolen from a jazz legend, and Harry eventually returns that sax to its former owner The interesting thing about that story is that [...]

    23. I will admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the two collections of short stories that Connelly penned about Harry Bosch, SUICIDE RUN and ANGLE OF INVESTIGATION I will also admit to a slight fog in mental acuity that makes discussing each one individually slightly difficult, so please allow me to generically review both collections in sweeping generalities.I thoroughly enjoyed the collections, which work as paste to adhere many of the missing moments in Bosch s career and lift For those die hard Conne [...]

    24. Three stories too short to do anything in depth, but good if you re a Harry Bosch fan.Not happy with the first story Christmas Even It was unfinished Harry knows who did it and how, but he hasn t proved it Fathers Day was complete Harry investigates and interrogates in a smart way It was good Angle of Investigation was also good.In general I don t like short stories These are a way to pass the time, but not enough time to get into them I would not recommend this unless you ve already read all of [...]

    25. Another marketing promo for The Drop and it contains three short Harry Bosch stories.In CHRISTMAS EVEN, Harry Bosch and his partner Jerry Edgar which means this was one of the older case investigated a burglar killed in the middle of a heist There wasn t much a twist, I pretty much saw it coming FATHER S DAY should be recent than the other two stories, since Harry was partnered with Ignacio Ferras They investigated the death of 15 months old baby, which seemed to be a result of neglect I think [...]

    26. New electronic media is changing not only how we read but also what we read This little gem of a book could not have been published, in all likelihood, before the advent of e readers It wouldn t have been affordable to print, market, and distribute a book of just three stories, even by a best selling author.In general, I prefer longer fiction to short stories However, it was fun to ease into three episodes in the life of one of my favorite book heros, Harry Bosch, and see all the complexity, dra [...]

    27. True To BoschIs this book really executed THAT much better than Mulholland Drive or is it just the serious man crush I have for Harry Bosch that makes me like it so much Fills in some other moments in his career and builds the credibility of the character by showing that some of the cases are fairly routine and quickly solved using standard police protocol Stories are complete and Angle Of Investigation is best, but I still prefer the novels.

    28. From the reviews on , it seems that die hard Michael Connelly fans won t particularly like these short stories, because they are short, lacking a bit in character development, and have pretty simple plot lines.On the other hand if you are looking for some good quality quick reads, then they may hit the spot, as they did for me.

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