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  • Title: Colour Scheme
  • Author: Ngaio Marsh
  • ISBN: 9780312966034
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
  • A spa goer resorts to murder.Even down in New Zealand, war fueled spy fever is running wild Near the decaying sulphur springs of Colonel and Mrs Claire, the strange lights and signals being sent to foreign ships at sea mean there s a spy in their midst Soon an even darker sign appears a health seeker with untoward intentions meets his demise in the mud baths And whenA spa goer resorts to murder.Even down in New Zealand, war fueled spy fever is running wild Near the decaying sulphur springs of Colonel and Mrs Claire, the strange lights and signals being sent to foreign ships at sea mean there s a spy in their midst Soon an even darker sign appears a health seeker with untoward intentions meets his demise in the mud baths And when a new arrival appears, one who possesses the cunning of a criminal and the insight of a psychologist, can Scotland Yard s Inspector Roderick Alleyn be far behind
    Colour Scheme A spa goer resorts to murder Even down in New Zealand war fueled spy fever is running wild Near the decaying sulphur springs of Colonel and Mrs Claire the strange lights and signals being sent to fo

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    1. I m beginning to think I m being unfair to Ngaio Marsh From time to time, I m annoyed with her for not being Dorothy Sayers, but why should she be She s a perfectly good mystery writer, even if I don t love her as I do Sayers That s hardly her fault, given the subjective nature of story.I told myself for the first two thirds of this, that I didn t like it very well Except that I finished it in less than a day, and seem to be devouring this series.Look, it s not perfect There s the requisite case [...]

    2. What passes for mediocre Ngaio Marsh is better than the best from many mystery writers This isn t the worst that Miss Marsh penned That dubious honor must go to the plodding Overture To Death But Colour Scheme suffers from one of the same setbacks Inspector Alleyn isn t introduced until too late in the novel Actually, I didn t realize he was in the novel until late in the 11th chapter The description of Rotorua on the North Island was enchanting I loved learning about the Maoris and the thermal [...]

    3. Another Marsh cozy I love these things for many reasons I enjoy mystery and WWII era behavior and s and Brits But the real reason I keep returning to Marsh is this consider how she introduces the character of Maurice Questing Maurice Questing was about fifty years old and so much a type that a casual observer would have found it difficult to describe him He appeared in triplicate at private bars, hotel lounges, business meetings and race courses His features were blurred and thick, his eyes shar [...]

    4. It is 1943, deep in the midst of World War II, and Detective Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn has been sent to New Zealand to look for spies when he gets a letter from Dr James Ackrington that he is certain that a spy is inhabiting Wai ata Tapu Hot Springs, which are thermal springs with mud baths and mineral waters full of alkalize, free sulfuric acid, and free carbolic acid gas in Colour Scheme Then the book shifts to the Hot Springs with the Claire family and Dr Ackrington, along with their gu [...]

    5. I am going to depart a bit from my normal template I use when reviewing so if anyone is used to my regular posts, I hope you don t mind.This book was a surprise for me I am a huge Ngaio Marsh fan but when I was originally reading these, I could not find this title in any of my used bookstores A couple of decades later and I am now listening to all of the titles in order on audiobook Since I have started listening to these I have been biased and prefer the editions narrated by James Saxon I have [...]

    6. Back in the day I probably read all of the Ngaio Marsh books my local library had to offer, yet this another hospital charity table purchase was unfamiliar.Set in wartime New Zealand, a refreshing change from London or the traditional country house of dear old Agatha and Dorothy L, it details the suspected demise of the rather nasty Mr Questing, a slimy little chancer with his eye on bagging a thermal spa On page 237, a character exclaims, Oh, just get on with it and I couldn t have agreed Whil [...]

    7. One of the strongest of Marsh s books in terms of setting and culture A New Zealand spa, built around a set of natural hot mud pools, is practically within shouting distance of a Maori village The village leader, an ancient and retired Member of Parliament, is an endearing character who helps us see the endearing side of the awkward Claire family who run the spa.Maurice Questing is so close to his goal of grabbing the spa away from the Claires that he is scouting for business He entices Geoffrey [...]

    8. 3.5 While I enjoyed the north New Zealand setting, this WW2 mystery spy thriller struck me as dated than some of her traditional mysteries Even though this came across to me as of a spy story than a murder mystery, Marsh did play fair with the clues being there for the observant reader which wasn t me this time I did appreciate how Marsh managed to get in a touch of the theater world even among the mud pots of Rotorua with visiting actor Gaunt and his entourage

    9. Not one of my favourites, but Marsh does a great job in misdirection here The indicators are plain, but she still manages to deceive.

    10. The best tribute I can pay to Alleyn 12 is I could not put it down It s a lot of fun.To me, Marsh is improving with each book The writing here is often awfully good, and aside from Questing, the characters are in each case not like those in any previous book Questing reminds me of Samuel Ogden in Death in Ecstasy, though there are some differences, I guess Colour Scheme to me had echoes of Conrad in setting, perspective and prose style Very typical English folk deal with natives in a colonial se [...]

    11. It was a horrible death Maurice Questing was lured into a pool of boiling mud and left there to die.Chief Inspector Allen, far from home on a wartime quest for German agents, knew that any number of people could have killed him the English exiles he d hated, the New Zealander s he d despised or the Maoris he d insulted Even the spies he d thwarted if he wasn t one himself That s the blurb on the back of my copy It sets up the story of a small group of people in a remote run down health resort in [...]

    12. Not one of my favorites, but still a good read, this book takes place entirely in New Zealand, at a rather run down spa, Wai ata tapu, owned by the Claires It is an area of hot springs, boiling mud pools, and geysers Their daughter Barbara is a rather colorless girl, and their son Simon is a lout, who hangs out with the worst elements of the nearby young Maoris To the spa comes Geoffrey Gaunt, a famous Shakespearean actor, with his secretary Dikon and his dresser it is rather a comedown from wha [...]

    13. The third Ngaio Marsh I have read consecutively Onto to something completely different after this Set in New Zealand and no open sign of Roderick Alleyn yet Preoccupied with war, patriotism, spies, colonial ties, this has not engaged me fully or allowed suspension of disbelief.Fascinating insight into life for Maoris and white men, but the snobbery that places white gentlemen in a vastly superior position to natives comes across as SO politically incorrect and unjustifiable that it makes it hard [...]

    14. The first time I read this I was like Why is this an Alleyn This was my second time around I really enjoyed the flavour of contemporary New Zealand, and the colour was fantastic I honestly never like Ngaio Marsh s cast of characters as individuals, and if it was a book where I was supposed to like the characters, I d enjoy this book less But as a mystery novel, they are players on a stage and I get to enjoy the drama playing out in front of me, and boy was this drama fun I didn t guess the endin [...]

    15. This story can probably be regarded as a whodunnit, but is in some ways reminiscent of a Graham Greene novel.It is set in New Zealand during WW2 A rather hopeless family are running a spa hotel, in fact they are sometimes so hopeless they become irritating A British actor and his entourage arrive for treatment It is believed that there has been some plundering of Maori items, and also that there is a spy in the vicinity.The book is longer than most by this author, and there seems to be quite a l [...]

    16. Very clever The second to last sentence in the book gave me the surprise I had been wanting I read that Dame Ngaio Marsh considered this her best Roderick Alleyn book Set in New Zealand, I can see where she would love it and indeed it expresses New Zealand very well though I have not been there, so I really can t say I did appreciate the book s appreciation of NZ.

    17. I m surprised at reviews which call this one of her best I thought the Claire s were very cartoonistly drawn, and unbelievable They seemed to be a parody of the much believable family in Died in Wool And, I m not clear as to whom Septimus Falls was supposed to be fooling He made his true identity known to some, and I m not sure it would have mattered to the other characters.

    18. My first Marsh.Nothing spellbinding but good enough Inspector Alleyn is not very prominent in this one but the story was fairly engrossing considering that the murder happened at around three fifths of the book.

    19. The murder doesn t happen until halfway through the book, so there is extensive set up Also, the detective is not revealed until the last paragraph Interesting.

    20. Not quite as tedious as the last one, but, coee, what a lot of red herrings I didn t figure out whodunit, though.

    21. Colour Scheme 1943 is one of the smaller number of detective novels that Ngaio Marsh set in her home country, New Zealand Most of her books, which feature Roderick Alleyn as her detective, are set in England But a few, including Colour Scheme and Died in the Wool, take Inspector Alleyn away from his accustomed haunts.This one is set during WW II at a small, privately owned health spa located on the coast of New Zealand s North Island The spa features warm to hot mud and steam baths Unfortunately [...]

    22. This is the sort of book I would have enjoyed if I had received just a little bit information beforehand This is billed as a Roderick Alleyn mystery, but for most of the book we don t see Alleyn at all This distracted me from the business at hand as I waited for him to arrive Instead there was a team of amateur detectives solving the case Now that is perfectly fine, but I could have done without the distraction.The story takes place at a hot springs resort in New Zealand, where there is suspic [...]

    23. Keep your eyes open for Roderick Alleyn He is hidden in plain sight Old fashioned but quite enjoyable Marsh gets people

    24. New Zealand, like the world around it, has been turned topsy turvy by World War II Suspicions about enemy agents and plots to infiltrate the country are rife, including at the thermal spa Wai ata Tapu Springs, a retreat that espouses the healing nature of the mud springs Unfortunately, the spa is run by the inept Clare family, who are in very real danger of losing ownership to one of their few guests, the unsavory and much disliked Maurice Questing Questing has some undisclosed hold on the famil [...]

    25. A fascinating armchair journey to wartime 1943 New Zealand The setting is a low end spa on the north island, surrounded by sulfurous bubbling mud and just over the hill from a Maori village The proprietors might have wandered in from an Agatha Christie or did Britain actually produce a whole class of hapless, feckless expats wandering from colony to colony in search of post military careers Most of the characters are a bit miffed to be so far from the action in Europe, eager to believe that Brit [...]

    26. Originally published on my blog here in July 1998.This novel marks something of a return to form for Ngaio Marsh After a sequence with hackneyed plots and stereotyped settings mainly upper class house parties , she comes up with something rather different This is reflected in the title of the novel instead of the word death being prominent in a phrase with little to do with the plot, we have a subtle hint toward what s actually going on.Although there must be about five earlier Alleyn novels whi [...]

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