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Blitz schickt seinen Sohn By Walter Farley Marga Ruperti,

  • Title: Blitz schickt seinen Sohn
  • Author: Walter Farley Marga Ruperti
  • ISBN: 9783505123450
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Scheich Abu ben Isaak schenkt Alec ein pr chtiges Hengstfohlen Alec ist begeistert, er nennt den Junghengst Vulkan und will ihn selbst zureiten Aber Vulkan ist wild und unberechenbar, er bringt sich selbst und den Jungen in Gefahr.Erst nach bitteren Erfahrungen und mit viel Geduld und Liebe gelingt es Alec, mit seinem Freund, dem alten Trainer Henry Dailey, aus dem ungebScheich Abu ben Isaak schenkt Alec ein pr chtiges Hengstfohlen Alec ist begeistert, er nennt den Junghengst Vulkan und will ihn selbst zureiten Aber Vulkan ist wild und unberechenbar, er bringt sich selbst und den Jungen in Gefahr.Erst nach bitteren Erfahrungen und mit viel Geduld und Liebe gelingt es Alec, mit seinem Freund, dem alten Trainer Henry Dailey, aus dem ungeb rdigen Hengst eines der schnellsten Rennpferde Amerikas zu machen
    Blitz schickt seinen Sohn Scheich Abu ben Isaak schenkt Alec ein pr chtiges Hengstfohlen Alec ist begeistert er nennt den Junghengst Vulkan und will ihn selbst zureiten Aber Vulkan ist wild und unberechenbar er bringt sich s

    One thought on “Blitz schickt seinen Sohn”

    1. Don t remember this one as vividly as the first two but I do remember that despite having all 15 volumes on my shelf even back then, I never read the rest of the series I don t think it was bad, I just never got around to doing it what with school books reading lists and stuff I m gonna have to change that right after re reading this one.

    2. This is the last book I have in this series, although the series has 19 books in it This is a really really old hardcover book with pages ripped, some are tapped and the tape has yellowed, and bits torn out I want to read it, but this copy is terribly old I ll miss a few words here or there, but shouldn t lose too many If this copy becomes too hard to read, I just checked and the library has a copy Off I goI know I could just read the newer edition, but there s something about a well loved older [...]

    3. After reading and enjoying the first two books in the series, I was really disappointed by this one It wasn t really the story itself, which was still good Alec finally takes possession of the promised first foal of the Black, but the colt is wild and fights everyone who tries to befriend him Alec and Henry still plan to race him as a two year old, but lots of things seem to conspire to get in the way, including a jealous trainer who wants the colt for himself.No, what got to me was the feeling [...]

    4. August 23 2016 This book is about a boy named Alec who was on a cruse ship with his dad when it suddenly started to sink and Alec got trapped on an island for 9 or 10 days And in that time he met a beautiful horse he named Black Alec needed to earn Black s trust He eventually did earn Black s trust Alec and black finally go rescued and Alec trained Black to be a race horse He was a race horse breed i forget the name though He made record time When it was the big race day he won The theme of the [...]

    5. Although I think that Alec was trying too hard to see the black stallion in this new colt, which I found slightly annoying, because it took him longer than necessary to realize that the horse s son was nothing like his father, I still found it an enjoyable read and it was a quick book to read as well Most of the characters are easy to like, for example henry and Alec Some of the problems that arose in the book didn t seem all that believable though.

    6. This was actually the first Black Stallion book that I ever read, and I was immediately drawn into the wild, unpredictable, even dangerous colt of a famed stallion who seemed to be at war with the whole world Beautifully written, I was drawn into the struggle of Alec s blind love for a colt who truly deserved the name Satan.

    7. Didn t much care for these, at least once I grew out of the blindly adoring HORSIE phase too sugary a transition from fiery resistance to adoration after the scene in which Henry tries to beat the spirit out of the colt I don t care if Alec did come to the rescue at the last moment, if I were the horse I d still be pretty pissed off at all the humans.

    8. I m enjoying re reading my childhood favourites However, it strikes me now what a ninny Alec s dad is in the beginning, he keeps coyly referring to the giant, coal black, red eyed, son of The Black, man killer named Satan his son has in the stall as Alec s pony I, Dad Wake up and smell the horse manure or you ll end up with a foreleg in your man groin.

    9. Alec finally gets Blacks stallions first son as a gift and Satan is horrible Alec risks his life to tame the wild horse Satan tries to fight anything and everyone, but Alec and Henry still manage to race him as a two year old The fact the two got the horse to America was amazing It was really distrubing when Henry used a rope at home, which made the stallion fall to the ground and start bleeding It was also a huge fight to get the bit in his mouth I still loved this book, even though the plot wa [...]

    10. You can t let your heart rule your head I love the Black Stallion series, but my favorite ones are the ones, well, with The Black in them My second favorite is probably Satan It s a new generation of amazing horses to learn to know and love.

    11. Alec misses the Black terribly, but the Black s legal owner has promised him the Black s first foal Both Alec and Henry are on tenterhooks to see what the colt looks like.But the savage beast that has sailed across the ocean to them looks to be utterly filled with hate, and completely untrainable.Even though I love Black best, this story was SO GOOD Walter Farley is the ultimate horse fiction author of all time.

    12. The Son of the Black Stallion no one anticipated his arrival than Alec Ramsey, but I d say fans of The Black Stallion were a close second Yet from the moment he arrives, The Black s son Satan is than a handful He s wild and hates everyone in his path Still Alec patiently tries to win his love, or at least his respect, for Alec loves this horse blindly and unconditionally Faith in his ability to win over the horse and train him to race in his father s footsteps, Alec pulls his supporters along [...]

    13. In Son of the Black Stallion, Alexander William Alec Ramsay, who lives in Flushing, NY, with his father William and mother Belle and is now in college, receives the Black Stallion s first offspring as a gift, naming him Satan, and believes that his dreams have come true to win another race However, Satan s savage arrogance and wild nature make him dangerous and unpredictable Still, Alec, aided by retired racehorse trainer Henry Dailey, is resolved to gain the fiery colt s trust, even if it means [...]

    14. While I missed reading about Alec and Black, it was interesting to see him trying to gain the colt s trust Some parts were hard to get through when Alec reminisces about the black stallion because the animal to man bond was so strong that this felt like a cheap knockoff of a beautiful friendship Yes, I know it sounds weird but anybody with a beloved pet can kinda understand why Alec misses Black While some parts are rather forced, I will state that this isn t a book for an animal rights activist [...]

    15. Henry used to be a horse trainer He will now help Alec train satin for the biggest racearound them Henry does not believe Alec can train Satin The two years they have till the race is plenty time to train Satin.Alec is a kid who wants a sire of the black The Arabian guy sends him the colt of the black as a present He needs to help Satin over come his fears, so he can race in the hopeful Alec and Satin go through a lot of trouble, but they still race in the hopeful I liked the book a lot I liked [...]

    16. I liked this one, for the most part Satan was a nice horse after he got over the whole trying to murder everyone he sees thing I could ve done without the frantic search for a slip of paper thing I get that enough in real life I m just not sure I agree with Henry s, uh, method of straightening Satan out It worked, in the end, but it was pretty much animal abuse, and he could ve been killed It certainly wasn t the only way to tame him, just the fastest I m sure Alec s way would have worked eventu [...]

    17. Kinda sad how Satan has to be broken before he comes around I have to laugh at the idea of him being glad to get a chance to race his sire you d think it would be like my Jack Russell Terrier getting in teh same room with his son I also remember getting in a fight with a girl in my 5th grade class because she insisted that I was pronouncing the horse s name wrong she kept saying it s Satin There s no way a horse would be named after the devil

    18. This is a bit of a rehash of the original boy befriends aggressive wild stallion through s traumatic experience and must win the big race But it s still different enough to warrant a read I read this aloud to my 2 and 5 year old which is a bit bizarre given that the horse s name is Satan I spent many night reading to my girls and telling them all about Satan Some very intense scenes in this one.

    19. I started re reading The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley in April and read five from that series in May Son of the Black Stallion, The Black Stallion and Satan, The Island Stallion, The Island Stallion s Fury, and The Blood Bay Colt Only The Black Stallion and Satan was as enjoyable as when I was a kid, though I remember never really caring for the Island Stallion spin offs or the two books on harness racing Where s Alec and The Black Bring em back

    20. Although the Black Stallion series was published over 30 years ago, I think kids will still enjoy these stories about a young man s love for his race horses However, as an adult who s had competition Arabians for over two decades, some parts of the stories make me shake my head and think um Also, not as well written as My Friend Flicka series which was published at about the same time and also about a young man s love for horses.

    21. The Black Stallion lives on through his son Satan lives up to his name and then some Alec is determined to not give up but will the two realize they are perfect before something bad happens You will have to read to find out Son of the Black Stallion by Walter Farley just proves how great an author Mr Farley is Young horse lovers will love this book.

    22. Still love these books Some words phrases are way over used but totally able to overlook that What person that loves horses doesn t think that racing looks so exciting or being such a good rider as to be able to cling to and ride a wild stallion Great quick reads that area fond childhood memory.

    23. 50 years ago I read most of Walter Farley s books Now, after reading this one, I see why I was entrhralled with the Black Stallion series They are well written for young adolescents to read I think the very first book I read was The Island Stallion while I was in the hospital for a bad burn.

    24. I actually read this 1947 edition of the book originally I think I borrowed it from my grandparentsor maybe my mom had it In any caseI love finding the edition I read because the cover pictures always hold special memories Unfortunately, doesn t always have the right edition I wonder if there s a way to add one.

    25. Great sequel to a great bookI love this book It makes me want o read the rest of the series of The Black Stallion If you love horses and horse racing, read this book and too it.

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