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The Horus Killings By Paul Doherty P.C. Doherty,

  • Title: The Horus Killings
  • Author: Paul Doherty P.C. Doherty
  • ISBN: 9780425182932
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Egypt s first Pharaoh Queen must solve a spate of killings before she can assume her throne Ancient Egypt fanswill want to catch up with this series on the double Booklist A rare example of historical crime fiction that.n t give suspense short shrift Publishers Weekly
    The Horus Killings Egypt s first Pharaoh Queen must solve a spate of killings before she can assume her throne Ancient Egypt fanswill want to catch up with this series on the double Booklist A rare example of historical

    One thought on “The Horus Killings”

    1. The last in the series that I ve read anyway Interesting, and I suspect quite authentic but for me, too much description of costumes, wall decorations and cityscapes An OK read.

    2. This book is a continuation of book one in the series It is now 1479 B.C and after Hatusu s Hatshepsut husband has died in mysterious circumstances book one , she has swept to power by her own cunning as well as a victory over the Mitanni But she is a woman and some argue that there has never been a Pharaoh Queen in Egypt before Gossips whisper that the true ruler must be the male heir of the previous Pharaoh Tuthmosis Therefore a conclave of priests named after the most important gods of Egypt [...]

    3. I liked the first book in this series really well It was obvious he d put in some research, even using some of the right idioms It wasn t perfect, but it still felt like a good take on ancient Egypt for the most part This one is terrible It feels like a medieval European town plopped down where ancient Thebes is supposed to be First, there s the fact that Amarna, which did NOT even exist in Hatshepsut s time, is moved a LOT further south than it s supposed to be, into an oasis that never existed [...]

    4. The Horus Killings is the second in Paul C Doherty s Amerotke series.It is shortly after Hatusu has assumed the throne as Pharaoh Queen of Egypt, and than one high ranking official chafes at the idea of being ruled by a woman To counter act these rumblings, Hatusu has called together the high priests of the various major gods to have them confirm that having a female on the throne does not upset Ma at, the Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, and justice Someone either doesn t like the pr [...]

    5. Another murder mystery solved, but not by me I wondered but wrongfully gave up on who I thought it was in the beginning You do get a little help with who the murderer is because it s never the characters that appear in all the books, it s always one of the new characters Kind of like so of the TV series we watch, the murderer is always the guest star if they aren t the victim.But, it did keep me interested and again I look forward to reading The Anubis Slayings The next book in the series.The bo [...]

    6. Wow I love this book OK, I ll admit that I love a good mystery novel and that I have a soft spot for ancient Egypt But this just blew me away True there are a lot of descriptions and sometimes too many of them in one place And true, this this sometimes diverts the attention from the plot But overall, this was a really good read.I was surprised at times at how much I enjoyed it.This was worth the 2 Euros spend on a small book stand in Germany in the summer of 2010.I read it in German It s origina [...]

    7. No spoilers here, and no story encapsulationI will just say another well executed piece of fiction I correctly guessed the murderer in this one and I do mean PURE guess , but not the motivation nor method Doherty ended up using And there is a sub plot murder almost as interesting and twisted It must be nice to be able to write so well and prolifically Oh, and I really enjoy his theological asides in the mind of Judge Amerotke, the pseudo Catholic Egyptian Polytheist The BBC needs to produce thes [...]

    8. This is the second in a series, and the series is an interesting look into a turbulent period in Egyptian history, when Hatshepsut here called Hatusu was on the throne as Pharaoh, even though she was a woman I like this story, but I also read the Lord Meren mysteries about Ancient Egypt different period, during the reign of Tutankhamen and I like those better, so it s hard for me to get excited about these.

    9. I liked this one better than the first book I think Hatusu is an interesting character and the fight to be a female Pharaoh is a good setting to put a mystery in Even though I did get the feeling that the arguments against her were very modern, though I m not sure how it could have been made ancient Amerotke makes a good detective, he s amusing and thoughtful with a couple good side kicks It is another good book in this series.

    10. In this book, we encounter a murderer that is determined to undermine Pharoah s claim to the throne It is up to Pharoah s chief judge to sift through all the chaos and uncover the truth Ancient Egypt makes a wonderful setting for all the political plotting Reminding the reader that the things change, the they stay the same.

    11. I tought it would be very orginal but no.The plot line was the basic line of a dective So there is a murder, you meet the inspector, murders and then a smart solution form the inspector and a strange end I liked the write styl Everything was so described So, that was one of the plus points.Still a nice book to read.

    12. Still a fascinating time and place, and still a rather messy plot, hard to chew, and tough to follow in detail Or using a word I ve often seen strewn around in reviews here on convoluted.I m not gonna give up on the series though If nothing else it s good in the atmosphere department, and sometimes that s quite enough.

    13. I enjoyed this book The politics and intrigue of ancient Egypt are engrossing and the characters are interesting Will definitely read at least one book to see whether or not to continue reading the series.

    14. A few new characters and the plots are just as good and the series clearly will just keep getting better This is such a great book and am so glad I found the recommendation on this site and on abe books It s a brilliant series please read

    15. Political murder mystery set in Ancient Egypt That in itself is interesting enough to set it apart from the crowd I assume, but what do I know, maybe the Egyptian murder mystery genre is absolutely saturated.

    16. Doherty does a terrific job of sneaking in exposition without it being cumbersome, but this book has too many interchangeable or extraneous chapters, and a major subplot turns out to be something which never ever relates to the main plot.

    17. It was an okay mystery I have to admit the killer was a total shock But compared to Spies of Sobek and Mask of RA this ranks just okay.

    18. Quite enjoyable but not in the same class as Robyn Young or Bernard Cornwell More of a light weight historical classic but still worth the read.

    19. I love Paul Doherty s books They are well written and give you a fantastic look into the ancient Egyptian world.

    20. This sequel is far the better book, mystery, intrigue that got you guessing almost to last page excellant

    21. Some former reviews complained about all the description This is one of the reasons I enjoyed this book because it gave me a sense of being in Ancient Egypt.

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