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The Brick Bible: A New Spin on the Old Testament By Brendan Powell Smith,

  • Title: The Brick Bible: A New Spin on the Old Testament
  • Author: Brendan Powell Smith
  • ISBN: 9781616084219
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • Brendan Powell Smith has spent the last decade creating nearly 5,000 scenes from the bible with Legos His wonderfully original sets are featured on his website, Bricktestament, but for the first time 1,500 photographs of these creative designs depicting the Old Testament from Earth s creation to the Books of Kings are brought together in book format The Holy Bible isBrendan Powell Smith has spent the last decade creating nearly 5,000 scenes from the bible with Legos His wonderfully original sets are featured on his website, Bricktestament, but for the first time 1,500 photographs of these creative designs depicting the Old Testament from Earth s creation to the Books of Kings are brought together in book format The Holy Bible is complex sometimes dark, and other times joyous, and Smith s masterful work is a far cry from what a small child might build The beauty of The Brick Bible is that everyone, from the devout to nonbelievers, will find something breathtaking, fascinating, or entertaining within this collection Smith s subtle touch brings out the nuances of each scene and makes you reconsider the way you look at Legos it s something that needs to be seen to be believed.
    The Brick Bible A New Spin on the Old Testament Brendan Powell Smith has spent the last decade creating nearly scenes from the bible with Legos His wonderfully original sets are featured on his website Bricktestament but for the first time

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    1. The author of this book claims that his motivation for creating this book was to show what is really in the Bible However, after just a few pages it becomes obvious that he has an obsession with death, killing, bloodshed, and death The story of Noah is depicted with Noah s family walking through a valley filled with skeletons as they come out of the ark He skips over the enlightening sections of the OT to focus on the smiting and the killing But what really made my blood boil was how he chose [...]

    2. Up until I read this, I never knew what a Lego woman giving birth looked like, nor did I quite understand what it meant for Biblical Lego men to be circumcised BEST BIBLE EVER

    3. It is a sad state of affairs indeed when a man using Legos can paint a accurate depiction of the Bible than a miniseries both sponsored and produced by the History Channel That s exactly what Mr Smith has done here, and the results are a scream.I confess that I m biased here I am a Lego maniac, own hundreds of sets, assemble and disassemble them all the time, and pretty much love all things Lego I stumbled upon thebricktestament several years ago, and thoroughly enjoy perusing it from time to t [...]

    4. This is slightly out of order, but The Brick Bible The Old Testament had to go back to the library for someone else s hold before I had the time to review it I did manage to survive TBB The New Testament, reviewed here Much like TBB TNT, Brendan Powell Smith omits a lot of the actual Bible in here, instead focusing on specific events, preferably those involving violence or sex If both are involved see Dinah , the story gets the royal treatment I suppose I wouldn t mind so much if someone recreat [...]

    5. Many people are complaining that this book omits all of the good parts of the Old Testament but frankly, I have read the Old Testament several times and in different translations there simply are not a whole lot of good parts to show Face it, the old testament is pretty damn barbaric, and this book accurately depicts that.The author is right when he says that shockingly few people who use this book as their moral compass have actually read it.The fact that the scenes are played out by Lego chara [...]

    6. Okay, first up God s Word combined with Lego What a work of genius The man behind this creative endeavour is a self proclaimed atheist who has an interest in the Bible He originally created the Brick Testaments with the desire to visually depict the extreme parts of the Bible This book isn t for children Not because its violence is graphic and frequent, it is, but because some of the stories are told without proper context and this could lead to a warped understanding of God and his plan for hi [...]

    7. Well photographed LEGO constructions illustrating Old Testament passages from the Bible make for an enjoyable read The frequently staunch scripture is presented quite literally Smiling minifigs make even the most serious plague, murder, and circumcision seem whimsical The LEGO dioramas are endlessly inventive yet simple enough to be repeatable with modest brick collections, a great idea book for builders.Be warned this isn t a cute Bible book for children Serious subject matter is presented rath [...]

    8. I like Legos and the Bible This not an example of those playing together well This is the opposite of a nurturing Biblical education for your children This book is out to make fun of the Bible holy is replaced by brick and the author would not believe the Bible is holy Don t give this to your kid as Christian Education This is out to make fun of Christianity.

    9. WARNING NOT FOR CHILDREN This is not a clean, happy fun Bible with toys This is good old fashioned Old Testament fire, brimstone, curse of destruction and New Testament I shall turn brother against brother, put your eye out Bible Just with LEGOs.This is not your parent s Bible Or your children s Bible Brendan Powell Smith s rendering of the Bible in LEGO contains imagery ranging from beautiful to brilliant to absurd, but I agree with one of the blurbs that called it Strangely compelling Powell S [...]

    10. Religious discrimination Manipulation of children and their mothers Targeting children by displaying violent and pornographic images to their innocent eyes.These vicious crimes are not ones you would associate with Legos Yet, they are in this book a Trojan horse made to turn young children against their God and family This book has gotten glowing reviews from people who do not understand its content and atheists who agree with what the author is doing A look at the things he says on his website [...]

    11. Very entertaining but definitely with an agenda This is not for children unless you want to find yourself explaining circumcision to your ten year old which I found myself doing and he is now very thankful that he has parents that think circumcision is barbaric Smith does a great job highlighting the violence and serious factual problems in the Old Testament along with awesome LEGO displays As someone who has never actually read the bible besides maybe a passage here and there I found it quite e [...]

    12. The Brick Bible is a Lego version The Bible that tells the story about famous readings like how God created the earth, Adam and Eve, Noah s ark, and other fantastic stories If I had to recommend this fantastic book, I would recommend it to pastors, kids, and Lego fans that want to learn about The Bible the reason why you ask because it is a fun way to learn about God.After I read this book I wanted to read about God and I wanted, surprisingly, to go to church and read books about that And if [...]

    13. The Lego art within this book is amazing It definitely captures the gruesome nature of the ancient era but since this is Lego, it s also quite comical The Brick Bible is surprisingly graphic in violence Aus Classification M violence

    14. i think this was a good book because i am a christian and i needed to learn and i did learn a lot about it explained every detail bot how the snake came to Adam and eve and told them to eat the forbidden fruit and David and the Goliath and i recommend this book to people that are Christians and like some adventure

    15. My son is a huge Osgood fan and when I seen this at the book store I knew he had to have it We began reading it right away and we both loved it It was such a great way to get him to learn about the old testament He was able to become involved due to the wonderful Leyla scenes that brought the story to life This is definately on of my favorite books ive ever read.

    16. This is a truly amazing book To explain that this is a thick graphic novel retelling the stories of the Bible s Old Testament cannot possibly do it justice It is an amazing piece of work The detail, attention, and effort showing in this can t be understood without seeing it To those faithful or critical of the Bible this book is inspiring, funny, wonderful and wrong all at the same time I know a lot of people who will really enjoy this interpretation of these classic stories I also warn that thi [...]

    17. Ten years ago, a guy named Brendan Powell Smith started building LEGO vignettes representing scenes from the bible His website, The Brick Testament, became a favorite place for me to stop by now and then for a dose of religion and innovative LEGO building techniques Now many of those Old Testament stories have been collected in The Brick Bible A New Spin on the Old Testament In his introduction, he says I have been inspired to do this for one reason people should really know what s in the Bible [...]

    18. I m not particularly religious, but I do have a big problem with this book My parents dutifully brought my siblings and I to Sunday school, but in the end, they gave each of us enough information to decide for ourselves what we believed and what faith, if any, we would follow My problem with this book therefore is solely in its dishonesty Smith makes a big deal in his introduction about how he wanted to portray these biblical stories faithfully, and for stylistic purposes only he leaves out the [...]

    19. Note This is a review of both Testaments of The Brick BibleA Quickie ReviewIt s no secret that Legos are insanely popular They have gone beyond mere building blocks and have inspired a theme park, movies and television shows, and multiple computer and video games, many of which also tie in with other popular franchises, such as Star Wars or DC Comics In these two books, Brendan Powell Smith illustrates stories from God s Word using those popular blocks Though his work here is admirable, he left [...]

    20. THE BRICK BIBLE A NEW SPIN ON THE OLD TESTAMENT as told and illustrated by Brendan Powell Smith is an interesting Religion Art Lego s A colorful, imaginative, version of the Bible, the Old Testament actually using Lego s to demonstrate the various scenes The author uses Lego bricks to portray biblical scenes as he tells the various Old Testament scripture as accurately as possible I enjoyed the whimsical artwork,but do be aware some scenes may be offensive,as it depicts killing,and other things, [...]

    21. I don t know how to review this, and I definitely don t know which shelf to put this on The creator basically took ten years of arranging and photographing Lego tableau s to illustrate the Old Testament this book covers about half.While it s a Lego book, it s not necessarily meant for kids, I occasionally got a naughty elf on the shelf vibe where innocent toys are put in naughty positions I did let Caleb read Exodus with me sitting next to him The text is taken directly from the Old Testament as [...]

    22. Read Mar 1 28 with my son.Ok, this was an experience to read with my son, who is six There is blood and gore and killing on practically every page My son was so excited to see Lego Darth Maul heads on several black lego people They were charred corpses, victims of one the whimsical massacres by God of Israelites or maybe some other group In the midst of all those battles and mass killings, at one point my son said, Wow, they killed a lot of people It was lot fun to read than Lego City or Lego N [...]

    23. So.ah There s a definite agenda What the author artist chooses to focus on really is in the Bible.if heavily cherrypicked The reader might want to have a real Bible near him her while s he reads this to check what Mr Smith chose to leave out, if nothing else This _will_ offend those who have a literal understanding of the Bible for those who read the Bible as a record of man s understanding of God, it should be less of a problem I _am_ a Christian, of the very liberal variety Episcopalian , and [...]

    24. On one hand, it s hilarious to see Lego rendered versions of all these Old Testament stories What blocks did they pick What does this character look like The creation story The flood Etc On the other hand, the book focuses on the most violent and sensationalistic aspects of the stories it can and the results are pretty grim I didn t feel comfortable showing these to my kids when all was said and done This guy kills that guy Terrible stuff is done over here etc etc I know the stories are pretty r [...]

    25. This was fun to read, not because of the content, which is just as terrifying in lego as it is in text, but because of the ingenuity of the legos pixilated awesomeness It does take a hell lot of talent to come up with ways to create nakedness, blood, and facial expressions with these blocks If you re a parent and you see this and think oh cool, my kid can enjoy some biblical stories in lego cartoons do NOT even attempt to open this book, unless you re willing to expose your child to the ungodly [...]

    26. The lego builds themselves were amazing, and the different photo shots were put together well into a comic Still, I found it rather an exhausting read, I think because of the way as a picture bible it just presents the stories flat, without the beauty of the original text or any long series of biblical laws or poems to break things up I can see why some of the reviewers were very uncomfortable with it, because when stripped down to their illustrate able elements, story after story just becomes [...]

    27. HehI m really not sure what to say about this one I will definitely not list all the inaccuracies in it there are WAY too many to count And some of the ways he portrayed some of the story wasall we sayodd But I will say that I gave it two stars solely for the creativity and time this guy, Brendan Powell Smith, took to do all the building and photographing Otherwise, I would have given one star It just wasn t for me My brother, on the other hand, who is the owner of this and The Brick Bible New T [...]

    28. While I was idly sitting at the computer, I noticed this book and picked it up After the first few pages, I encountered a discrepancy I flipped back and forth, but could not figure out how the author had arrived at that conclusion Thoroughly confused, I researched the author.And was horrified by what I found Look at this excerpt from the author s website elbespurling Elbe Spurling lbi sp rlIng born September 7, 1973 is an American transgender, lesbian, atheist author best known for creating The [...]

    29. The problem with this book is that it just doesn t know what it is Comedy Spirituality I didn t expect a Lego interpretation of the Old Testament to be so literal so much so that it gets incredibly boring after Exodus ends and the endless battles begin Lego people or no Lego people You have the occasional funny moment by virtue of this being a Lego re enactment of human events circumcision, birth scenes, etc , but then you also have the supremely cringe worthy Lego vignettes of distinctly non fu [...]

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